Kiiroo Feel Sensation Stroker Review (Black)

   Benjamin Jorgensen
Jul 3, 2024

Benjamin Jorgensen
: 29
: Beginner
: Male
: Heterosexual
: Fleshlight test

  • don't mind a non-anatomical design
  • have an above average girty penis (it's not very tight)
  • looking for twisting textures

  • want something very tight
  • want something very intense

I gave 2 subjective ratings to the Feel Sensation stroker, both rated 1-100 with most scores placing between 50 and 100. One for the looks of it ('Design' in the rating-card). The second for the intensity of the internal texture inside the canal of the sleeve. This is rated as 'Ease of Use' in the rating-card. Lastly I measured how tight the sleeve was. I did this by plugging the bottom of the sleeve and filling it with water. I then measured the weight of how much water fit inside the canal. This gave me a precise measure of how much space was available - which I could then use to rank and compare the tightness of all the +20 Kiiroo Sleeves I own and have reviewed.

Feel Black Sensation -

Early on I was excited to see and try a  Feel stroker that wasn’t molded anatomical. But, very quickly I realized that just turns me on a lot more. Sure, I can see how it might be a great choice if you’re partner don’t like the idea of you being turned on by someone else’s vagina mold – and, you don’t want to splurge on a clone-a-pussy. When I first opened up the packaging I thought the sleeve had a lot of dust on it, because the supposed black stroker wasn’t really all that black. It looks as if it has a fine layer of dust covering it but it doesn’t wash off. Compared to the pictures online and on the packaging it looks very different. Using the Sleeve had a great twisting sensation too it, which made it a grand-slam home-run to use with the Kiiroo. I’m a big fan of twisting motions, which you don’t get as the Kiiroo Keon only has thrusting “up and down”-motion settings. But, by having a sleeve with a texture where the nubs are twisted inside it makes it feel as if someone is twisting and twirling the sleeve while thrusting up and down. Closing my eyes  it feels a lot more realistic – albeit it doesn’t look so – than most of the other Feel masturbators.  

Other Feel strokers Reviewed

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Ashley Barbie – 3.8/5 Romi Chase – 3.9/5 Feel Kiiroo Butt Sleeve – 3.8/5
Feel Kiiroo Extra Tight Butt Sleeve – 4.5/5 Feel Kiiroo Original – 4.4/5 Feel Kiiroo Glow – 3.8/5
Feel Kiiroo Black Sensation – 3.6/5

Feel Black Sensation -

I understand that having a neutral looking stroker might make sense for some, but having tested over +20 beautiful looking Feelstars molded after adult actresses I got to say, I much prefer that. However, I decided not to let that influence my rating all that much, as I see how it might be a great choice for someone who doesn't want something realistic looking that still uses the same soft TPE blend as the other Kiiroo Feelstars. The reason I only rated the Design a 70/100 anyway is because the looks - especially the color - doesn't really match up with pictures online. Online, and even on the packaging itself, you'll find a pitch black stroker that almost has a small shiny glow/gloss too it. However, when you open it you'll find a matte-looking black that almost looks as if someone sprinkled a very fine white dust over it. I'd bet you'll be able to see what I mean on the images I took. Sure, I might have given it a 80-90 rating if the pictures online and on the packaging at least accurately reflected what it looks like in real life.

Feel Black Sensation -

The 'Ease of Use'-rating I used to rate the intensity of the texture inside the canal of the sleeve. First, it reminded me a lot of the Feel Stroker Original and the Feel Glow - both of which used the Helix Power Sleeve with small nubs in a tornado like shape. The difference is that on the Feel Sensation stroker the nubs are spaced out a lot more which makes it a lot less intense. This made me rate it a 70/100, which isn't the worst rating I've given (that was 50 to the Daphne Laat Feelstar stroker), but it's also very far from the most intense textures I've tried.

Feel Black Sensation -

The 'Quality'-rating indicates the tightness of the sleeve which I measured. I measured the tightness by weighing how much water fit inside the inner canal of the sleeve. I did this by plugging the bottom with a cap, and filling it with water while it stood on a kitchen weight - see the image. All the water that fit inside the Feel Sensation Stroker weighed 2.2 ounces. Most sleeves place between 1.1 and 2.5 ounces, and this sleeve is then on the looser end, which gave it a score of 73/100. The score was calculated as the inverse of the weight, and re-scaled to a 1-100 scale with the following formula: 100 - (25 x 2.2) + (25 x 1.1) = 73.

Feel Black Sensation - <

The price of the Feel Sensation stroker is around $10 less than the other Feelstar strokers, which in itself is pretty decent considering you get a stroker made of the exact same soft TPE blend. Considering simply the stimulation vs. the price makes this a very good deal. But, I'm just too big a fan of looks to want to save a mere $10 by compromising on how my stroker looks.

Feel Black Sensation -

My biggest takeaway from using the Feel Sensation stroker is how well the tornado-like texture works with the Kiiroo Keon. The sleeve has a low intensity level, and isn't that tight, but coupled with the twisting texture it makes it an awesome sleeve for the Keon. It seems to break more easily than my +20 other Feelstars and all my Fleshlights. I'm not sure what is up with that - as the material seem 100% identical to the others (it's just as soft), however, it seems like it dries a bit more which causes the TPE to break apart a bit easier. On a final note, when I flipped the sleeve inside out, the color I was hoping to see on the front was on the inside of the sleeve canal. This makes me think than maybe something in the post-production processing made the color look as it does.

Feel Black Sensation -

The packaging of the Feel Sensation is a sleek black that I found super cool, and discreet. The black theme makes it a bit hard to distinguish the 2D graphic of the inside texture. I did find that the picture of the orifice didn't have near the same darkness to it as the real thing did. While it's most likely just the way the product pictures was taken, and not a production mistake or a deliberate attempt to mislead people it is a downside I think of the packaging and product images that they don't resemble what you actually get.

Feel Black Sensation -

As I already aluded too, I had a harder time maintaining the Feel Sensation compared to all the other Kiiroo Feelstars I own. One, because lint and dust is a lot more visible on the black-ish surface. Secondly, the masturbator was breaking a lot more (I currently count 3 small cracks just on the front) with fairly limited use (and abuse) than most other Feelstars and definitely more than all the Fleshlight I own. Generally the TPE used for Feelstars are softer than the TPE blend called cyberskin used for Fleshlights, but it also seems like the Feel Sensation is dryer than the other Feelstar TPE blends.

Weight28.2 lbs
Length8.6 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches
DiameterWidest spot: 0.7 inches, Tightest spot: 0.3 inches
WidthOpening slit: 0.4 inches

Feel Black Sensation -

  • Great with the Kiiroo Keon
  • Tight orifice
  • Non-anotomical

  • No variety in the texture
  • Not visually pleasing
  • Not very intense
  • Not very tight

The main thing that separates the Feel Sensation is the non-anatomical opening, while all other strokers from Kiiroo have vagina or ass-molds. Although I'm not really a fan overall, I will say it worked really great with the Kiiroo Keon. I found the texture to be very similar to the Helix Power, from the Feel Stroker Original and the Feel Glow, but a lot less intense, as it have a lot fewer nubs. They are also spaced out a lot more, making them feel softer. I rated the texture intensity at a 70/100 (can be found as 'Ease of Use'-rating). In terms of how it looked, I could only give it a 70/100 rating (rated as 'Design' in the rating card). Lastly I measured how tight the Black Sensation Sleeve was, which came out to a rating of 73/100 (rated as 'Quality' in the rating-card). I'll explain a bit more about the different ratings later on.