Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Kit — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
May 25, 2023

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Want to explore Shibari
  • Love natural ropes
  • Want to make bigger rope projects
  • Want a full kit with scissors

  • Are allergic to hemp
  • Prefer synthetic ropes
  • Get annoyed by shedding fibers

The Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Kit comes with everything you need to get started with rope bondage or Shibari! It features three lengths of rope (2 x 30ft and 1 x 50 ft), so there's plenty for all kinds of projects! The rope is made of high quality hemp that is soft on the skin but still has a good tooth, so it holds knots well. You also get a pair of safety shears and a black drawstring bag to keep it all safe!

Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Kit -

Soft, strong, and oh so long!

I was pleasantly surprise by how soft and supple the hemp bondage rope was, as it looked like it could be fairly rough. I really love that it’s made from hemp and has such an organic look and feel to it. The texture of the hemp also helps the knots hold better, so it doesn’t tighten or loosen so much during use, especially compared to very silky bondage ropes. I was also happy that the kit comes with safety shears and a bag to everything safe and clean!

Knot as difficult as it seems!

My experience with bondage rope was pretty minimal until this point, and I’d never really explore more artistic Shibari ties, so I was pretty excited to give it a go! I think my macrame experience definitely came in handy here, as it wasn’t long until I’d mastered making cuffs, a chest harness and even a crotch harness. And wow, it looks good once on! I also really loved the feeling of the rope against my skin — it really adds a visual and tactile element that you don’t get with other, soft lined/padded restraints.

Ropes vs restraints

As well as being a fun way to spice things up and explore new forms of restraint play, I love that this can be an ongoing journey of learning new ties and ways to use the rope. While it takes a bit more time and preparation, the process of being tied up with rope is also much more intimate and sensual than simply throwing on BDSM restraints.

Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Kit -

The rope itself has a three stranded twisted design, which is popular in Shibari and measures 6 mm in thickness, meaning it's thick enough to not dig in while being thin enough that the knots don't get bulky. I really love the organic look of hemp and it's pretty soft even when it's being dragged over your skin but also has the distinctive feel of rope, which I really enjoy. The bag and safety shears are both plain black.

Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Kit -

The rope feels very easy to work with. The natural fibres have a good tooth, so the ties hold very well without slipping while you work. It's also pretty easy to undo once you are finished. I love how easy it is to make more elaborate looking projects! The only thing to keep in mind is that the ropes are pretty long, and if you want to cut them — I cut a smaller section for making wrist and ankle restraints, you will need to refinish the ends to prevent the three twist design unravelling. Hemp also feels a little heavier than other ropes, which I quite enjoy but it depends on personal preference.

Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Kit -

Overall, I think the rope is pretty decent quality. It seems very strong and suitably soft. The main issue is that it sheds quite a lot of small fibers that can feel a bit itchy, especially if they get up your nose! However, this does seem to be somewhat of a common issue with many hemp ropes. It has a slight earthy ropey smell to it, but it's very subtle, and I actually quite like it!

Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Kit - <

I would say the price is quite high but you do get a 110 ft of rope in total plus the safety shears and bag. Having everything in one kit also makes it an easy way to get everything you need to get started with rope bondage. You also get free access to the Kink Rope School, where you can find bondage rope tutorials, although be warned, videos are explicit and pretty crude.

Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Kit -

Once tied, the rope holds very well and doesn't really loosen or tighten much, which is great! It's definitely strong enough to withstand some strong tugging when restrained without stretching or breaking.

Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Kit -

The kit comes in a cardboard box in the classic BDSM colors — red and black. It's not my style but I have no strong feelings against it! It's not the strongest box but mine arrived with no damage. Inside the box every item is inside it's own plastic bag along with a small silica packet, which I felt was a little unnecessary.

Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Kit -

The rope is machine washable and should be washed if it comes into contact with bodily fluids. I would recommend putting it in an old pillow case and washing it on a cold, gentle cycle to maintain the condition of the rope. You should lie the rope out to dry and make sure it is completely fry before storing it again.

Length1 x 600 inches, 2 x 360 inches
Diameter6 mm/ 0.23 inches
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Kit -

The Kink Bind and Tie Initiation Kit comes with a pair of safety shears/EMT shears. They have a rounded end so you can easily cut your partner free from the ropes without damaging their skin. These are an essential item when using bondage rope as you might need to release your partner from the restraints in an emergency.

  • Soft but strong rope
  • Enough rope for larger projects
  • Safety shears included
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Free access to rope school

  • Rope sheds quite a bit
  • Pricey

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this kit and think it's a great kit for anyone who has tried a little bondage and wants to dive deeper into Shibari and rope bondage. It's a little expensive, but it's also very nice to get everything you need in one place! I'm really happy with the look and feel of the rope but wish it would shed a little less!

Yes, you can pop the rope in the machine. I would place it in an old pillow case first and wash it on cold.

The rope is 6 mm in diameter.

The rope does have an earthy, organic smell but it is not very strong.