Lovehoney Butt Tingler — Test & Review

   Emiel Vizzi
May 19, 2023

Emiel Vizzi
: 30
: Intermediate
: Trans man
: Bisexual

  • Are interested in but inexperienced with anal play
  • Are looking for a toy that is straightforward to use
  • Enjoy mild vibrations
  • Are looking for a small butt plug
  • Want an inexpensive toy

  • Like deep powerful vibrations
  • Want a larger anal toy
  • Don't like to change batteries.
  • Want a more tech savvy toy


The Lovehoney Butt Tingler is a beginner-friendly, small black butt plug with a T-shaped base. It also has a removable, battery-powered bullet vibrator so it you can enjoy both with or without some extra buzz. The plug is made of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, and is waterproof, too.

Lovehoney Butt Tingler -

First Impressions

Reading the reviews online, I was very excited to try the Lovehoney Butt Tingler. The toy that arrived was not necessarily the toy I anticipated. Spatial intelligence continues to elude me, so despite the size being clearly stated, it was smaller than I expected. I really enjoyed the texture of the toy though. After an unpleasant experience I am always mindful to check my toys, especially anal toys for seams or anything that may stick up and irritate skin. This toy was very smooth and felt pretty sturdy.

Trying it Out

I dug out a new AAA battery to put in and tested out the vibration. There were definitely 3 speeds and different vibration patterns, but it didn’t feel like much even on the highest speed. When using the plug I had a similar feeling.

By Myself

The Lovehoney Butt Tingler was very easy to get in. I grabbed a water based lube and that was about all the preparation I needed. I used the toy at first by myself, with just the plug and clitoral stimulations. It was fine but I wish it had a little more “oomph” to it. Either vibration or girth. I cycled through all the vibration patterns but found I enjoyed the consistent second speed the best. It felt a little more rumbly that the highest speed which tends to be more of my preference when it comes to vibration.

And With a Partner

My second time using the Lovehoney Butt Tingler I had the plug in while also being penetrated vaginally. I found the combination really let me feel the vibrations more. The positioning of the button also was not too awkward to use during sex and I was able to change vibrations pretty easy. It also was slim enough that I didn’t feel any uncomfortable pressure during this, which has sometimes happened in the past with double penetration. Cleaning it was super easy, the toy is incredibly smooth without many cracks or crevices. Also it is waterproof so I felt fine just taking it to the sink dunking it and washing it down with soap. Waterproof toys save me so much stress. Especially for anal toys, where I want to be sure that it is really really clean.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the toy was good. It isn’t my most exciting but it definitely gets the job done. I think were I just getting into anal this would be a phenomenal toy. As someone who has more experience, I think this is going to be a great toy to add to sex or when I want a toy that is smaller and easy to use.

Lovehoney Butt Tingler -

The Lovehoney Butt Tingler is a small silicone, T-shaped plug with a removable bullet-style vibe inside. The tapered point makes for easy insertion and the flared base keeps it in place. While not a revolutionary design, it's a very user friendly toy for anal play.

Lovehoney Butt Tingler -

The toy was comfortable to use and the wide base held it in place and made for a good grip. With only one button on the bottom of the vibe, operating the Tingler is straightforward but it can be awkward (especially with lube) to push. I have rheumatoid arthritis, so I'm not the most dexterous, but the Lovehoney Butt Tingler was easy to use by myself and with a partner.

Lovehoney Butt Tingler -

The Lovehoney Butt Tingler is well made, especially for the price. Some less expensive toys feel really light, but this has substance. The vibe changes settings easily and is whisper-quiet. The silicone has no discernible seams and is silky smooth. The Butt Tingler feels nice in your hands and in your butt!

Lovehoney Butt Tingler - <

The Lovehoney Butt Tingler is cheap, especially given the quality. It feels well-made and works consistently. The Butt Tingler also uses all body-safe materials so I don't have the "what is going into my body" anxiety on top of all of my other anxiety.

Lovehoney Butt Tingler -

The Lovehoney Butt Tingler had rave reviews online — I thought it was solidly okay. The toy did stay in place comfortably, but the 3.5 inch size was on the smaller side for me. With 3 speeds and 7 patterns, it lives up to name "Butt Tingler" but, even at the highest speed, I would have enjoyed stronger vibrations. Overall, the toy was good, I just wish it had more 'oomph'.

Lovehoney Butt Tingler -

This isn't a discreet box. The words “Lovehoney Butt Tingler vibrating butt plug” make it very clear what’s in the box and where it is going. The box is informative though, and explains how to use the toy and what materials it's made from. I also appreciate how clearly it recommends water-based lube, because there are a lot of lube types and it can get confusing. It's a very useful package, but not something I'd want on my coffee table.

Lovehoney Butt Tingler -

The Lovehoney Butt Tingler is made of non-porous body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. ABS plastic is nice to see in vibrators as it can transmit vibrations better. You need one AAA battery, which is not included, and it recommends removing the battery when the not in use. It is also waterproof! So after use you can easily wash the Tingler with some mild soap and water, and let it air-dry after use.

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
Insertable length3.5 inches
Length5 inches
Diameter1.1 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
Travel LockNo
Remote ControlsNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

Lovehoney Butt Tingler -

  • Inexpensive
  • Body-safe material
  • Submersible
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use

  • Weak vibrations
  • Needs batteries (one AAA)
  • Small size
  • Not the most exciting

The Lovehoney Butt Tingler is exactly what it promises to be, a small vibrating butt plug. It isn't reinventing the wheel but it is an inexpensive well made product. This isn't going to give you the strongest vibrations but if you are a butt beginner or just want a small toy, this is a toy that is easy to use, comfortable and fun.

No. You need to supply your own AAA battery.

Yes! The tingler is fully submersible.

A water based lubricant!

You can wash your Tingler in warm water with toy cleaner or mild soap and let air dry.