The 5 Best Anal Snakes For Daringly Deep Diving

   Amanda Nilsen
Interested in exploring deep anal pleasure? I’ve written about the best anal snakes for anal depth play. In this review I cover everything from how they look and feel to options for different budgets. Not to mention, I’ve included my top tips for safe and satisfying deep anal play to help you get the most out of your new anal snake!
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Doc Johnson Kink Everything Butt The Serpent Anal Snake

 Everything Butt The Serpent

  • Want the best overall anal snake
  • Want an extra long anal snake
  • Want a silicone anal snake
  • Want an anal snake that fits comfortably inside of you

Everything Butt The Serpent

  • Want a low budget anal snake
  • Do not want a long anal snake
  • Are allergic to silicone

This anal snake is a 20-inch-long insertable anal toy that will hit all the pleasure spots in your anus and much, much deeper! It´s got a super soft feel and is made of a brand-new material called ultra-realistic second-skin silicone. The surface has got a twisted spiral pattern that´s meant to make the insertion feel extra pleasurable. This anal snake has got a vac-u-lock plug opening which means that you can easily attach it to any harness or accessory. It´s got a bell-shaped base that prevents it from going all the way into your anus.

  • Silicone
  • Long
  • Fits comfortably inside of you
  • Easy to attach to a harness

  • Small girth
Everything Butt The Serpent
Length20.5 inches
Insertable length17 inches
Diameter1.4 inches
AllergiesBody safe, phthalate free and extra hygienic

An anal snake that’s got everything you can ask for; a super smooth silicone surface that together with water-based lube slides in easy. It’s great to use in a harness for deep partner play. It’s got everything you can ask for in an anal snake. Remember that it’s made out of silicone which means you need to use water-based lube.

2 Cheapest


 Deep Silicone Anal Snake

  • Want a toy that attaches to a strap on or harness
  • Want a toy that is easy to insert into you
  • Want an impact toy
  • Want to experiment

Deep Silicone Anal Snake

  • Want a toy with deep reach
  • Want an anal snake with serious depth reach

This sexy anal snake is less girthy than the previously reviewed anal snake but more rigid. At least when it´s inside you it´s not as flexible as some might want anal toys to be. It´s got a tapered end for making insertion easier and the wide bell-shaped base is there to hinder it from entering all the way. It´s got a smooth surface with a lightly ridged surface. These ridges are also meant to add delightful friction when it slides into your butt.  

  • Vac-U-Loc attachment
  • Easy to insert
  • Good impact toy
  • Good for experimenting

  • Hard to get deep because of the design
  • Can become painful the deeper you go
  • Not great for serious anal play
Deep Silicone Anal Snake
Length19.5 inches
Insertable length17 inches
Diameter1 inches

The Deep Anal Snake is soft and flexible. This is one of the best designs in Doc Johnson’s Kink collection. This is a perfect budget-friendly snake for exploring anal play. It is easy to keep your grip on this anal snake even when your hands are slippery with lube, because of the lightly ridged surface. It´s got great potential for deep inner exploration.

3 Beginner

Mr. Hankey's Toys Serpentine Dildo Depth Snake

 Serpentine Depth Snake

  • Want a flexible anal snake
  • Want a long anal snake
  • Want to get in deep
  • Like silicone

Serpentine Depth Snake

  • Don't want to go deep
  • Are sensitive to silicone
  • Want a thick anal snake

Mr. Hankey’s Toys Serpentine Dildo Depth Snake lets you get in DEEP. This has a long smooth body that will curve into your colon. It comes in three different sizes, each of them is 1.75 inches wide and the snake gets longer as you size up, not thicker. There are rings that measure your progress as you go in deeper and the snake’s scales give you extra sensation. There is also a Vac-U-Lock attachment that you can use to connect it to a harness or a fuck machine.

  • Long, smooth, and flexible
  • Vac-U-Lock attachment
  • Flexible
  • Silicone

  • Girthy shaft
  • Not firm
  • Silicone (if you are allergic to silicone)
Serpentine Depth Snake
AllergiesSkin safe silicone
DiameterMedium: 1.75 inches, Large: 1.8 inches, XL: 1.8 inches, Near the base: 2 inches
Length13-25 depending on size inches
Insertable length11.75-23.5 inches

The reason it´s this tests anal snake for beginners is that it´s easy to handle. Although we don´t recommend anal snakes for beginners in general and you need to be an experienced anal player to get the most out of this! It´s very soft, and not the core is everything but firm, but it´s still got a tapered tip which makes it easy to insert. The width of the toy requires a good warm-up before usage.


Hosed Tapered Flexible Anal Hose

 Flexible Anal Hose

  • Want to measure how deep you can go
  • Enjoy a long inch dildo
  • Enjoy flexible cores
  • Are looking for a strong suction cup

Flexible Anal Hose

  • Are looking for a non-flexible anal snake
  • Want a simple anal snake

This is a great tool to test your limits and see how much you can take. This snake is easy on your insides and you can take up to 22 inches. It has a tapered point that is easy to insert while still satisfying all your needs. It has a strong suction cup base that attaches to any smooth and flat surface. Each inch is marked on the surface so you can set goals for yourself with each and every session.

  • Strong suction cup
  • Measurable depth
  • Soft texture
  • Wider the more you penetrate

  • Can be too flexible for some
  • It might be difficult to se the measure on yourself
Flexible Anal Hose
Length16.25 inches
Insertable length15 inches
Diameter0.4 - 1.4 inches

This anal snake is a fun one, you can measure the depth you manage to insert. Why not challenge yourself or your partner? The suction cup is strong enough to stick on most flat surfaces and is possible to use both in water and elsewhere. As you go it will become wider, so if you go very slow you might not need any other toy for warm-up.

5 Dildo

Tantus Snake Flexible Extra Long Anal Probe

 Tantus Snake

  • Are looking for an anal snake dildo
  • Want an extra flexible anal snake
  • Want an anal snake with a strong suction cup

Tantus Snake

  • Prefer more snake-like dildos
  • Prefer tapered tips
  • Want extra textures on the shat

Explore the wonders of intense anal pleasure with the Tantus Snake Flexible Extra Long Anal Probe, specially designed for deep, exhilarating sensations. Crafted from 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, this body-safe, hypoallergenic probe is perfect for advanced users due to its exceptional length and flexibility. Its smooth, dildo-like shape offers unique pleasure, while the material warms to the body, ensuring comfortable use.

  • Body-safe silicone
  • Flexible
  • Strong suction cup
  • Available in 2 colours
  • Silky-smooth feel
  • Harness compatible

  • Non-tapered tip can be harder to insert
  • No additional textures on the shaft
Tantus Snake
Length18 inches
Diameter1.5 inches

In conclusion, the Tantus Snake is a a great snake dildo for deep anal exploration, offering safe and intense experiences for those looking to push the boundaries of pleasure. Its combination of length, flexibility, and body-safe material makes it an essential addition for enthusiasts seeking new, thrilling depths.

More Long Anal Toys

You might not be into the anal snake-looking toys, but still want to enjoy a long anal dildo. Then you should take a look at these…  

Tantus Cowboy Anal Probe

Tantus Cowboy Anal Probe - More Long Anal Toys
This anal beaded dildo is the perfect one for the one who likes the sensation of feeling filled. The beads get bigger as you go and you will progressively get to stretch your anus. The bulbs go from smallest 1,6 diameters to biggest 2,8 diameter. The total length is 15“. 

Tantus Cone XL

Tantus Cone XL - More Long Anal Toys
The Tantus Cone is a uniquely designed cone dildo, crafted for advanced anal play. Made from 100% body-safe silicone, this toy is super easy to maintain and clean. Its conical shape and XL size allow for gradual expansion – a perfect tool for extreme anal training! Plus, its wide base provides extra safety and comfort during play.

Luxe 10 anal beads by Blush Novelties

Luxe 10 anal beads by Blush Novelties - More Long Anal Toys
This is another long anal beaded toy, perfect for deep exploration. The total length is 12,5 inches and just like the previous one, this also has beads that become bigger. Although, this is more for the beginner as the 10 different beads don´t become wider than 0,75 inches.

Makara Glow-In-The-Dark Snake Dildo

Makara Glow-In-The-Dark Snake Dildo - More Long Anal Toys
For those, who add to add some fun and a splash of color to their anal adventures, this glow-in-the-dark fantasy dildo is the perfect pick! The Makara is a silicone snake dildo that may look adorable and innocent, but has an insertable length of 16.5 inches and a diameter of 1.5 inches! Plus, the suction cup not only gives you more play-time versatility, but it’s also harness compatible. And.. it glows in the dark!

Comparison of the Best Anal Snakes

Best Bedbible Rating: The Serpentine Depth Snake, Flexible Anal Hose, and Tantus Snake all share the highest accolade with a Bedbible rating of 4.5/5.0. These scores indicate overall user satisfaction and product quality, pointing to these three as the crème de la crème in the current market. Their high ratings suggest a balanced combination of functionality, quality, and user satisfaction. Best in size: The Serpentine Depth Snake takes the crown when it comes to size. Its length is adjustable, ranging from a generous 13 inches to an extravagant 25 inches, accompanied by a variable diameter of 1.75 to 2 inches. This versatile range in size ensures that users can find a dimension that suits their comfort and desires, making it the champion in its category. Best in design: With a striking score of 80/100, the Tantus Snake slithers ahead in the design category. Its consistent diameter of 1.5 inches and a notable length of 18 inches. The quality of materials used and its simple shape contribute to its high score. The Tantus Snake has a sleek and discreet design that will be appreciated by many users. Best in price: In the realm of affordability, Everything Butt The Serpent and Deep Silicone Anal Snake both share the spotlight, each tagged with a low price. Despite their budget-friendly tags, they don’t skimp on size, with lengths of 20.5 inches and 19.5 inches, respectively.

How to Be Safe with an Anal Snake? - Know your anal anatomy!

It´s essential to understand how your anus works for anal depth play. That means, knowing your anatomy and knowing how the body functions. Do you want to know more about safe anal play read our guide. Bare in mind, below will be a bit of the poo-talk, so maybe don’t eat whilst reading.

The sphincters'

The sphincters' - How to Be Safe with an Anal Snake? - Know your anal anatomy!
In every kind of anal play and no matter what kind of anal toy you use you need to go through the two sphincters’. The external one is the one we can control, the one we can squeeze and relax. So it’s all about being able to relax for maximum comfort. The internal sphincter is controlled by pressure. This means that you will need to need gentle but firm pressure on it for it to relax and let you enter all way. Image from International Journal of Surgical Oncology 3

The sigmoid bend

The sigmoid bend  - How to Be Safe with an Anal Snake? - Know your anal anatomy!
After passing the two sphincters we reach the sigmoid bend, an almost 90-degree angle in the rectum. This is where all the poo-stuff is going on (we´re not going to details, but good to know). Most people don´t ever pass this point during anal play, but for anal depth play, this will happen. Here you need to be very careful, the skin is very thin here. This takes practice, and in the beginning, you might not be able to pass it, but the more practice the deeper you will be able to go.

How to use an Anal Snake?

After reading about how your anus functions you will probably have a good understanding of how an anal snake should be used. But, once and for all, step by step let´s go through how to use an anal snake.



The more relaxed you are, the more sexual pleasure you can enjoy. It´s essential to be relaxed when using sex toys anally otherwise it will be painful.

Lube it!

Lube it!

Your anus doesn´t produce any kind of lubriciation and the deeper you go, the drier it will become. A lot of lube is a must! In and around your anus and on fingers/ sex toys etc.

Finger it!

Finger it!

It´s always a good idea during warm-up to start of using your finger. Then you can easily feel if your body is relaxed or not. But a gentle but firm pressure with one of your fingers directly on your anus. When one finger is inside you can start playing around.

Anal snake time!

Anal snake time!

Now you can slowly begin to penetrate yourself or your partner with the anal snake. Think of the same thing as with you fingers, a gentle but firm pressure and it will ease as time goes.

How to clean anal snakes

It´s always very important to clean your sex toys, but it´s especially important to clean anal toys properly. The reason is that it´s more bacteria and bacteria that aren´t good for other body parts for example the vagina. It depends on what material your anal snake is and what kind of functions. If it´s waterproof then you can rinse it in warm water and soap it up, if it´s not waterproof or if it has an electronic function, we recommend you to follow the instructions that follow. If you can´t find the instructions we recommend you use a dampened cloth to wipe it off.


The insertion itself isn´t complicated, but it does require patience and a lot of lube. Some of the wider anal snakes also require warm-up with either other less girthy toys or fingers. If it´s not too girthy just gently but firmly press the tip onto your anus until it slides in and keep on doing so.

It´s har to say which one is the longest as new products develop all the time. Most anal snakes are around 15-20 inches but you can find longer than that.

For anal depth play you need to have patience. For some it takes minutes, for some it takes hours and for some even longer. Use a lot of lube and a gentle pressure you should be good to go with your deep exploration.

We do not recommend you to make a silicone anal snake yourself. It´s important you use safe sex toys and especially anal toys. The reason is that the rectum is so long that if an anal toy breaks it can get stuck.

Most people describe it as an exciting sensation of deep fullfilment. Some people say it´s painful, but we can´t stress the fact that if it´s done right - it´s not painful.

What is a anal snake?

An anal snake is a long dildo that is made for deep anal play and has the shape of a snake. Most of the anal snake dildos have a tapered head, just like a skinhead and a pattern that is designed as a snake's skin or similar.

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