The 13 Best Tail Butt Plugs to Bring Out Your Inner Animal

   Kevin Foley
I’ve searched far and wide to bring you the very best tail butt plugs the world has to offer! I’ve got a whole menagerie including cute bunny tail butt plugs, sexy fox tail plugs, and even mythical, magical unicorn tail butt plugs! I’ve also got furry butt plugs for every budget, plus some amazing animal accessories to complete the look! Today’s test winner is a foxy number from Dominix Deluxe but there are plenty more to choose from too!
1 Test Winner

DOMINIX Deluxe Stainless Steel Faux Fox Tail Butt Plug

 DOMINIX Steel Fox Tail Butt Plug

  • Want to try temperature play
  • Need a detachable tail
  • Love the fox design

DOMINIX Steel Fox Tail Butt Plug

  • Have no experience with anal play
  • Want one-piece design
  • Prefer silicone plugs
  • Want 3+ inches of insertable length

If you want to feel a bit “foxy” then buying this fox tail butt plug should be a no-brainer! The long and fluffy tail is sure to tickle and tease your partner as you rub against them, perfect for any fox-based fantasies you two might indulge in. Whereas some plugs are so light that you can barely tell they’re inside you, this DOMINIX tail butt plug weighs 6.7 ounces so you’re sure to notice the stimulating sensations in your rear! The added weight is sure to enhance orgasms, whether you’re having sex with your partner or using a vibrator on yourself. Since the plug is made out of water-safe metal you can easily heat or cool this toy to your desired temperature before insertion, adding another level of fun to this foxy tail plug!

  • Heavy plug weight
  • Perfect for solo & partner play
  • Comes in a satin bag
  • Can be gently tugged upon

  • Minimal insertable length
  • Not adjustable
  • Small plug size
  • Not as fluffy as photos imply
DOMINIX Steel Fox Tail Butt Plug
MaterialsSteel, faux hair
Length14.5 inches
Insertable length2.75 inches
Diameter1.19 inches
AllergiesLatex-Free , Phthalate-Free

This is one of the best tail butt plugs for a very reasonable price, which is why I chose this as today’s test winner! The tail looks realistic enough for nearly any foxy encounters you might be planning, and the toy can even take some light tugging for added sensations. This is definitely a high-quality tail plug overall, although (as some users have noted) the actual tail isn’t quite as poofy as implied in the photos. The tail is especially good for teasing your partner since the tail is long enough to cover the “goods”, driving your partner wild before they brush it aside. The tail uses a screw-on design so it can be removed for easier cleaning, but some people have struggled doing this. For an easier time, we’d recommend wiping off the plug to reduce lubrication before attempting to remove the tail from the toy.  

2 Cheapest

Blush Temptasia Bunny Tail Pom Butt Plug

 Blush Temptasia Bunny Tail Plug

  • Want something you can leave in
  • Prefer a silicone plug
  • Love bunnies
  • Are on a budget

Blush Temptasia Bunny Tail Plug

  • Want to use silicone lube
  • Want a vibrating toy
  • Are looking for a lengthy toy

If you love a bargain, think bunnies are cute, and want a simple way to spice up your partner (or solo) play, then you might want to check out this bunny tail butt plug from Blush Tempasia! Designed to look like the puffy tail of a little black rabbit, this toy is perfect for all-day use thanks to the soft fur & t-base design. The tail can also be removed for easy cleaning or plug-only use. If you want a way to look cute and enjoy some anal stimulation throughout your play then this tail butt plug might be just the thing for you!

  • Cruelty-free
  • Removable tail
  • T-base design
  • Easy to clean

  • One color only
  • Short insertable length
  • Too short to pull easily
Blush Temptasia Bunny Tail Plug
MaterialsSilicone, faux fur
Length5 inches
Insertable length3.5 inches
Diameter1.4 inches

Since it’s based on a rabbit’s tail this tail butt plug is relatively short and poofy compared to other tail plugs. The downside of that is you won’t be able to grab and lightly pull on it very easily, but the upside is that you can wear this toy discreetly throughout your day with much fuss! If you love wearing a tail butt plug around the house as you clean but are worried about your tail getting caught, this poofy tail is a good option. The t-base design ensures day-long comfort, and the cute tail is sure to make your partner take a second glance at your derriere!

3 Beginner

Playful Silicone Small Bunny Tail Butt Plug

 Silicone Bunny Butt Plug

  • Want to try your first butt plug
  • Are planning on teasing your partner
  • Love pink

Silicone Bunny Butt Plug

  • Need a long tail
  • Are looking for a detachable tail
  • Want color choices

If you’ve never tried butt play before then a butt plug is probably a great place to start! Of course, there are many options out there, so if you want something besides a plain-looking plug then this pink bunny tail butt plug might be worth checking out! At just under $20, this beginner-friendly toy is fairly priced, easy to use, and perfect as an introduction to pet play. Unlike some other models, the tail on this toy isn’t removable, which prevents you from losing your tail while “in the moment”! Some users have even worn this plug all day, although we would probably recommend a t-bar base butt plug instead for that. Still, you can’t deny that this toy is both comfortable & stimulating as it sits nestled between both cheeks, so why not give it a shot? You definitely won’t regret it!

  • Tapered tip
  • Latex and Phthalate-Free
  • Beginner-friendly girth
  • Easy to insert

  • Only available in pink
  • Tail can't be removed
  • Fur can wear out over time
Silicone Bunny Butt Plug
MaterialsSilicone, faux fur
Length5 inches
Insertable length2.5 inches
Diameter1.11 inches
AllergiesLatex-Free , Phthalate-Free

This toy is perfect for guys and gals who want to get into anal or pet play since its size is so small. On the other hand, that’s also why we probably wouldn’t recommend it for more advanced users. With a relatively thin width overall, this toy might not “fill” you up as much as you’d like (in that case, check out some of the other toys on this list!). Still, it’s designed for beginners, and to that end, this bunny tail butt plug works quite well! It’s only available in pink, but the vibrant coloring is sure to catch your partner’s eye & have them chasing after your cute little tail!

4 Set

Tailz Snap-On Anal Vibe and 3 Interchangeable Tails Set

 Tailz Snap-On Interchangeable Tails Set

  • Want three different tail option to choose from
  • Like the idea of a versatile set for all kinds of roleplay
  • Enjoy anal vibrations
  • Need something remote controlled
  • Are just looking for a fun, versatile toy for occasional use

Tailz Snap-On Interchangeable Tails Set

  • Are looking for a high quality tail butt plug set
  • Want a bigger butt plug

The Tailz Snap-On Anal Vibe and 3 Interchangeable Tails Set is a playful and versatile addition to the world of role play and anal exploration. This set features a silicone vibrating butt plug with three different tails that can be easily snapped on and off! Depending on your mood, you can switch between a cute pink bunny tail and two longer, fluffier fox and cat tails! The set includes a remote control for easy adjustment of the vibration settings so you can engage in some hands-free fun or let your partner control your pleasure.


  • Vibrating butt plug
  • Three interchangeable tails
  • Remote controlled
  • Body-safe silicone

  • Attachment plate can break off easily
  • Not the highest quality set
  • Vibrations feel a bit buzzy
Tailz Snap-On Interchangeable Tails Set
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
LengthBunny tail: 5", Gray fox tail: 20", White fox tail: 18.5 inches
Insertable lengthButt plug: 3.5 inches
DiameterButt plug: 1.25 inches
MaterialsPlug: silicone, Tails: polyester
Remote ControlsYes — physical remote

I really like the concept of the Tailz Snap-On Interchangeable Tails Set as a fun and versatile way to spice up your animal role play. Unfortunately, for our tester, the excitement was dampened when the tail attachment broke off almost immediately (a problem that other online reviewers have also experienced). Luckily, the attachment plate is only connected to the bottom of the butt plug base, so it was an easy fix with some super glue. Although, it’s not what you want from your brand new purchase. In terms of quality, this set isn’t super impressive. It may not be very durable or long-lasting. The vibrating butt plug itself is comfortable and stays in place well, even with the heavier tails. However, the vibrations are a lot more buzzy than rumbly, which can be a deal breaker for some. However, the many features and uses are a nice touch. You do get a lot of value and versatility for your money! So, although it may be one of the pricier items on this list, I think the overall price is quite reasonable. It’s a fine novelty product for anyone who wants something affordable and versatile to pull out for occasional use.

5 Extra Long

Tailz Aluminum Anal Plug With Extra Long Black Faux Mink Tail

 Tailz Aluminum Plug With Mink Tail

  • Like feeling “full”
  • Want a long, sexy tail
  • Need something to tease your partner

Tailz Aluminum Plug With Mink Tail

  • Want a detachable tail
  • Are looking for something lightweight
  • Don’t want a black tail

Are you ready to unleash your inner beast in the bedroom? If so, then this Tailz butt plug is exactly what you need! At 33 inches long, this plug will keep your partner tantalized as it trails sexily behind you, swaying & switching with every movement. Unlike the tail butt plug options listed above, this toy has a metal butt plug that not only provides some extra weight but also a unique smooth sensation inside of you. While you’re feeling the “fullness” from behind, you’ll also feel the soft fur of your tail brushing gently on your legs, ensuring that your partner isn’t the only one who’s ready for some sexy adventures! With a plug length of 3.25 inches, this model might not be the biggest on the market, but thanks to its metal design, you’ll hardly notice the difference!

  • Metal plug material
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Plug can be sanitized
  • Perfect for roleplaying

  • Non-detachable tail
  • 3-inch insertable length
  • Recommended for use with water-based lube
Tailz Aluminum Plug With Mink Tail
MaterialsAluminum, polyester
Length33 inches
Insertable length3 inches
Diameter1.5 inches

Although Tailz says this model is good for beginners, we probably wouldn’t recommend it if you’ve never shoved anything up your butt before. While the size of the plug itself isn’t very big, the weight caused by the metal may be somewhat uncomfortable to first-timers, so we’d probably recommend getting it as your second play toy instead. Still, if you decide that this is what you want then you’ll probably be OK as long as you take things slow and use a lot of lube. While the metal—in theory—should be able to work with any type of lube, Tailz specifically recommends water-based lube, which we thought was a bit odd.

6 Glass

DOMINIX Deluxe Glass Faux Fur Animal Tail Butt Plug

 DOMINIX Animal Tail Butt Plug

  • Want a temperature play toy
  • Love pet play
  • Want to tease your partner

DOMINIX Animal Tail Butt Plug

  • Have a tight anus
  • Don’t care about temperature play
  • Prefer shorter tails

If making your partner lust after your kitty sounds like fun, then why not take things to the next level with this animal tail butt plug from DOMINIX?! The 17-inch fur tail will sway and swish with every movement, driving your partner wild while providing the inner stimulation you need to stay in “the mood”. Unlike the plugs above, this tail butt plug is made from borosilicate glass which means you can heat or cool it to your liking before insertion. The plug is a bit on the thick side which may not be ideal for first-timers, but that depends entirely on the tightness of your anus. With a bit of effort and a lot of lube, you’re sure to enjoy hours of sexy pet play using this luscious tail plug!

  • 17-inch tail
  • Perfect for temperature play
  • Soft faux fur material
  • Tapered tip

  • Tail quality seems inconsistent
  • Tail can be hard to clean
  • May be too wide for beginners
  • Tail doesn’t detach
DOMINIX Animal Tail Butt Plug
MaterialsBorosilicate glass, faux fur
Length21 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Diameter1.43 inches
AllergiesLatex-Free , Phthalate-Free

At 1.43 inches wide, this glass butt plug may be a bit thick for some people, but thanks to the tapered tip design, you should eventually be able to have your own slice of bum heaven (albeit with a lot of lube!). Assuming it arrives in mint condition, people seem to love this sexy cat tail butt plug! However, consistency does seem to be an issue, with some users reporting perfect tails & others describing their experiences as sub-par. In addition to the tail plug, you’ll also receive a velvet bag for discreet storage, which we thought was a nice touch.  


Happy Rabbit Bunny Tail Butt Plug

 Happy Rabbit Bunny Tail Butt Plug

  • Love bright pink
  • Prefer flexible plugs
  • Want an extra-comfy plug

Happy Rabbit Bunny Tail Butt Plug

  • Only use silicone lube
  • Want to explore temperature play
  • Don’t like pink

This bunny tail butt plug may look similar to the one listed above: after all, they’re both bright pink! Still, there is one important difference—this one is bigger in size, making it a great option if you are ready to size up! The silicone construction of the plug is easy to lube and insert since it’s flexible, it’s nice and comfortable even when you are moving around. Since the tail is relatively small, you can even wear a skirt with it for some added, semi-revealing roleplays. As you would hope, this toy can be easily cleaned using only water & soap. Just make sure to let the fur dry out before storage and you’ll be all ready for future pet play!

  • Flexible material
  • Poofy tail
  • Vibrant coloring

  • Only available in pink
  • A bit big for beginners
  • Lube easily gets on tail
Happy Rabbit Bunny Tail Butt Plug
MaterialsSilicone, faux hair
Insertable length3.5 inches
Diameter1.43 inches
AllergiesLatex-Free , Phthalate-Free

The sizing of this toy is a point of debate. With 3.5 inches of insertable length & a max width of 1.43 inches, it seems to be “just right” for most people, but some users still found it a bit larger than expected! I’d recommend this plug if you’ve tried smaller anal toys before and are ready for a little more. Fortunately, this plug has a tapered tip, which should aid you when inserting the toy. As a silicone toy, you’ll only want to use water-based lube with this toy, but once you apply the lube liberally, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting this toy through the door! The silicone is semi-flexible, which can definitely help reduce any discomfort, either from insertion or from long-term wear.

8 Posable

Tailz Bad Kitty Black Silicone Anal Plug With Bendable Black Cat Tail

 Tailz Bad Kitty Anal Plug W/ Black Cat Tail

  • Want multiple stimulation options
  • Love adjustable tails
  • Have bullet vibrators handy

Tailz Bad Kitty Anal Plug W/ Black Cat Tail

  • Won’t use the extra features
  • Want a limp tail
  • Are totally new to anal play

Using a tail butt plug is a great way to spice up your sex life, but after a while, it seems like all the toys are the same! Fortunately, this cat tail butt plug has changed things up a bit, offering a few extras that make this toy more-than-worth its already-low price. Whereas some toys give you a plug, a tail, and that’s it, the Tailz Bad Kitty plug has a bendable tail which means you can adjust it to whatever activity you’re doing. Want to be a tease? Lift your skirt up a bit with the bendable tail! Need to sit down? Bend the tail between your legs for maximum comfort! In addition to the bendable tail, this tail butt plug also has two bullet vibrator holders molded into the base, which is sure to take your backdoor experience from good to great!

  • Design accommodates bullet vibrators
  • Poseable tail
  • Tapered tip
  • Designed for extended wear

  • Doesn't come with bullet vibrators
  • One-piece design
  • Only available in black
Tailz Bad Kitty Anal Plug W/ Black Cat Tail
MaterialsSilicone, Metal, Polyester
Length(Tail with plug) 28 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Diameter1.4 inches

If you want the best bang for your buck then this toy is certainly one we’d recommend. It’s helpful if you already have a pair of bullet vibrators on hand, but if not, you can always purchase them later on. Most people will enjoy the bendable tail and the opportunities it opens up for different positions and easier access for genital stimulation. That being said, you won’t be able to swing your tail around as you would with a more basic model, so if that’s important to you then you might want to avoid this model. Since the tapered plug is made of silicone, you’ll want to stick to water-based lube when using this toy.

9 Unicorn

Unicorn Plug Limited Edition Set

 Unicorn Plug Set

  • Want a complete kit
  • Love unicorns
  • Want a vibrating plug

Unicorn Plug Set

  • Want a more realistic animal design
  • Don’t want vibrations
  • Won’t use the accessories

If you’re horny (in multiple ways!) and love rainbows then you’re sure to love this Unicorn-themed kit from b-Vibe! Combining “sunshine, lollipops, and butt stuff” into the perfect beginners kit, this kit includes a vibrating tail butt plug with a removable tail, glow-in-the-dark stickers, a b-Vibe pin, a unicorn backpack, the Guide to Anal Play book, and the Guide to Anal Play. For those who are nervous about anal play, this kit is perfect because it gives them all the information they’ll need to know before taking a wild ride on their unicorn horn butt plug! Whether you’re playing alone or with a “friend”, this unicorn-themed kit is sure to fulfill your fantasies!


  • Complete kit
  • 16 vibration settings
  • Removable tail
  • Swirled texture adds more stimulation
  • Unicorn-themed carry bag

  • No discreet carrying case
  • Expensive
  • Faux hair
  • Requires water-based lube
Unicorn Plug Set
MaterialsSeamless Silicone, Faux Hair
LengthPlug: 5.3, Tail: 19 inches
Insertable length4.5 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Vibration speeds10
Vibration patterns6

This unique, luxury kit is definitely suited to those looking for the whole rainbow experience! While it’s a little pricy, this is absolutely one of the best tail butt plug kits on the market, as you are getting a high-quality, rechargeable, vibrating plug that can be use with or without the tail, together with some really cute extra touches. The magnetic design of the tail means you can’t really pull on it during play, but also means you can easily attach it after insertion (which helps avoid getting hair inside of you). However, there are some things I feel could have been replaced. For starters, the b-Vibe pin is sort of pointless, and it would be nice if they had provided some lube instead. The stickers are also relatively pointless, but they do provide an easy way to decorate your playroom! All in all, this kit could be improved slightly, but these are small issues that don’t really affect it very much.

10 Rainbow

Stockroom Pride Rainbow Foxtail Butt Plug

 Pride Foxtail Butt Plug

  • Want authentic fox fur
  • Need a beginner plug
  • Are looking for a sexy way to show pride

Pride Foxtail Butt Plug

  • Are vegan
  • Are on a budget
  • Are experienced in anal play

“Premium” implies a high-price tag in exchange for a high-quality product. Using that definition, we’d definitely describe this fox tail butt plug as a premium product! It will cost you close to $100 dollars, but in exchange for this sizable investment, you’ll receive a unique tail butt plug that’s made using real white fox fur & stainless steel! Tail sizes vary, so your individual tail will be somewhere in-between 14 to 17 inches. Regardless, you’re sure to really feel the role when you insert this toy for the first time! This plug is fairly small compared to the competition, but it should work well for first-time users who want to begin their anal play journey with a high-quality toy.

  • Uses real fur
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Bright “pride” coloring
  • Stainless steel plug

  • Expensive
  • Inconsistent tail sizing
  • Short
  • Relatively thin
Pride Foxtail Butt Plug
MaterialsWhite fox fur, stainless steel
Length(Tail) 14-17 inches
Length(Plug) 3 inches
Insertable length2.75 inches
Diameter1.27 inches

First things first: this tail butt plug uses authentic fox fur. While that definitely adds to the overall uniqueness & appeal of the product, it does somewhat limit its applications. For example, if your partner identifies as a vegan then you won’t be able to enjoy this “Pride” plug. Overall, we think this is more of a “niche” plug. If you want a way to celebrate your sexuality and don’t identify as a vegan then this toy can definitely be the perfect way to enjoy backdoor pleasures! However, if you’re planning on sizing up in the near future then you should think of this toy less as a “long-term” toy and more as a fancy paperweight.

11 Puppy

Tailz Puppy Play Set

 Tailz Puppy Play Set

  • Want a full puppy play kit
  • Enjoy intense roleplaying
  • Are a bargain shopper

Tailz Puppy Play Set

  • Prefer a soft, swinging tail
  • Want just a butt plug tail

For some, just having a tail butt plug is enough to fulfill their puppy play fantasies. For others, just a dog tail butt plug isn’t enough: they want an entire kit! This complete kit includes a butt plug (which could also double as a wolf tail butt plug!), a bone-shaped gag, a collar, and a 42-inch leash. This allows you to go from dreams to real life as your partner inserts your tail, gives you a bone, and walks you around the house! Both the butt plug & the bone gag are made from high-quality silicone, which not only will provide you with the ideal level of comfort but also give you years of sexy puppy-themed adventures. Whether you’re a “good dog” or a “bad dog”, you (and your master) are sure to love using this kit!

  • Near complete set
  • Perfect for partner puppy play
  • Comes with a 42-inch leash
  • Adjustable collar

  • Doesn’t include lube
  • No vibration components
  • Thin plug width
Tailz Puppy Play Set
MaterialsSilicone, leather, metal, nylon
LengthGag: 25.5; Leash: 42.5; Collar: 21; Tail: 8.5 inches
Insertable length3 inches
DiameterPlug: 1.2 inches

This kit is nearly complete — the only thing you are missing is some water-based lube! Nonetheless, this kit comes in at under $50, so we think the overall value is very good! While black isn’t exactly the most “inspired” color, we were happy to see the bone was at least white, adding to the overall realism of the puppy play experience. Of course, you don’t need to use every part of this kit all at the same time. If you’re “single and ready to mingle” but still want to enjoy some puppy play, any of the included items are sure to help you bring your fantasies to life!

12 Remote control

Tailz Waggerz Anal Plug With Leopard Faux Fur Tail & Remote

 Tailz Waggerz Anal Plug With Tail & Remote

  • Want to be a leopard in bed
  • Love larger butt plugs
  • Enjoy partner play
  • Want an automatically swinging tail

Tailz Waggerz Anal Plug With Tail & Remote

  • Are new to anal
  • Won’t use the remote features
  • Prefer a soft, free swinging tail

Bring out the wild animal in you with this leopard tail that swings and vibrates! The vibrations and tail can be easily controlled using the provided remote, meaning you can even let your partner take control for some power play. As 1.5 inches in width, this plug is a bit thicker than some of the other models out there, but we’re sure you’ll find it more than “filling”, especially when you’re taking advantage of the various vibration settings! To complete the look, this plug even comes with a set of leopard ears, allowing you to let out your inner animal with ease!


  • Multiple vibration settings
  • Tail can be controlled via remote
  • Realistic pattern
  • Comes with leopard ears

  • Thick base of plug not as comfortable
  • Wide tip
Tailz Waggerz Anal Plug With Tail & Remote
MaterialsSilicone, faux fur, ABS
Length(Tail) 16 inches
Length(Plug) 5 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Diameter1.5 inches

This product is kind of gimmicky, but we know that there are definitely people who will have loads of fun with it anyway! While the ability to “wag” the tail arguably won’t provide as much internal stimulation as the vibration settings, it’s sure to keep your partner entertained with something to watch. Alternatively, you can also use this toy on your own, using the remote to feel waves of anal pleasure wash through you as you get a little bit wild! We thought the included ears were a nice touch as well since they help to make the role play seem a bit more realistic.

13 Wolf

Tailz Black Grey Wolf Faux Fur Tail Butt Plug Set

 Tailz Black Grey Wolf Plug

  • Have some anal play experience
  • Love the wolf desing
  • Want the complete look

Tailz Black Grey Wolf Plug

  • Are new to anal play
  • Prefer a metal plug

Get ready for the full moon with this wild wolf tail butt plug set. The silicone plug is a thick 1.75 inches at the widest point, providing a satisfying stretch and full feeling. The plug is topped with a bushy, silver tail that will tease and tickle as your explore your inner wolf! Plus, you can complete the look with the fluffy wolf ear headband that comes with it!

  • Girthy plug
  • Fluffy tail
  • Cute wolf ear headband
  • High quality silicone

  • Plug too big for anal play beginners
  • Can't detach tail
Tailz Black Grey Wolf Plug
Length23.5 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Diameter1.75 inches
MaterialsSilicone, faux fur, metal

This is a great set for anyone who wants to bring out their wild wolf side! The headband is a great touch that helps you get in character as soon as you get your hands on the set! The plug is one of the wider options in this review, so it’s best suited to those who already have a fair bit of anal experience. You’ll need a generous amount of lube to insert this thicker plug, but once it’s in, it’s bound to fill you up in the best way!

14 Pony

Crystal Delights My Lil Pony Tail

 My Lil Pony Tail

  • Love pony play
  • Enjoy temperature play
  • Prefer a detachable tail
  • Want a choice of colors

My Lil Pony Tail

  • Are totally new to anal play
  • Prefer silicone butt plugs

Get ready for some seriously good pony play with these cute and colorful horse tail butt plugs! The My Little Pony plugs have a borosilicate plug that can be heated or cooled for some added sensation and thick, lustrous pony tail. The tail screws on and off to make cleaning a breeze and there are four colors to choose from! The plug is 1.3 inches at the widest point and tapered for easy insertion. Simply lube it up with any lube you like, slip it in, and you are ready for all sorts of frolicking fun!

  • Thick, lustrous tail
  • 4 colors to choose from
  • Smooth borosilicate glass
  • Can be heated or cooled
  • Tail screws on and off

  • Expensive
  • Wide neck might be uncomfortable for some
My Lil Pony Tail
LengthPlug: 3.4, Tail: 15.5 inches
Diameter1.3 inches
MaterialsHigh Grade Wig Hair

This is a luxury horse butt plug for anyone looking to invest in a high-quality accessory to take their pony play to the next level! Unlike many tail butt plugs, the tail is made from high-quality wig hair, meaning that it looks and feels much more luxurious and that with proper care, it will last well! While in terms of quality, this is definitely one of the best tail butt plugs out there, the high price does make this more of a speciality product. The plug itself might be a little big for complete beginners but if you have a little backdoor experience, it should be fine! It’s also nice that you can use any lube with it.

Test Your Limits

Animal play is definitely fun, but as you get more into anal play, smaller toys (like a deer tail butt plug) might not be enough to give you that “full” feeling you love! Sure, you could try some fantasy-themed options like a dragon tail butt plug, but are you looking to challenge yourself with a long anal toy, then this is definitely a toy you’ll want to check out! Unlike smaller toys, they actually DON’T recommend trying to insert this toy all the way: you’re likely to hurt yourself. Still, if you enjoy taking a bit of risk then you might want to check out the Devil Tail Anal Plug. Use with caution!

Oxy Devil Tail Butt Plug

Oxy Devil Tail Butt Plug - Test Your Limits
Very few plugs include a warning that the manufacturer is “not responsible for damages to your intestine”, so that should be a warning that this toy is definitely not for beginners. With a total length of 24 inches long, the Oxy Devil Tail Butt Plug will definitely test your limits while adding a devilish touch to your look!

Complete the Look

So, you’ve already bought the butt plug but now you think it’s time to accessorize! Here are a few options that are sure to help complete your look.

Bondage Boutique Silicone Dog Bone Gag

Bondage Boutique Silicone Dog Bone Gag - Complete the Look
For an “authentic” puppy play experience you’ll definitely need a bone! Of course, if you already have a dog tail butt plug then there’s no sense in buying the entire kit above just for the bone. Fortunately, this cheap silicone bone can be purchased by itself, making the perfect canine-themed gag for future naughty adventures!

Bondage Boutique Lead Me On Soft Collar and Leash

Bondage Boutique Lead Me On Soft Collar and Leash - Complete the Look
Every good puppy needs a BDSM leash! The perfect pairing for the bone gag above, this collar & leash combo can be perfect for puppy play as well as any other BDSM adventures! Submit to your partner’s will (or make them submit to yours!) and enjoy them leading you around like the naughty puppy you are.

Anal Bead Tails

If you love the idea of a tail to swing around but prefer the rippling pleasure of anal beads, an anal bead tail could be a better fit for your behind! Check out these top-quality silicone puppy tail anal beads.

Oxy-Shop Dog Tail Anal Beads

Oxy-Shop Dog Tail Anal Beads - Anal Bead Tails
This silicone anal bead tail is perfect for adding a little more sensation to your puppy play! Let you master enjoy popping each bead in and out while you enjoy that sweet stretch! Once, you are bound to be one happy pup, wagging your tail in delight!

How to Use a Tail Butt Plug

Using a tail butt plug is a lot like using a regular butt plug. Still, there are a few differences that you’ll want to consider (such as the addition of fur) when using one for the first time. Here’s how!

Pick your pet!

Pick your pet!

There really is a butt plug tail for every animal you can dream of being: a horse tail butt plug for the horse lovers or a raccoon tail butt plug for the raccoon lovers. Essentially, you can take on the role of whatever animal you want and enjoy some cheeky anal play at the same time!

Insert your plug

Insert your plug

Like normal butt plugs, you’ll first want to check which types of lube are compatible with your new toy. Once you’ve selected the proper lube, apply liberally to both your anus and the plug, then gently insert the toy inside of you. When inserting, take extra care to ensure no fur goes inside of you.



Add to the look and feel with some other pet play accessories, like a collar, a leash, a mask, or even a BDSM cage for when you misbehave.

Enjoy some pet role play

Enjoy some pet role play

Now you are in character, you can enjoy being a playful puppy, a sexy fox, or whichever puurfect pet you desire! Enjoy letting the tail tickle and tease your thighs or put on a little show for your partner as you crawl around the room!

How to Clean Your Tail Butt Plugs

Cleaning tail butt plugs is actually a very easy process, although how smoothly the endeavor goes depends on the amount of lube that’s worked its way up to the tail. For the “plug”, you can simply wash this part off using warm water and soap. If your plug is made of glass or metal, you can also sterilize the “plug” by boiling it in hot water. Some models may allow you to remove the “tail” portion for easier cleaning. You can also clean the “tail” with warm water and soap, but make sure to dry this part off as well! Using a blow dryer on low may aid in this process. The tail may look a bit different once it has dried, so you may need to brush it to return its “fluff”. Ensure that your toy is completely dry before storing it.


Yes, but you’ll want to make sure to dry the fur off as soon as you’re done cleaning it. Using a hair blower on low may help speed up the drying process.

You’ll want to start off with a regular butt plug. Grab your choice of tail then glue it to the plug! We recommend using high-strength glue, especially if your tail is rather heavy.* *We do not recommend making your own sex toys and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex toys from a reputable shop. We are in no way responsible for any harm caused due to the use or sharing of these DIYs. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex toys.

Theoretically, you can wear your new toy for as long as you’d like. However, most toys will become uncomfortable after extended wear and you’ll need to keep applying lube throughout the use of the plug.

Your choice of lube will depend on the material used. Water-based lube can be used with all tail butt plugs, but you should avoid using silicone-based lube with silicone toys. When in doubt, check the manufacturer’s recommendations before trying a new lube with your toy.

Yes, they do! While some tails may be harder to find than others, in general, you will be able to find a tail butt plug for any animal of your choosing if you look hard enough.

What is a Tail Butt Plug?

A tail butt plug is a butt plug (which may be made from silicone, glass, metal, or another material) that has a “tail” attached to it. These come in many different designs, so whether you’re looking for a pig tail butt plug or a horse tail butt plug, chances are, there’s a toy out there that fits exactly what you’re looking for. While most of the tails are made of faux fur, some high-end tails are made of actual animal fur, making them perfect for bringing your fantasies to life! Like normal butt plugs, these toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to find the perfect plug for nearly any scenario.

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