Huge Butt Plugs: 11 Best Large Plugs for Anal

   Josh Gill
In this review, I’m going to tell you all about the very best huge butt plugs on the market right now. My team and I have spent hours researching, testing and reviewing them to bring you all the info! Whether you are looking for intense length, extreme girth or both, I’ve got the large butt plug for you!
1 Test Winner

Tantus Inner Band Trainer

 Tantus Inner Band Trainer

  • Want to push yourself beyond 2 inches in diameter
  • Prefer a firm silicone
  • Are looking for a tapered tip
  • Want a toy to warm up or train for bigger toys

Tantus Inner Band Trainer

  • Want soft, squishy silicone
  • Are looking for a wearable plug
  • Aren't interested in depth

The Tantus Inner Band Trainer is one serious chunk of silicone! This huge butt plug is perfect for anyone looking for some serious training. The tapered tip makes it easier to insert and it gradually increases in width the deeper you insert it, reaching up to 2 inches in girth. Not only that, you get 8.5 inches in length, allowing you to explore deeper penetration as well! I’m a huge fan of Tantus’ silicone and the Inner Band Trainer is a prime example of a top quality silicone anal toy!

  • Tapered tip for easing in
  • Firm but not rigid
  • Smooth, quality silicone
  • Good amount of length and girth
  • Great for thrusting

  • Doesn't stay in by itself
  • Not wearable
Tantus Inner Band Trainer
Diameter2 inches
Insertable length8.5 + inches
Length9 inches
Materials100% Ultra-Premium soft silicone
Colors AvailableCrimson and Black

I love that the Tantus Inner Band trainer delivers both length and girth to explore. And, although there’s no denying that this is a huge butt plug, you can ease into it with the tapered tip and you can choose how deep to insert it! There’s very little I can fault with this plug, which is why I crowned it as the best in test! However, keep in mind that it’s not suitable wearing around as it doesn’t have a slim neck to hold it in place.

2 Cheapest

Oxy Bit-by-Bit to a Stretched Butthole

 Bit-by-Bit to a Stretched Butthole

  • Want a gradual increase in size
  • Are a fan of suction cup bases
  • Enjoy having ridges to work over

Bit-by-Bit to a Stretched Butthole

  • Prefer girth over depth
  • Want something smooth
  • Prefer a stiffer toy

Next, I’ve got the best large anal plug for a gradual stretch! The name says it all really! This large butt plug will take you bit by bit to the stretched butthole you desire. As you make your way down over the ridges, the plug gradually gets wider until it reaches the widest point — a 2.8 inch knot at the base of the toy. And it’s a long way down too! This plug has an insertable length of 9.8 inches, making it challenging but very satisfying journey! I’m pleased to report that even though it’s a very affordable toy, it’s made of silicone and even features a suction cup base for ease of use.

  • Very affordable
  • Gradual increase in width
  • Suction cup base
  • Challenging knot at the bottom
  • Made of silicone

  • Need some experience with deep play
  • Knot much bigger than shaft
  • Difficult to get past the sigmoid
Bit-by-Bit to a Stretched Butthole
Length11 inches
Insertable length9.8 inches
Diameter1.2-2.8 inches

Considering just how cheap this huge butt plug is, I’m very impressed by what it has to offer. As well as adding little bursts of intense stretching and stimulation, the ridges give a sense of satisfaction as you move past them. The length of the toy is quite challenging and I would only recommend it to those who have experience with depth training. While the silicone is fairly soft, the tip is a can feel a little stiff in the sigmoid colon (where the colon bends), making it a bit difficult to insert all the way to the knot at the bottom. I really like the addition of a suction cup, as it allows you use two hands for inserting the plug!

3 Vibrating

Nexus Ace Vibrating Butt Plug

 Nexus Ace

  • are already fairly experienced with anal play
  • want to explore anal vibrations
  • need a butt plug for partnered play
  • like the idea of anal public play
  • like the feeling of buzzy vibrations

Nexus Ace

  • would prefer very rumbly vibrations
  • are craving a much larger diameter
  • need a discrete vibrating butt plug

The Nexus Ace is a sleek and stylish remote control vibrating butt plug! It’s a girthy beast, and ideal toy for advanced lovers of anal that like a good challenge. It features a tapered tip for smooth insertion and removal, and it also has a ribbed neck that will tantalize and tease those sexy sweet spots as you wear it. The T-shaped base will sit snugly between your cheeck during wear. Also, the Nexus Ace is a big butt plug that boasts a discreet remote control with a range of up to 8 meters, so you have options – whether you want to use on your own or to let your partner take control!

  • Tapered tip for smooth insertion
  • Remote control
  • Plug and remote control are USB rechargeable
  • 100% waterproof

  • Ridges can feel uncomfortable for some
  • Stem is a bit too flexible
  • Buzzy vibrations
  • Quite loud
Nexus Ace
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns3
Length4.72 inches
Insertable length4.13 inches
DiameterPlug: 1.6 inches, Stem: 0.59 inches inches
Travel LockNo
Remote ControlsYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
FlexibilityFlexible stem

If you want a large butt plug that also vibrates and gives you jolts of pleasure that way too, then the Nexus Ace is a really good option. Size wise it offers a pretty decent stretch, and the high quality silicone it is made of means it is both safe and comfortable to use. The remote control has a range of 8 meters, so you can have all kinds of fun with your partner! It’s definitely a fine addition to your bedroom collection. Even though there’s a lot good to say about the Nexus Ace, this huge anal plug is not perfect. Well, every body is different, so there’s no way one product will work well for everyone. Our tester found that the vibrations were say too buzzy for her and that the ridges actually added more discomfort than extra stimulation. Consider how the NExus Ace would live up to your expectation for a huge butt plug that vibrates. We all enjoy different sensations and sizes, but the Nexus Ace is definitly still a quality product that packs quite a punch!

4 Soft

Oxballs Honcho

 Oxballs Honcho

  • Enjoy short, girthy butt plugs
  • Want a plug to wear for longer periods
  • Prefer soft, squishy silicone

Oxballs Honcho

  • Want a more firm butt plug
  • Prefer a wider base for safety
  • Are looking for depth and girth

The Oxballs Honcho is one girthy butt plug! Although the insertable length is only 5 inches, it offers a very filling 2.85 inches in diameter! As well as providing a decent stretch as you insert and remove the plug, the short but satisfying shape puts a nice pressure against the prostate. I really like that Oxballs chose to go with a squishier silicone, as it makes the Honcho large butt plug comfortable to wear for longer periods of time and for moving around in! I think it has a really fun design too! The tip is molded like the tip of a penis

  • Pleasing stretch without the intense depth
  • Squishy silicone is comfortable to wear
  • Fun penis head design
  • Exciting colors

  • No tapered end
  • Base is smaller than the widest part of the plug
  • Squishiness can make it more difficult to insert
Oxballs Honcho
Length5.65 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter2.85 inches
MaterialsPlatinum Silicone
Storage Bag IncludedYes, Resealable Packaging
Colors AvailableBlack/Rainbow

I think the Oxballs Honcho is a fantastic butt plug for anyone who’s loves the stretch of a plug going in or coming out or wants a huge butt plug that they can wear comfortably for extended periods of time. Overall, I’m a big fan of the design and love the fun colors it comes in. However, it’s a shame the base isn’t that bit bigger to err on the side of caution when it comes to safety! Although the neck is slim, allowing the anus to somewhat close around it, I would still like a wider base. Aside from that issue, I think the Honcho is a top quality butt plug!

5 Weighted

b-Vibe Snug Plug 3

 b-Vibe Snug Plug 3

  • Want a comfortable butt plug to wear for long-term
  • Are already quite in anal play
  • Like the idea of a weighted plug
  • Prefer anal toys with a rigid feel

b-Vibe Snug Plug 3

  • Are a complete anal beginner
  • Want a wide necked butt plug for a big stretch
  • Need a huge anal plug with a tapered tip

The b-Vibe Snug Plug collection is here to amp up your fun! It’s got 6 weighted plugs, all with a unique goal – to fill you up with comfort. They come in different sizes and weights, so there’s definitely one that matches your vibe. Take the Snug Plug 3, for instance. It weighs 180.7 g and sports a thick barrel shape body with a thin, flexible neck. The T-bar base is crafted to nestle nicely between your cheeks for long wear, and it won’t cramp your style during other sexy activities. As you move about, the plug offers this awesome pressure that adds an exciting twist to solo or couple’s playtime. The Snug Plug 3 is not the largest anal plug in this collection (don’t worry, we’ll get to that later…), but it is the largest one I would recommend for intermediate anal adventurers who are looking to take the next step (and think they’re completely ready for all kinds of huge butt plugs). This large weighted butt plug is the one I’d go for. At least until you know for certain that you’re craving an even bigger size.

  • Comfortable to wear because of the thin, flexible neck
  • Weighted feature adds extra stimulation
  • High quality silicone
  • T-bar base

  • Can be quite difficult to insert
  • Could be even heavier
  • Difficult to feel the balls moving around inside
b-Vibe Snug Plug 3
Length5.1 inches
Insertable length4.7 inches
Diameter1.48 inches
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Weight0.4 lbs

The b-Vibe Snug Plug 3 is ingeniously designed, making it a highly wearable toy. It feels very comfortable to wear for longer periods of time because of the thin neck. It offers a delicate stimulation, ideal for maintaining a gentle sense of arousal throughout the day or for boosting enjoyment during classic PIV activities. While it might not be the most intense plug in the game, it excels in its purpose for extended wear and a very full sesnation. Some may find it more engaging if the weighted balls were a bit more prominent when moving around. The Snug Plug 3 is a quality item that promises a good time, particularly for those who enjoy prolonged use. Considering its price, it might not be everyone’s go-to purchase, but for big butt plug enthusiasts who like to stay plugged in for a while, it’s worth considering.

6 Expanding

Oxy Ass Anchor Expanding Butt Plug

 Oxy Ass Anchor

  • Love a wide stretch
  • Want a butt plug for BDSM play
  • Are interested in exploring expanding butt plugs

Oxy Ass Anchor

  • Have grip issues or limited hand strength
  • Are more interested in girth
  • Want a more wearable butt plug

If you love the idea of feeling a huge butt plug slowly stretch you out from the inside, this expanding butt plug is the one for you! Squish the petals together for a more traditional butt plug shape and then feel it expand in every direction once it’s fully inserted, slowly taking you to the limit. On top of that, it has a hollow design, allowing a partner to see the action close up! I think this extreme butt plug would make a fantastic addition to BDSM anal play, with it being a great tool for punishment (consensual of course).

  • Lovely smooth silicone
  • Intensely filling
  • Hollow design
  • Great for BDSM play

  • Difficult to insert by yourself
  • Tip doesn't close to a taper, making it uncomfortable to insert
Oxy Ass Anchor
Length3 inches
DiameterCollapsed: 1.6 inches, Expanded: 2.95 inches
MaterialsLiquid Silicone
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

This plug provides intense stimulation all round! As well as the intensely filling sensation of the plug, you also get the psychological thrill of knowing it’s expanding inside you and anchoring into place. Not to mention, your partner gets the fun of being able to see deep inside you with the hollow design. This also means you can slip other things inside for added fun — just make sure whatever it is is anal safe! I will say that although the design is exciting, it does come with some logistical issues. Firstly, it’s pretty difficult to squeeze it all together and insert the plug by yourself, so it’s much better suited to partner play. Secondly, as the tip is still open and not a closed taper when you fold all the pieces in, it can be a bit uncomfortable to insert. However, if you are into the hollow expanding features, and can get past those small issues, this expanding butt plug has a lot of fun to offer.


Tantus Ringo

 Tantus Ringo

  • Need a tapered design for easy insertion and gradual stretching
  • Enjoy the look and feel of silicone
  • Want a large anal plug that you can sterilize

Tantus Ringo

  • Don't think you can handle such a large plug
  • Prefer an egg-shaped butt plug
  • Are looking for more rigid materials, like metal or glass

The Tantus Ringo not only shares its name with one of The Beatles, but you’ll also be seeing stars while you use it! Because of the tapered shape it feels great as it goes in, and due to the smooth texture and chunky base, it will hold firmly in position. This is what you would call a thick butt plug! And not only that, but it is made of 100% medical grade, super soft silicone. And as the Tantus Ringo is hygienic and hypoallergenic, you can enjoy long-lasting, super safe fun with it! Take it with you in the shower for some 100% waterproof fun. You can also easily sterilize it by boiling this big butt plug for a few minutes!

  • Thick but tapered shape
  • Super soft and smooth silicone
  • Satisfying to wear yet easy to insert and remove

  • May be too big for some
  • May not stay put during long-term wear
Tantus Ringo
Length6.25 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
Width2.25 inches

The Tantus Ringo is big and chunky and quite frankly pretty intimidating! But luckily it feels amazing when you use it. The tapered shape means you can ease it into your butt, and it gives you a chance to accommodate its considerable size as it slides in. The silicone feels fantastic, plus it’s super easy to keep clean after each and every use. But its main selling point is its size. For those that aren’t used to thick butt plugs of such girth, they might find it to be a bit of a struggle to get it in. However, for those that think they can handle such a huge butt plug, the Tantus Ringo really will blow your mind! I’ve selected the Tantus Ringo as the Test Winner in this review, because it’s all in all a great quality huge butt plug. Quality materials and a comfortable design at a good price, what’s not to like? The only comment I have is that the neck of the toy is not much thinner than the girthiest point of the plug. This could mean that the plug may not stay put at all times while you’re wearing it. Keep that in mind, of course. Other than that – enjoy!

8 Long

Oxy Devil Tail Butt Plug

 Devil Tail Butt Plug

  • Want to explore depth play
  • Prefer a slimmer, flexible plug
  • Like being able to measure your progress

Devil Tail Butt Plug

  • Prefer girthy toys
  • Want something firmer

They say the devil is in the detail and I can assure you that is most definitely the case here! This devilishly long butt plug has a ruler marking the whole length so you can track your depth training progress! I love the cheeky design of this plug, which is topped with a red devil tail that can swing about, when it’s not fully inserted, that is! The slim, flexible shaft also makes it easier to go deeper by allowing the plug to bend around your sigmoid colon and deeper inside you.

  • Easy to use
  • Ruler marks to track depth
  • Cheeky design
  • Soft and flexible

  • The devil tail design won't suit all tastes
  • No storage bag provided
  • Ruler marks need to extra care when cleaning
Devil Tail Butt Plug
Length23.6 inches
Diameter1.10 inches

This is definitely the best huge butt plug for anyone looking to take their anal play to deeper levels. The slim and flexible snaking design is comfortable to use as you feed it deeper inside you. I really like the idea of the ruler markings but they do require some extra attention when cleaning as they are engraved into the toy. I think the devil tail design is quite fun but I can see it won’t be everyone’s tastes!


Titanmen Master Tool No. 4 Triple Bump Butt Plug

 Titanmen Master Tool No. 4

  • are on a budget
  • want a giant butt plug with a unique shape
  • don't need a tapered tip
  • enjoy a very thick butt plug

Titanmen Master Tool No. 4

  • need a tapered tip for insertion
  • prefer a classic egg-shaped big butt plug
  • want 100% body safe materials

The Titanmen Master Tool No. 4 is a large butt plug with a uniqe beaded design. A beautiful cross-over between anal beads and butt plugs, if you will. This large anal plug is wearable like any other plug. However, the insertion and removal can feel deliciously stimulating because of the triple bead design. Enjoy the gradual increase in size as you work your way towards the base of this wide anal plug. While this is my winner for the best affordable choice, this big anal plug is made of PVC, which is a porous material. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to use. My recommendation is just to put a condom around the butt plug before inserting it. There you have it, an affordable yet safe to use big, beaded butt plug!

  • Beaded design
  • Affordable
  • Wearable anal beads

  • Porous materials
  • Challenging to insert
Titanmen Master Tool No. 4
Length7 inches
Width2.5 inches
DiameterSmall bead: 1.9 inches , Medium bead: 2.14 inches, Large bead: 2.6 inches

The Titanmen Master Tool No. 4 would be my best recommendation for an affrodable huge butt plug. Of course, there are cheaper large butt plugs out there, but with this baby, you’re really getting a bang for your buck! The girth here is something else, compared to similar large anal plugs in the same price range. Not only do you get more girth to play with, but you get to experience the fun of a triple bead design! Enjoy the challenge og getting past all three beads, one by one, and feel the delicious stretch. This is definitely not a butt plug for the faint hearted or for beginners. But if you are looking to take the next big step on your anal adventure, and you want something that won’t break the bank, this on might be for you. As mentioned earlier, the material is porous and difficult to keep clean. Pop a condom on the plug and you’re good to go!

10 Barrel

b-Vibe Snug Plug 6

 b-Vibe Snug Plug 6

  • Love the feel of a weighted butt plug
  • And handle a very large toy in your butt
  • Want to give yourself a naughty challenge

b-Vibe Snug Plug 6

  • Are only a beginner to using huge butt plugs
  • Want to enjoy a vibration function too
  • Don't enjoy that weighted 'pulling' feeling

The b-Vibe Snug Plug 6 is a weighted and extra-large silicone butt plug that features internal weights for added pleasure. Coming in at 1.13 lbs weight, it’s a BIG boy, and would be better suited to more experienced anal enjoyers! The long and thin neck and T-bar base ensures that not only will it sit comfortably inside you, but also that it won’t go too far and will remain easily removable. Don’t worry if you look at it and worry it’s too big to get in – the tapered shape makes it nice and easy to slide the b-Vibe Snug Plug 6 into your butt!

  • An extra large butt plug
  • Two weighted internal balls
  • Excellent and pleasurable shape

  • May be too big for some
  • No vibrating function
b-Vibe Snug Plug 6
Length7 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Width2.22 inches
Weight1.13 lbs

They say go big or go home, and this is perfectly exemplified with the b-Vibe Snug Plug 6. It’s a huge butt plug in all senses, from the length, to the girth, to the weight. As it’s made of silicone it looks great, feels realistically fleshy and like real skin, and is easy to keep clean when you’re finished using it. The tapered shape means insertion should be fairly easy, despite the massive size of it, and the T-bar base means it’s pretty easy to remove too. But its primary feature is the weight, giving you that heavy, almost pulled-on feeling that will tease you and feel incredible in your butt. It’s really not going to be for everyone though, as the stretch and filled up feeling might be a little too intense for some people to handle. Also, some people might not be a fan of the weighted feeling, preferring to opt for a lighter alternative.

11 Tapered

Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug

 Oxy Anal Slaughter

  • Are looking for an intense stretch
  • Like your toys soft but firm
  • Prefer a tapered tip
  • Are ready for a 3-inch diameter

Oxy Anal Slaughter

  • Prefer softer toys
  • Avoid using PVC

The Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug looks more like a traditional butt plug,  just on steroids! This thing is thick! The plug reaches a juicy 3 inches at the widest part but I appreciate it has a tapered tip to allow you to expand gradually. I also love that it has a suction cup base, so you can use it hands-free in the shower! It’s made of phthalate-free PVC which is a porous so keep that in mind!

  • Good amount of firmness
  • Strong suction cup
  • Slow taper

  • PVC is porous
  • Plain-looking design
Oxy Anal Slaughter
Insertable length5 inches
Length7.5 inches
Diameter3 inches

This is the thickest butt plug in the review, meaning this one is reserved for those really looking to stretch themselves out! That being said, the gradual taper makes it easy to work your way up to taking the full plug over time. I’m a big fan of the suction cup base and love how strong it is. The only thing I’m disappointed by is that it’s made out of PVC, which although is said to be phthalate-free, is porous.

The Best Huge Metal Butt Plug: The njoy Pure Plug

So we’ve seen some stupendously scrumptious silicone toys so far, but if you prefer the industrial and firm feel of stainless steel when it comes to oversized butt plugs, take a look at this beauty!

njoy Pure Plug 2.0

njoy Pure Plug 2.0 - The Best Huge Metal Butt Plug: The njoy Pure Plug
The Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 is the bigger, chunkier brother of the original Njoy Pure Plug! Weighing in at 1.25 lbs, it measures approximately 5.5 inches end to end. It has a 3.5 inch long insertable length, and its head is an incredible feeling 2 inches wide. The medical grade steel feels cold, strong, and firm, and the loop at the end allows you to have plenty of control. The Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 is an awesome alternative to its silicone counterparts! Stainless steel is also extremely temperature responsive. Explore all kinds of titillating temperature play with this extra large butt plug.

More Huge Anal Toys to Try

Are you longing for ore huge anal toys? I’ve got you! So, without further ado, here are some additional anal accessories I thought you might like…

Tantus Piggy Super Sized Dildo

Tantus Piggy Super Sized Dildo  - More Huge Anal Toys to Try
The Tantus Piggy Super Sized Dildo is a huge anal dildo that will fill you up, stretch you out, and leave you feeling satisfied. With different shapes and textures all along the shaft, using it is an exciting and pleasurable experience unlike any other! Top Head Diameter: 2.4″ Middle Bulge Diameter: 2.9″ Bottom Shaft Diameter: 1.6″ Base Diameter: 2.8″ Length: 10″

Cannonballs Giant Anal Beads

Cannonballs Giant Anal Beads - More Huge Anal Toys to Try
The Cannonballs Giant Anal Beads are a uniformly sized set of three very large silicone anal beads that will leave even the most advanced of anal play lovers feeling thrilled as well as filled. Completely flexible, these giant silicone beads are evenly spaced apart with a strong and firm hoop at one end to help with removal. With a 13 inch insertable length, each ball has a delicious 2.38 inch width.

Calexotics Large Silicone Inflatable Plug

Calexotics Large Silicone Inflatable Plug - More Huge Anal Toys to Try
The Calexotics Large Silicone Inflatable Plug is the perfect solution if you’re wanting a customized and exciting anal training experience! With a 5 inch insertable length (before inflating), this inflatable butt plug is perfect for gradually stretching your sphincter. And before long you’ll be ready to take on bigger and better toys in no time at all! Pump it up as quickly or as slowly as you want, and use the quick-release button for instant deflation.

Comparing the Best Huge Butt Plugs — A Size Guide

So size is of the essence when it comes to choosing a large butt plug, so I’ve put together a little size guide to make it easy to see how these plugs measure up against each other.

The Thickest Butt Plug

The Thickest Butt Plug - Comparing the Best Huge Butt Plugs — A Size Guide
The overall girthiest butt plug in this review is the Oxy Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug at a whopping 3 inches wide! In second place is the Oxy Ass Anchor Expanding Butt Plug, which expands to fantastically full 2.95 inches wide. The Oxballs Honcho is a close third at 2.8 inches wide.

The Longest Butt Plug

The Longest Butt Plug - Comparing the Best Huge Butt Plugs — A Size Guide
By quite some way, the longest plug in the review is the Oxy Devil Tail Butt Plug. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to explore depth training as it gives you 23.6 inches to work with!

The Overall Biggest Butt Plug

The Overall Biggest Butt Plug - Comparing the Best Huge Butt Plugs — A Size Guide
The award for overall biggest Butt Plug goes to the Bit-By-Bit to a Stretched Butthole Plug from Oxy, measuring 11 inches long and 2.8 inches wide at the widest point. I’d only recommend this large butt plug to those with considerable experience!

Huge Butt Plug Essentials

There are a few things that are essential to owning and wearing huge butt plugs. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things when it comes to these gigantic posterior probes!

Anal lube!

Anal lube! - Huge Butt Plug Essentials
You’ve got to keep things wet and slippery down there, right? Anal lube goes directly on your anus and helps the huge butt plug slide inside. Lubrication is one of the most important sex accessories that you could ever have. Anal lube is often slightly thicker than regular lube and requires less reapplication.

Warming up!

Warming up! - Huge Butt Plug Essentials
You can’t just jump straight in there with your huge butt plug: you need to warm up and get your butt prepared for the monster stretching that it’s going to receive! Using your fingers, smaller butt plugs, or even a butt plug set, helps prepare your butt for whatever larger anal toys you have!

Enough anal experience!

Enough anal experience! - Huge Butt Plug Essentials
You can’t just expect to be able to use huge butt plugs if you’ve not had much anal experience. Take several days (or even weeks) to explore your butt – both on your own and with a partner. You’ll be able to explore your personal likes and dislikes, as well as gain that invaluable experience that will eventually help you get a giant butt plug in there!

How to Use Huge Butt Plugs

Honestly, all these big ass butt plugs can look pretty intimidating, but the truth is they’re not the hardest thing in the world to use. Let’s talk about the basics of using these oversized anal plugs.

Get things lubricated!

Get things lubricated!

First things first, you’re going to want to use a good water-based lube to get yourself nice and slippery and ready to go. If you want things as friction free as possible you’re going to want to make sure that both your butt and your wide anal plug are covered in the good stuff! You won’t regret it!

Warm up your sphincter!

Warm up your sphincter!

Before it’s time to get that huge butt plug in there, you should warm up your anus! Use your fingers or smaller butt plugs to get your butt used to the sensation of penetration and dilation. When you’ve slowly worked your way up to you huge butt plug, take it slow as you slide it inside. Savor the sexy sensations and enjoy the feeling of being stretched and filled up more and more. Because of the size of the plugs, you’ll want to take things at a slower pace in order to avoid being hurt! But when it’s in there you’ll absolutely love the feeling of your butt closing around the neck of the plug and holding it firmly in place!

Don't rush to take it out!

Don't rush to take it out!

When you’re finished having your fun, you’re going to want to remove the huge butt plug. Here’s the thing – you don’t want to just yank it out! You know how you took it slow as you slid it inside? Well you want to take it equally slowly pulling it out! And don’t forget to relax! This is again to avoid causing yourself any damage! It may help to pop a squat and bear down to help push the plug out gently.

How to Clean Huge Butt Plugs

Considering where these giant butt plugs go, you can be sure that they're going to be needing some thorough cleaning! But that's alright, it's all part and parcel of using these kinds of sex toys. However, you will have to keep them clean! So here are a few handy resources that will help you keep your huge butt plugs in tip-top condition!


As far as we're concerned, water-based lubricant is the best way to go. It is body-safe, won't damage your butt plugs, and won't leave any sticky residue when you clean it up. Try it, and you'll see why everyone loves it so much!

Yes, or at least they should be! They're designed to stimulate and give you an amazingly filled up and turned on feeling, so the comfort of these butt plugs is pretty important! The materials, the shape, and (most importantly) the size all contribute to the comfort of these plugs!

By following any of the links in this review! We like to work with some of the best sex toy shops out there because we want you to have the best experience ever! So click those links and you'll be directed to some of the most reputable and well respected shops out there!

It all comes down to personal preference! Some people like metal ones, others like silicone. Some like them on the smaller side, others want to really challenge themselves and feel the stretch. It's a very subjective thing, therefore it's pretty tricky to answer!

You can, but you're going to want to make sure that it's in there comfortably and not going to accidentally slip out. It's not the ideal butt plug to wear in public purely because of its size, but it is possible - with enough practice. You have to be confident in using the huge butt plugs though, and have had plenty of experience before you go gallivanting off with a huge plug in there!

What are huge butt plugs?

Huge butt plugs are a more extreme kind of anal toy. Much like normal butt plugs, huge anal plugs give you an intense sense of being filled up and stretched in a very unique way. Especially when it comes to oversized butt plugs, the stretch is even more extreme and that fullness-factor is turned up to 11! They sit just inside the anus, and have a flared base to hold them in place. Some people find that the stretch really adds to their pleasure and arousal! These plugs can be made from a variety of materials, from the softer feeling silicone, to harder and firmer more materials such as steel, glass, and ABS plastic.

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