G-Spot Tickler XL Butt Plug — Test & Review

   Tom Scott
Mar 14, 2024

Tom Scott
: very experienced
: male
: straight

  • You like a good stretch.
  • You like a little depth to go with that stretch.
  • You're looking for something you can wear for a while.

  • You're in the starting point of your stretching journey as this is big.
  • You don't like heavy stretching to begin with.
  • You don't like the combination of stretch with depth.

The G-spot Tickler from Oxy is a large silicone prostate plug. It has a fun, unusual curved design to target your prostate. The tapered shape also allows for an easier insertion while still giving a nice stretch. It reaches up to 3 inches in diameter at the widest point and has a T-bar base.

G-Spot Tickler XL Butt Plug -

Initial impresions

When asked to review a toy from this manufacturer, I settled on the Oxy G-Spot Tickler due to it’s unusual, asymmetrical shape. I liked the idea of a plug with an elongated “nose” that could reach up inside far enough to hit some fun areas. Upon receiving it, my first thoughts where ” this looks exactly as the website portrayed”. My second thought was, ” this is going to be fun”. After giving the plug a good wash with soap and water, always a good idea with new toys, I set out to put it to work.

Play time

My thought on the “nose” being interesting was well founded. Firstly, it made it a lot easier to get started then most huge anal toys I’ve played with. With its slim tapper to start, I found this toy slid in easily until it started its swell to it’s widest part. The plug being asymmetrical, the widest parts opened me up a lot easier then most plug. As it slipped in and seated itself full in place, the sensations of the “nose” made itself  felt. The “nose” is long enough that it reaches up to just about the junction of the rectum and the sigmoid. For me, this is a wonderfully sensitive  area, so the sensation was rather enjoyable.  What I didn’t expect was due to the asymmetrical shape of the plug, how comfortable it was to wear longish term. Typically, I can wear a huge butt plug like this for maybe 30 minutes before it gets too intense. With this plug, this sensation took over an hour before I had to remove it.


Over all, a fun new toy that I look forward to exploring further.

G-Spot Tickler XL Butt Plug -

Nice, asymmetrical design. Well cast with no noticeable seams or pores. Nice satin smooth finish. It also has a pleasant weight to it.

G-Spot Tickler XL Butt Plug -

It's a butt plug. There's not a whole lot of technique needed here. Lube it up, and gently insert it until seated. Pull out when done. The tapered tip and gradual widening does make it easier to insert.

G-Spot Tickler XL Butt Plug -

The plug seems to be made of a good quality silicone. It's cast well. My only complaint is personally, I would like a softer silicone to more comfortably conform to my rectum.

G-Spot Tickler XL Butt Plug - <

For the price, it's a bargain. Silicone is an expensive material to work with. I'm used to spending 3 to 4 time as much for a similar plug. I suspect it's coming out of China, so take that as you may.

G-Spot Tickler XL Butt Plug -

As the plug is just an inert chunk of silicone, there's not a lot of "performance" to be expected. I will say I am over all pleased with it though.

G-Spot Tickler XL Butt Plug -

The plug came in a nondiscript box with no hint of the fun that lay inside. Very discreet.

G-Spot Tickler XL Butt Plug -

Silicone is my preferred material for toys. When made properly, they are inert and non porous. Care and feeding of this toy is simple. Clean with soap and water after use and dry before putting away. You can also just pop it in the dishwasher, assuming you have one, and don't live with others that would be shocked to find it there. Stay away from silicone lubes as the jury is out on whether or not they can damage silicone toys.

Length9.84 inches
Insertable length9.75 inches
Diameter3.07 inches

G-Spot Tickler XL Butt Plug -

  • Fun, unusual shape
  • Well made
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use

  • Not for beginners
  • Somewhat concerned that it appears to come from China, (quality control issues)

Unusual shape makes the G-Spot Tickler makes it a winner. The wide part being asymmetrical allows for a nice full feeling stretch, without it feeling too bulky. The long "probe" aspect of this plug makes it easy to get started, and reaches up to some fun areas. If it was about 25% softer, I would have given it a 5. But this is a personal thing.

This is not a beginners toy. At over 3" in diameter, it's a serious stretch.

Yes, there are a total of 4 sizes of which this is the largest. Unless you are extremely tight, you should be able to find a size that works for you.

Just keep it clean. Being silicone, care and feeding is quite simple. Wash in soap and water, then dry before storing. Stay away form silicone lubes to be on the safe side, (jury is out, but there's some information that silicone based lubes may cause some silicone's to dissolve.)