Tantus Inner Band Trainer — Test & Review

   Devon Scott
Feb 19, 2024

Devon Scott
: 53
: Experienced
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • Are you trying to size up-to or go beyond two inches
  • Want a soft but solid toy
  • Need to stretch your inner band
  • Warm up for deeper or bigger insertions
  • Want a quality silicon trainer

  • Not comfortable with at least 1.25 inches of girth
  • A stiffer toy is not in your comfort zone
  • You prefer a plug that can be comfortably worn

I consider the Tantus "Inner Band Trainer" as the perfect tool for stretching both the Anal sphincter and the Puborectalis muscle, commonly known as the inner band. The length helps open the Sigmoid Flexure (the first 90 degree bend of the colon) in preparation for deeper longer toys. The cone shape is just the right diameter and girth to gently yet purposefully open and stretch the muscle groups that usually offer the greatest resistance. After becoming comfortable with the stretch from this toy, it is pleasurable on its own for play, and is great preparation to make additional anal play all that more enjoyable. The texture is very subtle and creates a delicious sensation of movement when thrusting. The trainer does have a bit of squish and is somewhat flexible making it the perfect choice for stretching and training. Anything softer would be too giving and not provide adequate force to massage and train the muscles to stretch. Anything stiffer would not be as comfortable to use at depth. This is not a completely solid toy like hard plastic or steel, but more like a stiff hose compared to a limp noodle.

Tantus Inner Band Trainer  -

The Tantus “Inner Band Trainer” has been the perfect toy / tool for streching and training preparation for long anal toys. The shape, size, and overall feel has made this my go-to warm up toy for many months, one of my favorites! I bought this wonderful gem in my quest to get to the next level of physical wellbeing and activation of Vagus Nerve centers deeper in the colon. Training is something that must be done with care and can’t be rushed. The Inner Band Trainer is exquisite tool for the task. Over many years, I had developed Hypertonic Pelvic Floor disorders – all of my muscles were far to tense and contracted, this led to multiple health issues. Since using this toy, all of my symptoms have vastly improved or completely disappeared. This toy made it possible to attain better health and greatly enhance my pleasure. The Inner Band Trainer is comfortable. I especially like the soft but firm texture that makes stretching a pleasurable experience. I have made using the Trainer a daily practice when showering, to help me just loosen up and / or be ready for anything else.  

Tantus Inner Band Trainer  -

The design is well thought out to properly stretch muscles in a comfortable and purposeful manner. Other toys taper too quickly or too slowly, the Inner Band Trainer is just right. I had looked at a lot of other toys before deciding on this particular design, and I feel that I made the most excellent choice for me. Though it has a basic look, that is what makes it so effective for stretching and training. As for the feel; once the muscles have loosened up, the texture and shape can be soothingly pleasurable.

Tantus Inner Band Trainer  -

Experience level is not much of a factor unless you are a beginner. It is super easy to use by anyone though not something I would start out with. This is a toy that will help you to work up-to two inches. You should already be comfortable with at least 1.25 inches or more. Just lube up well and slowly insert, maybe a bit at a time to start, and work your self up till its comfortable to insert to the hilt. I started at 1.5 inches and it took me 5 minutes a day for over aweek to be fully impaled, but I was working it for health reasons.

Tantus Inner Band Trainer  -

The Qualty of the Tantus Inner Band Trainer is top notch - 5 stars for sure. No seams or mold marks. It is a perfect stiffness of excellent 100% Ultra-Premium soft silicone. Soft and stiff at the same time, not floppy. The color of mine is Crimson and it was well blended to be consistant throughout. The texture is wonderfull, not really visible, but easily provides pleasant smooth sensation.

Tantus Inner Band Trainer  - <

I've seen more expensive and super cheap toys that are similar. I believe this was priced just right for what it is. Given the quality of design and materials, I am very happy with the price and very happy I purchased it. Cheaper toys are made with cheaper materials that could be too squishy, too hard, or even toxic. More expensive toys would just be a waste of money because there is no room for improvement on the Tantus Inner Band Trainer. If mine was stolen, I'd quickly buy it again. I've considered buying the next size up, but the current price is far too steep for my needs.

Tantus Inner Band Trainer  -

The Tantus Inner Band Trainer performs very well, the task / purpose for which I purchased it. No batteries to recharge, as quiet to use as anything else without a motor. As for pain, I did experience some, but not because of any fault with the toy. I was training my muscles to stretch. I had began over a year ago when just half an inch insertion was painful. By the time I worked up to the Tantus Inner Band Trainer, I was well experienced and knew how to push my self at a slow and deliberate pace. Now I continue use for routine maintenance. Like I said "daily use", a routine therapy.

Tantus Inner Band Trainer  -

I do not have any packaging pictures or memory of it. I do remember being worried about the shipping label giving away my secret purchase and the relief I felt when even I didn't know what it was, being mixed with other packages of the day. So I see my lack of memory about the packaging as a good thing because I don't like paying for a fancy useless box and formed plastic that I'd just throw away. It didn't include a special bag or any extras which is fine because I store it on my shower shelf and I don't need extra stuff, the trainer is all that I wanted.

Tantus Inner Band Trainer  -

If Body Safe is a major concern to you as it is too me, then know that I am completely confident with the Inner Band Trainer being perfectly safe. In over six months I've never detected residue or even residual odors. No odors of anykind indicate to me that it is made with non-porous, safe, and quality materials. It spends its resting life in the shower where it is primarily used, then washed with simple soap. Since the purchase of the Trainer, I have trust in all products from Tantus to be exactly as advertised. This toy is also boilable and dishwasher safe, but I see no reason to go to that extent as it rinses off so well. Lube- ALWAYS remember to use adequate / plenty of lube. I am solely into water based lubes only as I am putting this into my body. I've never seen definitive proof that silicone lubes are compatible 100% with pure silicone toys, though mainstream comments suggest that hybrid lubes are safe. Likewise, I would not use an oil based lube as that is much harder to clean, and again, it will be in my body. The best answer is to do your research and use whats best for your toys and body. I do know that this toy works exceptionally well with "Slippery Stuff" Gel, and X-lube powder mix- both are water base, body safe lubes.

Diameter2 inches
Insertable length8.5 + inches
Length9 inches
Materials100% Ultra-Premium soft silicone
Colors AvailableCrimson and Black

Tantus Inner Band Trainer  -

Continuous girth

The continuous girth all the way to the base and the taper size were the major deciding factors that I love about this toy. I wanted something that would hold my sphincter open to maintain the stretch. The base is wide enough to prevent accidental complete insertion and is compatible with a good harness for pegging. However for any partnered play, special care to angles should be exercised. With vigorous play, the tip could poke against the rectal walls or hook under the puborectalis.

  • Perfect shape and size for stretching inner muscles
  • Not too stiff and not floppy
  • Texture and softness is excellent and enjoyable
  • Length is not too short or too long
  • Quality materials / excellent product
  • Easily slips in and out for easy self-thrusting pleasure

  • May be a bit girthy for beginners
  • Not a cheep novelty toy
  • Is not a floppy toy
  • Is not stiff as steel
  • Not a retaining plug, could easily slide out.

I am very happy to have the Tantus Inner Band Trainer for daily use, and / or as a warm up toy. It wonderfully stretches my inner muscles in a therapudic and enjoyable way. The shape and texture are harmonious to gently coax all of my muscles open and to relax and stretch at my own pace. Unlike most butt plugs, it doesn't have any annoying pops upon insertion. It has a continuous girth that is perfect for holding the outer spinchter and inner band open simultaneously for a balanced full stretch.

There is no “user manual” available on line for the Tantus Inner Band Trainer, but it’s quite simple to use. Checkout my tips above for some ideas.

Yes and no. When anal play is done correctly there should never be any serious pain. That being said, this is a training device designed to stretch muscles. Just like doing yoga or a gym workout, there may be slight pain to indicate your physical limits. Pushing your limits in carefull moderation over an extended period of time will help you extend your limits. You should not push too hard or too fast as injury may result.

Like with any form of training, pushing to hard or too fast could result in injury that may lead to bowel problems. In my case, this Trainer actually helped me to overcome constipation problems by loosening my muscles enough to properly work and perform better bowel evacuation.

The answer really is dependent on an individuals preference and experience. In my above descriptions I outlined my daily use routine. Of course there have been deviations such as going on vacations when I was not able to do my routine. After a week or more of abstinence, I was not able to just start where I left off. An extended period without my routine required me to work back up to full insertion, but the complete return came much faster than the "original working up to it".

Though I usualy prefer toys with more texture / bumps / ridges for play, sometimes this is just very enjoyable because the texture is more of a draggy feeling than the rumble of bumps. For solo play it is actually exceptional for quick thrusting as there is nothing the spinchture can catch and hold onto.

OH YES!!! This was the only reason why I bought it in the first place. I had suffered two decades, cause doctors failed to properly diagnose and treat my Hypertonic Pelvic Floor issues. I figured things out on my own to include seeing a Pelvic Floor Therapist. The Tantus Inner Band Trainer is the actual toy that enabled me to begin making significant health improvements, and reverse my dibilitating issues. I am so much healthier today because of this wonderful toy, oh and I was able to find pleasure with this therapudic routine to boot!!!!!