The 11 Best Anal Dildos For Amazing Anal

   Isabelle Uren
Shopping for an anal dildo can be intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner. I’ve put together this helpful anal dildo review guide to give our readers the best and most essential information when it comes to buying anal dildos: whether you’re looking for a vibrating anal dildo, the best dildo for anal orgasm, or simply the best prostate dildo for those oh-so-intense P-spot orgasms! I’ve compiled a list of the best anal dildos on the market and put them to the test in this fun anal dildo round-up review: we rank anal dildos according to their size, quality, durability, and suitability for beginners. We also make sure to rate each dildo by price, so that those of you on a budget can still find a great anal dildo for some ass-stounding adventures!
1 Test Winner

Lovehoney Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo 7 Inch

 Curved Dildo

  • Have tried smaller anal toys and want to size up
  • Are looking for a harness compatible anal dildo
  • Are looking for a multipurpose toy for many uses
  • Prefer dildos with suction cups
  • Enjoy a softer, more flexible dildo

Curved Dildo

  • Haven't tried anal penetration before
  • Prefer a firmer toy
  • Are looking for a thicker dildo
  • Want a realistic dildo with more texture

  • Curved to target g-spot or p-spot
  • Hollow base to allow for a bullet vibrator
  • Strong suction cup
  • Harness compatible

  • Can be used hands-free
  • Versatile uses
  • Smooth silicone

  • Too rigid for some
Curved Dildo
Length7 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailablePurple, orange, blue

I chose the Lovehoney Curved Suction Cup Dildo as the overall best anal dildo as it’s just a great all-round anal dildo at a very accessible price! In my years of testing dildos and anal toys, I’ve learned that sometimes, simpler is better, and this dildo is a perfect example of that! The simplicity of this dildo left our tester, Ashley, a little underwhelmed at first, but she soon changed her mind once she tried it! “My first impression of the Lovehoney Curved 7″ Silicone Suction Cup Dildo was a little underwhelming at first. It didn’t look like much, and I wasn’t sure what to think about it. After using it however, I changed my mind pretty quick!” “The quality of the Lovehoney Curved 7″ Silicone Suction Cup Dildo is very good! The silicone doesn’t feel cheap, and it’s very smooth and soft. It’s sturdy, but still flexible as it needs to be for play.” Dildos need to be a little more solid for anal play, as it can be very difficult to insert a soft, squishy dildo. I feel like the Lovehoney Curve has the perfect amount of flex to make it comfortable, pleasurable, and easy to use. Ashley also put the suction cup to the test for us and was impressed by it’s staying power! “I used the suction cup on my shower wall, which is pretty notorious for nothing sticking to it, especially my loofah holder!!! But it stuck really well, even for the interesting cup shape.” Another reason I chose the Lovehoney Curved Suction Cup Dildo as the best anal dildo is the price!  At under $30, it’s the cheapest dildo in the review and a real bargain for such a versatile dildo! Ashley also agreed! “The Lovehoney Curved 7″ Silicone Suction Cup Dildo is priced at $26.99, this toy is a good bargain for someone strapped for cash.”

2 Runner Up

Tantus Charmer G-Spot and P-Spot Dildo


  • Are looking for a medium size anal dildo
  • Enjoy the added stimulation of ridges


  • Haven't experienced anal penetration before
  • Want an anal dildo with a suction cup

  • Slim shaft for easy insertion
  • Rippled design adds stimulation
  • Wide flat base can be used in a harness

  • Ridges are pleasant without being overstimulating
  • Firm but flexible
  • Smooth silicone

  • No suction cup
  • Can turn around when in use
Length7 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Diameter1.75 inches

I think the Tantus Charmer is the best anal dildo I have used personally, which is why I had to pick it as the runner up! It’s not quite as much of an all rounder as the test winner, but it’s certainly a fantastic anal dildo, and I would recommend it without hesitation. I initially bought the Tantus Charmer for vaginal use but realised I much preferred using this purple Charmer anally! The head is the widest part of the dildo and feels lovely to insert. I really like that the shaft slims towards the base as it allows your anus tighten around it and then stretch again as you remove it, and you can feel the head more as it’s inserted and removed. The whole dildo is also relatively slim, meaning I don’t need to warm up before using it, and some days, I really cannot be bothered to get multiple toys out and have to clean them all after! Even though it’s quite slim, the ridges and some interest — they are pretty subtle but still add an almost rippling sensation without being irritating. I also have to admit, the lovely shimmery purple design is originally what caught my eye and it was just luck that it happened to turn out being one of my favorite anal dildos! The only thing that would make this even better would be a nice strong suction cup!

3 Best for Beginners

Tantus Silk Medium

 Tantus Silk Medium

  • are looking for a beginner dildo
  • want a smooth and flexible dildo
  • are looking for a dildo to use with a harness

Tantus Silk Medium

  • like realistic designs
  • want a very stimulating dildo
  • need a dildo with a suction cup base

  • Slim 1.1 inch shaft
  • Wide, harness compatible base
  • Tantus’ premium silicone

  • Super smooth silicone
  • Curved tip for easy insertion
  • Great size for beginners

  • No suction cup
  • Could be underwhelming for more experienced people
Tantus Silk Medium
Length5.75 inches
Insertable length5.25 inches
Diameter1.1 inches
Colors AvailableBlack, Purple
Storage Bag IncludedNo

I think the Tantus Silk is the ideal introduction to anal dildos! If I was to start my anal journey again, this is the dildo I would want to start it with! The size and design isn’t intimidating in any way and is super easy to insert, while still being just big enough to be satisfying. Our tester, Kasia, was also fan of the Silk’s simplicity. “I love the simplicity and the ease that comes with the Tantus Silk. It’s a perfect choice for those that are looking for a starter insertable toy, or just an easy and always accessible dildo.” She did comment that it was a little small for her preferences for vaginal use but highlighted it was great for anal use. “For me, the medium size turned out to be too small for a filling and stimulating experience, but I was not disappointed, I will definitely use it for foreplay, anal play, and many other fun and spicy bedroom activities!” I also think this would make a fantastic pegging dildo as the wide base is designed to keep it steady in a harness. It is however a shame that it doesn’t have a suction cup base. I’m a fan of Tantus’ dildos in general and really love the quality of their silicone, but it is a shame they don’t tend to come with a suction cup base! While the lack of texture might be underwhelming for some, this is what I think makes it such a great anal dildo for beginners — it’s so silky smooth that it will slide in with little resistance. I also have to agree with Kasia, the sparkly purple design is super cute! “But what I really love about this dildo is the sparkly lavender color and non-realistic look, it’s just so fun and cute!”

4 Best vibrating

Lelo Loki Wave 2 Rotating and Vibrating Prostate Massager

 Lelo Loki Wave 2

  • are looking for a high-quality prostate massager
  • enjoy the "come hither motion"
  • like powerful vibrations
  • enjoy a luxurious design

Lelo Loki Wave 2

  • are looking for a beginners anal dildo
  • want a slim anal toy
  • are on the budget

  • 2 separate motors for internal and external vibrations
  • Internal arm features WaveMotion technology to stroke back and forth in a come hither motion
  • Easy to hold handle


  • Dual stimulation for more pleasure
  • WaveMotion targets prostate
  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Waterproof

  • External arm is not flexible
  • No remote control options
Lelo Loki Wave 2
Vibration modes10 vibrating modes and 2 wave motions
Length8 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Diameter1.4 inches
Charging Time120 minutes
Battery Life120 minutes
Colors Available3
Storage Bag IncludedYes

I know that Lovense Loki is primarily a prostate massager, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about anal toys, is that anyone with a butt hole can enjoy them whether you have a prostate or not, and we all have butt holes! I chose this as the best vibrating anal dildo because it delivers so much! Not only does it stimulate internally and externally on the perineum, it also has an internal stroking sensation that mimics being fingered. Our tester, Kasia, put the Loki to test on her partner and both were impressed by what it could do! “The Lelo Loki Wave 2 is an amazing pleasure toy! It’s got strong vibrations and a nice “filling” shape. The “come here” motion of the Loki Wave is no joke. It’s not just a gimmick—it actually feels incredible. The way it moves and vibrates together is a unique sensation that my partner couldn’t get enough of. It quickly became our favorite toy for his pleasure.” While I personally wouldn’t buy this anal vibrator if I was anal beginner, now I have more experience and know that I enjoy anal vibrations, I do think it’s worth the investment. Kasia and her partner only had one thing they were missing with the Loki Wave. “I only wished there was a better option for controlling the settings. A physical remote control would be a great addition, but overall I think it’s a really great male sex toy.” Having tried many different anal toys in my years reviewing sex toys, I really agree! Having a wireless remote or app controls really is a game changer for anal toys!

5 Best Steel

njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

 Pure Wand

  • Enjoy intense internal massage
  • Want to experiment with temperature play

Pure Wand

  • Prefer a soft or flexible anal dildo

  • Dual ended design with a smaller and a larger end
  • Intense curve makes it anal safe
  • Steel can be heated or cooled
  • Weight provides more intense massage

  • Stainless steel is beautifully smooth
  • Can be used with any lube
  • Curve makes p-spot massage easy

  • Can take some time to learn how to use
  • May be too rigid for some
  • Can become slippery with lube
Pure Wand
Length9 inches
Insertable length8 inches
Diameter1.75 inches
MaterialsStainless Steel
Storage Bag IncludedCase

The njoy Pure Wand was another pivotal sex toy in my sex toy expert journey! Honestly, I didn’t know whether to be amazed or terrified when I lifted this weighty hunk of metal from it’s beautiful presentation box — it was a pretty exciting combination of emotions. My fears were very much alleviated when I realised how amazing that weight felt inside me. If you haven’t tried a stainless steel dildo before, I cannot recommend it enough! The smoothness is just perfect for anal exploration as there is no dragging or resistance whatsoever. I also love that the curve and weightiness combined actually does some of the work for you, making it easier to use the ball for a deep, satisfying massage. I will admit though, it’s heavy to use and can get a bit tiring if you want to use it more vigorously! I personally really like that the mid section is slim so your anus can close around it, but that is a different experience than a more representational dildo that’s roughly the same width all the way down the shaft. Another reason I think this is one of the best anal dildos out there is it has two different sized ends to play with, so you can start small and work up to the bigger end! It’s definitely a bit of an investment, but I strongly believe everyone should have one metal dildo in their collection and when you consider how versatile it is, the price is actually pretty reasonable. Not to mention, this thing will last forever! Archeologists of the future will be digging it up and theorising of it’s uses in years to come!

6 Best Glass

Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo

 Lovehoney Beaded Dildo

  • like glass sex toys
  • enjoy beaded dildos
  • want a curved dildo for more intense sensations

Lovehoney Beaded Dildo

  • are looking for a flexible and soft sex toy
  • want a slim dildo
  • are a looking for a beginner's anal dildo

  • Made from safe and strong borosilicate glass
  • 5 beads of graduating size
  • Can be heated or cooled

  • Wonderfully smooth
  • Compatible with all lubes
  • Beautiful design

  • Might be too big for beginners
  • Quite heavy
Lovehoney Beaded Dildo
Length9 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter1.35 inches
Colors Available2
Storage Bag IncludedYes

7 Most realistic

Vixen Vixskin Johnny

 Vixen Vixskin Johnny

  • like ultra realistic dildos
  • want a long and girthy dildo
  • want a dildo to use with a harness
  • want a dual density dildo

Vixen Vixskin Johnny

  • prefer less realistic sex toys
  • are not ready for such a big dildo
  • are on a budget
  • need a dildo with a suction cup base

  • Dual density silicone for a realistic feel
  • Realistic textures, prominent head and lifelike balls
  • Available in 3 skin tones

  • Super realistic design
  • Handmade
  • Can be used with a harness

  • Might be too large for some users
  • Expensive
  • No suction cup base
Vixen Vixskin Johnny
Length8 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter1.8 inches

Vixen Creations’ VixSkin dildos are life-changing. I’m not being at all dramatic when I say that! As a sex toy reviewer, I’ve tried all kinds silicone dildos, but nothing has come close the pleasure I have experienced with a VixSkin dildo. So while I haven’t tested the Johnny personally, I have tested the Buck and the Mustang so feel I have sufficient experience to sing these dildo’s praise from the rooftops! The reason I went with the Johnny over the Buck or the Mustang as the best realistic anal dildo is that is sits happily between the two size wise and the balls add even more realism! Our tester,  Kasia, was also impressed by just how realistic the Vixen Johnny was on all levels. “Johnny is the most realistic dildo, I’ve ever encountered! At first, I was a bit weirded out by how realistic it looked, but after some time, I started admiring how beautiful (and big!) this penis was. But this dildo is not just the looks, it does feel very similar to an erect penis.” It was even enough to convert her to enjoying realistic dildos! “I was never a big fan of huge realistic dildos… but then I met Johnny. With his looks, perfect proportions, soft, juicy skin, and those dreamy balls, I knew Johnny was special! I am convinced that when Vixen was designing this dildo, they wanted to create the ideal penis.” Her one complaint was that the base could do with a suction cup. “I also like the addition of the flat base, although I think it’s a bit too big, and operating it solo is not super easy, but I don’t think it’s a big issue. Plus, thanks to the base, this dildo is anal-safe and you can use it with a harness!” This is the dildo I would reach for if I wanted to recreate the sensation of anal sex is the most realistic feeling way possible.

8 Best Curved

Tantus Curve

 Tantus Curve

  • are looking for a squishy and flexible anal dildo
  • want a dildo to use in a strap-on or harness
  • enjoy extra textures in anal dildos

Tantus Curve

  • like very realistic dildos
  • want a dildo with a suction cup
  • prefer smaller anal toys

Looking for a sex toy that will hit all the right spots? Check out the Tantus Curve! This toy is perfect for anyone who loves P-spot stimulation, with its unique shape and size that will surely give you a pleasurable experience. Made from high-quality silicone, the Tantus Curve feels amazing against your skin and is easy to use, so you can customize your experience to your liking. Plus, it’s super easy to clean and maintain, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Overall, the Tantus Curve is the perfect addition to anyone’s sex toy collection!

  • Made with top-quality and body-safe materials
  • Flexible and firm
  • Curved for more precise P-spot pleasure
  • Can be used with a harness

  • No suction cup
  • Might be too big for total newbies
  • Silicone has a weird grippy texture
Tantus Curve
Length6 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter1.37 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableOnly purple

The Tantus Curve is an exceptional sex toy that is perfect for anyone who loves G-spot stimulation. Its unique shape and size make it easy to hit all the right spots, while its high-quality silicone construction ensures a pleasurable and comfortable experience. This toy is versatile, easy to use, and easy to clean, making it a great addition to any collection of pleasure products. Whether you’re new to the world of sex toys or a seasoned pro, the Tantus Curve is sure to provide you with an unforgettable anal experience.

9 Depth Training

SquarePegToys Slink

 SquarePegToys Slink

  • are interested in anal depth training
  • enjoy uniquely designed dildos
  • value high-quality sex toys
  • Would like to stretch your anal boundaries
  • Have interest in depth play
  • Prefer silicone material
  • Can accommodate a few hours to play

SquarePegToys Slink

  • are new to anal play
  • want a simple anal dildo
  • If you are a anal beginner
  • Scared of larger toys
  • Prefer quick play

Are you looking for a premium anal dildo toy that can take you deeper than ever before? Meet Slink – the revolutionary anal depth training tool by SquarePegToys. Made with the highest quality SuperSoft silicone, Slink is perfectly tapered for a gentle and comfortable stretch as you go deeper. From the smooth texture to the perfectly tapered shape, every element of this toy is designed to provide an unforgettable experience. The Slink’s innovative design is designed to remain flexible while maintaining a sturdy structure. This means that you can use it for any hands-free play or wear it as a butt plug, giving you the ultimate versatility and pleasure!

  • Made from 100% body-safe silicone
  • Unique design
  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • Flared base
  • Super soft

  • Not made for beginners
  • No suction cup
  • Very slippery
  • It can't stand on it's own
  • Hard to use if you're unexperienced
SquarePegToys Slink
Length16.5 inches
Insertable length15.5 inches
Diameter2.4 inches

The SquarePegToys Slink is made for a more adventurous audience that wants to take anal training to the next level! It’s tapered for a gentle stretch as you go deeper, and its innovative design ensures it remains flexible while maintaining its shape. Slink’s classic flared base provides safety and more versatility in use. Made from high-quality silicone, this anal dildo is user-friendly, comfortable to use, and easy to clean. And the bronze and graphite design looks amazing, adding a luxurious feel to the whole experience.

What Makes a Dildo Anal-Safe? 

Materials and design are the two main considerations when determining whether or not a dildo will be a suitable deep anal dildo. High-quality materials such as glass, stainless steel, or silicone are preferred as these can be sanitized and generally don’t contain nasty additives like phthalates. However, this is pretty universal among sex toys: always opt for body-safe materials! When it comes to using an anal dildo specifically, it’s important to use a dildo with a flared base. Even if it’s a long anal dildo, if it doesn’t have a base, it’s still possible to lose the dildo inside of your anus. Having a flared base eliminates the risk of losing your toy, allowing you to enjoy anal stimulation stress-free!

Anal Dildo Materials 

Some materials are better than others. Get educated about the best anal dildo materials below! Silicone – Non-porous, flexible, and soft to the touch, silicone is one of the best materials for anal dildos! Glass – Non-porous, firm, and smooth to the touch, glass is another great material for anal dildos (just made sure it’s crack or impact-resistant!). Metal – Non-porous, rigid, and perfect for temperature play, metal can be a good or bad choice. Check to see which metal is used and what ingredients (such as nickel) it contains to prevent allergic reactions. PVC – Porous, pliable, and often found to contain toxic additives, PVC is one of the materials we’d recommend avoiding. TPE – Porous, flexible, and soft to the touch, the quality of TPE can vary widely between manufacturers. Always check to make sure there aren’t any toxic additives before using a TPE toy. Even so, silicone is always a better option since it can be sanitized, which is ideal for internal use.

How to Choose an Anal Dildo 

With so many different options to choose from, it can be hard to choose an anal dildo (especially if it’s your first time shopping for one!). To find the best anal dildo for you, keep these things in mind as you consider your options.
  • Size – If you haven’t tried anal play before then it might be best to not opt for the biggest long anal dildo you can find. However, bear in mind that you won’t have to fit the entire thing into your anus to enjoy your new toy! Perhaps more important is the girth. While you can fit part of the length of a dildo into your anus, you won’t be able to fit it in if the toy is too thick!
  • Firmness/Flexibility – Depending on your choice of material, your new deep anal dildo could be hard as a rock or relatively floppy! If you’re not sure, we recommend starting with a firm, silicone dildo.
  • Texture – Bumps and ribs add intensity, whereas veins add realism, and a smooth surface will be the least resistant. This may require some experimentation on your part to figure out what you prefer!
  • Vibrations – Some people enjoy them, some don’t. Take your pick! Remember, just because you have the option doesn’t mean you’ll need to use it, but you can likely save money by opting to skip the vibrations.
  • Additional Features – There are many variations available as manufacturers compete to create the best anal dildo. A suction cup is one common option that we might recommend, but there are also models that offer more advanced features like remote-controlled thrusting as well!

Things to Consider When Buying an Anal Dildo

Now we’ve given you some great options to choose from, here are some things to consider before buying an anal dildo. By considering these simple things first, you can choose the ideal addition for your anal adventures.

Buy From a Trusted Brand

Buy From a Trusted Brand - Things to Consider When Buying an Anal Dildo
Choose a brand well known for producing high-quality sex toys, even better if they are known for their dildos. You can also read the reviews to get a better idea of a company or product. Look for a brand that puts your satisfaction and safety first.

Choose a Design That Excites You

Choose a Design That Excites You - Things to Consider When Buying an Anal Dildo
The fantastic thing about anal dildos is that there truly is something for every taste from realistic to artistic. Take the time to find a dildo that excites all your senses. Does how it looks and feels have you excited to get it out of the box and get down to play? If you are looking for something truly out of this world, check out Bad Dragon. Their crazy collection of fantasy phalluses will blow your mind! We think the Echo is one of the best bad dragon dildos for anal play but the choices are endless!

Check the Insertable Length

Check the Insertable Length - Things to Consider When Buying an Anal Dildo
Insertable toys will have a total length and insertable length, but different companies and brands display different information. Always check the insertable length, as this is what will be inside your body. This is especially important if you buy a suction cup dildo that you want to ride on a chair or horizontal surface, as it’s more difficult to control the depth.

Check the Circumference or Diameter

Check the Circumference or Diameter - Things to Consider When Buying an Anal Dildo
Anal dildos will also have a measurement for the circumference or girth (the distance around the shaft) or diameter (the measurement across the shaft). This allows you to choose a size that’s appropriate to your body. Again, pay close attention as some brands use circumference and some use diameter.

Consider the Shape

Consider the Shape - Things to Consider When Buying an Anal Dildo
Variety truly is the spice of life, and it’s no different when it comes to anal dildos. The shape of your toy influences where the stimulation is focussed. If you want some delicious g-spot or p-spot stimulation, go for something with specially designed curves. Anal dildos should always feature a flared base so there’s no danger of the whole toy entering your body.

Find Out What Materials Are Used

Find Out What Materials Are Used - Things to Consider When Buying an Anal Dildo
As you are going to get pretty intimate with your new toy, is important to know what it is made of and what that means. Anal dildos come in many different materials but the best ones are made of non-porous, body-safe materials, such as silicon, glass, steel, and wood. Non-porous materials are safer as they are easier to sanitize. Porous materials, such as latex and rubber, are usually cheaper but cannot be completely sterilized.

Products We Don't Recommend and Why

There are a lot of popular products on the market that use porous materials, which allow bacteria and germs to build up in the toy — definitely not something you want in an anal dildo! We recommend sticking to non-porous materials, such as silicon, glass, steel, and wood. Also, some materials, such as PVC can cause irritation. You can read more about it here. Here are some popular anal toys that unfortunately use porous or unsafe materials. If you do buy sex toys made from porous materials, bear in mind that although it is often cheaper, they will not be safe to use for a long time. Check out the toys in our review for some better options!

Lovehoney Get Started Beginner's Anal Kit

Lovehoney Get Started Beginner's Anal Kit - Products We Don't Recommend and Why
Although this anal kit has everything you need to enter the world of anal play, it is made from soft plastic so cannot be fully sterilized.

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Dildo

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Dildo - Products We Don't Recommend and Why
This crystal jelly dildo is made from PVC, which is a cheap material that feels soft but is unfortunately porous and can cause irritation.

BASICS Slimline Anal Starter Dildo 6 Inch

BASICS Slimline Anal Starter Dildo 6 Inch - Products We Don't Recommend and Why
Although the size and shape of this dildo make it an ideal starter anal dildo, the materials let it down. Soft plastic is porous and cannot be fully sterilized.

Why Should I Buy an Anal Dildo?

If you are wondering whether you need an anal dildo, here are some pros of owning one! Let’s see if I can convince you how fun having an anal dildo can be!

Pure Pleasure

 Pure Pleasure - Why Should I Buy an Anal Dildo?
Anal play is the best way to explore your body, experience new sensations and enhance your pleasure. The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings, and stimulating them with an anal dildo can feel truly amazing!

Prostate Stimulation

Prostate Stimulation - Why Should I Buy an Anal Dildo?
For prostate owners, using an anal dildo can be a great way to stimulate the prostate gland and experience intense pleasure. You can use an anal dildo during your regular masturbation to add additional stimulation or explore the power of deep prostate orgasms!

Double Penetration

Double Penetration - Why Should I Buy an Anal Dildo?
Being able to feel the pleasure of DP is a big win! You can explore it with your partner or use multiple toys; either way, all your sweet spots will be very happy.


 Control - Why Should I Buy an Anal Dildo?
Using an anal dildo allows you to have complete control over the depth, angle, and pressure during your anal play. It not only feels empowering but can also help with making anal sex with your partner more comfortable.

Bedroom Fun

Bedroom Fun - Why Should I Buy an Anal Dildo?
Just like with any sex toy, adding a new toy to your bedroom can provide you with a new level of variety and excitement during solo or partner play.

How to Use an Anal Dildo

Using an anal dildo, especially for the first time, can be equally exciting and daunting. Here are some simple tips to help you prepare and have a smooth entry into the wonders of anal play.

Set the Scene

Set the Scene

You want to be as relaxed and aroused as possible when experimenting with anal play, so create an environment in which you can completely relax and puts you in the mood. Of course, this varies from person to person so set your space up how you like it. The shower can also be a great place to try anal play for the first time as the hot water helps you relax and you don’t have to worry about any accidental mess. Alternatively, if you are worried you can put some towels on the bed to put your mind at ease!

Warm Up

 Warm Up

Foreplay is important for anal play too and why would you want to skip something that feels so good! As well as hitting all those nerve-dense erogenous zones all over the body, you can try massaging your butt cheeks or having your partner do it for you. You can also stimulate the outer area of the anus with any types of licks, flicks, and touches that feel good.

Use Plenty of Lube

 Use Plenty of Lube

Lube is even more important when exploring anal play as the anus is not self-lubricating. Make sure to add lube to your anus and whatever you are using for penetration, be it fingers or sex toys. Also, remember to reapply lubrication as necessary, not only does it keep your sensitive skin safe, it feels a lot better!

Start Slow and Small

 Start Slow and Small

When you are ready to insert your fingers or sex toy, make sure to start out slow and small. A single finger, anal beads, or a butt plug can be a great place to start.

Experiment with Speed and Pressure

Experiment with Speed and Pressure

Once you feel comfortable, you can start to experiment with different speeds and pressure. A popular method is the ‘come here’ method make a come here motion with your fingers or have your partner do it to slowly massage the front wall of your rectum.

How to Clean an Anal

As with all sex toys, it’s super important to keep your anal dildo clean and in tip-top condition. Always clean your anal dildo before and after every use. How you clean your anal dildo depends on what material it is made of and whether it has any electrical components. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and keep any electrical components dry unless your anal dildo is fully waterproof. Here are some guidelines on how to clean different materials commonly used to make anal dildos.

how to clean a magic wand


Yes, toys can travel up inside the rectum and can sometimes need to be removed by a doctor or even surgery. This is why it is important to use specially designed anal toys that have a flared base. This stops the toy from being fully inserted and traveling deeper inside you. This is also one reason why it's best to avoid homemade anal sex toys. If you get something stuck in your anus, err on the side of caution and get to an urgent care or emergency department. And don't worry, they see this type of thing all the time and their only concern is keeping you safe and healthy!

Suction cup dildos can be attached to any flat horizontal or vertical surface for handsfree riding. Some great surfaces for using suction cup dildos for anal penetration: the shower a chair or the toilet lid a wall a headboard the floor a table

Water-based lubrication can be used with all sex toy materials making it a great option. Some sex toy materials, such as glass and stainless steel, are also compatible with silicone lubrication, which gives more slip and doesn't need to applied as often.

We don’t recommend making a homemade anal dildo for safety reasons. With so many affordable options available, it’s much smarter to play things safe, rather than be sorry!

Technically, you can. However, the best anal dildo is one with a flared base. Sans a flared base, it’s possible to lose the dildo inside of your anus, resulting in an unpleasant and embarrassing trip to the ER.

Yes, glass anal dildos are safe to use. For maximum safety, we’d recommend choosing a glass anal dildo made from Borosilicate glass that’s crack-resistant and has a flared base for easy removal.

What is an Anal Dildo?

An anal dildo is any dildo that can be used for anal penetration. Anal dildos should always have a flared base for safety. They can come in a great variety of shapes and sizes and have special features such as vibrations, bulbed ends, texture, or curves for targeted stimulation. Anal dildos can be enjoyed by anyone with an anus and a craving for anal play! Penis owners can enjoy prostate stimulation, with the possibility of having a prostate orgasm — also known as prostate milking. As prostate orgasms can happen separately from penis orgasms, you have the chance to experience the magic of multiple orgasms! Vulva owners can also have a lot of fun with an anal dildo, as the anus is rich with nerve endings and anal penetration also stimulates the vaginal wall, just from the other side! Not to mention, anal dildos are perfect for some double penetration play.

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