Tantus Silk Medium – Test & Review

Kasia   Katarzyna Halinowska
Jan 19, 2024

Tantus Silk Medium – Test & Review<


Katarzyna Halinowska
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
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  • are looking for a beginner dildo
  • want a smooth and flexible dildo
  • are looking for a dildo to use with a harness

  • like realistic designs
  • want a very stimulating dildo
  • need a dildo with a suction cup base

The Tantus Silk is a premium silicone dildo designed for beginners! It’s super smooth, and flexible, yet firm enough to hit that magic spot. It has a slightly curved tip for easier insertion and a round base that can be used in a harness. The Medium size is perfect for those who are looking for a starter dildo for vaginal and anal play, plus it can be used as a dilator as well. It’s of course, waterproof, 100% body-safe, and easy to clean to use. Overall, it’s just a nice and gentle dildo that will give you a wonderful time in a soft and delicate way.

Tantus Silk -

The Tantus and its Silky Magic

The Tantus Silk Medium is such a cutie! The sparkly lavender design definitely stole my heart, but it’s not just the color I like about this dildo, there is more! The Silk is made with top-quality silicone, and it feels amazing. It’s flexible, but the core is firm, so I had no problem reaching the G-spot. It’s also so smooth, the insertion went so quickly, even without a lube. I have to admit, that the size was too small for me, and I didn’t feel a ton of stimulation, but I paired it with vibrators, and it felt really nice. Usually, I prefer more precise G-spot dildos that have a bulbous tip, but the Tantus Silk gave me a nice and easy experience. I didn’t expect to enjoy such a small dildo, but I was pleased with the smoothness and lack of all those fancy features. Sometimes it’s nice to forget all about the vibrating dildos or extra-textured ones and go back to a good old silicone dildo. I am sure that the Silk won’t be my go-to dildo when I want some intense G-spot stimulation, I see it more as a foreplay or anal play buddy.

Tantus Silk -

The Tantus Silk has a very simple, but adorable design. It’s small, smooth, and really easy to use! It has a slightly curved shaft that provides easy insertion and helps reach your magical spots. Plus, a rounded base can be used with a harness for some pegging action. But what I really love about this dildo is the sparkly lavender color and non-realistic look, it’s just so fun and cute!

Tantus Silk -

This dildo is a perfect choice for beginners! Everything about this toy is about making your experience with sex toys a smooth and easy ride, and the Silk checks all the marks. It’s super comfortable to insert, flexible enough to adjust to your body, and stiff enough to feel good. I was using it vaginally most, and it was too small for me, but if you are new to sex toys, this is the toy to start your journey! Plus, the round base allows you to explore pegging and other exciting options!

Tantus Silk -

Tantus sex toys are top-notch! The Silk is made with high-quality silicone, which feels amazing against the skin. It’s smooth and flexible, but sturdy. And I really enjoy the purple sparkly touch, it adds some charm to it. Despite the simple design, it feels like a good-quality sex toy that can endure whatever you have in mind! Although, I wish it had a suction cup base for more versatility.

Tantus Silk - <

I think that the price is spot on. Sure, there are a lot of silicone dildos on the market that might offer a similar experience for a slightly cheaper price, but Tantus Silk is a premium toy, and I can feel the difference! The Silk is well thought-through, and all sizes perfectly cater to different needs, plus the look and feel of this dildo are great! Although, I am not a big fan of Tantus packaging, but I will get to that later.

Tantus Silk -

Personally, the medium size was too small for me to use vaginally, but I still enjoyed the experience. The insertion was so easy and effortless, and I like how gentle the Silk feels. It’s flexible, but firm enough to hit my G-spot. The Silk is also versatile, you can use it for anal play, pegging, as an addition to oral sex, or as a warm-up toy if you need some stretching before the big one comes in. It’s just a nice and easy dildo, that I will definitely recommend to anyone that are looking for a starter dildo.

Tantus Silk -

Well, the packaging couldn’t be less interesting. The Tantus Silk came in plastic packaging with all the info written around the displayed toy and on the back. Don’t get me wrong, this “plastic shell” is sturdy, safe, and great for travel, but it didn’t spark any excitement in me. I much prefer a simple storage bag; it makes storing sex toys easier and more enjoyable.

Tantus Silk -

The Tantus Silk is made of 100% ultra-premium silicone, which is meant to last a lifetime. This statement seems like a lot, but I have to say, this dildo really feels super durable and well-made! Silicone is the perfect sex toy material because it’s body-safe and super easy to clean; all it needs is a good wash in the sink using warm water and a sex toy cleaner, and it’s ready to store (or use again!)

Length5.75 inches
Insertable length5.25 inches
Diameter1.1 inches
Colors AvailableBlack, Purple
Storage Bag IncludedNo

Tantus Silk -

  • Made with super smooth silicone
  • Curved tip for easy insertion
  • Great size for beginners
  • Harness compatible
  • Easy to use and to clean

  • No suction cup base
  • Might be too simple for more experienced users
  • Doesn't feel realistic

I love the simplicity and the ease that comes with the Tantus Silk. It’s a perfect choice for those that are looking for a starter insertable toy, or just an easy and always accessible dildo. For me, the medium size turned out to be too small for a filling and stimulating experience, but I was not disappointed, I will definitely use it for foreplay, anal play, and many other fun and spicy bedroom activities!

There is no manual available online for the Tantus Silk Medium, but you can take a look at my how to guide for ideas!

The Tantus Silk Medium is great for beginners due to its smaller size and smooth surface. It's really easy to insert, and provides and nice and gentle experience.

Yes, the Tantus Silk Medium has a wide rounded base and a smooth surface, which makes it a perfect choice for anal play.

Thanks to a flat, rounded base, you can easily use it with a harness.

The Tantus Silk Medium is perfect for vaginal and anal play, pegging, double-penetrations, dilation, anal training, and it's suitable to wear with a harness. You can try anything really!

The Tantus Silk is made with premium silicone, which means you can only use with a water-based lube. Other formulas might damage the material.