Vixen VixSkin Buck — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Dec 7, 2023

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Love thicker dildos
  • Enjoy soft, squishy silicone
  • Want a realistic looking and feeling dildo
  • Need a harness compatible dildo
  • Want a realistic shape or feel
  • Love g-spot stimulation

  • Need a strong suction cup base
  • Are looking for deep penetration
  • Are on a budget
  • Don't like squishy or tacky silicone
  • Prefer more firm stimulation

The Vixen VixSkin Buck is a girthy dildo that delivers a satisfying feeling of fullness. Made of Vixen's dual density silicone, it features a firm core covered in deliciously squishy silicone that makes it a dream to use! The Buck has a realistic design with raised vein details and a pronounced coronal ridge. It comes in a range of skin tones as well as the tie bright option I'm reviewing and a midnight pearl design. Plus, each one is handmade!

Vixen VixSkin Buck -

A new addition to the family!

I was insanely excited to get my hands on another Vixen VixSkin dildo, and one in the tie bright design as well! The Vixen Mustang is still my go to dildo, the size is just perfect for every day use, and while I love the Vixen Randy, my eyes were definitely bigger than my um appetite there! The Buck seemed like a perfect medium between the two. Plus, the Mustang now has a tie dye twin! When I took the Buck out, I couldn’t help but sit there are squish the soft, pillowy tip! It feels so dam good! I also instantly loved the colorful design, combined with the realistic shape!

It’s name is Buck and it likes to…

…Deliver mind-meltingly good self-pleasure! I think I’ve died and gone to dildo heaven! It took a little work and a lot of lube to be able to insert the Buck, as it’s pretty thick and has an almost tacky texture. However, once it was inserted, it felt incredible, almost as it if had been made to measure for me! It was so filling without being overwhelming or uncomfortable. The soft outer layer of the VixSkin feels so realistic and makes the size so much more comfortable and enjoyable. The head has a nice size coronal ridge that feels amazing as it’s inserted or removed and as it massages over my g-spot. When using the Buck, I find myself using the head to focus the stimulation on the lower, more sensitive areas around the g-spot, and quite honestly, I think I could do that all day! I also really like that the Buck is only 6 inches long, as I can comfortably insert it and enjoy the thicker diameter at the bottom of the shaft without it bumping or hurting my cervix. However, if you want a bit more length and a little more girth, the Vixen Maverick is the way to go!

Vixen VixSkin Buck -

I love Vixen's colorful tie dye designs so was over the moon to get my hands on the tie bright version of the buck! It's just so bright and playful. I love that it combines a realistic shape and feel with more exciting colors. The midnight pearl is also a beautiful, darker design, with swirls of blue, black, and pearly white. I'm personally not a fan of skin-colored dildos, but if you are, it also comes in three different skin tones. I would say it's top marks all round on the design.

Vixen VixSkin Buck -

The Vixen VixSkin Buck is very straight forward to use, although you might find you need a bit more time and maybe a smaller toy or your fingers to warm up first! Like all VixSkin dildos the Buck has what Vixen call a non-stick base, which is an almost suction cup! You can see in my photo that it will stick to flat smooth surfaces, but it doesn't have quite the same staying power as a full suction cup base. However, it's suitable for use in a strap-on harness.

Vixen VixSkin Buck -

I said it before, and I'll say it again, VixSkin dildos are the best of the best! Their platinum grade silicone feels amazing and is very durable, so you are really getting a dildo that will stand the test of time! The silicone also contains a silicone lubricant suspended between the molecules (it doesn't come out of the dildo), which gives it that soft, squishy, lovely feel. Not to mention, each one is handmade!

Vixen VixSkin Buck - <

Vixen's VixSkin Dildos are some of the more expensive dual density dildos out there but they are worth every cent in my book! If you love a thicker shaft but aren't looking for lots of length and crave a realistic feel, the Buck really is worth the investment! However, for this price, it is disappointing not to get a storage bag.

Vixen VixSkin Buck -

I had high hopes that the Vixen Vixskin Buck was going to fill in a gap in my sex toy collection for a thick but relatively easy and comfortable to use dildo and boy has it delivered! It might be a little big for everyday use, but I know I will be reaching for the Buck when I've got a little more time to work up to it!

Vixen VixSkin Buck -

I think the packaging is the only thing I don't love about Vixen dildos! The plastic tube isn't particularly pretty and doesn't have the same luxurious feel as the dildos. They also aren't practical for storing the dildo either as it's so fiddly to get the lid back on. I would much rather have a cardboard box that could be recycled and a storage bag.

Vixen VixSkin Buck -

The Vixen VixSkin Buck is made from 100% silicone, making it non-porous and super easy to clean! For regular cleaning, you can use warm water and fragrance-free soap or a sex toy cleaner. If you want to sterilize it for use between partners or between anal and vaginal use, you can boil it in a pot of hot water for 5 minutes. You should also only use water-based lubrication and keep it away from other silicone toys to prevent the silicone degrading. You'll also want to get a soft storage back to keep it clean and protected between uses.

Length7 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Diameter2 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableVanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Tie Bright, Midnight Pearl

Vixen VixSkin Buck -

  • Realistic feeling
  • Girthy but comfortable
  • Choice of skin tones or tie dye
  • Dual density silicone is squishy but firm
  • Each dildo is handmade

  • Expensive
  • No storage bag
  • Needs quite a lot of lube

I love the Vixen VixSkin Buck. It's new my favorite dildo — sorry Mustang! I love how it looks and how it feels! If you love a girthy dildo, but want it to feel realistic, this is the way to go! I would say this is 100% worth the investment if it's within your budget! Although I do recommend checking out our other Vixen dildo reviews to figure out which size and shape is best for you!

There’s no manual available for the Vixen VixSkin Buck, but you can see how to use it in the section above.

Yes, it is totally normal for the Vixen VixSkin Buck to have a slightly tacky feel to it. This is because of the silicone formula that Vixen uses in their VixSkin. It is still non-porous.

Technically, Vixen call them non-slip bases and they aren't a real suction cup base. That being said, you might find it sticks quite well to some very smooth, flat surfaces.

If the tackiness bothers you, Vixen recommends using corn starch or a dildo finishing powder on the Buck. Just don't forget to clean it before using it.