Vixen Maverick — Test & Review

   Cassie Mørch
Nov 17, 2023

Cassie Mørch
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo

  • enjoy the feeling of being stretched out or filled up
  • want a super realistic dildo
  • need a large dildo that is harness compatible
  • like the idea of a dual density dildo
  • want a premium quality dildo

  • want to be sure to have a powerful suction cup base
  • are not interested in girthy dildos

The Vixen Maverick is an impressive dual density dildo made of high quality, hand-poured silicone. This special Vixskin silicone formula has better elasticity and is tear-resistant. The solid inner core and the squishy and flexible outer coating makes this dildo feel super realistic and extremely satisfying. While the Vixen Maverick is available in natural skin tones, as well as a tie-dye version, I got the Midnight Pearl version which I think is absolutely stunning! It has a spectacular girth of 2 inches with 7 inches of insertable length, a solid curve, and a super pronounced glans for targeted internal massage. The Vixen Maverick is a big boy who's ready to impress you.

Vixen Maverick -

Was I Too Ambitious With the Vixen Maverick?

Picture this: I’m excited to open the packaging for my first ever Vixen dildo. I’m excited to see the beautiful design, the realistic sculpting, and, of course, thrilled to have a nice and girthy dildo. I take it out of the plasic tube and hold it in my hands for the first time. I audibly *gulped* when I realized how big it was. Sure, it’s not the biggest dildo I’ve ever seen in my life, but it is the biggest one I’ve ever taken on for myself. On the flip side, I do like a challenge every know and then… especially when that challenge is a premium quality, hand-crafted, dual density dildo with an absolutely stunning design!

Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Warm-up was key for this little adventure. I set up my space and did everything I could to let arousal prepare my body. I also used the Fun Factory The Boss, which is another sizable dildo in my collection, to test the waters first. I then mustered up the courage to insert the Vixen Maverick! I made sure to a generous amount of lube on myself and all of the dildo. The trick for me was to ease it in, bit by bit, and to make sure nothing was outright painful at any point. This was actually a pleasant experience, and I suspect that the really squishy and flexible outer layer of silicone made insertion feel super comfortable. Once inside, I didn’t initially feel like thrusting was very pleasant. So, while it was just chilling there, I spent some time working towards a clitoral orgasm, and ended up really enjoying the sensation of contracting around this girthy, squishy, behemoth in my vagina. After that, I guess I had adjusted to the size of the Maverick, and even thrusting felt great!

All Hail The Dual Density Deity!

After trying out the Vixen Maverick for both solo fun and with my partner, I have to pay homage to the dual density design. I swear, this dildo feels so incredibly realistic! It’s so satisfying to touch, stroke, and squeeze. I think the elasticity plays a big part in how comfortable it can feel internally, once the body has adjusted, despite its size. So, it provides a really fulfilling sensation that definitely works for me both on a physical and psychological level. This is a large dildo that’s big enough to look overwhelming, but is made of materials that help make things feel more natural and comfortable.

Vixen Maverick -

I really appreciate the realistic sculpting on the Vixen Maverick. It's very detailed and the skin texture is very lifelike. It's got a large head, and a pronounced glans that offers some intense g-spot massage. However, it's not super tapered because of the realistic design. I absolutely loved the color I got! Although, I'm also very happy that it's available in a few realistic skin tones as well. My version had a really good suction cup. You do need a completely flat surface, but once it was on, I thought the suction was quite good.

Vixen Maverick -

Even though dildos are fairly simple to use, I've still given it a score of 90/100 because of its size. I know that's very much a personal thing, but I still recommend taking things nice and slow when using this big boy. Since I found it necessary to warm up thoroughly and give my body time to adjust, I think it's a tad more "difficult" to use than a smaller dildo would be. Once you're comfortable with the size, I think it's a breeze to use. The suction cup makes it easy to use for hands-free riding as well!

Vixen Maverick -

Sublime quality, this one! I am now a fan of Vixen products - especially the Vixskin dildos. The premium quality silicone has a wonderful texture and feel. The dual density design also speaks to the overall quality. In fact the materials are so high-quality that this Vixskin dildo also comes with lifetime warranty. Yes, you heard that right, you'll have a dildo for life! If that's not a testament to quality, I don't know what is.

Vixen Maverick - <

This is definitely a few price tiers above your average 20$ jelly dildo. But I would never need (or want) to purchase any jelly dildos after the Vixen Maverick. First of all, you can't beat the materials. Not only is this premium grade silicone 100% safe for internal use and easily sterilized, the soft and squishy texture feels so good! The realistic dual density design also makes this dildo one of the most lifelike dildos I've ever tried. Keep in mind that Vixen Vixskin dildos basically have a lifetime warranty. It might be an expensive dildo, but it's a one-time investment that you get to enjoy forever!

Vixen Maverick -

I've experienced that squishy dual density dildos can feel really comfortable internally, but won't necessarily provide the same kind of firm massage that a glass or steel dildo would. So I didn't have very high expectation for this. Although, keep in mind that I had underestimated the girth! The sensation of stretching and complete fullness really elevated the overall experience once inserted! Despite being so squishy, I actually did feel some significant g-spot pleasure! Of course, the large head on the Vixen Maverick helps provide a little more stimulation as well.

Vixen Maverick -

The packaging is very simple. All Vixen dildos come in this minimalistic hard plastic tube. You simply open the lid and slip the dildo out, and you're ready to go! The tube has a little information about the product on the back. Since it's fairly simple to use, clean, and maintain, the main points are neatly summarized to help you take of your dildo, and get the most out of it. It mentions the unique premium silicone formula, the lifetime warranty, and other cool features that the Vixen Vixskin dildos offer. While you can use the tube for storage, it is a little bit bulky, and I prefer to store it as is in my *special drawer*. Perhaps a simple storage pouch would have been nice to have, especially if you're bringing your dildo with you on trips or something.

Vixen Maverick -

Okay, I may already have been talking way too much about the materials at this point. I'm just a big fan of high quality materials, alright? So, the Vixen Maverick is made of premium grade, hand-poured silicone with a special formula that creates a higher level of elasticity than found in other silicone products. This is what makes them feel so wonderfully squishy and realistic. When it comes to sex toys, a big dilemma is having to choose between soft and squishy material that isn't completely non-porous (and thereby unsafe for internal use) or a non-porous material that maybe isn't as squishy. With this special formula, Vixen can offer you safe internal use AND that wonderful realistic feeling! That also means that the Maverick is super easy to clean with a mild soap or sex toy cleaner and warm water. It's completely submersible and can be sterilized by boilig it for a couple of minutes.

Length8 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter2 inches
MaterialsPremium grade silicone
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableMidnight Pearl, Tie-Dye, Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel

Vixen Maverick -

  • Premium quality, hand-poured silicone
  • Unique silicone formula is more elasticated
  • Dual density design
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Curved shaft and pronounced glans for intense g-spot massage
  • Suction cup base
  • Available in a lot of different colors

  • Expensive

The Vixen Maverick may not be an "everyday" dildo for me because it does take a bit more warm-up than some of my other toys. BUT it has very quickly become my favorite overall dildo in my whole collection. I do have a feeling that it will end up being my go-to most of the time - even with the required warm-up. It's totally worth it for when I'm craving a satisfying and fulfilling experience. If I'm pulling out the lube and all other kinds of goodies to play around with from my "pleasure drawers" anyway, I'm pretty sure the Vixen Maverick is coming out too. I am beyond impressed with how realistic it feels. The unique silicone formula has the perfect amount of elasticity to make the girthy design more accessible and comfortable. Another great pro? The silicone is actually quite temperature-responsive, so it can easily be warmed up to feel even more realistic! At this point, I kind of feel like a broken record: "I love the Vixen Maverick. I love the Vixen Maverick!". But, dang it, I do! I think it's stunning, realistic, comfortable, the perfect size for anyone who likes that full sensation, and my version has a decent sution cup base. I know that it's significantly more expensive that other dildos out there. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone on a tight budget. However, the fact that Vixen offers a lifetime warranty (provided you have a receipt) and that the material & design is so satisfying and durable, I think it's a worthy investment to make.

The Vixen Maverick is quite easy to use, since it’s “just” a silicone dildo. There isn’t an official user manual or any instructions other than the information written on the back of the packaging tube. If you would like to know more about the specific cleaning and care requirements, have a look at what I’ve written in the “Materials & Care”-section. You can also have a look at the “How to Use”-section for some inspiration on how to use the Vixen Maverick for different things.

Yes, a very storng one too! Some of the dildos from the Vixn Vixskin collection don't really have a true suction cup base but instead a non-slip base. This one definitely has a proper suction cup base

I recommend that you warm up properly before taking on the Vixen Maverick in any hole. But if you're good to go and enjoy the sensation of girthy penetration, there should be no pain. If anything starts to hurt, you should continue with caution or stop completely. It helps to go slowly and let you body adjust to the girth. The squishy feel from the dual density feels really comfortable here.

Since the Vixen Maverick is of premium grade silicone, I only recommend using water-based lube to avoid damaging the material.