6 Best Anal Toys for Total Backdoor Bliss

   Cassie Mørch
My journey into the world of anal toys started out of pure curiosity and slowly turned into something of a personal mission. I’ve spent years testing all sorts of toys – anything from anal beads to anal hooks – figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Now, I’ve got a killer collection of the best anal toys you can find. Trust me, when it comes to finding top-notch, safe, and super satisfying toys, I’ve got you covered.
1 Test Winner

SquarePegToys Egg Plug

 SquarePegToys Egg Plug

  • Love squishy sensations
  • Desire a flexible toy
  • Indulge in public play
  • Prefer realistic density silicone

SquarePegToys Egg Plug

  • Dislike anal play
  • Desire a rigid plug
  • Want a motorized toy
  • Can't comfortably fit 2+ fingers anally

  • Squishy and flexible high quality silicone butt plug
  • T-shaped base fits snugly between the cheeks
  • Available in 11 sizes
  • Available in 4 different colors

  • Platinum grade silicone
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods
  • Thick neck for a full sensation

  • Insertion can be tricky at first
  • Base is a bit bulky
  • No storage bag included
SquarePegToys Egg Plug
Length3.5 inches
Insertable length inches
Diameter1.3 inches
FlexibilityVery Flexible
MaterialsPlatinum-Grade Silicone
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBronze, Graphite, Pink Sugar, Ultra Violet

I’ve picked out the SquarePegToys Egg Plug as the Test Winner for today because it’s got great ratings all across the board. Not only did most of the online users give this plug amazing scores, our tester, Flora, was thoroughly impressed as well! “If you’ve never had a soft-silicone toy before, prepare to be amazed. Analyzing the properties of this material felt like studying an alien lifeform. It felt fleshy — like a firm, rubbery marshmallow.” First things first, the platinum grade silicone has a unique elasticated formula that makes the toy itself super flexible, squishy and soft to the touch. I’ve often found that it can be difficult to find high quality materials that provide the same kind of softness that you get with TPE or TPR sex toys. In this case, you can enjoy a lovely squish and rest assured knowing that this butt plug is super easy to keep clean. Since it doesn’t contain any electric elements, it can easily be sterilized in boiling water for a deep clean. Now, this flexible formula is a bit difficult to insert, so it’s not ideal for those with limited finger strength or dexterity. Although once it’s in there, it feels nice and comfortable. In my experience, silicone butt plugs are often so lightweight that they feel a bit underwhelmingly. Since this one actually has some weight to it, it’s going to be more noticeable than others. “At first glance, it appeared as though there wasn’t enough of a taper from the neck to the base of the bulb. However, the soft material slightly compresses under the force of the sphincters. This made the girthy stem perfect for a satisfying squeeze and stretch.” This satisfying squeeze and stretch is also ideal to enjoy for extended wear. Compared to a firm butt plug (made of firm silicone or metal, for example) a product this squishy feels a lot more comfortable and plush as you go about your day, both standing and sitting. The T-shaped base is also slightly curved to rest comfortably against your body while inserted. Last but not least, the price point is a big plus! It’s super affordable compared to most other high quality silicone anal toys. The wide range of sizes and colors available also just makes this products a lot more accessible for different experience levels and preferences.

2 Best For Beginners

njoy Pure Plug

 njoy Pure Plug

  • Love butt plugs
  • Enjoy the feel of steel
  • Like a finger loop for control

njoy Pure Plug

  • Prefer softer silicone toys
  • Are looking for a dildo
  • Want something more affordable

The njoy Pure Butt Plug might be small, but it certainly packs a punch! This little metal butt plug is made of quality stainless steel and is perfect for any bedroom scenario, whether it’s steamy solo sessions or tantalizing couples play. An ideal toy for beginners, this plug isn’t intimidating in size or appearance, and the solid finger loop located at the base gives the wearer peace of mind as they wear it. Sexy, steely, and sensational!

  • Great for beginners
  • Strong and firm steel
  • Finger loop for security

  • Expensive for a small butt plug
  • Too small for more advanced users
njoy Pure Plug
Length3 inches
Insertable length2.5 inches
Width0.9 inches
MaterialsStainless Steel
AllergiesLatex-free, phthalate-free

The njoy Pure Butt Plug really does pack a punch! The stainless steel feels great and looks stylish, and most importantly of all it feels amazing. Additionally, it’s super easy to keep clean, so that’s a handy bonus! It also has a nice weight to it, so you really feel its presence when it’s in there! Why not try heating it up or cooling it down before use for a little temperature play! As it was designed for beginners, this butt plug might be a little small for some. Although it could work as a nice warm-up toy to start your anal play sessions off!

3 Best Anal Beads

Lovense Ridge

 Lovense Ridge

Lovense Ridge

  • Simple and sleek design that's easy to insert and remove
  • Rotations and vibrations are controlled separately
  • App controlled
  • 100% waterproof

  • Can be uncomfortable to sit on or use for long-term wear
  • Expensive
Lovense Ridge
Vibration modes7 (+ unlimited patterns in the app)
Length6.8 inches
Insertable length5.75 inches
DiameterWidest point: 1.5 inches
WaterproofIPX 7: Submersible in up to 3 feet for up to 30 minutes
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time75 minutes
Remote ControlsApp control
Weight0.28 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedYes

4 Best App Controlled

Lovense Hush 2 App Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug

 Lovense Hush 2

  • Want app-controlled vibrations
  • Want something to use for public play
  • Like the idea of customized vibration modes

Lovense Hush 2

  • Are looking for a cheaper anal toy
  • Don't like anal vibrations all that much

The Lovense Hush 2 is a multiple-threat sex toy, in that it is a shockingly stimulating vibrating butt plug that you can easily control via an intuitive app. It is made of a high quality and super durable silicone, and features a slender neck that feels great as it sits comfortably in your butt. It’s battery will last up to 240 minutes, so let’s go public play with out any dissapointment of dead batteries. Using the Lovense Remote App, you and your partner can have full control over the vibration patterns and speeds. You can also create, download, and share vibration patterns, or even sync the vibrations to music if you want to rock your world even more as you’re going about your daily business!  


  • Very easy to use
  • Customizable vibrations
  • Controlled via app

  • Tricky if you can't work apps
  • Might have connectivity issues
Lovense Hush 2
Length4.5 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Width1.51 inches
AllergiesLatex-free, phthalate-free
Vibration modesVarious
Remote ControlsYes: App controlled
RechargeableYes: USB cable
Battery Life210 minutes

Is the Lovense Hush 2 kind of expensive? Yes it is. But it’s pretty understandable, for what you get. You get a fully controllable silicone butt plug that can be slid in and for as long as you like. And on top of that it can be remotely controlled by either yourself or your partner – extra fun if you like to get naughty while you’re on the go. It’s all controlled by an intuitive app, which makes it simple and easy to use. If you struggle with technology it might be a step too far for you, but for the vast majority of people the Lovense Hush 2 is definitely a pleasurable wearable butt plug.

5 Best Prostate Massager

Aneros Progasm

 Aneros Progasm

  • Want to try out anal toys
  • Like your P-spot being massaged
  • Like the hard plastic look and feel

Aneros Progasm

  • Prefer anal toys on the larger side
  • Want a vibrating anal toy
  • Look for a flexibility in a sex toy

The Aneros Progasm is slender and sleek, and boasts a simple yet effective design. Made of an inflexible but firm hard plastic, it is shaped perfectly for male prostate stimulation, with its tip resting and massaging right against your prostate, slowly but surely milking it! Its durable, waterproof plastic construction guarantees a certain quality, and it is bound to last for far longer than you can!

  • Great for hands-free fun
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Simple yet effective design

  • No additional functions (eg vibrating)
  • Might be too firm for some
Aneros Progasm
Length6 inches
Insertable length4.5 inches
Width1.29 inches
MaterialsHard plastic
AllergiesLatex-free, phthalate-free

The Aneros Progasm is one of the very best Aneros products out there. It might look relatively small, but when its inside you it feels anything but. It is shaped for direct contact with your prostate, and it will massage and milk it the more you move – eventually leading to mind-blowing orgasms! As it is made from a hard plastic, it lacks the real-feel that toys made of other materials have. For example silicone feels flesh like, whereas steel feels harsh and industrial. This hard plastic walks that line, falling into neither category.

6 Best Anal Dildo

njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

 njoy Pure Wand

  • enjoy deep vaginal or anal stimulation
  • want to explore temperature play
  • love the idea of firm p-spot (or g-spot) massage
  • need a curved dildo for some precise stimulation

njoy Pure Wand

  • want something that vibrates
  • need a dildo that is harness compatible

This metal dildo is a great option for a metal anal toy! Although it may look quite simple, it offers versatile use and wide array of sensations to unlock! This baby is double-ended with different sized bulbs in each end. Choose whichever size you’re craving that day and use the opposite end as a handle or a stopper. A pronounced curve in the shaft will allow you to reach all those internal sweet spots with ease! The firmness of the stainless steel and the weight of the dildo will also help deliver a firm and impressive massage to those special areas. Play around with some warm touches or chilly sensations by warming or cooling the njoy Pure Wand a few minutes before use. Like glass, stainless steel is extremely temperature responsive and can help you access some delightful sensations!

  • Curved for easy p-spot or g-spot stimulation
  • Extremely durable
  • Compatible with all kinds of lube
  • Provides firm and weighted stimulation
  • Temperature responsive

  • Can be a bit heavy for some
  • Expensive
njoy Pure Wand
Length9 inches
Insertable length8 inches
Diameter1.75 inches
Weight1.51 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedBox

The njoy Pure Wand is definitely a winner when it comes metal dildos. It is a premium quality product that allows you to explore so many realms of anal (and vaginal) pleasure. The weight of it really helps provide that firm internal massage. If you’ve struggled to enjoy prostate stimulation or g-spot stimulation before, you might want to experience the kind of intense massage the njoy Pure Wand can give you. It might change the way you perceive that kind of internal pleasure. This metal dildo is super easy to clean (and can be fully sterilized), easy to use for versatile solo play, great for partnered play, and ideal for combining with other toys. Although, keep in mind that the njoy Pure Wand is not harness compatible.

For Complete Anal Beginners

I’ve also picked out some of the best anal toys for absolutely beginners wanting to dip their toe in the wonderful waters of butt play! Our team of testers have been through every single one of these, so really can make an informed decision about your next beginner butt plug!

b-Vibe Novice Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

b-Vibe Novice Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug - For Complete Anal Beginners
The b-Vibe Novice Plug is the perfect rechargeable vibrating butt plug for beginners! Smooth silicone coats this beginner butt plug. It has a comfortable shape with a rounded and tapered tip and a small T-shaped base. Even for seasoned anal explorers, this little guy is perfect for long-term wear, and super pleasuring to wear during vaginal penetration or during a prostate massage. The included remote makes for some practical hands-free fun!

Lovehoney Butt Tingler

Lovehoney Butt Tingler - For Complete Anal Beginners
The Lovehoney Butt Tingler is a super affordable, yet extremely pleasing, introduction to butt stuff. A small black butt plug (available in a few different sizes) with a T-shaped base for safety and comfort, and a removable, battery-operated bullet vibrator to add some tingles to your booty bliss!

We-Vibe Ditto Remote and App Control Vibrating Butt Plug

We-Vibe Ditto Remote and App Control Vibrating Butt Plug - For Complete Anal Beginners
The We-Vibe Ditto is a vibrating butt plug that comes with a small remote control. It is also app compatible by downloading the We-Vibe Connect app, available for Apple or Android! A gender neutral design that will please anyone who uses it and works as a great introduction to some buzzy butt plug.  

Climaximum Oryx Vibrating Butt Plug

Climaximum Oryx Vibrating Butt Plug - For Complete Anal Beginners
The Climaximum Oryx can provide you with lovely vibrations with the included battery-operated bullet vibrator. The silicone butt plug has a nice, subtle spiral texture. Quality, luxurym and a great design at a humble price – perfect for both beginner and intermediate anal adventurers.

Materials to Look For

  • Silicone – One of the greatest materials ever when it comes to sex toys. Silicone looks and feels good to use. It can be either soft, squishy, firm, or flexible. Although, regardless of the texture, it is 100% non-porous and body-safe. No microscopic holes in the surface of the toy will collect any bacteria over time. It’s super easy to keep and clean and can even be sterilized if the toy doesn’t have any electrical components.
  • ABS plastic – Similar to silicone, ABS plastic is non-porous and easy to keep clean. It’s a hard plastic and provides a more firm, unyielding feel to your pleasure.
  • Glass – Here’s one that doesn’t necessarily spring to mind when you think of anal toys! Glass is firm, inflexible, strong, and feels great if you want a powerful and unforgiving toy in your ass! Glass is also hypoallergenic, non-porous, compatible with all types of lube, and easy to sterilize.
  • Steel – Steel anal toys feel very similar to glass toys in that firm and unforgiving  way. Steel is usually a lot more weighted for more intense sensations. Just like glass, it’s also great for temperature play!

Materials to Avoid

A lot of more affordable anal toys will use materials that are cheaper to manufacture. A lot of these materials are often porous and contain phthalates. They are very difficult to keep clean and therefore aren’t safe to use internally. Here are most of the common materials you should avoid in anal toys:
  • Jelly
  • PVC
  • Soft plastic

How to Use Anal Toys

Don’t feel silly if you look at the range of anal toys out there and be a little confused as to how you might use them. We’re here to talk you through using these booty buddies! Se let’s get to it!

Choose the best anal toy for you!

Choose the best anal toy for you!

Making sure that you have an anal toy that suits you, your body and your needs is one of the most important tips we can give you. There are huge toys, there are tiny toys, there’s everything in between. It’s all about finding out what pleases you the most! So making sure you have something you’re comfortable using is a great first step!

Lube yourself up!

Lube yourself up!

There’s nothing more essential than lubrication when it comes to anal sex and anal toys. Making sure your anus is properly lubricated, and your toys are generously doused in your favorite water-based lube is the best thing you can do if you want a fun, erotic and pain free experience!

Take it slow and have fun!

Take it slow and have fun!

Okay, we’re all set! Now it’s time to start sliding your lubed up anal toy into your lubed up butt! Enjoy the sensations and feelings of being stretched out as you take more and more of the toy. If it vibrates or moves, get it to work – it’s time to be pleased! And don’t forget to have an amazing time!

Solo Masturbation

Solo Masturbation

Who said that you needed a partner with your anal toys? If you feel in the right mood for a hot sexual session and there’s nobody with you, a cheap anal sex toy can be part of your masturbation time.

Couples Play

Couples Play

Anal toys can be part of a couple’s foreplay or sexual session. They come in various sizes so you won’t have trouble finding one that fits your experience with anal toys and your desires.

In the Bath or Shower

In the Bath or Shower

Most anal toys are submersible and a perfect sex partner for when you get sexually hot in the shower or bath. Butt plugs that come with a suction cup are especially perfect for these scenarios.

How to clean anal toys

Keeping your anal toys clean is very important, considering where they go! But never fear, we're here with a few useful resources that will help you keep your toys sanitized and hygienic!


Yes, providing you use them properly. Make sure that you're lubed up, relaxed, and ready for the anal play before you start using your anal toys. Stick to these rules then deep anal toy play can not only be safe and pleasurable but also sex-life changing.

It all depends on what kind of stimulation you want! It's also like comparing apples to dildos: they are not the same thing! Okay, they do go in the same place, but that's where the similarities start and end! Butt plugs are great for pre-anal sex stretching etc., whereas longer anal toys are for deep and fulfilling pleasure! Both are good in their own special ways!

Some of the biggest thrills you can have are with cheap and cheerful anal toys. They hit the spot and get the job done. On the flip side, some of the biggest disappointments you can have are with the big, premium, expensive toys. But then again some people love them! You have to discover what's right for you!

Water-based lubes are the way to go with anal toys, and let us tell you why! They are body-safe and won't cause any harm to you, they also won't damage your toys because of the high water content, AND they won't leave any sticky residue when you're trying to clean up. It's a real triple threat!

No! Making your own cheap anal toys is not safe and you can seriously hurt yourself if you do.

If your anal toy is made of silicone, you should only use water-based lube. However, if your toy is made from glass or metal, you can use any lube you like.

You can find cheap anal toys in online sex stores or physical sex stores. Follow the links in this review to be directed to some of the best stores around!

I would recommend starting with a very slim anal toy, such as anal beads as these are less intimidating and easy to insert, while still providing some exciting sensations.

Yes! Some cheap anal toys are just as good as the more expensive versions. You don’t have to break the bank to be able to have an amazing anal experience! Plus cheap anal toys are great if you’re a beginner because even if you find you don’t like them, you’ve not spent a fortune!

You should look for non-porous materials, such as silicone, borosilicate glass, metal, and ABS plastic, as they cannot absorb or harbor bacteria.

What are anal toys?

Anal toys are a special kind of sex toy that can be used in your butt! They don't discriminate, and can be enjoyed by both men AND women. After all, everyone has a butt that's ready to be pleased! Anal toys come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from small butt plugs, large dildos, vibrators, prostate pleasers, thrusters...everything! And they all have the same goal: to help you achieve an amazing orgasm via anal stimulation. And just going by the amount of satisfied and pleased anal toy owners that there are out there, we'd sat that they not only meet, but they BEAT that goal!

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