17 Best Butt Plugs for Total Bottom Bliss!

   Isabelle Uren
In this Butt Plug Round-up review, I will take you through all of my top picks for the best butt plugs out there! I’ll let you know which ones are best suited for different bodies and different levels of experience, and even different budgets! After months of testing gathering feedback of our team of testers I am confident this is the only place you need to get real usable advice on which butt plug to buy.
1 Test Winner

njoy Pure Plug Stainless Steel Butt Plug

 njoy Pure Plug

  • love firm sensations
  • enjoy temperature play
  • enjoy weighted sensations
  • want a body-safe, easy to clean butt plug

njoy Pure Plug

  • are on a budget
  • want a squishy or more flexible butt plug
  • dislike weighted toys

I love the simplicity and impeccable quality of njoy’s stainless steel sex toys and the pure plug is no exception! Made of 316 grade stainless steel, the pure plug is one of the most durable weighted butt plugs you will ever come across — it really is a toy for life! It’s designed for incredibly easy insertion – it will only need a bit of lube – and its metal make makes cleaning a snap. Weighing at 7 ounces, the Pure Plug is worth its high price tag as every single piece of this toy, from the box it comes in to the mold it was cast in, was built with your pleasure in mind.

  • Adjusts to your body temperature
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Smooth and easy to insert
  • Choice of three different sizes
  • Suitable for all genders

  • Pricey
  • Tip isn't too tapered
njoy Pure Plug
Length2.75 inches
Insertable length2.25 inches
Diameter1 (at widest point) inches
MaterialsStainless steel
Storage Bag IncludedStorage box

I love the elegance of the Pure Plug! And it’s not only beautiful, it’s incredibly functional! The bulb is relatively small, but the weight gives the illusion of a bigger, more filling plug. The loop handle also makes it much easier to insert and remove. I also love that it’s keeps the plug anchored securely outside the body. The only downside is that the handle means you can’t sit down while wearing the Pure Plug, so if you are looking for a more wearable weighted plug, I would go for one of the Snug Plugs. I would recommend this plug to beginners and those who enjoy smaller anal toys, but if you are thinking of sizing up soon, it might be a little too pricey.

2 Cheapest

Lovehoney Jewelled Iridescent Butt Plug

 Lovehoney Jewelled Iridescent

  • Are new to anal play and looking for an easy-to-use and gentle introduction.
  • Value aesthetics in your toys and enjoy the visual appeal of the jewel and color.
  • Seek a plug that's comfortable for long-term wear, even during various activities.
  • Prefer a weighted sensation in your anal play.

Lovehoney Jewelled Iridescent

  • Have issues with rectal discomfort or sensitivity.
  • Prefer larger, more challenging anal toys.
  • Are not attracted to visually ornate or shiny sex toys.
  • Are on a tight budget and looking for a more economical option.

The Lovehoney Jewelled Iridescent Metal Butt Plug is a sleek and elegant anal toy, perfect for beginners and those looking for an attractive addition to their collection. It’s small, comfortable for extended wear, and features an iridescent color and a sparkling gem on the base. The plug’s weighted metal design enhances the experience, and it’s easy to clean and use, suitable for various lubricants.

  • Ideal for beginners due to its small size
  • Visually appealing with an iridescent color
  • Comfortable for extended wear
  • Compatible with all types of lubes

  • Very small, with experience you might not like it
Lovehoney Jewelled Iridescent
Length3 inches
Insertable length2.5 inches
Diameter1.2 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableIridescent

I found the Lovehoney Jewelled Iridescent Metal Butt Plug to be a delightful little surprise. Initially, I thought its small size might be underwhelming, but it’s quite the gem! The weight feels just right, providing a satisfying pressure. It’s an absolute charm to look at – the iridescent color and the gleaming jewel add a touch of luxury. It’s super comfortable for long periods, making even the most mundane tasks a bit more exciting. Definitely a great pick for beginners or those who prefer something more discreet and visually appealing. Perfect for adding a little sparkle to your play!

3 Beginner

b-Vibe Novice Plug Small Butt Plug

 b-Vibe Novice Plug

  • are looking for your very first vibrating butt plug
  • want something that feels comfortable during vaginal sex
  • want something suitable for public play
  • love anal vibrations

b-Vibe Novice Plug

  • don't like vibrations
  • want a slightly more advanced shape or size

The b-Vibe Novice Plug is an ideal beginner butt plug for anyone looking to dip their toes into the amazing sensations of anal play! This silicone butt plug has a slim and tapered tip for easy insertion and a T-shaped base to keep the plug safely in place. The perfect size for extended wear and with a shape that feels comfortable to wear while using other sex toys. It has 21 vibration modes and a remote control to help you easily adjust the settings during use. Great for solo use but also ideal for use with a partner.


  • Ideal shape and size for abslute anal beginners
  • Easy to clean
  • Very quiet
  • Remote controlled
  • Powerful vibrations

  • Magnetic charger is not super strong
  • Can be too small for more experienced users
b-Vibe Novice Plug
Vibration speeds6
Vibration patterns15
Length4 inches
Insertable length3,35 inches
Diameter1 inches
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsYes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailablePink, Black

I’ve selected this a the best beginner butt plug out there because of its beginner-friendly shape and size, it’s overall quality, vibration features, and remote control. The b-Vibe Novice Plug can of course be used with or without the vibrations. This is great for beginners who want to enjoy the shape and feel of the plug itself at first but wat the option to expand their anal repertoire and explore anal vibrations. The remote control is also a great way for users to easily adjust the settings while the plug is in use. A remote control also allows you to relinquish all the controls to your partner and let them decide which sensations you should enjoy!

4 Squishy

SquarePegToys Egg Plug

 SquarePegToys Egg Plug

  • Are looking for something flexible and squishy
  • Want a comfortable butt plug for long term wear and public play
  • Want a silicone formula that feels somewhat "realistic"
  • Need a lot of different sizing options

SquarePegToys Egg Plug

  • Prefer a more rigid plug for intense stimulation and easier insertion
  • Want something that vibrates or rotates
  • Prefer a butt plug with a very thin neck

With this product, I’ll be taking my eggs not-so-sunny side up from now on! The SquarePegToys Egg Plug is the perfect plug for those who want something to wear all day or when they’re out and about in public. The super soft and squishy platinum grade silicone makes for a very comfortable wear once it’s inserted. The unique egg-like shape offers the slightest little tapered tip to help with insertion. The thicker neck between the body and the base gives a satisfying yet comfortable stretch once it’s in. If you’re looking for a size that fits you and your needs perfectly, I’ve got good news! This egg butt plug is available in 9 different sizes and well as 4 different colors.

  • High quality platinum grade silicone
  • Ergonomic design for long-term wear
  • Soft and squishy for extra comfort
  • Available in 9 sizes for customized experience
  • 4 colors to choose from

  • The flexibility can actually make insertion a little difficult
  • Smell is easily absorbed
  • The surface attracts a lot of dust and lint
SquarePegToys Egg Plug
Length3.5 inches
Insertable length inches
Diameter1.3 inches
FlexibilityVery Flexible
MaterialsPlatinum-Grade Silicone
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBronze, Graphite, Pink Sugar, Ultra Violet

I like how comfortable the SquarePegToys Egg Plug is! I understand how it’s made for public play and general long-term use, because our tester loved how comfortable it was to wear once inserted. That said, she did have a harder time inserting it comapred to other butt plugs. The neck is a little too flexible and buckles easily under pressure (like the kind of pressure you use when you’re trying to insert a butt plug!). Although, with a bit of effort and stability the mission was complete. Keep in mind that this may be an issue for anyone who struggles with limited grip strength or for complete beginners. Some may also find that the base is a bit more bulky than you would like it be for public play. If you’re not blessed with a dump truck that can hide it, you may want to avoid tight clothes when you’re trying to fly incognito with this egg plug in your butt! All in all, I think the SquarePegToys Egg Plug is a great option for a lot of different experience levels. I love that it’s available in so many different sizes and colors. The price is also very reasonable for a high quality butt plug like this.

5 Jewel

b-Vibe Vibrating Heart Plug

 b-Vibe Vibrating Heart Plug

  • are ready to take the next step up from complete beginner anal
  • like this classic butt plug shape
  • enjoy deep anal vibrations
  • need something suitable for travel
  • want a remote control toy

b-Vibe Vibrating Heart Plug

  • are looking for your very first anal toy
  • need something completely submersible

The b-Vibe Vibrating Heart Plug is a powerful vibrating butt plug that also happens to be an adorable jewel butt plug! Made of body-safe silicone, this butt plug sports the perfect size for somewhat experienced anal adventurers. Bulbous and impressive enough to satisfy but not too much to take in even if you’re not into advanced anal. The 21 different vibration modes are there to powerfully pamper your butthole in all sorts of ways! Use the remote control to adjust the setting easily while wearing the plug, or let your partner take the reins and let them decide what sensation to let you enjoy.


  • Very powerful vibrations
  • Surprisingly quiet
  • Travel lock
  • Comfortable to wear during vaginal penetration
  • Suitable for many different experience levels

  • May be too large for more inexperienced users
  • Design may not be for everyone
b-Vibe Vibrating Heart Plug
Vibration speeds6
Vibration patterns15
Length3.85 inches
Insertable length3.1 inches
Diameter1.45 inches
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Travel LockYes
Remote ControlsYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes

The b-Vibe Vibrating Heart Plug has been selected as the winner of this category because the vibrations are VERY impressive. If you simply love anal vibrations (both external and internal) this butt plug may be what you’re looking for! Of course, the overall quality, shape, and size of this plug don’t exactly hurt the overall score. It’s suitable for a lot of different levels of experience and can provide impressive pleasure to a lot of different people!

6 Training kit

b-Vibe Anal Training and Education Butt Plug Set

 b-Vibe Anal Training and Education Set

  • Are curious about exploring anal play
  • Want to work up to a weighted butt plug
  • Are keen to explore different sizes and sensations
  • Are ready to invest in a quality kit

b-Vibe Anal Training and Education Set

  • Already have considerable experience
  • Prefer metal butt plugs
  • Are on a budget

I can’t think of a better introduction to anal play than the b-Vibe anal training kit! Rather than jumping straight in with a weighted plug, you can gradually work your way up, starting with a softer, simple plug and moving onto a intermediate size plug, before reaching the pleasantly weighted large plug! I love that the medium plug also features a thrilling range of vibration settings so you get to experience a range of sensations. I’m also super impressed by the thoughtful extras in this kit! You also get an anal douche, lube injector, and handy educational guide for safe, pain-free anal, plus a cute storage bag!


  • Amazing quality
  • Three different size plugs
  • 1 weighted and 1 vibrating plug
  • Includes anal douche, lube injector, and guide book

  • Expensive investment
  • Not so satisfying for more experienced users
b-Vibe Anal Training and Education Set
Vibration modes6
LengthPlug 1: 3.9 inches, Plug 2: 5.3 inches, Plug 3: 5.4 inches
Insertable lengthPlug 1: 3.4 inches, Plug 2: 4.4 inches, Plug 3: 4.8 inches
DiameterPlug 1: 1 inch, Plug 2: 1.3 inches, Plug 3: 1.6 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
Battery LifeAt least 75 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockNo
Colors AvailableBlue, Black

I don’t think the b-Vibe Anal Training Kit can be beaten when it comes to beginners butt play! It provides a lovely, gradual introduction to the more intense sensations of weighted butt plugs. It is the most expensive weighted butt plug product in this review, but keep in mind you are getting not one but three top quality plugs, including a vibrating one, plus all of the added extras, so it’s actually pretty good value for money! That being said, it’s good to have some idea that you enjoy anal stimulation before investing in the kit. The real icing on the cake for me, is the comprehensive guide to anal play. This lovely little book offers positions, tips, tricks, and everything you need to know for safe and pleasurable anal play.

7 Weighted

b-Vibe Snug Plug 3 Large Weighted Silicone Butt Plug 4 Inch

 b-Vibe Snug Plug 3

  • love a butt plug with a weighted feel
  • want a high quality butt plug for long-term use
  • are looking for a butt plug that you can wear comfortably during foreplay
  • prefer tapered butt plugs to spherical butt plugs

b-Vibe Snug Plug 3

  • dislike a weighted feel
  • aren't sure if weighted toys are for you - if you're a beginner, we'd recommend trying a non-weighted butt plug first

This weighted butt plug offers a quarter pound of full satisfaction. The weight is provided by two metal balls that rotate inside the plug, giving an extra element of stimulation. The barrel shape, thin neck, and t-bar base are also designed to be comfortable for extended wear. I also love that it’s made of medical grade silicone and has a deliciously smooth silicone finish. This beautifully designed weighted butt plug delivers in terms of design, quality, and stimulation! It was an obvious choice for the best weighted butt plug!

  • Gorgeous weighted feel
  • Superb quality
  • Nicely tapered
  • Great for advanced users
  • Smooth silicone feel

  • Weighted - if you're not into weighted toys, this won't be great for you
  • Is definitely not suitable for beginners
b-Vibe Snug Plug 3
Length5 inches
Insertable length4.5 inches
Diameter1.2 inches

Having personally tested the b-Vibe Snug Plug 2 I can confirm that it is a top notch weighted butt plug! The barrel shape can make it a bit challenging to insert but on the flip side, I found it much more comfortable to wear as there was no pointy end to poke into you when you sit down. I also really love how thin and flexible the neck is, I could hardly notice it and it means the plug stays in place really well. I could definitely notice the weight but didn’t notice a lot of sensation from the balls rolling. Some users report that the silicone can retain some smell but I haven’t found this an issue if I clean it very thoroughly and leave out to air dry for a decent amount of time. Compared to the other weighted plugs in this review, I would say this is a great intermediate level weighted butt plug, both in terms of size and weight.  

8 Best Remote Control

Lovense Hush 2 Vibrating Butt Plug

 Lovense Hush 2

  • enjoy using app controlled toys to masturbate
  • want a butt plug with powerful, rumbly vibrations
  • like the idea of a partner-controlled butt plug
  • need a butt plug for long-distance play

Lovense Hush 2

  • dislike using app-controlled toys
  • are a total beginner - the butt plug might be too girthy
  • don't want a vibrating butt plug

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, the lack of intimacy is often only worsened by the difficulty in finding new, creative ways to have some fun when you’re not physically togeyher. And that doesn’t even take into account the technology problems that can occur – it’s hard to have a sexy video chat when Skype freezes you mid-sneeze, right? With this app-controlled butt plug, you can indulge in some butt play with your partner, even if you’re separated by an ocean or a continent. With it’s rumbly vibrations, rounded tip  and flared base it will be great.


  • Powerful, rumbly vibrations
  • App-controlled
  • Ideal for long distance couples
  • Improved smooth design
  • Tapered tip for easy insertion

  • App connectivity can be a bit unstable
Lovense Hush 2
Vibration modesUnlimited in app
Length4.5 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Battery Life210 minutes
Remote ControlsApp
Storage Bag IncludedYes

With rumbly vibrations, app-control and a smooth, velvety texture, I’d highly recommend this butt plug to all couples of all genders. It’s especially useful for those navigating a long-distance relationship, as you can control the functions directly in the app and allow your partner to control the settings from afar. It’s also perfect for solo use – imagine the fun you could have masturbating if you combined a remote-control butt plug with a butterfly vibrator or wearable vibrator? However you use it, I love this toy from Lovense and highly recommend it for those with a bigger budget.

9 Unisex

We-Vibe Ditto+ Vibrating Butt plug

 We-Vibe Ditto+

  • need a toy that's suitable for beginners
  • want a long distance butt plug
  • like the idea of a unisex butt plug
  • like the idea of an app-compatible butt plug
  • also want a physical remote control

We-Vibe Ditto+

  • are on a tight budget
  • want very strong vibrations from your butt plug
  • want a girthy or long anal toy
  • desire strong prostrate stimulation

The We-Vibe Ditto+ is a butt plug that’s designed with unisex pleasure in mind. Meant to be accessible for people with different anatomies but also people who are relatively new to anal play. The longer shaft with a bulbous tip (towards the front) is ideal to massage the prostate while the off-set T-shaped base provides some delicious vibrations to the perinuem during use. Of course, this design is just as delicious for any and all vulva-owners out there. A butt plug you can share with your partner – and one that specifically targets your individual pleasure, what’s not to like? The We-Vibe Ditto also has a physical remote for you or your partner to easily adjust the settings during use. It’s also app-compatible so you can unlock unlimited vibration modes and engage in some long-distance booty play!

  • Good quality materials
  • Discreet and quiet
  • Versatile
  • App-compatible
  • Beginner-friendly

  • Quite expensive
  • Storage bag not included
  • App connectivity can be unstable
  • Cheap-feeling controller
We-Vibe Ditto+
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
Length3.25 inches
Insertable length2.5 inches
Diameter1.27 inches
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Remote ControlsYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableBlack, Pink, Purple, Blue

I found Ditto+ to be a great option for couples who are looking for a good quality butt plug they can share! I absolutely love the unisex design that really does make the We-Vibe Ditto+ a great option for couples who want to go this anal adventure together. It is one of the better shape and size of any butt plug I have tested, especially for beginners to take the leap. I had a pretty easy time using the physical remote control. Adjusting the settings came easy to me and was super practical during use. It sure did add for some very amazing teasing and edging with my partner! Another great couples feature is the app compatibility and long-distance function. I’d let my bae buzz my booty from miles and miles away!

10 Glass

Booty Sparks Glow-in-Dark Glass Butt Plug

 Booty Sparks Glass Plug

  • Are interested in trying anal play
  • Are looking to prepare for anal sex
  • Enjoy temperature play
  • Enjoy displaying attractive glass toys

Booty Sparks Glass Plug

  • Have a medical condition that prevents anal play
  • Need flexibility in your anal play
  • Cannot easily reach to insert an anal plug

The Booty Sparks Glow in the Dark Glass Anal Plug is a remarkable piece that not only serves its purpose but adds a fun, luminescent twist to your intimate moments. Made from durable borosilicate glass, it’s hypoallergenic and compatible with all varieties of lube, ensuring a smooth, comfortable experience. Its sleek design is not just for aesthetics; it’s perfect for temperature play, adding a new dimension to your explorations. The flared base ensures safety and stability. Plus, with the ability to glow in the dark after brief exposure to light, it certainly adds a playful, visual excitement to your adventures.

  • Body-safe
  • Great For geginners
  • Low price
  • Attractive design

  • Not flexible
  • No vibrations
  • May be difficult to insert solo
  • Inconsistent glow-in-the-dark feature
Booty Sparks Glass Plug
Length2.9 inches
Insertable length2.5 inches
Diameter1.1 inches
MaterialsBorosilicate Glass
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableClear

The whimsical allure of the Booty Sparks Glow in the Dark Glass Anal Plug added a new dimension of fun to my nighttime escapades. Its glow-in-the-dark feature is not just a gimmick but a visual treat that enhances the playful ambiance. The borosilicate glass it’s crafted from allowed for a smooth insertion and the temperature play was a thrilling bonus. Although it lacks the luxurious heft of the Rosebuds Butt Plug, its unique glowing feature and the sleek design holds a special place in my heart and my collection. The safety assured by its flared base is a practical aspect that I value, ensuring my adventures are as secure as they are enjoyable.

11 Luxury

Rosebuds Metal Butt Plug

 Rosebuds Metal Butt Plug

  • Want to treat yourself to a luxury sex toy
  • Already know you enjoy using butt plugs
  • Enjoy temperature play
  • Want a weighted butt plug
  • Want a special gift for a partner that loves butt plugs

Rosebuds Metal Butt Plug

  • Are totally new to anal play
  • Are on a budget
  • You are looking for an extra large butt plug

I have never laid my eyes on a more beautiful or more luxurious butt plug than than this one! I love absolutely everything about it from the satisfying 295 gram weight to the bulbed shape, and of course, the sparkling Swarovski crystal on the base! The Rosebuds Butt Plug is made from top quality stainless steel and hand-polish for the smoothest, shiniest finish! I also love that it’s available in three different sizes and with different colored crystals so you can find your perfect match.

  • It looks like a work of art
  • Premium materials
  • Satisfying weightiness
  • Comfortable to insert and wear
  • Shape and weight creates a feeling of fullness
  • Perfect for wearing during partnered sex or solo play

  • Expensive
Rosebuds Metal Butt Plug
Length 3.35 inches
Diameter1.38 inches
MaterialsStainless steel
Weight0.65 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Having had the honor of testing the Rosebuds Butt Plug personally, I cannot sing it’s praises highly enough! Yes, it is more expensive than the other stainless steel weighted butt plugs in this review, but it’s worth it for how incredibly sexy you feel when your booty is adorned with a Swarovski crystal! I always also incredibly surprised by just how comfortable it is to wear, even when sitting down! However, if this high-end butt plug is out of your budget for a weighted sex toy but you love the sparkly gem style, check out the Lovehoney Jewelled Metal Butt Plug, which was our best cheap weighted butt plug in this review!

12 Large

b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 Remote Control Large Butt Plug

 b-Vibe Rimming 2 Butt Plug

  • want to pleasure internally and externally
  • enjoy rimming sensations
  • want to use a remote control with a partner
  • want to take your anal play to the next level

b-Vibe Rimming 2 Butt Plug

  • are a beginner

If you thought you’d already tried every type of butt plug – big, small, textured, smooth, steel, any butt plug on offer – you haven’t yet tried the rimming butt plug! Using rotating vibrations to simulate a licking tongue, this vibrator really does take the butt play experience to an entire new level. With a remote control feature, this butt plug is perfect for surrending to your partner and enjoying sensations you never thought you’d get from a toy.


  • Incredible rimming feature
  • Remote control
  • Velvety silicone
  • Rechargeable via USB

  • Dimensions aren't particularly beginner-friendly
b-Vibe Rimming 2 Butt Plug
Length6 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Vibration speeds5
Vibration patterns6
Battery Life90 minutes
AllergiesLatex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Storage Bag IncludedYes

As someone who’s had their fair share of adventures in the backdoor playground, let me tell you about the b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2. This isn’t just any plug; it’s like the Swiss Army knife of butt toys. The rotating beads are a game-changer, mimicking a rim job with surprising accuracy – it’s almost like having a dedicated, tireless tongue back there. The variety of speeds and patterns keeps things interesting, ensuring you’re never just going through the motions. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but you’re essentially getting the Rolls Royce of anal toys. Luxury has its price, after all!

13 Best for Prostate

Lelo Hugo SenseMotion Prostate Butt Plug

 Lelo Hugo Prostate Butt Plug

  • enjoy soft and sensual vibrations
  • are looking for your first prostate vibrator
  • want something remote controlled
  • love vibrations on your perineum

Lelo Hugo Prostate Butt Plug

  • need a very quiet toy
  • want a textured surface on your anal toy

The Lelo Hugo is a type of butt plug that is specifically designed to be enjoyed by people with a prostate. The curved body with a tapered yet bulbous tip will target that so-called “male g-spot” and send delicious, sensual vibrations to the area. The curved base of the butt plug also stimulates the perineum at the same time. The remote control will allow you to wear and enjoy this prostate massager hands-free! Try wearing it during oral or penetration and see how it can elevate the experience.

  • Hands-free use with remote control
  • Great quality product
  • Soft and sensual vibrations
  • Perineum stimulation

  • Charging cord is very short
  • Long charging time
Lelo Hugo Prostate Butt Plug
Vibration patterns8
Insertable length3.4 inches
Diameter1.28 inches
MaterialsSilicone & ABS plastic
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableOcean Blue, Black

The Lelo Hugo is not the cheapest prostate butt plug out there, but you’re also ensured a premium quality prostate massager when you purchase this toy. It has become a go-to prostate toy in my household as the sensual vibrations really elevate the overall pleasure of any kind of sexual activity. The remote control really allows for easy control and fun partnered play! I wouldn’t recommend the Lelo Hugo if you’re on a tight budget, but it might be worth saving up for you’re looking for a quality wearable prostate vibrator.

14 Best w. Tail

Tailz Snap-On Vibrating Anal Plug w. 3 different tails

 B-Vibe Unicorn Plug Set

  • Like the convenience of a remote control for adjusting settings.
  • Prefer a comfortable plug that remains stable during use.
  • Are exploring role-play and enjoy the idea of incorporating tails.

B-Vibe Unicorn Plug Set

  • Dislike the bulky feel of long tails during intimate moments.
  • Are seeking high-quality vibrations and materials in your toys.
  • Need a durable, long-lasting tail attachment mechanism.

The Tailz Snap-On Anal Vibe and 3 Interchangeable Tails Set is a versatile and unique addition to the tail butt plug category. It includes a silicone butt plug with a remote-controlled vibration feature and three different tails – a pink bunny tail and two longer options. The plug is designed for comfort and stability, even with the weight of the longer tails.

  • Variety of tails (3 different)
  • Comfortable silicone plug
  • stays in place well
  • easy adjustment of vibration settings
  • Remote control

  • prone to breaking
  • Long tails feelt bulky
  • Mediocre vibration quality (felt buzzy)
B-Vibe Unicorn Plug Set
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
LengthBunny tail: 5", Gray fox tail: 20", White fox tail: 18.5 inches
Insertable lengthButt plug: 3.5 inches
DiameterButt plug: 1.25 inches
MaterialsPlug: silicone, Tails: polyester
Remote ControlsYes — physical remote

I found the Tailz Snap-On Anal Vibe and 3 Interchangeable Tails Set to be a bit of a mixed experience. As someone who enjoys costume parties, the role-play aspect was quite fun, especially with the cute pink bunny tail. However, the initial disappointment of the tail attachment breaking was a letdown. After some DIY fixing, the plug itself was comfortable and stable, but the vibrations didn’t really impress me – they were more buzzy than pleasurable. I gotta say, the longer tails had me feeling like a confused peacock – eye-catching, sure, but way too chunky! They kinda spoiled the vibe, you know? The whole thing’s great for newcomers to role-play (like a ‘tail’ beginner’s kit, haha), but let’s talk durability. Picture this: you’re all excited, and bam, repair time. Not exactly what you want mid-adventure. So, if you don’t mind giving your toy a DIY facelift now and then, and you’re not super picky about the buzz factor, this could be your jam. But hey, if you’re all about that top-notch quality life, you might wanna keep looking. Trust me, there’s plenty more fish – or should I say tails – in the sea!

15 Heart plug

Rear Assets Heart Butt Plug

 Rear Assets Heart

  • Are new to anal play
  • Want a wearable plug that you don't intend to wear during vaginal penetration
  • Enjoy temperature play
  • Want to dilate before anal sex

Rear Assets Heart

  • Desire a more filling sensation
  • Intend to wear a plug while being vaginally penetrated
  • Have any medical issues that may prevent or be affected by anal play
  • Desire a flexible anal toy

The Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug is a stunning blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its chrome-plated exterior dazzles with a metallic shine, adorned with a heart-shaped gem that glistens in enchanting rainbow hues. Despite its luxurious appearance, this lightweight and portable treasure is compact enough to nestle in the palm of your hand. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, it’s an easy-to-carry companion ready to explore the realms of anal pleasure with you. With its eye-catching design and superior comfort, it’s not just a plug; it’s a statement of playful elegance.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Easy to insert
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Good price
  • Portable and easy to store

  • May be a bit small for some
Rear Assets Heart
Length3.5 inches
Insertable length2 inches
Diameter1 inches
Weight0.2 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableRainbow

When I first laid eyes on the Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug, its aesthetic charm instantly won me over. The chrome-plated exterior exudes a luxurious aura, while the heart-shaped rainbow gem adds a whimsical touch. While using it, I found it to be lightweight and compact, making it an easy companion for my on-the-go adventures. However, when compared to the Rosebuds Butt Plug, it didn’t offer the satisfying weightiness which I often crave. Nonetheless, its visual appeal and ease of use make it a delightful addition to my collection.

16 Beaded

Romp Amp Anal Bead Butt Plugs

 Romp Amp Anal Bead Butt Plugs

  • love bulbed sensations
  • want a high quality butt plug on a budget
  • love wearing a butt plug during sex
  • are a beginner to butt plugs
  • Can comfortably fit 1-inch diameters anally
  • Love anal beads
  • Prefer silicone toys
  • Are searching for an affordable anal toy
  • Desire a silent toy

Romp Amp Anal Bead Butt Plugs

  • prefer fuller, thick sensations - this butt plug offers more of a bulbed sensation
  • Need very gradual expansion
  • Prefer a motorized toy
  • Are bothered by strong odors
  • Desire more colorful options

The ROMP Amp Anal Beads offer a unique foray into the world of anal play. They feature a series of firm silicone balls, graduating in size up to a 1-inch diameter, and a T-bar base for safety. Designed to enhance climax when withdrawn, these beads promise a distinct experience from typical anal plugs.

  • Anchor base for secure hold
  • Smooth silicone feel
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Small tip for easy insertion
  • Bulbed sensations
  • Body-safe silicone
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible
  • Flared base
  • 2-year warranty

  • Might not be suitable for more advanced users
  • Bulbed shaft - if you prefer a fuller feel, this butt plug isn't for you
  • Strong chemical odor
  • Only available in purple
  • Too large for beginners
Romp Amp Anal Bead Butt Plugs
Length5.3 inches
Diameter1 inches
WidthBase: 3 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailablePurple

So, let me tell you about my latest adventure with the ROMP Amp Anal Beads. It was like jumping onto one of those wild, slightly questionable rollercoasters – you know, the kind that makes you scream with excitement and a tiny bit of fear. Opening the box, I was hit with this crazy strong smell. Imagine walking into a room expecting roses and getting hit with a stink bomb instead – totally caught me off guard! Now, from someone who’s seen their fair share of butt plugs and toys, these beads are definitely more for the pros. They’re not your walk-in-the-park type; more like a hike up a steep hill – thrilling, but you need to be ready for it. If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves for a bit of cleaning after the fun, these beads could seriously spice up your collection. But listen, if you’re just starting out or your nose is as sensitive as mine on a pollen-filled day, you might want to pass on these. Overall, these beads are like that one daring dish in a fancy restaurant – not everyone’s cup of tea, but for some, it’s the exact zing they’re looking for. Just remember, it’s all about what tickles your fancy!

17 Best w. Cock Ring

Lynk Plugged Cock Ring Prostate Massager

 Lynk Plugged Cock Ring

  • want to explore some wearable prostate stimulation
  • enjoy using cock rings
  • already have bit of experience with anal play
  • enjoy a bulbous prostate plug

Lynk Plugged Cock Ring

  • prefer a vibrating prostate massager
  • want a butt plug for prostate stimulator without a cock ring

The Lynk Plugged Silicone Cock Ring Prostate Massager is a great option for anyone looking for some wearable prostate massaging action. With a tapered yet bulbous tip on the insertable shaft, you’re promised some impressive prostate stimulation while the flexible silicone cock ring wraps around your penis shaft and scrotum. The cock ring helps keep the butt plug in place while also maintaining a strong erection. Perfect for spicing up your usual sexual routine with a harder erection and a pampered prostate. Fully submersible and safe to bring with you on aquativ adventures!

  • Great wearable prostate stimulation
  • Snug and comfortable cock ring
  • Easy to clean
  • A great addition to your usual sexual

  • Does not provide vibrations to the prostate
  • Not super comfortable during extended wear
Lynk Plugged Cock Ring
Length4 inches
Insertable length3.3 inches
DiameterAnal plug: 1.25 inches
DiameterCock ring: 2 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo

The Lynk Plugged Silicone Cock Ring Prostate Massager is mostly suitable for people who are slightly experienced with anal play and prostate play. It’s ideal for partnered fun and a great way to enhance pleasure during oral or penetrative sex. This simple contraption will sit comfortably and snugly around your bits to give them all some love and attention when you need it most.

How to Choose the Best Butt Plug Size for You

Generally speaking, plugs will be available in one of five sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL. Most people start with a small plug, although extra small plugs can be a good option for those with smaller bodies or genuine worries. From there, sizes simply get larger and larger until you start approaching large plugs, which are generally ideal for those comfortable with anal sex. Extra Large toys are available for size queens and kings who’re constantly chasing after a truly fulfilling “fill”. Here’s a quick overview of the different sizes you’ll see!
Size Length (in inches) Diameter (in inches)
XS Under 3 <1
S 2 – 3 1 – 1.25
M 3 – 4 1.25 – 1.5
L 4 – 6 1.75 – 2
XL 6< 2<
To learn more about the differences between the sizes, click here.  

More on the width (thickness in diameter)

Names Sizes (Diameter) Notes
Tiny / Mini / Petite < 1 inch Smaller than what I would recommend for even your first time butt plug. I would advise choosing this size if you have already tried something with a diameter of a small butt plug, and felt discomfort. These are some of the smallest anal sex toys out there.
Small 1 – 1.25 inches The perfect beginner butt plug size. You can even go to medium, but I would advice to be cautious and start at this size with your very first butt plug.
Medium 1.25 – 1.5 inches Not quite the novice, but also not quite ready to go all the way huge?
Big / Large 1.5 – 2 inches These butt plugs are big for anyone. It is important to keep in mind, that butt plugs typically have a wider diameter at the widest spot than most
XL / Jumbo / Huge > 2 inches All right, so you are interested in a huge butt plug? We’ll your range is typically anything over 2 inches at least. But remember, everyone is different, and naming sizes in this fashion is somewhat subjective.
However, we are not completely done with different types of butt plug sizes just yet. The observants ones might have noticed, that I only used diameter as a measure og size. And if you have already read our butt plug sizing guide, then you will know, that width and length are too very different things. If you own, or have researched the best anal training kits, then you will also know that a kit typically contains a longer butt plug as well as the typical incrementally larger plugs only. We use the terminology:
  • Thick or wide butt plug to describe plugs with a large diameter measurement.
  • Thin, narrow or skinny butt plug to descibe plugs with a small diameter measurement.
  • Long or deep butt plug to describe long butt plugs with a large length measurement.
  • And only short butt plug. Typically butt plugs won’t be that long, and you won’t see short as a descriptor in shops or in our anal toy reviews.

What things to look for

Before rushing off to spend some quality time with your butt plug, here are some of the most important factors to consider before settling on the toy you want:


One of the most important things to take into consideration before buying a butt plug is its size. If your butt plug is too small, it’s not going to feel great, but if it’s too big, you won’t even manage to get it in!


The most common butt plug shape is slightly acorn-esque and girthy, but you don’t have to go straight for a girthy toy! Some butt toys have curved tips, making them more optimized for stimulating the prostate.


When buying a toy that is going to be used exclusively in the anus, you’re going to want to prioritize the highest quality materials. We recommend opting for non-porous materials for butt plugs, like metal, silicone, glass, or ABS plastic.


Do you want a vibrating butt plug, an inflatable butt plug, or a thrusting butt plug? The world is your oyster!

Area of stimulation

If you want to stimulate the pressure nerves in the anus, a girthier butt plug is ideal. For p-spot stimulation, go for a curved tip!

Experience level

Another of the most important factors to take into consideration – experience! It’s always best to start off with beginner butt plugs and work your way up to the more advanced anal toys


If your budget is limited, we made to sure to include some cheaper alternatives in our review. You don’t need to compromise on quality when it comes to buying cheap sex toys – you just have to let us help you find the best ones!


For an all-round safe and pleasurable experience when using a butt plug of any genre, make sure to take these important bits of advice into account:

Flared Base ALWAYS

Flared Base ALWAYS - Safety
When you’re using butt toys, the most important thing to remember is to use a toy with a flared base. A flared base is going to prevent the toy from getting stuck in your butt – literally. You’d be surprised how many emergency rooms in the US deal with thousands of patients every year turning up with mysterious objects that just happened to get stuck in their, ahem, rear end. Be safe and be considerate to your local healthcare practitioners – and always go for flared!

Lube, lube, lube

Lube, lube, lube - Safety
You don’t take the back route without a generous (and we really do mean generous) helping of lube! Lube is going to help to protect your anus from from fissures or cuts linked to friction or rapid movements. Lube will allow you to explore your toys without discomfort – so stock up!

Protect your tush

Protect your tush - Safety
When you’re getting started with butt plugs, you’ll want to go for smooth textures. Avoid anything too ridged or textured when you’re beginning, as these can tear the delicate skin in and around the anus. When you’re more experienced, you can slowly incorporate more textures toys into your routine.

And please DON'T do this...

And please DON'T do this... - Safety
Whatever you do, do NOT use any anal numbing creams. Numbing creams suspend any sensations of pain that you might experience either during anal sex or anal play with a toy. But we NEED to be able to hear our body when it talks to us. When our bodies send us pain signals, it means that something is wrong. Put simply, if we are unable to receive these pain signals during anal play, we won’t be aware if we’re going too far and causing damage to the delicate skin and tissue back there. So NEVER use numbing cream (even if it’s marketed as “safe” – the “safe” will typically refer to the formula.)

How to Choose the Best Silicone Butt Plug for You

There are many different things to factor in when selecting a silicone butt plug. First, there’s sizing to consider (more on this below!). After that, you need to start considering the specifics of the toy in question. The base style is especially important, as this will have a direct effect on the overall long-term comfort of your toy. While rounded bases generally look more ornate, they tend to cause issues due to friction over time. As such, you may find a t-bar base—which is designed for long-term comfort—to be the better option. There’s also the shape of the plug itself to consider. Tapered tips will be easier to insert, while rounded tips generally offer more overall stimulation. Looking closely at the shape of a plug should give you an idea of how the plug will feel during the insertion & removal processes. Another important aspect is texture. While most plugs will be smooth, some models—such as the beaded choice mentioned above—provide additional stimulation due to their textures. Lastly, consider any extra features offered in your potential purchases. Is it worth paying extra for a weighted silicone butt plug? Perhaps the upcharge for the rimming feature will be worthwhile (as you plan on using it every day)? These are decisions that only you can make. However, considering that extra features tend to increase the toy’s cost quite a bit, you should avoid paying for features you’ll rarely—if ever—use.

How are Butt Plugs Different From Other Anal Toys?

Butt plugs are commonly known as the go-to anal toy for those interested in anal play. Here’s how a butt plug differs from other types of anal toys:

Butt Plug vs. Anal Beads

Butt Plug vs. Anal Beads - How are Butt Plugs Different From Other Anal Toys?
While anal beads might seem pretty intimidating, the concept behind this toy is pretty simple – and it can feel amazing when used correctly! Anal beads are basically lots of bead or nubs, attched to a cord, which is then inserted into the anus. The beaded texture stimulates the nerves in the anus during both insertion and removal, making it ideal for some anal fun. The main difference between a butt plug and anal beads is that a butt plug is much typically girthier and smooth in texture, while the anal beads are thin but heavily ribbed (well, beaded.) Both these anal toys come in vibrating versions if you want to take your anal play up a notch.

Butt Plug vs. Anal Vibrator

Butt Plug vs. Anal Vibrator - How are Butt Plugs Different From Other Anal Toys?
Anal vibrators are different from butt plugs in the fact that they’re buzzy (or rumbly) and designed to create pleasure waves via internal vibrations. You can also find anal vibrators in a large variety of shapes, while butt plugs tend to be girthy and acorn-shaped.

Butt Plug vs. Anal Dildos

Butt Plug vs. Anal Dildos - How are Butt Plugs Different From Other Anal Toys?
Like anal vibrators, Anal dildos come in all shapes,  sizes, and forms. While a butt plug is typically designed to remain static in the anus (aka you don’t need to push it in and out of the anus), an anal dildo is designed to penetrate the anus. This can be done either manually using your hands, or via a suction cup. That’s pretty much the main difference between a butt plug and an anal dildo. Anal dildos are also typically more diverse, while most butt plugs conform to a certain style and are best used during foreplay.

Types of Butt Plug

When it comes to butt plugs, it’s a bit of understatement to say that you’re spoiled for choice. Here are all the different types of butt plugs you can buy:

Anal Play Safety

In general, anal play is a very safe practice. However, that doesn’t mean you can use plugs—even high-quality rubber butt plugs—with reckless abandon. Let’s go over some basic safety practices you should know. First, lubrication is a requirement. The anus doesn’t lubricate itself, meaning that proper lubrication must be provided to avoid friction, skin tearing, and internal damage. If having anal sex, you really should use a condom. Just don’t use the same condom for both vaginal & anal sex! The lining of the anus is quite thin, making it vulnerable to potential tearing that can easily lead to the spread of bacteria and viruses. This is also the same reason why you should only use non-porous anal toys (like a silicone butt plug). Using a porous toy that can harbor bacteria poses the same risk as unprotected anal sex. Lastly, don’t skimp out on the warmup process. By properly relaxing yourself beforehand, you can significantly decrease the risk of tearing, therefore reducing the risk of potential complications.


In this next section I will briefly take you through the different types of butt plug materials that you can choose between (or stumble upon in your collection). Afterwards, I’ll guide you through the pros and cons of each and make a fight night out of it (e.g. “glass butt plug vs. metal butt plug”).
  • Glass butt plug – made from borascilate glass, that is pretty much impossible to break (don’t try). Can be heated up or cooled down for extra sensation. Very hard.
  • Metal butt plug – made from stainless steel most commonly, they offer a super hard shell