Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug — Test & Review

   Naomi Ruth Jeeter
Oct 12, 2023

Naomi Ruth Jeeter
: 31
: Expert
: Femme Non-Binary
: Sexually Fluid

  • Are new to anal play
  • Want a wearable plug that you don't intend to wear during vaginal penetration
  • Enjoy temperature play
  • Want to dilate before anal sex

  • Desire a more filling sensation
  • Intend to wear a plug while being vaginally penetrated
  • Have any medical issues that may prevent or be affected by anal play
  • Desire a flexible anal toy

The Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug is one of the most gorgeous plugs I've seen! It is chrome-plated, giving it a metallic appearance and features a heart-shaped gem. The chrome-plating and gem are both lovely rainbow hues. The toy is small and fits in the palm of my hand (which is also small). It's made of aluminum (my first aluminum toy) and is very lightweight and portable.

Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug -

My first impression of the Rear Assets Rainbow butt plug was that this is a beautiful toy! I love the rainbow color scheme and the cute heart gem. I initially was afraid it might be a bit uncomfortable, because I had never used an aluminum toy before. To the contrary, though, with a little lube, insertion was easy and comfortable. I like the diversity of the metal plug, because it can be placed in the refrigerator or placed in warm or iced water to experiment with temperature play (I prefer the warming sensation). The aluminum also makes it very hygienic and easy to clean. My only area of dissatisfaction is with the size. I used a size small, and when using the plug during penetration, the plug did end up coming out. I personally plan to order this same toy in a larger size, because I enjoy the fuller feeling, but I find the toy itself stunning and easy to use!

Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug -

I LOVE the design! The metallic rainbow color is fun and exciting, and the heart-shaped gem is just as cute and colorful. The tapered design is meant to allow for easy insertion, and the flared base is meant to keep the plug in place. In my experience, this design worked well, but I'm not so sure how well the flared base will hold the toy in place, because the toy is too small for me. It may very well have been more effective with a larger plug.

Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug -

The Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug is very easy to use. Insertion is easy and takes no time. I mean, really, it slipped right in with no preparation aside from a little lube.

Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug -

The aluminum seems sturdy and long-lasting, unlikely to dent or rust. I do worry that perhaps the gemstone may come out some day but not with regular use-- only if the toy were accidentally dropped, the gemstone may be able to be damaged or may come off.

Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug - <

I won't say this plug is cheap quality, but it's not high level quality either, so the price is fitting. You get the anal plug and a velvet drawstring pouch for a lower price than many other toys. I've seen a similar style of toy cost a bit more or a bit less, but this particular toy is priced well.

Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug -

It's EXACTLY as described online. It looks exactly as pictured online. The Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug is advertised as beginner-friendly, and I definitely agree and would recommend this for people curious about trying anal play for the first time.

Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug -

The packaging suited the toy well. The back of the box has a window that allows you to see the toy while it's still in the box. There is really no need for explanation on use of the toy, but the bottom of the box has a warning regarding when NOT to use the toy. The only downside of the packaging is that the description is in five languages, but care instructions and the warning to prevent injury are only listed in English.

Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug -

The aluminum is body-safe. It is easy to clean without fear of bacteria build-up. It can be cleaned easily with warm water and antibacterial soap and then dried by patting with a cotton cloth or towel. It is lightweight and easy to store in the velvet pouch included.

Length3.5 inches
Insertable length2 inches
Diameter1 inches
Weight0.2 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableRainbow

Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug -

  • Attractive appearance
  • Easy to insert
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Good price
  • Portable and easy to store

  • May be a bit small for some

Overall, the Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug is a great anal plug. It's beautiful, body safe, easy to clean, and it's a toy that should last for a while. Even though it was a bit small for my taste, I would definitely recommend this toy to anyone who wants to experiment with anal play. For anyone who is more experienced in anal play, wants to use an anal plug while being vaginally penetrated, or just appreciates a fuller feeling, I would recommend getting this plug in a larger size. If not for the small size, this would definitely be one of my favorites, and I'll still wear it occasionally solely for the exciting appearance.

There is no user manual available online or elsewhere and none needed. Check out my How To guide above for some ideas, and feel free to be creative in your own ways. Remember to always do what is pleasurable, comfortable and safe for you and your body.

It is perfect for beginners, especially in the small size. Insertion is easy, and it comes in a small enough size to accommodate newcomers to anal play.

Since the Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug is made of chrome-plated aluminum, you can use any kind of personal lubricant!

The Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug is available in three sizes: small, medium and large.

I've expressed that the small size didn't work for me as a plug I can wear during sex, but the tapered design makes the Rear Assets Rainbow Butt Plug a great choice for a plug that will stay put during sex. I would recommend using one of the larger sizes if you have any experience in anal play. Using a larger side will ensure that the plug won't be pushed out during penetration.