The 3 Best Anal Hooks for Next Level Bondage

   Isabelle Uren
Allow us to hook you in with our review of anal hooks! We’ve tested and reviewed some of the best and most amazingly pleasing hooks out there! We’ve explored the pros and cons of each while pointing you in the right direction if you want to buy one. And what’s more, we’ve even provided you with some awesomely handy and helpful hints and tips to help you get the most out of your anal hooks! Now this really is the review you’re looking for!
1 Test Winner

DOMINIX Deluxe Small Anal Hook


  • Have some experience with anal toys
  • Enjoy predicament bondage
  • Want beginner to intermediate anal hook


  • Prefer an anal hook with a larger ball

If you are looking for the ultimate restriction devices, look no further. When used alone, the sleek silver anal hook and 1.2-inch ball provide a deeply stimulating internal massage to please your g-spot or p-spot. It can be used vaginally or anally for solo massage or with a partner. Combine the hook with ropes and other restraints for some thrilling predicament bondage play for a seriously intense experience.

  • Stainless steel hook
  • 1.2 inch wide aluminium ball
  • Vaginal & anal insertion
  • Perfect for predicament bondage

  • Expensive
  • Experienced users may prefer a bigger ball
  • Need to make sure the ball is screwed on tightly
Length11 inches inches
Insertable length5 inches inches
Diameter1.2 inches (ball) inches
MaterialsStainless steel & aluminium

While anal hooks are an advanced bondage toy that is best suited to people with experience with other restraints, you can also use this hook for internal massage, either vaginally or anally. As this anal hook features a small ball, it would be best for first-time to intermediate users. Experienced anal hook users may prefer a larger ball. The ball is detachable to make it easier to clean. However, this means you have to be extra careful to check the ball is screwed on tightly before using. This anal hook is a little more expensive than some other hooks, but it is a high-quality hook, and when it comes to such intimate devices, it pays to buy from well-known companies.

2 Cheapest

Stainless Steel Anal Hook

 OXY-shop Hook

  • Have some experience using anal sex toys
  • Prefer a smaller ball — this size is perfect for first time users

OXY-shop Hook

  • Prefer a larger ball on your hook

This surgical grade stainless steel anal hook from BDSM masters OXY Shop features a sleek hook with 5 inches of insertable length. Perfect for internal massage and advanced bondage play, this hook can be combined with ropes and restraints to take it to the next level.Surgical stainless steel

  • Surgical stainless steel
  • 5 inches insertable length
  • Vaginal & anal insertion
  • Storage bag

  • Experienced users may prefer a bigger ball
  • Need to make sure the ball is screwed on tightly
OXY-shop Hook
Length6.69 inches inches
Insertable length5 inches inches
Diameter0.78 inches (ball) inches
MaterialsSurgical stainless steel

This is a great price for a well-made anal hook that can be used in many different ways. Enjoy it solo for some g-spot or g-spot massage or use it with partner. The ring makes it easy to attach ropes for restraint play and the hook can be used for double penetration with a partner or another toy. As it is made from surgical-grade stainless steel, the hook is easy to clean, and it can be heated or cooled to add some thrilling temperature play to the mix.

3 Customizable

OXY Versatile Anal Hook - Choose Your Design

 Versatile Anal Hook

  • Want a customisable option with different bulb sizes available

Versatile Anal Hook

  • Prefer an anal hook with a ball, check out the other hooks in this review.

This surgical grade stainless steel anal hook from OXY Shop has 3.15 inches of insertable hook and comes with a choice of four bulb-shaped balls. Choose between small, medium, large, and one twisted texture bulb, or buy the whole set for endless fun.

  • Surgical stainless steel
  • 3.15 inches insertable length
  • Vaginal & anal insertion
  • Choice of 4 balls

  • Need to make sure the bulb is screwed on tightly
Versatile Anal Hook
Length6.3 inches inches
Insertable length3.15 inches inches
Diameter1.57" / 1.33" / 1.02" / 0.95" (bulbs) inches
MaterialsSurgical stainless steel

This customizable option from OXY Shop is a fantastic choice for beginners and intermediate users of anal hooks alike. If you are just dipping your toes into the thrilling world of extreme restraints and anal hooks, you can opt for the smaller ball. For anyone who craves a little more, you can opt for the big bulb or even go for the whole set, so you’ve got more to experiment with. Having the option to replace just the bulb makes this a perfect way to work your way up to bigger bulbs. Not to mention, it’s much more cost-effective than buying the whole hook each time!

Anal Hook Without a Ball

Hooks without balls are often used for posture training in BDSM play. They are easier to insert, but there is a greater risk of internal injury due to the lower surface area of the hook putting more pressure on your anal canal. Therefore, it’s important to use hooks without balls only for more gentle types of play.

OXY No Ball Anal Hook

OXY No Ball Anal Hook - Anal Hook Without a Ball
A surgical-grade stainless steel hook ready and waiting for ropes and restraints! Unlike most anal hooks, this one from OXY doesn’t have a bulb or ball on the end. The rounded tip is easy to insert and provides intense restraint when used with rope. The hook can also be heated or cooled for tantalizing temperature play either alone or with a partner.

Double Ball Anal Hook

If one restraint just wasn’t enough, you can take things to the next level with a double ball anal hook with balls for both the vagina and anus. This double ball hook provides intense internal stimulation and extreme restraint. The hook can also be combined with other restraints for some thrilling chastity play.

Anal Vaginal Double Ball Plug

Anal Vaginal Double Ball Plug - Double Ball Anal Hook
This anal and vaginal hook provides dual internal stimulation with one larger and one smaller ball. The rings at the end are designed for adding rope restraints that will keep your partner securely in place. The surgical stainless steel is ideal for experimenting with temperature play.

Anal Hook with Changeable Balls

If you are working towards using a bigger ball, a hook with two changeable balls is the perfect way to size up without having to buy a completely new hook. It also gives you more options to play with!

OXY Anal Hook - Two Balls (Big and Medium)​

OXY Anal Hook - Two Balls (Big and Medium)​ - Anal Hook with Changeable Balls
A stainless steel anal hook with the choice of two balls. Perfect for increasing your size or a bit of variation in your anal hook play! The smaller ball is perfect for beginners or those who prefer a small ball, and the bigger hook gives you something a little more substantial.

Anal Hook With a Collar ​

The ultimate in restriction, this anal hook and collar combo will have you locked in with no way out. The collar and hook are attached by a long metal rod that will keep the wearer completely bound and is perfect for BDSM posture training.

OXY Collar to Anal - Forced Bondage Hook

OXY Collar to Anal - Forced Bondage Hook - Anal Hook With a Collar ​
Complete with a lockable collar and hook, you can choose between four ball sizes and two collar sizes. The adjustable rod that runs down the wearer’s spine attaches to the collar and anal hook and locks them into position. This collar and hook combination is made from stainless steel, making it easy to clean, and it comes with a range of customizable options, including 4 different ball sizes.

Giant Ball Anal Hook

If you crave some serious full sensations from your anal hook, why not try a giant ball hook. This size is only recommended for advanced anal hook users.

OXY Giant Ball Anal Hook

OXY Giant Ball Anal Hook  - Giant Ball Anal Hook
This eye-watering anal hook with a giant ball is one for the advanced users out there that crave that stretched and full feeling. With 2.36 inches of insertable length and a 3.53-inch wide ball, you will certainly feel a satisfying stretch. The whole thing is made from surgical stainless steel, meaning it’s easy to clean and can be heated or cooled to add some extra stimulation.

Bondage Rope

Once you’ve chosen your anal hook, chances are you’ll need some bondage rope to keep you or your partner where you want them. Bondage rope can be looped through the metal loop on your anal hook and secured to anything you like to restrain your partner. You should never use an anal hook for suspension

Shibari Bondage Rope, 5-10m - ‘The Knot’

Shibari Bondage Rope, 5-10m - ‘The Knot’ - Bondage Rope
A soft woven cotton rope to keep your partner perfectly tied up and at your mercy! Choose between 5 or 10 meters.

Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope 10 Meter

Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope 10 Meter - Bondage Rope
10 meters of black, soft woven cotton to keep your partner where you want them. A perfect companion to your new anal hook.

Doc Johnson Japanese-Style Bondage Rope 10 Meter

Doc Johnson Japanese-Style Bondage Rope 10 Meter - Bondage Rope
10 meters of purple woven cotton that is soft on the skin. Perfect for beginners to advanced bondage.

DOMINIX Deluxe vs. OXY-shop Hook vs. Versatile Anal Hook

When it comes to selecting an anal hook, it’s important to consider factors such as design, ease of use, quality, and overall experience. In this article, we’ll compare three popular anal hooks: the DOMINIX Deluxe, the OXY-shop Hook, and the Versatile Anal Hook, looking at their key features and user reviews.

Overall Score

The DOMINIX Deluxe has an overall score of 4.8/5.0, making it the best product among the three. The OXY-shop Hook and the Versatile Anal Hook both have an overall score of 4.7/5.0, making them the test winners and the cheapest options.

Bedbible Rating

The DOMINIX Deluxe boasts the highest Bedbible rating of 4.8/5.0, followed closely by the Versatile Anal Hook with a rating of 4.7/5.0. The OXY-shop Hook has a slightly lower rating of 4.6/5.0.

User Rating

Users seem to love the OXY-shop Hook, giving it a rating of 4.8/5.0 based on 66 reviews. The DOMINIX Deluxe and the Versatile Anal Hook both have a user rating of 4.7/5.0, based on 17 and 7 reviews, respectively.


Both the OXY-shop Hook and the Versatile Anal Hook are considered low-priced options, while the DOMINIX Deluxe is a medium-priced option.


The DOMINIX Deluxe scores the highest in design, with a 90/100 rating, followed by the Versatile Anal Hook at 85/100, and the OXY-shop Hook at 80/100.

Ease of Use

The OXY-shop Hook excels in ease of use, receiving a 95/100 rating. The DOMINIX Deluxe follows closely behind with a rating of 90/100, and the Versatile Anal Hook has an 80/100 rating.


All three anal hooks offer high-quality materials and construction, with each receiving a 90/100 rating in this category.

Length and Insertable length

The DOMINIX Deluxe is the longest hook at 11 inches, while the OXY-shop Hook and the Versatile Anal Hook are shorter, measuring 6.69 and 6.3 inches, respectively. The DOMINIX Deluxe and the OXY-shop Hook have an insertable length of 5 inches, whereas the Versatile Anal Hook is slightly shorter at 3.15 inches.


The DOMINIX Deluxe has a diameter of 1.2 inches at the ball, while the OXY-shop Hook’s ball measures 0.78 inches. The Versatile Anal Hook offers more customization with four different bulb diameters: 1.57 inches, 1.33 inches, 1.02 inches, and 0.95 inches.


The DOMINIX Deluxe is made of stainless steel and aluminum, while both the OXY-shop Hook and the Versatile Anal Hook are constructed with surgical stainless steel.


In conclusion, while the DOMINIX Deluxe is the highest-rated anal hook, the OXY-shop Hook and the Versatile Anal Hook offer great value for money as test winners and the cheapest options. Consider each product’s features and user reviews when making your decision. The DOMINIX Deluxe is a solid choice for those who prioritize design and length. However, its higher price and lower power rating may be drawbacks for some users. The OXY-shop Hook is an excellent option for those who want an easy-to-use, high-quality hook with good user reviews. Its shorter length and smaller diameter might be more suitable for beginners. The Versatile Anal Hook stands out for its customizable diameter options, making it ideal for users who want to experiment with different sizes. Its shorter insertable length may be more comfortable for some, but it does have a slightly lower ease of use rating compared to the other two hooks. Ultimately, the best anal hook for you will depend on your personal preferences and priorities. The DOMINIX Deluxe, OXY-shop Hook, and Versatile Anal Hook all have their unique strengths and features, so carefully consider which one aligns with your needs before making a purchase.

Why Use an Anal Hook​

There are many reasons for trying an anal hook, and not all of them involve BDSM. Check out some of these reasons below.

Exploring New Sensations

New sensations can stimulate both your erogenous zones and your imagination. Stainless steel is less common than soft materials when it comes to silicone, so it can provide new and exciting tactile stimulation. The cold, hard feel of steel can be thrilling in comparison to soft, silicone dildos or butt plugs that adapt to your body temperature. Due to the rigidity, anal hooks, especially those with balls on the end, can provide a deep, intense internal massage that can work magic on your g- or p-spot. You also have the great advantage of being able to heat or cool stainless steel for some tantalizing temperature play.

Domination and Submission

A dom might have their sub wear an anal hook to assert their power over their sub. This could involve restricting their movements or putting them into uncomfortable or humiliating positions using an anal hook together with bondage rope. Anal hooks can be used in sexual scenes or during everyday life. For example, a dom might have their sub wear an anal hook, secured by ropes or chains, as they go about their usual business to create feelings of humiliation or submission. These are extremely intimate experience that requires a great deal of trust between both partners.

Predicament Bondage

In predicament bondage, the person is bound in such a way that they must balance or choose between pain, pressure, exertion, or muscle fatigue in opposing areas of the body. An example of this would be someone being bound from their hair to an anal hook. With any movement they make, they must choose between pulling their hair or putting more pressure on the anal hook.

How to Use an Anal Hook Safely

Anal hooks can be a thrilling addition to your sex life and they can be extremely pleasurable. In any form of sexual interaction, it is important to establish some safety guidelines to protect both your physical and emotional wellbeing. This is even more important when you give someone else control over your body or where the boundaries between pain and pleasure are blurred, as in BDSM. Here are some top tips for enjoying ring anal hooks safely. Remember to listen to your body and stop if the experience becomes painful.

Start slow and small.

Start slow and small. - How to Use an Anal Hook Safely
Always start with a hook that has a smaller ball, ensure you are fully aroused, and use plenty of lubrication. Start by inserting the anal hook slowly and wearing it for shorter amounts of time. You can always work your way up to bigger balls and longer times if that is what you desire and think of all the fun you can have along the way!

Choose a safe word, safe signal, or non verbal safe word.

Choose a safe word, safe signal, or non verbal safe word. - How to Use an Anal Hook Safely
A safe word or signal quickly and clearly gets the message across that you are not comfortable with what is happening, and you want it to stop. This is important as words like no and stop aren’t always clear in a BDSM setting. When choosing a safe word or signal, it is important to consider the scene. If you are wearing a gag, choose a signal that doesn’t rely on speaking, such as having an object in your hand to drop on the floor. It is important to think of a signal that is easy to perform, especially if you are restrained in other ways, and will not be confused with anything else.

Always practice consent.

Always practice consent. - How to Use an Anal Hook Safely
Consent is crucial to all sexual interactions and must be respected at all times. It is important to understand that consent can be withdrawn at any time, even if the person has already said yes. Withdrawing consent doesn’t always have to be a no. It might also sound like ‘I’m not sure,’ or ‘I’m not ready.’ Consent also means that the person giving consent must be fit to do so and not heavily influenced by drugs or alcohol. Lastly, the consent must be voluntary, and the person giving consent mustn’t feel pressured, coerced, or bribed into doing so.

Establish clear boundaries beforehand.

Establish clear boundaries beforehand. - How to Use an Anal Hook Safely
By discussing what you do and don’t want to happen and setting clear boundaries beforehand, both people can go into the experience feeling comfortable and confident. Again, although you can set clear boundaries beforehand, ongoing consent and respect of safe words and safe signals are still crucial as your feelings can change in the moment.

Make sure the ball is screwed on tightly.

Make sure the ball is screwed on tightly. - How to Use an Anal Hook Safely
Many anal hooks have removable balls that need to be removed to be cleaned. Make sure the ball is screwed on tightly before using the anal hook.

Do not put too much pressure on the anal hook.

Do not put too much pressure on the anal hook. - How to Use an Anal Hook Safely
An anal hook should never be used to suspend a person or be tied too tightly. Too much pressure on the anal canal can damage the sensitive tissue.

Always have medical shears nearby.

Always have medical shears nearby. - How to Use an Anal Hook Safely
Always have medical shears or bondage scissors nearby in case you need to let your partner out of the ropes quickly. These have guards on them, so you only cut the rope and not your partner.

Practice aftercare.

Practice aftercare. - How to Use an Anal Hook Safely
Aftercare is a great way to tend to both partner’s mental, physical, and emotional needs after practicing BDSM. Aftercare can involve practical things such as looking after any physical injuries or having something to eat or drink. It can also involve emotional care such as cuddling, talking, or giving reassurance. There are so many mental and physical changes that go on during the body during both vanilla and BDSM sex that can benefit from aftercare.

How to Use an Anal Hook

Due to the rigidity of anal hooks, it’s important to take things slowly, make sure you are fully aroused, and use plenty of lube. It’s always best to try your new anal hook out alone to get a feel for the sensations before moving on to more adventurous ways to play.

Solo Masturbation

Solo Masturbation

The curved shape and ball or bulb end make anal hooks great for providing intense internal massage, particularly for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. The visual turn-on of the cold hard metal definitely adds a new level of excitement to solo play.

Pulling the Pony

Pulling the Pony

This is an intense bondage position that will limit your partner’s movement, and it is best suited for those with advanced bondage experience. If your partner has long enough hair, you can tie bondage rope around their hair (in a low ponytail style) and connect the other end to the anal hook. In this position, the bound partner will have to arch their back to limit the pull of the hook. Be sure not to leave enough rope so that the hook does not pull too hard on the wearer’s anus.

Daily Domination

Daily Domination

As a dom you may want to have your sub wear the hook as they go about their daily lives. You can combine it with a rope or chain to lock it into place.

Temperature Play

Temperature Play

Stainless steel anal hooks can be heated or cooled using warm or cold water to add another layer of stimulation and excitement. Just be careful not to use extremely cold or hot temperatures as this can be painful and cause damage.

Rope Bondage & Shibari

Rope Bondage & Shibari

While rope bondage and Shibari both involve the use of rope and knots to tie and restrain people in different positions, Shibari is an ancient art that also carries a lot of symbolism rooted in its Japanese heritage. You can use an anal hook together with bondage rope to further limit the wearer’s movements by tying the hook to other restraints they are wearing or another object or Shibari form. Anal hook bondage can be used with suspension bondage, but the anal hook itself must never be used for the purpose of suspension, as this can cause damage to the internal tissues.

How to Clean an Anal Hook

As with anything you put inside your body, it is super important to keep your anal hook clean. Most anal hooks are made from stainless steel, meaning they can be sterilized between uses. You can first clean your anal hook with soap and warm water. Then to sterilize it, place it in a pan of boiling water. Allow it to boil gently for around 10 minutes. Make sure not to let the pan boil dry, and use tongs to remove the anal hook from the pan to prevent burns. You can then put the hook on a towel and allow it to dry fully before storing it in a storage bag or box.


Anal hooks are often bound to another part of the body using bondage rope. Here are some suggestions on how to combine anal hooks with other restraints: Bind the person's hands behind their back using handcuffs or bondage rope and then, using bondage rope, secure the anal hook to their cuffed hands. Bind the anal hook to the person's hair as described here. This only works well if the person has long hair. Bind the anal hook to a collar restraint. This has a similar effect to using the person's hair without the necessity for long hair.

There are many different purposes for an anal hook, from masturbation to heavy BDSM sessions with your partner or in a group. It is an added accessory that allows you to relinquish all control and feel helpless as you take a hard, cold hook in your butt!

As anal hooks are very rigid and the anus doesn't produce its own lubrication, anal hooks need a little more care when being inserted. Firstly, you should make sure you are fully aroused before you try to insert the hook. Secondly, apply plenty of lubrication to your anus and the insertable ball. You can now slowly insert the ball and end of your hook. Make sure to take things slowly and only goes as deep as you feel comfortable with.

Now I love a good craft project as much as the next person, but some things should be left to the pros. Anal hooks are one of them! Sure there are plenty of things that look similar out they can have sharp edges that make the hook dangerous to use. Always buy your anal hook from a professional, reputable shop.

Anal hooks are safe when they are used safely! Read the instructions and don't be afraid to ask and seek answers if you need them. After all - better safe than sorry, right?!

What is an Anal Hook?

An anal hook is a hook-shaped device, which is usually made from stainless steel. The end of the hook often has a ball or bulb that is inserted into the wearer's anus, while the other end has a ring that can be attached to bondage ropes. They are a popular form of extreme restraint and are great for predicament play, but they can also be used for masturbation or temperature play. The cold hard steel and industrial aesthetic are enough to give you chills... in a good way, of course!

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