Rosebuds Butt Plug — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Aug 17, 2023

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Want to treat yourself to a luxury sex toy
  • Already know you enjoy using butt plugs
  • Enjoy temperature play
  • Want a weighted butt plug
  • Want a special gift for a partner that loves butt plugs

  • Are totally new to anal play
  • Are on a budget
  • You are looking for an extra large butt plug

Is this not the most beautiful butt plug you've ever seen? It's from the French brand Rosebuds, which is a range of premium sex toys designed by the erotic artist Julian Snelling! Keeping with the brand's luxurious style, the smooth shiny, stainless steel plug is topped with a large Swarovski Crystal that sparkles and shines as the light reflects off it. The plug has a satisfying weightiness to it and is also prefect for temperature play!

Rosebuds Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal -

The height of sexual decadence

Like a sex toy magpie, I covet shiny, luxurious sex toys for my treasure chest (a.k.a bedside drawers), and it doesn’t get much shinier or more luxurious than this! As I slipped the Rosebuds butt plug from its cardboard tube, I was pleasantly surprised by how solid and weighty it felt in my hand. I’m a big fan of weighted sex toys, like the Pure Wand and the Doxy Die Cast, as they give you that little extra that takes a toy from good to great! As I turned the plug to marvel at the Swarovski crystal and I was surprised by just how big it was! It looked so sparkly and beautiful as the light from all angles! I can’t lie it did cross my mind if I could use it to become a human disco ball.

Trying it out

I opted for the large but compared to other large plugs, this one was considerably smaller, which I was happy about as this was the perfect size to be easy to insert and comfortable while still proving a lot of stimulation. The stainless steel is so deliciously smooth that with a slick of lube, this plug is incredibly easy to insert and doesn’t tug at all! I was also surprised by just how comfortable it is to wear, and I could even sit down comfortably without the tip digging in at all and easily wear it for longer sessions. The rigidity also makes it great for wearing during penetrative sex. Plus, I loved how sexy and confident I felt wearing this beautiful plug, it really is like beautiful jewelry for your butt!

Rosebuds Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal -

I think it goes without saying that I love love love the design of the Rosebuds butt plug. It manages to be both simplistic and elegant and decadent at the same time! The steel is beautifully smooth and shiny and the Swarovski crystal is bigger than I had expected. I also really like the shape of the plug, is super easy to insert and very comfortable. There's really nothing more I could wish for from this butt plug!

Rosebuds Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal -

Being a basic butt plug with no additional motorized features, the Rosebuds butt plug is incredibly easy to use. Although the stainless steel might seem intimidating, it actually makes it even easier to use than a silicone plug as you can any lube you like and the stainless steel is incredibly smooth and slides in easily!

Rosebuds Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal -

It's clear to see that this is a top-quality plug that's made to last. It has a solid construction that gives it a sturdy weightiness to it and the crystal seems very well attached. This is definitely a plug that can last a lifetime!

Rosebuds Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal - <

There's no denying that the Rosebuds butt plug is expensive, but it is a luxury sex toy that will last forever! Plus, when you compare it to the price of other top quality stainless steel butt plugs, such as the Pure Plug, it isn't that much more expensive. If you have the budget for it and you want to a way to treat yourself, I would say it's worth the price!

Rosebuds Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal -

The Rosebuds butt plug has become my favorite anal toy by far! It's easy to insert, comfortable to wear and still manages to provide a good amount of stimulation. Plus, even though it's very heavy, it stays put really well as the neck is nice and thin. I chose the large size, but I would say this is definitely a small large. It's much smaller than my Lovense Hush medium plug, for example. The size was perfect for me as I was looking for a plug I could enjoy without having to spend a long time warming up for and wasn't such an intense experience.

Rosebuds Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal -

The Rosebuds butt plug comes packaged in an an elegant but understated cardboard tube. I was very happy to see that they used minimal plastic! The only plastic was the small bag that the plug was wrapped in. Alongside the plug, was a small velvety storage pouch with the Rosebuds logo on it and and small instruction pamphlet.

Rosebuds Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal -

The Rosebuds butt plug is made out stainless steel, which is a great sex toy material because it's easy to clean, non-porous and compatible with all lubes! To clean it, simple use some warm water and fragrance free soap. Unlike other stainless steel sex toys, you shouldn't boil the Rosebuds butt plug as this could damage they crystal. Once clean and dry, slip it bag into it's storage bag until next time!

Length 3.35 inches
Diameter1.38 inches
MaterialsStainless steel
Weight0.65 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Rosebuds Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal -

The pièce de résistance of this plug is the big, beautiful Swarovski crystal adorning the base! The artist behind Rosebuds, Julian Snelling, creates anal jewelry that highlights the beauty of the backdoor, and these crystals certainly make your butt the sparkly star of the show!

  • It looks like a work of art
  • Premium materials
  • Satisfying weightiness
  • Comfortable to insert and wear
  • Shape and weight creates a feeling of fullness
  • Perfect for wearing during partnered sex or solo play

  • Expensive

I'm in totally in love with the Rosebuds butt plug! While I wouldn't recommend such an investment for anyone who's unsure if they enjoy anal play, if it's something you engage in regularly and you want to treat your butt to some pure luxury, it doesn't get better than this! There's something very empowering and sexy about bejewelling your backside!

There’s no manual for the Rosebuds butt plug but check out the section above for my top tips on how to use it!

No, you should not boil your butt plug as you could damage the crystal.

As it is made from stainless steel, you can use any lubrication you like.

Yes! It comes in four sizes — small, medium, large and extra large.