The 8 Best Anal Thrusters – Thrusting Anal Dildos for Thumping Thrills

   Josh Gill
If satisfying anal play is what you’re after then an anal thruster is what you need! Available as anal dildos, massagers, vibrators, and butt plugs, the anal thrusters that make up the list below can meet nearly any backdoor need you ask of them. I’ve spent nearly 30 hours compiling and comparing the top models, saving you the trouble of doing extensive research yourself. Whether you’re in search of a strong thrusting toy for solo sessions, a vibrating thruster for varied partner play, or something you can use to drive your partner wild, the anal thruster you’re looking for is listed below!
1 Test Winner

Stronic Drei Thrusting Vibrator

 Stronic Drei

  • want an intensely ridged anal thruster
  • if you want to target the g-spot or p-spot
  • like large dildos
  • want one of the most popular thrusting dildos

Stronic Drei

  • want full length thrusts
  • aren't a fan of the fantasy aesthetic
  • want something a little more petite

At the peak of modern technology stands the Stronic Drei, arguably the best anal thruster on the market. A central weight allows the Drei to pulsate back and forth with a satisfyingly realistic rhythm. 10 intense speeds allow for slow sensuous love-making, or down and dirty humping, depending on the mood. The exaggerated curve and notable ridges are designed specifically to reach the most sensitive area – whether that be the g-spot or the prostate. The densely textured base provides an extra little treat for the anal or vaginal opening. Fully water submersible and effortless to recharge with the included click-n-charge magnetic USB. The Stronic Drei is as adaptable as you need it to be.

  • Amazing shape and texture
  • Unique pulsation movement
  • Super quiet
  • Quality weighted feeling

  • Very firm
  • Not a full length anal thruster
  • May be too large for some
Stronic Drei
Diameter1.7 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches

Welcome to the best anal thruster money can buy. The Stronic Drei has enjoyed immense success and popularity for good reason. If you haven’t experienced a vaginal or anal thrusting dildo before, you’re in for a real treat. The curve and ridges are contoured perfectly for deep satisfaction. The central weight provides a satisfying quality feel, as well as stabilizing the dildo through each and every thrust – be it a slow tease or jack-rabbit pump. It is important to note that the thrusts are not as full length as other models. It is more of a short ‘pulsation’, building to an explosive climax thanks to its shape and texture. If you want a deeper thrust read on, or check out favorite sex machines for unparalleled realism.

2 Cheapest

Lifelike Lover Luxe Thrusting and Rotating Dildo

 Lifelike Lover Luxe Thrusting and Rotating Dildo

  • want a super-realistic anal thruster
  • want a long and thick dildo
  • would enjoy both rotating and thrusting motions
  • need a hands-free toy

Lifelike Lover Luxe Thrusting and Rotating Dildo

  • don't like firm dildos
  • want a toy designed specifically for anal play
  • want a particularly powerful thruster
  • need a toy that's quiet
  • Want any skin tone other than pale
  • Need flexibility
  • Prefer EXTREMELY large toys
  • Want an extra powerful vibration mode

Like a real penis only with a few extra features. The Lifelike Lover Luxe Thrusting and Rotating Dildo is hyper-realistic, 100% body-safe silicone, complete with raised veins, bulbous head, and juicy balls. The standard model received a perfect 5-star rating during our in-depth test and review, now the thrusting upgrade is here to take the crown. Capable of truly hands-free pleasure, the suction cup can be attached to any smooth surface, while the thrusting and rotating shaft does the job itself. Alternatively, attach to an O-ring harness, like the Spareparts Joque for some effortless pegging with his-and-hers-strap-ons. Measuring a meaty 5 inches in girth and 6.5 insertable length, as an anal thruster this is one for the size kings and queens.


  • Super-realistic
  • Thrusting and rotating
  • Suction cup base
  • Body-safe silicone

  • Fiddly buttons
  • Very rigid
  • Only available in one skin tone
  • Short battery life
Lifelike Lover Luxe Thrusting and Rotating Dildo
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns1
Thrust Modes6
Length8.5 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter1.6 inches
MaterialsSilicone (external)
Battery Life60 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableLight skin tone

I do like the concept of the Lifelike Lover Luxe Thrusting and Rotating Dildo. I also think it delivers some promising sensations along with a satisfying realistic design. However, there are few things that could be improved when it comes to the performance and ease of use. First of all, the rigidity – the internal mechanics make for a very firm dildo. So, if you were hoping for something nice and flexible, look elsewhere! I have to give credit where credit is due – it’s pretty cool that you get three different stimulation modes in one dildo with this product. You’ve basically got a thrusting dildo, a rotating dildo, and a vibrating dildo in one! Although, since the quality isn’t quite premium, there can be a few issues with a weaker motor under pressure. Some reviewers experienced that the motor stopped working if they clenches around it too much. There are a wide variety of settings for when you want to sit back and let your new anal thruster do all the work. Although it might be nice to get the version with the remote control for 10 extra bucks, since using the buttons during penetration can be a bit fiddly.

3 Beginner

Lux Active Throb Anal Massager

 Lux Active Throb Anal Massager

  • want something that's super easy to insert
  • like smaller anal toys
  • want to try something truly unique
  • have a need for a remote controllable plug

Lux Active Throb Anal Massager

  • want something larger and thicker
  • want a traditional anal thruster

Now here is the perfect anal thruster for beginners. A groundbreaking little plug from Lux Active, the tapered body measures 3.5 inches insertable and a slim 1.2 inches in width – ideal if you’re not keen on large anal toys. A rather unique ‘throbbing’ movement is what distinguishes this toy from similar models. Not quite vibrations, not quite thrusting, the plug rocks from side to side while inserted. An extraordinary sensation you won’t find elsewhere. Transition from a gentle back and forth to an erratic lunging with 7 intensity modes. Settings can be switched by pressing the base of the toy or with the included wireless remote.

  • Unique throbbing stimulation
  • Very easy to insert
  • Remote control
  • Quality build

  • Not strictly a thruster
  • Likely too small for some
Lux Active Throb Anal Massager
Width1.2 inches
Insertable length3.5 inches
Length4.5 inches

We’ve reviewed rotating plugs before and we’ve reviewed thrusting dildos before, but the Lux Throb is a different beast entirely. The internal motor causes the plug to rapidly shift back and forth in an erratic horizontal motion, imagine a vibrating plug on steroids. Throb intensity can be controlled either with the remote or the toy itself. This is ideal if you already have a remote control butt plug and want something with a little more movement. An automatic anal pleasure stroker. The size is clearly aimed at users who prefer a smaller anal toy, with a narrowly tapered head and kind insertable length. Not that it needs to be larger, Lux is confident the distinct ‘throbbing’ will pick up the slack.

4 Thruster

Eclipse Thrusting Vibrating Anal Probe - CalExotics

 Eclipse Thrusting Anal Probe

  • want an inexpensive thrusting anal dildo
  • want a thruster designed to target the prostate
  • also want vibration stimulation
  • Aren't concerned about a toy pinching your insides
  • Love mechanical thrusters
  • Are at least an intermediate anal toy user
  • Don't mind loud toys

Eclipse Thrusting Anal Probe

  • want a reliable, long term anal thruster
  • want something larger
  • Are new to anal play
  • Prefer low-volume motors

Designed specifically as an anal thruster, the bulbous head is ribbed and textured for prostate stimulation. The head thrusts back and forth as well as rotating whilst inserted. Couple this with a full 12 levels of thrusting and vibrating intensities for a wide range of choice and different stimulation types. It’s got mixed reviews and it might not be the best thruster out there for everyone, but read this review properly and you can probably soon tell if this thurster is an option for you. Measuring a comfortably snug 1.25 inches wide and 3.75 inches insertable, with a large flared base, the probe will remain securely anchored while being just the right size to thrust against the prostate. Vibrations target the nerve endings around the prostate and the perineum.

  • Prostate stimulation
  • Vibrating and thrusting
  • Rotating head
  • Body-safe silicone
  • Vibrating, thrusting, and rotating head
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Fully waterproof

  • Questionable build quality
  • A little uncomfortable
  • Issues with using in water
  • Shaft pinches at internal tissues
  • Loud motors
  • Limited thrusting modes
  • Can't isolate thrusting, rotation, and vibration functions
Eclipse Thrusting Anal Probe
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns9
Thrust Modes4
Length4.5 inches
Insertable length3.75 inches
Diameter1.25 inches
Battery Life45 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Remote ControlsNo
Colors AvailableBlack

The Eclipse anal thruster is a nice size for directed prostate stimulation. The head rotates, thrusts, and vibrates for a wide range of simultaneous sensations. Despite being marketed as a prostate massager, it can also be used vaginally. All this should make the Eclipse a great option for beginners. Unfortunately, though, user testimonials are spotty at best. There appears to be a build quality issue, with a number of customers reporting faults after just a few sessions. Also, despite claiming to be fully waterproof, incidental evidence would prove otherwise. Ultimately, the Eclipse appears to be a fine, inexpensive anal thruster in theory – as long as you don’t encounter the issues a number of other users have.

5 Warming

King Cock Ultra Realistic Vibrator

 King Cock Ultra Realistic Vibrator

  • want a whole host of different functions
  • like realistic heating toys
  • want independent vibration and thrusting modes
  • want an average sized anal thruster

King Cock Ultra Realistic Vibrator

  • would rather not have a toy with porous material
  • want to use it in the shower

King Cock are the masters of ultra-realistic toys and they’ve pulled out all the stops for this beautiful dildo / anal thruster. Thrusting? Check. Vibrating? Check. Warming? Check. This is for those that want it all. 3 speeds and 4 vibration patterns operate entirely independently of 7 thrusting modes. Heat to body temperature at the touch of a button to turn those fantasies into a reality. The lifelike penis is also tantalizingly curved for targetted g-spot or p-spot stimulation. Look no further for your next vibrating thruster, King Cock is here to give you everything you could ever need.


  • Body temperature heater
  • Vibration stimulation
  • Multiple thrusting modes
  • Hyper-realistic

  • Porous material
  • Not waterproof
King Cock Ultra Realistic Vibrator
Diameter1.43 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
Length6 inches
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns4
MaterialsSoft plastic

Why choose between some of the best anal thruster functions when you can have it all? This is a veritable smorgasbord of pleasure. Lacking on nothing, all of it works as it should; to leave you breathless. At a sensible 5.5 inches of insertable delight and 4.5 inches of girth, with a subtly curved shaft, this is a perfect anal thruster and p-spot delighter. Placing the buttons on the external base also makes switching through these endless functions effortless, as well as giving you a firm hold to thrust away. The only downside is that it’s made from soft plastic, making it difficult to keep clean and hygienic. A quality toy cleaner is a must.

6 Machine

Lovehoney Love Motion Thrusting Sex Machine

 Lovehoney Love Motion Sex Machine

  • want a deep anal thruster
  • are looking for an entry-level sex machine
  • want a relatively compact machine
  • want a choice between realistic and curved appendages

Lovehoney Love Motion Sex Machine

  • don't have space for storage
  • want a low-key sex toy
  • can't afford to make a lot of noise

Now we’ve entered the big leagues. One of our all-round favorite sex machine guns, the Love Motion truly is a hands-free orgasm bonanza. 10 vibration modes plus 10 thrusting functions, warming to 100 Fahrenheit, remotely controllable, and two dildos included, what more could you need to be happy? If you’re looking for the deepest, longest thrusts possible, no handheld anal thrusting dildo is going to come close to a machine of this pedigree. Combine that with some hugely powerful vibrations and could this be better than the real thing? With one realistic 7 inch dildo and another dramatically curving in at 7.5 inches for p-spot / g-spot targeting; make your choice, bury your face in a pillow, and clench that remote for dear life.


  • Deep, fast thrusts
  • Portable with travel lock
  • Fully hands-free
  • Two dildos included

  • Very loud
  • Weak suction cup
Lovehoney Love Motion Sex Machine
DiameterBoth 1.5 inches
LengthRealistic - 7, Curved - 7.5 inches
Vibration modes10
Travel LockYes

If you’re looking for the best thrust possible, something deep and realistic, truly hands-free, you’re going to want to invest in a sex-machine. The Love Motion from Lovehoney is a superb starter machine, complete with everything you could possibly need for the easiest orgasm of your life. The thrusts are considerable and can reach subhuman speeds. The two included dildos serve practical uses, whether you want to target the prostate or g-spot, or have a more realistic sexual experience. There’s even a travel lock – useful as this is far more portable than most machines. The only drawback is it can get pretty loud – you’re going to want to be home alone when you fire this baby up.


Booty Blaster Thrusting Vibrating Butt Plug

 Booty Blaster

  • want a thrusting butt plug
  • enjoy particularly large, firm plugs
  • want something waterproof and easy to clean

Booty Blaster

  • prefer a little flexibility from your anal thruster
  • want something smaller and more comfortable
  • want to pass the controls to a partner

Treat your booty to a tailor-made anal thruster. Booy Blaster in name and Booty Blaster in practice, this one is not for the faint-hearted. Measuring 5.5 inches of insertable length and a width of 1.4 inches, in a very firm, hard plastic shell, you’re sure to feel full. A total of 7 vibration patterns can be used alongside 3 thrusting speeds, to send that lightly curved shaft and bulbous head deep inside your pleasure hole. A suction cup base and wired controller allow for easy hands-free play. Lather with a generous lashing of lube, secure to a smooth surface, and prepare to straddle one of the most invigorating rides of your life.


  • Dedicated anal thruster
  • Good thrusting motion
  • Quiet
  • Ample size

  • Short-wired remote
  • Very firm
  • Non-rechargeable
Booty Blaster
Diameter1.43 inches
Length6.5 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
Vibration patterns7
MaterialsHard plastic

This is one beefy butt plug that’s not going to leave you with much room to spare. The generous proportions are accentuated by the particularly rigid hard plastic – suitable only for those who know they love to be stuffed. The 3 thrust speeds are satisfying and nicely complemented by the vibration modes. If you’re a butt plug fanatic and on the hunt for a dedicated anal tenderizer, this is a good option. Having a remote is better than not, though not making it wireless feels like a missed trick. The wire is rather short, not great if you want to hand it over to a partner. The Booty Blaster also isn’t rechargeable and eats batteries – best stock up for the winter!


A-Play Thrust Adventurous Plug

 A-Play Thrust Adventurous Plug

  • want a thumping, pulsating butt plug
  • like weighted plugs
  • would like a wireless remote
  • prefer slim, easy to insert anal toys

A-Play Thrust Adventurous Plug

  • want a traditional anal thruster
  • prefer more filling butt plugs
  • don't like weighted toys

The A-Play Thrust Adventurous contains a weighted motor that thrusts and thumps away inside the silicone butt plug. A unique anal thruster with deep, exaggerated jerks back and forth that are sure to tip you over the edge. 7 different pulsating functions and a wireless remote control put your pleasure firmly in your hands. at 4.25 inches insertable and a width of 1.5 in. the Adventurous is the middle child in a range of thrilling anal pleasers. Want something a little more manageable? Check out the A-Play beginner. Prefer something more filling? The A-Play Experienced is the one for you.

  • Different sizes to match experience
  • Weighted motor
  • Wireless
  • Unique thumping stimulation

  • Not a traditional thruster
  • May be too slim
  • Not fully waterproof
A-Play Thrust Adventurous Plug
Diameter1.5 inches
Length5.25 inches
Insertable length4.25 inches
Remote ControlsWireless
Storage Bag IncludedYes
WaterproofSplash proof

A-Play thrust is a range of specifically designed anal thrusters that incorporate a satisfyingly weighted motor for some serious pulsating action. Each of the 7 functions increases the intensity and causes the plug to gyrate from side to side more vigorously than the last. Made from silky smooth silicone with an accentuated tapered and slim neck, these plugs are easy to insert and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Each plug, from the beginner to the experienced, moderately increases in size and width. Everything else stays the same. Same great wireless remote. Same powerful motor. Same weighted quality. If you’re looking for a pulsating butt plug, Doc Johnson is a name you can t(h)rust.

Types of Anal Thrusters

Depending on your desires and backdoor experience, you might want to choose a different type of anal thruster. Of course, you’re not limited to just one toy: you can even have multiple for different occasions! Here are the main three types you can choose from.
  • Butt Plug – By design, butt plugs are intended to stay in place during use. This means that they tend to be less powerful than other types of anal thrusters but won’t get in the way as much if you decide to use additional toys alongside your thrusting butt plug.
  • Dildo – Thrusting dildos are available in many different sizes, making them a great choice for simulating anal sex (or preparing for it). Although they won’t replicate the entire act for you, thrusting dildos provide more stimulation than a regular dildo thanks to their thrusting capabilities. Many models also offer other features like vibrations or rotations as well.
  • Machine – If the two aforementioned options seem like they require too much effort, then a thrusting machine is probably your best option. Available as smaller mountable machines (like the one mentioned below) or as bulky, high-powered fuck machines, these toys simulate anal sex through physical thrusting movements. These motions make them ideal for more experienced backdoor users, but anal beginners will want to avoid these toys until they’ve gotten used to anal penetration.

Thrusting vs Throbbing

Although the toys below can all be generalized as anal thrusters, there’s actually a distinct difference between thrusting and throbbing/pulsating. Thrusting machines use motors to physically move the outside of the toy back and forth in a thrusting movement (which can be visually seen). Throbbing machines use exclusively internal motors, meaning the movement can’t be physically seen. These internal motors will cause the throbbing toy to move inside your anus but aren’t quite as intense as full-on thrusting toys.


Non-porous materials like silicone, metal, or glass are ideal for butt play since they can be sterilized between uses. Porous materials (such as TPE) might be cheaper, but they can’t be fully sterilized, meaning you’ll have to take extra care to ensure they’re clean after use. Using a condom on a porous butt toy is always a good idea, but the cost of condoms will be high in the long run. Non-Porous Materials: Silicone, metal. glass, ABS plastic Porous Materials: TPE,  TPR,  Soft plastic, Vinyl, PVC

How to use an anal thruster

Anal thrusters are perfect if you’re looking to enhance your alone time or add a compliant third to the bedroom. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy your new toy:

Hands-free orgasm

Hands-free orgasm

The beauty of an anal thruster is that it does everything for you. If you like you can just lie back and enjoy. Let your new toy thrust away against your prostate or g-spot and experience a new level of orgasmic satisfaction. There is no easier way to achieve a hands-free orgasm.

Masturbation aid

Masturbation aid

Let your anal thruster take the lions share of the work while you sit back and pleasure yourself with some intense double-action. Incorporate a fleshlight or a vibrator for one of the most incredible experiences you will ever have.

Fantasy threesome

Fantasy threesome

Bring your fantasies to life with an unintimidating third. All the fun of a threesome without all those mixed emotions or awkwardness. This is particularly effective if you have a thrusting sex machine. Give your partner the blowjob of their life while getting some out-of-this-world backdoor action.  

How to clean an anal thruster

As with any anal toy, proper cleaning is particularly important. As your new toy will also contain electrical components, you will need to take care not to get these wet while handwashing. We recommend using warm water and a quality toy cleaner. Ensure the toy is completely dry before storing. Most of our recommended anal thrusters use non-porous materials. However, if your toy is made from soft plastic or other porous materials, we advise taking extra care to keep them hygienic. Always refer to the manufacturer's specific instructions to be safe.


An anal thruster typically simulates the feeling of penetrative sex as the toy moves back and forth.

Pulsating plugs gyrate from side to side in a more exaggerated movement than a traditional vibrating plug. You should be able to feel the toy moving around rapidly whilst inserted, great for p-spot stimulation.

Be careful when using toys that are not specifically designed for anal play. Don't use any toy that does not include a flared base. Non-anal toys also tend to be larger on average, make sure you only use toys suitable to your anal experience.

Butt plugs typically come in a tapered shape, with the widest width around the middle. These are great if you want a full sensation. Dildos are better if you're looking to simulate anal sex with thrusting motions.

A thrusting toy typically contains all the mechanics within the dildo/plug itself. A sex machine is much larger and typically includes a separate device that thrusts a toy back and forth.

A sex machine is likely to give you longer, more realistic thrusts, as well as a wider range of options. The downside is they are much larger, less portable, and more of an 'event' to use.

What is an anal thruster?

Traditionally an anal thruster is a toy (such as a dildo, prostate massager, probe, vibrator, or plug) that extends and contracts within the anus in order to simulate penetrative anal sex. Other toys achieve a similar sensation by pulsating or thumping, all of which results in greater movement than standard vibrating anal toys. Some anal thrusters can also be used manually for a more dildo-like experience. While a portion of anal thrusters relies on push-button controls to switch between modes, many modern toys come with an included remote for easier, out-of-the-way control.

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