Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug — Test & Review

   James Exline
Mar 26, 2024

James Exline
: 58
: intermediate
: male
: heterosexual
: Fleshlight Ice Lady

  • are a beginner to anal toys
  • prefer a prostate massager that doesn’t rotate inside you
  • want a good prostate massaging butt plug at a decent price

  • want a butt plug that also rotates against your prostate
  • want a butt plug that is quiet
  • want a high-quality remote control
  • are looking for a butt plug that will strongly vibrate your perinuem


The Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug is a two-motor vibrating but plug featuring seven separate vibration modes. They range in strength from buzzy to rumbly, and you are sure to find a favorite – or three. At its widest, it is just 1.1 inches in girth, making it suitable for the beginner to anal toys, while still being sufficient, both in size and vibration strength for just about anyone.

Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug -

To Boldly Go Where Few Toys Have Gone Before

I’ll admit it; I’m pretty much a beginner when it comes to anal toys. I have a little experience; however, it’s very little compared to other sex toys. I’ve been wanting to try anal toys, and jumped at the opportunity to write a review for the Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug. I opened the box, and my first thoughts were “Well, this isn’t too big. It shouldn’t be too bad.” (Amateur) I charged it, and out of the box, that process was just 45 minutes. (According to the box, it takes about two hours to fully charge an empty battery)

Houston, We Have a Prob… No, Lift-Off!

I decided to use the Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug for the first time in conjunction with the ROMP Dash, for which I have written a review on this site. And let me just say, before going any further – those two make a hell of a combination! Being the amateur I am that I alluded to earlier, it took a little bit to get the Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug in place. For anyone who may be in the same boat, I recommend inserting it while lying down on your side. This seems to help relax the proper area, making insertion easier. And be sure to use water-based lubes only. I also turned it on and started the vibrations, which also helped. Once inside, however, holy shit! Umm… probably not a phrase I should employ in this context, but I’ll allow it. Just this once. I somehow fumbled my way through the seven vibration modes while overcome by the sensation of having my prostate vibrated. For about three minutes, I forgot where I was and what was happening, as well as my name, and even though I’m not religious, I think I spoke in tongues for about 30 seconds, so the “Houston, we have a problem” may not have been an entirely inaccurate phrase. And on top of that, somehow, somewhere in the midst of the mind-blowing prostate vibrating, I managed to stroke my penis with the ROMP Dash. The good news? I eventually remembered my name after an amazing, powerful, mind-blowing orgasm. I lay there trying to collect myself, and in the midst of the post-orgasm fog, a thought kept reoccurring. “Why did I wait so long to use anal toys?”

One Small Step for the Anos Prostate Plug, One Giant Leap for My Sex Play

The next time I used the Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug, I wasn’t as uptight (pun intended), and getting it in place was much easier. This time, I wanted to play with the different modes, hopefully without losing my mind – an overly optimistic undertaking, I admit. I wore it in the living room for a while (the sound was somewhat loud and the vibration rumbly enough that I was slightly concerned about waking my roommate up), and then back to the bedroom where once again the ROMP Dash joined in on the fun. I cycled through the modes, and discovered that my favorites are 3 through 5, 1 being when you first turn it on. While I don’t dislike any of them, it was those three that really turned up the heat for me. The Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug didn’t give me an orgasm, nor do I believe it would be capable of doing so. However, it adds intensity and great pleasure to my orgasms and gives them a feature that I cannot have with a masturbator alone. I stroked away with the ROMP Dash and with the Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug set to mode number three, vibrating away, and came in a very short amount of time. This toy made me a quick believer in anal sex toys.

Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug -

The Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug looks like a well-made, quality product right out of the box. It has a soft texture which suites its intended use. It is made of smooth silicone, and has two motors; one for the prostate and one for the perineum, and seven different vibration modes for those motors.

Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug -

The Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug is straightforward and simple to use. The only difficulty one may encounter would be getting it into place, and that would likely be only in the case of a beginner. Be sure to use water-based lubes only. Once in place, it is merely cycling through the vibration modes by pushing the appropriate button on the remote control.

Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug -

The Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug feels like a high-quality product. It feels firm, yet slightly flexible, and has a soft finish - all good things you want in a prostate butt plug. The Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug is somewhat loud and the vibrations can be rumbly, to the point that they may be detectable from another room, especially if the door is open. One issue with quality that I discovered is in the remote control. During one of the times I was using it, the cover came off, and I had some difficulty getting it back in place. The remote doesn’t seem or look to be very high quality, and I do have some concern as to its duration over time.

Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug - <

For what it does as far as the prostate portion of the Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug goes, and how good it feels doing it, I believe that the Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug is worth the price. There are other prostate butt plugs available at a much higher cost, and I feel that the Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug is a good deal at its price point, in spite of some of its shortcomings.

Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug -

The Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug comes close to living up to the claims made on the website. The one area I felt it fell short was in the perineum massaging. This was something I was looking forward to, and I could barely feel the massaging in that area. As far as the other claims made, it more than lives up to them. The box claims that it takes two hours to charge a fully drained battery; it took 45 minutes to charge straight out of the box.

Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug -

The Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug comes in a simple, yet elegant looking box, which contains much of the information you need, and in several different languages. The design of the box was well thought out and has a good look.

Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug -

The Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug is waterproof (The butt plug itself, not the remote), and can be used in the shower. It is simple to clean; wash thoroughly in warm water and soap. Don’t forget to turn the plug off at its base once finished – voice of experience. The Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug comes wrapped in a bag; however, it really doesn’t work well as a storage bag.

Vibration patterns7
Length5.31 inches
Insertable length3.85 inches
Diameter1.1 inches
Width3.94 inches
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsPhysical Remote
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug -

The Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug comes with a remote control (battery included), making easy to operate during use. From their website,, they claim that the remote has a range of over 30 feet, thereby making partner play an option in addition to solo play.

  • Less costly than many other prostate massagers
  • Feels amazing on the prostate
  • Has a remote control for ease of use

  • Remote control seems cheaply made
  • Somewhat loud and rumbly
  • Likely won’t give you an orgasm
  • Perinium vibrations are weak

The Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug was my first foray into prostate massagers, and was a good introduction to them. It didn’t give me an orgasm in and of itself – nor will it on its own, it added amazing sensations and pleasure to my orgasms, and. I rated the Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug a 3.5 out of 5, and the reasons for that are fourfold. For starters, there is the sound and vibration. While the vibration is a good thing in what it does to the prostate, combined with the noise, makes it a little too loud to use on the down low. Secondly, there is the issue with it not bringing me to orgasm. While it does feel amazing, I was hoping to experience a prostate orgasm, which didn’t happen. Thirdly is the issue with the perineum vibration, or more accurately, not being able to feel those vibrations much at all. And lastly, the remote seems to be cheaply made. The cover came off during use, which I found to be disconcerting. I wonder how durable it is, and how long it will last. Despite those issues, I enjoyed using the Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug and the intense pleasure it added to my experiences.

A full manual is not available online; however, there is a manual included with each Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug. Using the Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug is simple and straightforward. Turn on, lube (water-based only), insert, and cycle through the seven vibration modes with included remote control. The RC also turns the vibration modes off.

Use only water-based anal lube.

The vibrations are both somewhat loud and noticeable from a distance. It is best to use it behind a closed door.

With a fully drained battery, it takes two hours to fully charge.

Yes, the Anos RC Prostate Butt Plug remains in place pretty well, even when walking from room to room.