Oxy Devil Tail Butt Plug — Test & Review

   Allen Wiltshire
Feb 19, 2024

Allen Wiltshire
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  • Are looking to get started in anal depth play.
  • Want a toy that's made of silicone.
  • Are looking for a toy that won't break the bank.
  • If you are looking for slimmer toys

  • If you don't like devil tails.
  • If you want toys with a lot of girth.
  • If you don't like highly flexible toys.

As far as anal toys go, the Devil Tail Anal Plug by Oxy is as simple as it is niche. It is a 27 inch long and 1.10 inch wide, black super flexible dildo with a red devil tail on the end of it. The toy is one piece and made of silicone, it has a ruler engraved on one side of it in centimeters so one may be so inclined to track how far they can insert the plug like I did. While the toy is called an anal plug it is actually an anal or colon "snake", meaning it is an anal toy that is meant to be inserted all the way past the sigmoid bend and into the colon. In the sex and BDSM world, using toys of this nature is referred to as depth play. If you're interested in taking your anal play to new depths, then this might be the toy for you.

Oxy Devil Tail Anal Plug  -

What the devil did I get myself into.

When I first saw the Devil Tail Anal plug I knew I wanted to try it, depth play had been on my bucket list for a while and the price point for this toy was too good to be true, but I also saw the one glaring issue with this anal snake. The giant red devil tail at the end of it. This cause the toy to go from a niche depth play toy, to a super niche depth play toy for those who also like…monsters…I guess. Even now I’m still not sure who this toy is marketed for.

Low expectations.

When the toy arrived, I wasn’t even sure it had actually came. I was greeted with a small cardboard box that I assumed was for something completely different, maybe a new phone case judging by the size of it. But no, once opened up, it was infact the Devil Tail Anal Plug, stuffed and crammed into a box two sizes too small. It was here that my expectations on the toy dropped. The low price point, and the fact that it looked like only the most basic care had been taken when packaging and shipping it, were both my general signs that the toy came from a cheap seller and would most likely be a dud.  Once I started to examine the toy further, my expectations started to look up.

A devil of a good time.

Once out of the box, I gave it a through inspection, it was indeed one solid piece of silicone, and there were no glaring seems or surface errors from the mold, there was no weird smells to be found, and the engraved ruler was legible and pretty accurate, although in metric. This was shaping up to be a quality toy after all. The only thing left to do was test it. After getting myself all ready and clean down there (it should be noted that for depth play, one has to clean out not only their rectum, but also the lower colon), it was time to try the toy out. Since I’m an old hand at all things concerning my butt, getting this toy in was easy. I didn’t need any warm up, and because of the slim diameter of the toy, and the fact that it is quite squishy and flexible, it went right on in. It was however a bit hard to hold onto when it was all lubed up. Once in It was all about slowly pushing more of it in until it got to the Sigmoid bend and then listening to my body and slowly going further with it. I’ve got to say, it felt wonderful. There were several times I had to stop, take it all out (which is a whole new sensation in of itself), re-lube everything and get back to it. The overwhelming feeling of fullness was great, and felt even better when masturbating. While during this time I still couldn’t figure out who the “devil tail” part of the toy was marketed for, it didn’t take away from the experience, and the “tail” did work as a sort of flared base to make sure nothing got lost where the sun doesn’t shine. That being said, it did look kind of weird, and unless you and/or your partner are into it, it could be a turn off.

Overall thoughts.

They say looks can be deceiving, and this is definitely one of those cases. At first glance the Devil Tail Anal Plug looks like a cheap colon snake, but on a closer and deeper (pun intended) look, the toy manages to be a stellar find at such a cheap price point, and lives up to all it’s meant to do, which is to safely go really deep in your colon. If you’re in the market for a beginner anal depth toy, I would highly recommend.  

Oxy Devil Tail Anal Plug  -

When it comes to design, there isn't much to say about the Devil Tail Anal Plug. It's a very bare bones type of toy, no moving parts or batteries needed. It is simply one long piece of flexible silicone with a large red chevron at the end to give the appearance of a devil tail. The only other thing on the toy are engraved ruler marks in centimeters to give the user an idea of how deep they can take the toy. That's it. No colorful patterns to look at or surface details to give extra stimulation when inserted, and you know what it works. As what I would call a starter depth play toy, the Devil Tail Anal Plug doesn't need to have alot of detail because it accomplishes the task it was made for so well, and that is to go deeeep inside someone's butthole.

Oxy Devil Tail Anal Plug  -

The ease of use rating is going to be very subjective depending on how experienced the user is with anal paly in general. If the user is already well versed in how their own backdoor works and knows about the Sigmoid Bend, then this is a really easy toy to use aside from the general issues of "slippery when lubed", and due to the fact that it is super flexible, it can feel like pushing a rope at times. It's as simple as lube it up, stick it in, and slowly work as much of it in as you comfortably can. Now if a person isn't experienced with anal or depth play and just assumes because it's a rather slim toy that they should be able to use it no problem, or they aren't patient with going up in length and don't know how to listen to their body, then they might have a rough time.

Oxy Devil Tail Anal Plug  -

For the price point, the level of quality is actually quite remarkable. It's all one solid piece of silicone, there were no noticeable seams or deformation from when it came out of the mold, no weird odors or taste, and the rule engravings were accurate and legible.

Oxy Devil Tail Anal Plug  - <

As I've already stated a few times now, for the price point, this toy is a steal. Yes, it's super bare bones, but for toys of similar size and design you'll be paying twice as much as you would for the Devil Tail Anal Plug.

Oxy Devil Tail Anal Plug  -

This toy felt wonderful. I was a bit apprehensive of the smaller girth of it, but I knew that slimmer was better when it came to depth play, and boy oh boy, did the Devil Tail Anal Plug become one of my new go to toys. Since it is such a skinny toy that means there isn't need for much warm up, and since it can go deeper than most toys it give both the usual sensations that comes with anal play, along with the wonderfully new sensations of going past the Sigmoid bend and deeper into the colon, creating a whole new spin on anal play.

Oxy Devil Tail Anal Plug  -

This is my only major complaint with the toy in general. any and all packaging is nonexistent. The toy was quite literally sealed in a small cellophane bag and crammed into a box that at first glance, you wouldn't believe would fit a 27in anal toy.

Oxy Devil Tail Anal Plug  -

As I've said before, the whole toy is one piece of silicone, which means clean up and care is a breeze, just wipe down with your favorite toy cleaner, boil in water, or put it in the dishwasher (top rack), either one of these methods will work just fine for cleaning the Devil Tail Anal Plug. It also needs to be mentioned that since it is silicone, you can not use silicone based or oil based lube with it, and it's a good idea to not let it come into contact with other silicone toys for extended periods.

Length23.6 inches
Diameter1.10 inches

Oxy Devil Tail Anal Plug  -

  • Simple to use.
  • Body safe silicone
  • Easy to clean up.

  • The "tail" cand be a turn-off.
  • No storage bag or box.
  • The ruler engravings require extra attention when cleaning.

At first glance I was unsure if the Devil Tail Anal Plug/rule by Oxy was an anal toy sent from the Almighty or a devilish deal too good to be true. Thankfully after putting it to the test I found out that the Devil Tail Anal Plug does deliver a satisfying anal experience and more. Coming in at just under $50, made entirely out of silicone, and having an insertable length of 23.6 inches, the Devil Tail Anal Plug gives you alot for a little, and those looking to start out in anal depth play couldn't ask for a better toy for the price.

There’s no manual available for the Devil Tail Butt Plug

Since the toy is silicone, the best lube to use would be water based.

If you're someone who likes anal play and wants to try expanding your anal repertoire, then depth play might be right up your alley.

Regular soap and water, or toy cleaner works. you can also flash boil it. Do take care to clean the rule engravings well.