Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Jan 6, 2024

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Want an easy to wear catsuit
  • Like being able to move freely
  • Enjoy the kinky back zip detail
  • Want an outfit for sex club or sex party

  • Want a latex-style catsuit
  • Have a very long body
  • Want a very tight fit that hugs the body
  • Hate hand washing

The Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit is a full length, figure hugging black catsuit with a zip that goes all the way around to the top of your butt. It also features a double zip, so you can just unzip the back for some cheeky fun! It has a wet look design and is made from stretchy material so you can get as acrobatic as you like!

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit -

Feline Fun

I really like the design of the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit, but I’m not a huge fan of the material. I think the shape looks great and the double zip is super fun. I love the submission that comes with your partner being able to unzip you and do as they please but it would also make a great dominatrix outfit! It’s also very comfortable to wear because it’s so stretchy! I really wanted it to go with the Master Series Naughty Kitty Mask and Tailz Butt Plug for the complete kinky kitten look! While it isn’t my favorite thing to put on (the DOMINIX Deluxe Full Body Harness takes that spot), it definitely adds a bit of fun to role play in the bedroom!

Material Girl

I will say that I was hoping it would have more a tight-fitting rubbery finish than it does. The fabric is very stretchy and therefore clings to curvier areas. Lovehoney says “light-reflecting gleam accentuates your boobs and butt” and it definitely does that but it also accentuates all other curvy bits! This is great if you are happy with any softer areas being on show, but if don’t feel confident with that, I would look for catsuit made from a thicker material with a little more structure.

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit -

I like the overall design of the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit and think it has a nice shape to it. Also because it stretches, I think it will look great on a range of different bodies. I love that the zip goes all the way round and you can just open the butt from the back so for easy access for all kinds of sex and stimulation. I think the front zip is also very flattering on the chest. Unfortunately, the material lets the overall design down a bit as it has a tendency to bunch up or sag in certain places. I would love it if the material was slightly thicker and bit more body hugging.

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit -

It's super easy to get into the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit because it so stretchy and made from regular fabric rather than anything tacky, like latex. The zip also makes it super easy to access all the important areas for all kinds of sex without taking the suit off! You, of course, need to be careful when using the zipper in the crotch area! You really don't want to catch anything down there!

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit -

I was a little disappointed by the overall quality of the fabric, as it feels a little cheap and not particularly durable. I make sure to be extra careful when putting it on or taking it off as it feels like it could rip pretty easily. The images on the Lovehoney site have more of a rubber/latex look than in reality.

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit - <

I think for the quality, this catsuit is a little overpriced but not too crazy. That being said, if you are looking for a catsuit that's easy to get on and comfortable to wear and prefer a fabric style over a latex one, it's a good option.

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit -

I'm pretty satisfied with the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit's performance. It feels exciting to wear, especially for some kitty role play. The back zip is also a lot of fun for your partner and adds to the power dynamic of them taking complete control. As a bonus, the feeling of it being unzipped makes for a great tease!

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit -

The packaging was a very plain, sealed plastic package that went in the bin as soon as I opened it. I was a bit disappointed there wasn't anything about the cleaning or care instructions on the label or in the bag.

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit -

The Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit is made from polyester and elastane. Unfortunately, it is hand wash only and the label states it should only be washed in cool water and it cannot be tumble dried. This is a little annoying, but as it's not the type of thing you're like to wear every day, hand washing it once is a minor inconvenience.

MaterialsPolyester, elastane

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit -

  • Great shape and style
  • Double zipper that goes all the way round
  • Great for roleplay or a sex party
  • Comfortable and stretchy
  • Available in 6 sizes (dress size 2-20)

  • Fabric feels a little cheap
  • Hand wash only
  • Gets pretty warm
  • Not the most flattering material

I have mixed feelings about the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit. I really love the overall shape and the all round zip but I think the fabric lets it down. It's not the most flattering and it feels a little thin and fragile. I would love to see this design in a thicker fabric. That being said the thin fabric does make it very easy to wear, and although it does get warm, it's still pretty breathable compared to other fabrics like latex.

There are no instructions for the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit but I’ve written some tips in the how to use guide above.

I would say it runs slightly big. I went on the measurements in the size guide and chose a large, which worked out ok.

Yes, you can throw the catsuit in the washing machine on a low temperature.