Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers — Test & Review

   Edie Billhimer
Dec 14, 2023

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Enjoy nipple stimulation
  • Like the feeling of your nipples being sucked
  • Lack nipple sensitivity
  • Love hands-free nipple play

  • Have extremely large, tight breasts
  • Don't enjoy nipple suction
  • Have overly sensitive nipples
  • Expecting intense stimulation

The Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers are silky, silicone suction cups that give your nipples the attention they desire. They are a step down from nipple clamps, but give you the sucking sensation of having a partner latched on to your nipples. And for those lacking nipple sensitivity, these nipple suckers assist in creating the sensation you're lacking. They are so easy to use, clean-up in a snap and take up little room in your toy box. Best of all, these nipple suckers add that extra stimulation you need to take your solo sessions to a whole other level.

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers -

Bucket List Toy Review!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, any time I get a box filled with grown-up toys to try and review, it’s a wonderful time! However, this time, I am trying out something for the first time! The Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers have been on my list of, “Hmmm, I wonder if those feel good” list for a long time! So, come with me as I experience nipple suckers for the first time.

So Easy to Use!

The best thing about the Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers is that there are no batteries, no charging and they are easily operated with a firm squeeze. They are made of a mid-weight silicone, which creates the right amount of suction. Plus, they are body safe, completely waterproof and super easy to clean. Basically, all you do is add a little lube to the rim of each sucker, grasp your breast and position the bulb opening over your nipple and areola. Then, squeeze the bulb, place it over your nipple, press down a little and release, instant suction!

A Great Side Dish

I absolutely LOVE nipple stimulation. I am one of the lucky people who can have a nipplegasm; that’s how sensitive my nips are. As a matter of fact, if you’ve read my blog articles, you probably already know that I swear my nips and V form the perfect, connected triangle of pleasure. So, solo time has always been lacking, unless I can get 1 hand free to stimulate a nipple. So, when I tried the Lovehoney Perfect pair Nipple Suckers, I wondered why I didn’t do this sooner! It’s was the exact amount of extra stimulation I needed to make my O faster, deeper and more satisfying.

Just Don’t Lay There!

The one thing I learned in using the Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers is that just leaving them stuck there, leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, I could feel the suction, but after a minute, I couldn’t feel it any longer. Therefore, I grabbed the little bulb and started squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing. What that did was mimicked the feeling of my partner, using his mouth to stimulate my breasts. And boy, oh boy, that’s all it took to send me over the edge!

Bad Reviews?

Before writing this review, I took a look at the one-star reviews on the Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers and found that a lot of these folks could have benefitted from my squeeze-release idea. I mean, if you’re going to spend the cash for something to make yourself feel good, don’t trash it before playing around and adjusting things a bit.

Big Breast Bust?

A few claimed that it stung a little, and that’s common for someone who isn’t accustomed to nipple suction. Additionally, the vast majority of bad reviews were from big breasted people and people with hairy chests. I cannot comment on having large breasts, as I have never been larger than a C-cup. And with aging, my breasts are soft and perfect for these suction cups. So, I could imagine that super large, extremely firm or surgically altered breasts may not respond as easily to the nipple suckers. But again, with a little bit of adjusting and manipulation of the breast and areola itself, it would probably work. I mean, I had these things stuck to my hands, palms, forehead and cheeks,,,,so they are strong little suckers! Now, hairy chests, well, a bit of manscaping will easily solve that issue.

Non-Sensitive Nips? Pump ‘Em Up

Nipple suckers are used for nipple stimulation. However, putting them on for 10 minutes, then removing them for BDSM and sex play, adds size to the nipple as well as increasing sensitivity. That’s because the vacuum draws all the blood into the nipple and areola. Therefore, the nipples become much more sensitive. So, nipple suckers are a great way to ADD sensitivity to nipples that aren’t usually hot spots.

They’re Keepers!

Overall, I loved these little nipple suckers! They worked exactly as I hoped they would and just added the little extra I needed to send my orgasms over the cliff. They are inexpensive, well-made and take up very little room. So, if you’re a fan of nipple stimulation or want to add sensitivity to yours, I highly recommend you give these a try!

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers -

The Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers are a simple, but effective design that creates a strong vacuum over the nipples and areola. The smooth silicone makes them soft and comfortable, while still being rigid enough to create a good amount of suction when squeezed.

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers -

Using the Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers is extremely simple. Just place each one over your nipple and areola, squeeze and release. Or, if you need a stronger suction, just apply a little water or lubricant around the opening or on your areolas. You can gently pull on the suckers for additional vacuum or pump them for a sucking sensation.

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers -

The Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers are well made from a mid-weight silicone, that's silky and feels amazing against the skin. The bulb is nice and thick, creating a great amount of suction when released. I feel that these simply-designed little toys will last a good, long while, even with constant use.

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers - <

How often is it that you can find a pleasure product for under $20?! Especially a product from a top company like Lovehoney, in addition to a sex toy made from body-safe, high-quality silicone! Again, the Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers are a simple design made from top notch materials. But with a price almost anyone can afford? Yes, please! The only thing that could have made this a better product is if it included a small, storage bag.

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers -

These nipple suckers exceeded my expectations, as I didn't expect them to suction as well as they did. In addition, learning to pump them was a game changer and gave me a more realistic feeling, like my partner was there, with me. And with no batteries, charging cords or anything to worry about, these simple little suckers are worth their weight in gold!

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers -

Lovehoney kept the packaging simple on the Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers. To explain, they came in a lightweight, carboard box with a picture of the product on the front. That's it. No, really. There was no fancy, drawstring bag, excess cardboard or anything wasteful. So, if you're one who loves simplistic packaging, you'll adore these.

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers -

The Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers are very easy to care for. First, since they are silicone, use only water or water-based lubricants to strengthen the seal (if needed). And when it's time for clean up, simply wash the nipple suckers in soap and water, rinse well and pat dry. Unfortunately, they don't come with a storage bag, so either hang on to the box or purchase a little storage bag. That way, you won't lose one or both of them in your nightstand or toy box.

Length2 inches
Colors AvailableBlack and Purple

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers -

  • Made from body-safe silicone
  • Large opening sucks in more tissue
  • Inexpensive
  • Firm material creates great suction
  • Very easy to use

  • May not fit larger breasts
  • Pop off if you tug

I was pleasantly surprised by the Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers! Not only are they made from quality materials, they create a strong, stimulating vacuum that feels oh-so-good, and hang on tight. And with such a simple design, they are extremely affordable! I recommend that anyone who loves nipple play get themselves a set of these! Plus, if you are looking for a way to create nipple sensitivity, forget the creams and oils and pop these nipple suckers on for about 10-minutes! Afterward, your sensitivity will increase!

Unfortunately there is no online user manual for the Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers. However, check out my “How To” guide above for everything you need to know about using them.

Absolutely, yes they can! If you have nipples, you can use these nipple suckers. Just know that a hairy chest can affect how the suckers stick, so a little shaving around the areola will help tremendously.

NO! These are not created for the clitoris and may create too powerful of a vacuum! As a result, you could suffer from severe swelling, blood blisters and pain. Instead, try a pussy pump or clit pump, created specifically for that more delicate and sensitive area.

Using the nipple suckers to build sensitivity is easy and can be done daily. Simply place the nipple suckers over your nipples and areola and wear for about 10 minutes. You can do this every day, a few times a day to train those nips to react with a blood rush whenever they are stimulated. Just be patient!

There are a few things you can try. First, add a little water or water-based lube to the rim of the suckers. Second, hold your breast up, with one hand and experiment with different ways of applying the suckers. Third, lean forward, allowing your breasts to hang, then apply the suckers. Finally, lay on your back and let your breasts fall to the side before applying the suckers.

No, unfortunately, the Lovehoney Perfect Pair Nipple Suckers only come in one size. However, they are quite large and should fit most nipples with ease.