Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps — Test & Review

   Rachel Worthington
Jan 23, 2024

Rachel Worthington
: 27
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  • Are on the hunt for some cute nipple accessories!
  • Want your first pair of nipple clamps
  • Are looking for a pair of versatile, adjustable clamps

  • Would prefer clamps with more weight to them
  • Need clamps that won't ever fall off
  • Are looking for clamps with silicone tips

These nipple clamps have a standard crocodile clamp design, with vinyl-tipped arms and a screw to adjust the tightness. To open the clamps, simply squeeze the handles and release when their on your nipple as you want them. On the ends, you'll find a short chain with a small heart padlock charm hanging from it. This charm doesn't add much in the way of weight, but I think it looks so cute!

Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps -

I’m on a mission to find nipple clamps that feel great, stay put and, importantly, look cute! Nipple clamps serve a purpose, of course, but for me, it’s just as much about the look while wearing them. I recently purchased a vintage 60’s negligee in a gorgeous red color, and as soon as I laid eyes on these heart padlock clamps, I knew they were the perfect match!

Trial and Error

I’ll be honest, the first time I tried out the Captive Heart Padlock clamps, I was so excited to show them to my partner that I didn’t take the time to adjust them properly. So, they worked great for the first 30 seconds or so, and then they immediately fell off as I started moving. I did try to put them back on, but I found that it was pretty difficult to do so when your nips have any kind of moisture on them. The vinyl on the tips is quite slippery when wet, so you lose a lot of grip. However, the next time I tried them, I was alone and a bit more patient. I adjusted them slightly tighter and put them on while my nips were dry, which was much more successful.

A Pleasant Pinch

Since you can adjust the clamps to be up to half an inch wide, there’s a lot of room to choose the exact amount of pinch you’re want. I’m someone who enjoys quite intense nipple stimulation, so I have them quite tight. This probably helps them stay on a bit more, too. However, I do wish that the charms had more weight to them — they look nice, but they are super lightweight. This may be friendlier for beginners, but I would have preferred a little extra tug. You could however, experiment with tugging on the charms (or have a partner do it!) for that bit of extra intensity.

Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps -

In a world of crappy-looking nipple clamps, I really love these ones. They're not perfect (that chain is a little chunky for my taste, and the vinyl caps aren't the best), but they're miles better than many others on the market. The heart charms are adorable and satisfyingly tinkly, and the red color adds a nice pop to your favorite bedroom outfit.

Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps -

Crocodile-style clamps are very easy to adjust by turning the screw on the side, and can also be adjusted (carefully) once they're on your nipples. However, as I mentioned above, you may experience them falling off if you like to engage in any kind of nipple sucking or add any lube to your nips. How well they stay on will also depend on the size and shape of your nipples!

Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps -

Despite being a very similar design to other, awful-quality nipple clamps that I've tried, these Master Series clamps surprised me with their quality! The screws work well and stay put when you adjust them, and the rubber coating on the tips is also well affixed to the metal. The chains and the heart charms do feel a little cheap, but aren't poor quality by any means.

Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps - <

The Master Series Heart Padlock clamps are a little more expensive than other crocodile-style clamps on the market, but at around $20, they're still very affordable in my book. They're simple and cute, and an actual good investment, rather than slightly cheaper, much worse clamps. Just keep in mind that, for your money, you only receive the clamps and nothing else.

Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps -

Once I got the Heart Padlock nipple clamps adjusted correctly, the pinch felt extremely pleasant. They added so much extra stimulation exactly where I wanted it, and left my hands free to do other things. I had hoped for a little extra weight from the charms, but the overall look made up for my slight disappointment on that front.

Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps -

The packaging feels a little cheap, but it's still quite tasteful. On the front, you can see the clamps on a mirror card backing, with the name of the product and a random woman's face. On the back is a photo of the clamps and a small amount of information about them. Due to the open front, the packaging isn't that suitable for storing the clamps long-term, and I would recommend finding a safe place or a small bag to store them in.

Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps -

The Master Series Captive Heart clamps are made from metal, though they don't state whether it's nickel-free, with a vinyl covering. Vinyl is not classed as a body-safe material as it's porous, but since you shouldn't insert these clamps inside your body, this doesn't matter too much. If you need to clean them, just rinse them under water with some soap and then dry them thoroughly.

Length(With charm) 4 inches
WidthOpens to 0.5 inches
MaterialsMetal, Vinyl
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableRed, Black

Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps -

  • So cute!
  • Vinyl tips for comfort
  • Easy to adjust
  • Lightweight and beginner-friendly

  • Tips have little grip, so clamps can fall off
  • Chain is a little chunky
  • Not the highest quality

I just adore the look of these Captive Heart Padlock nipple clamps. They're easy to adjust, and provide just as much pinch as you need. Sure, some parts feel a tad cheap, but the overall quality is surprisingly high for the price. If you're on the hunt for a pair of clamps that look as good as they feel, then I highly recommend checking these out.

I couldn’t find a user manual specific to the Master Series Captive Heart clamps, but they are quite simple to use. If you need some extra guidance, why not check out my blog post on how to use nipple clamps, which is full of tips and tricks!

Yes! These clamps are very approachable and easy to use, though you still may need a little time to learn how to adjust them to your liking and how to put them on so that they don't fall off. Every nipple is different, and clamps won't fit the same on any two people!

Of course! Anyone with nipples and a penchant for cute accessories can don these fantastic nipple clamps.

The amount of pressure or pain you experience whilst wearing these clamps will depend on how tight you adjust them to be. However, the vinyl tips prevent them from puncturing or tearing the skin, even at their tightest. If you do feel like they are too painful, remove them immediately, taking care not to tug them off your nipples.