Oxballs Ergo Soft Anal Plug — Test & Review

   David Redd
Feb 12, 2024

David Redd
: 32
: Intermediate, Enthusiasist
: Male
: Heterosexual
: Arcwave Voy

  • Love the feel of soft silicone.
  • Enjoy filling buttplugs.
  • Have some experience with anal toys.

  • Dislike anal stimulation.
  • Prefer plugs with thinner necks.
  • Have never tried a buttplug.

“The future is worth it. All the pain. All the tears. The future is worth the fight.” – Martian Manhunter. This quote sums up my experience with the Oxballs Ergo Plug Small, it was a fight to insert it, but the sensations were totally worth it once I got it in. The Oxballs line of Ergo plugs are designed to be very filling without being very long. The Ergo is an egg style plug, it has a squat shape with a rounded top devoid of a taber, a large bulb, a wide neck and oval base. The silicone is super squishy, and sort of melts to fit once the plug is in place. It is great during sex, solo play, or as a stretching tool.

Oxballs Ergo Soft -


I’ve wanted to try a soft egg style plug (thick, but not particularly long) for a while. After researching the different options I decided to try the Oxballs Ergo because of its inviting design and various color options. I selected the small size, which is larger than anything I have tried before, but still reasonably sized.

1st Experience

I knew that getting the Oxballs Ergo inserted would be some work due to its bulbous shape and generous size. I warmed up and let my muscles relax using something smaller. When I felt ready I applied a copious amount of lube and went to work. Because of the soft silicone and rounded top, the neck would bend and slide out of place rather than into me. I held the plug higher up on the bulb and was finally able to get it inserted. The feeling was too intense and I could feel my muscles cramping so I pulled it out. I waited a few minutes reapplied lube and reinsert the plug. It slid inside easier the second time and seemed to be better positioned because it was significantly more comfortable. I left the plug in and let my body adjust to the sensations. Eventually, I masturbated, enjoying the stimulation the Ergo provided. When I finally removed it, I felt a stretch which increased in intensity until it finally popped out.

2nd Experience

I wanted to try the Oxballs Ergo during partnered sex. I warmed up and then inserted the plug. The Ergo is less comfortable standing or laying because of the large base so we did doggy style. The plug stayed nicely in place and felt pleasurably filling. The plug stimulated my prostate as I moved giving me a nice blended orgasm. After orgasming, the Ergo Plug started to feel uncomfortably large so I removed it. 


The Oxballs Ergo is somewhat uncomfortable when laying flat on my back or standing. This is because the wide base gets pushed down putting pressure on my sphincter. It is quite comfortable while sitting, and it feels particularly good to rock back and forth on it. It is very pleasant to wear during a shower. The Ergo Plug feels great during sex and stays securely in place. Personally, it feels a bit too intense to wear casually or for extended time periods.

Oxballs Ergo Soft -

The Oxballs Ergo plug is squat with large large bulb thick neck and chunky oval base. The Ergo plug has a concave kidney bean shaped bulb and a rounded top that eschews the tapered tip found on most buttplugs. The Ergo small is 4 inches in length with an insertable length of 3 inches and a maximum width of 1.7 inches. The concave curve of the Ergo is designed to stimulate the prostate of those who have one. The plug is made of squishy platinum silicone, that comes in a variety of colors densitys. Overall I like the design of the Oxballs Ergo and enjoy every time I use it, but I don't reach for it that often compared to other plugs in my collection

Oxballs Ergo Soft -

The Oxballs Ergo plug is the most difficult plug I have ever used, to insert. It has a rounded tip with almost no taper and quickly reaches max width. The soft silicone also bends at the neck making it difficult to hold while inserting. The Ergo plug requires warm-up and lots of lube to get in place. Once inserted the Ergo Plug stays firmly in place. It is easier to remove than to insert but it does provide a significant stretch on the way out.

Oxballs Ergo Soft -

The liquid Platinum silicone is smooth and supple, and it is one of the squishiest silicones I have ever felt. There are no seams but there are minor trimming marks at the base reflecting that plug is handmade. The coloring is uniform and vibrant and very sparkly. Because the silicone is hand poured every Oxballs Ergo plug is unique. It feels like quality product from a small manufacturer that cares about producing superior toys.

Oxballs Ergo Soft - <

The Ergo Plug Small costs $68.00 on the Oxballs website. It is available from other stores for somewhat cheaper. Premium silicone is pricy but for $68.00 feels expensive. The Ergo plug is excellent quality and is a reasonable investment in pleasure despite the price.

Oxballs Ergo Soft -

The Oxballs Ergo Plug was relatively difficult to insert. The first time used it I warmed up with a smaller plug, after applying a generous amount of lube I attempted to insert it. The plug kept bending at the neck and the lack of taper made it hard to get in. Once in place the plug felt very filling as it is designed to be. The thick neck gave me a gentle stretch, but it wasn't too overwhelming after a few minutes due to the suppleness of the silicone. The plugs size and convex shape put pleasant pressure on my prostate. It feels good for short term wear but due to the size it would be uncomfortable for longer term wear.

Oxballs Ergo Soft -

The Oxballs Ergo plug was packaged in a zippered bag made of thick plastic. The packaging has an attractive blue and gray color scheme with orange highlights. The clear front of the packaging nicely displays the Plug highlighting it's size and beautiful shimmery blue color. The bag can be used to store the Ergo Plug or discarded discreetly.

Oxballs Ergo Soft -

The Oxballs Ergo Plug is made from hand-mixed platinum silicone. The silicone is smooth and exceptionally squishy. The Plug seems well made with no noticeable seams and brilliant, even coloring. The Ergo Plug is easy to clean after use. I wash it with warm water and soap then let it dry. The surface can be sanitized by wiping with alcohol or through boiling. It didn't come with a dedicated storage bag, but the packaging doubles as a storage bag.

Length4 inches
Insertable length3 inches
Diameter1.7 inches
Weight0.3 lbs
FlexibilityVery squishy
MaterialsPlatinum Silicone
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlue, black, smoke, red, orange

Oxballs Ergo Soft -

  • Made with super soft silicone
  • Bodysafe material
  • Comfortable
  • Very filling
  • Easy to clean
  • The color is beautiful

  • Large for beginners
  • Difficult to insert
  • Expensive

Everytime I use the Oxballs Ergo plug, I thoroughly enjoy the experience when it is finally in place. However, I do not use it often due to how difficult it is to insert and the necessary warm up time.

There is no manual for the Oxballs Ergo Plug available on line, but it is relatively straightforward to use. For ideas check out my how to use guide.

It is a bit large for a beginner, but would be good for anyone who has some experience with small play and is looking for something bigger.

Yes it is very easy to clean with soap and warm water.