Oxballs Z-Balls — Test & Review

   David Redd
Jul 9, 2024

David Redd
: 32
: Intermediate, Enthusiasist
: Male
: Heterosexual
: Arcwave Voy

  • Like a feeling of constriction
  • Prefer tightness over stimulation
  • Are looking for a multifunctional toy
  • Are looking for a ball stretcher that can occasionally be used as a cock ring

  • Want a ring that is easy to put on
  • Prefer silicone toys over TPE

The Oxballs Z-balls has 3 stretchy, TPE rings connected in a z shape. The rings can be placed around the penis, balls, or both. The rings are thick and quite constricting.

Oxballs Z-Balls -

Cock Ring Experience

The first time I tested the toy I used as a cock ring, with the rings around my shaft and balls. It was somewhat difficult to get on, the TPE has a sticky surface that kept catching on my skin despite using a generous measure of lube. When I finally got it in place it was very tight. I wore it during partnered sex and the constriction from the toy reduced sensation, and made the experience less enjoyable than usual. When I was finished, I was just eager to take it off.

Ball Stretcher Performance

After my first less than satisfying experience, I was considering tossing the Z-balls, but decided to try the toy again using it only as a ball stretcher. It was much easier to put on, I stretched both rings slid it into place then released it. The Z-balls provided a strong but comfortable stretch. The rings pulled my balls away from my body in an aesthetically-pleasing way, making them look quite look quite prominent. However, ball stretchers are not one of my preferred toys so it will probably rarely leave my toy box.

Oxballs Z-Balls -

The Oxballs Z-balls Ring has a fairly basic design of 3 connected rings. The rings are quite a bit thicker than comparable toys made by other companies. The Z-shape is supposed to act like a spring gently exerting pressure on the balls. It is designed to be multifunctional and can be worn as a ball stretcher, as a cock ring, or as both simultaneously.

Oxballs Z-Balls -

The Oxballs Z-balls is quite tight, making it difficult to get on. It eventually slides into place with generous measure of lube and a bit of finagling. Once on, the toy stays firmly in place. After use, the Z-balls is much easier to remove than it was to put on. Because it's so stretchy, it is much easier to put on as a ball stretcher.

Oxballs Z-Balls -

The Oxballs Z-Balls Ring is relatively good quality. The TPE is stretchy and smooth without any obvious seams or defects. The rings are quite thick and feel durable.

Oxballs Z-Balls - <

The Z-balls Ring costs $26 on Oxballs website, which is on the expensive side for a non-vibrating ring. The toy is relatively good quality, though.

Oxballs Z-Balls -

For me, the didn't Oxballs Z- perform as well as I expected. It was quite tight making it difficult to get into place. The tightness deadened sensation, making sex less pleasurable than usual when used as a cock ring. It worked better as a ball stretcher, it was easy to put on and provided consistent pressure.

Oxballs Z-Balls -

The Oxballs Z-balls Ring was packaged in easy to open clear clamshell packaging. There is a cardboard insert with the Oxballs logo and the name of the toy. The clear plastic is molded to fit the Z-balls which is displayed prominently. Similar to the packaging of other Oxballs toys I have tried, the packaging is pretty minimal with a focus on the product.

Oxballs Z-Balls -

The toy is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is non-toxic but is a porous material and therefore cannot be sterilized. After use, the Z-balls is easy to wash clean with warm water and soap.

Length1.5 inches
Width2.25 inches
Diameter (internal)1 inches
FlexibilityVery stretchy
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack, Clear, Ice Blue

Oxballs Z-Balls -

  • Stretchy
  • Multifunctional
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Effectively ball stretcher

  • Too tight for me
  • Difficult to use
  • Made of TPE rather than silicone

Personally I did not enjoy the Oxballs Z-balls cock ring and ball stretcher, but it may be a great toy for someone else. It was difficult to get on and it was too tight, reducing sensation when used as a ring. I found it easier to use as a ball stretcher, but I would prefer a dedicated toy over a multifunctional toy for the purpose.