Oxy Chastity Discovery Set — Test & Review

   George Martin
Jan 9, 2024

George Martin
: 52
: Lots of e-stim and chastity play, along with bondage and other toys.
: M
: Heterosexual

  • Want to experiment with male chastity
  • Are interested in trying an urethral insert
  • Are not sure what size device would best suit you
  • Want a metal device but without the custom made price tag

  • Have an enormous schlong - it will probably not fit inside the cage
  • Can't be trusted to not defeat the lock
  • Need to go through metal detectors

One of the biggest difficulties with male chastity is finding the right sized ring and cage combination to ensure a comfortable, but secure, fit. The Chastity Discovery Set - Locked in Steel is exactly what the names suggests, a set of items to help you delve deeper into discovering the world of male chastity. Comprising of 2 cages; 3 rings; a lock; 2 keys; a key safe; set of 3 plastic security locks for the key safe; an anti-slip ring; and a urethral tube; and a drawstring bag to store it all, it is a pretty comprehensive package that you can enjoy using to secure his package!

Oxy Chastity Discovery Set - Locked in Steel -

Comprehensive Kit

The Chastity Discovery Set from Oxy came discreetly packaged in a plain-looking box. However, upon opening you find that this is anything but plain. Straight away you know that this contains something a bit more dominating, rather than cute and cuddly. Inside the box, you find a fairly nondescript black drawstring bag and a clear plastic box containing some black, security-style tags. Upon opening the bag, you find a thoroughly wrapped selection of metal parts, like some sort of 3D jigsaw puzzle. However, all soon becomes clear, as you unwrap the pieces from within the cling film.

The Discovery

Once fully unwrapped, you are presented with the Chastity Discovery Set, a selection of rings, cages and accessories to aid and abet in exploring the world of male chastity. For many people, one of the most difficult aspects to choosing a chastity device, once that idea has floated, is knowing what size ring and cage to purchase. There’s a seemingly bewildering choice of permutations out there. The big advantage of this set is that it comes with rings in three sizes and a choice of two cages. This ought to provide the majority of people with a suitable combination to get the tallywhacker locked away. As an experienced wearer of such devices, I opted for the larger ring (50mm x 51.5mm) and cage (44mm long). One of the things that struck me was how comfy the rings are. Rather than the usual circular style, the set is supplied with contoured and slightly elongated rings. It might not sound like much, but it really does make a huge difference to long term comfort. The actual cages are little more challenging to put on. Internally, they are only about 33.5mm in diameter, considerably narrower than the old chap trying to squeeze inside. Here, a top tip is to ensure the use of plenty of lube, then things are able to slide in and conform to the shape of the cage. Next step is to close the cage, pushing it on to the ring and inserting the lock. Here some caution is required, as it was all too easy to pinch skin with the prongs from the cage that locate in two hole on the front of the ring. It helps to try and pull the skin down with one hand, whilst pushing up the cage with the other. Once locked safely away, the keys can be placed inside the key safe box, and secured with one of the supplied security tags  — numbered to show whether you have been trying to tamper with the box to access the keys.

Expanding Horizons

Supplied with the set are a couple of interesting accessories: an anti-slip ring and a urethral insert (described as a catheter, but it’s not really). The anti-slip ring has three points on the inside edge, designed to poke into the skin and prevent someone from trying to slip out the back of the cage for a crafty play, whilst also presumably aiding in holding the cage in place. Personally, I didn’t bother trying to use it, as I found that it’s really not very well designed or manufactured. The ring slides back and forth on the locator pegs of the cage, meaning pinching is almost guaranteed, and the one supplied in my set was also bent out of shape.

Trying Out the Catheter

However, there was an accessory that I was interested in trying, the urethral insert. Measuring 12cm long and 8mm diameter, at its largest, the insert initially looked quite daunting. To use it, after ensuring it has been sterilised (instructions for this are supplied) you attach it to the front of the cage, before fitting the cage, and screw it in to place with a threaded fixing. Then, after squirting plenty of (sterile) lube into the urethra, carefully, you slide it inside, taking it steady so as to avoid issues. The feeling of it going in was strangely arousing and not at all unpleasant. Peeing with it in place was quite an interesting experience, with flow going both through and around the outside of the tube. It also seemed to produce a strange vibrating sensation inside, which was pretty unique. That night, I settled down for bed, locked and with a tube inside me, wondering how the night would go. I need not have worried; I slept soundly without and discomfort.

Good Things…

A few days later, now accustomed to the cage size, I decided to try the smallest cage from the set. This measured in at a rather stubby 35mm — gosh, could I really be that small!? Apparently so! After applying plenty of lube to my skin, I offered up the cage and pressed it home. Wow! I had never been so confined in all the 20+ years that I have worn chastity devices. Looking down, it seemed almost impossible to believe and I wondered how long I could bare to stay inside this cage. They say that good things come in small packages. Well, I didn’t, but what I did discover was that far from being crushed to death, this small cage was actually surprisingly comfortable. Sure, my glans barely squished inside, but it was amazingly cosy and not the tortuous experience I had feared, well, until someone decided it would be fun to do a bit of teasing! That certainly made things try to swell, but the cage was having none of it. Confined and squished, all I could do was squirm. The only issue I did experience in the smallest cage was some occasional pinching, where flesh and skin protruded out through the bars and the gap between the cage and the ring. However, I was largely able to stop this by carefully rearranging things with a bit of a tug and a push. So, having been locked into the smallest cage without too much trouble, that’s where I stayed for several days, through family outings and various other daily life activities. I really was impressed at how easy it is to life with. Previous cages have caused some issues with movement, being solid and unyielding unable to move in a natural way, whereas the small cage was frankly too small to get in the way of movement. I was able to go about my daily activities without hinderance from it.

When You’ve Gotta Go!

Another thing that often concerns chastity newcomers is how will they cope with the call of nature? Rest assured, it’s not a problem when wearing one of these cages. If using the insert, pee will, in part at least, flow through the tube and out of the hole at the front of the device. That which doesn’t exit there will find its way out the cage nearby. Without the insert, peeing is easy enough by simply adjusting oneself so that you can go between the bars at the end of the cage. Granted, not as easy as it is in cages with a slit at the end, but not an insurmountable issue either. Naturally, it’s a good idea to use some toilet paper just to dry off any moisture from the cage, and also to go sitting down, so no more complaints about leaving the seat up! Washing with the open design of the cage is also no big problem. Indeed, the supplied instructions provide some guidance on this important activity. Cleanliness is vital to prevent any nasty odors or infections.


After spending time trying the different cages and the insert, I can happily say that this Chastity Discovery Set is a worthwhile purchase. It offers something for both experienced and new chastity players, and if you were to purchase another lock, you could actually use the set, potentially, to keep two pets locked at the same time. Chastity provides a range of unique sensations, from that feeling of knowing a secret when out in public, through to complete frustration when being teased and denied. With the set having a range of options from its accessories, there is enough scope for months, or years, of playtime. Having previously spent hundreds on custom-made metal chastity cages, this opened my eyes to what bargains are available today.

Oxy Chastity Discovery Set - Locked in Steel -

With the shaped rings, the Chastity Discovery Set is more comfortable than designs that use hinged or circular rings. The cages are a nice, open design, allowing plenty of ventilation and making washing and drying much easier than enclosed designs. Their biggest drawbacks are the very narrow diameter of the cages and the lack of a slit for peeing. The anti-slip ring seems quite poorly designed and I personally wouldn't recommend using it. The urethral inset has a thoughtful rounded end to help make it easier to inset and the threaded section ensures it can be fixed to the cage and not inadvertently disappear inside. I also really liked the idea behind the locking system and how the ring and cage join together. No clacking from a padlock and no big bump to poke you in the abdomen.

Oxy Chastity Discovery Set - Locked in Steel -

The rings were easy enough to get on - pop your plums through the ring, one at a time, then bend the old chap down and push him through. Once everything is through the ring, it's easy to adjust it to get nice and comfy. The cages are a bit more difficult to install, although the liberal application of a lubricant, or moisturiser, helps simplify this process enormously. The biggest issue is trying to avoid pinching skin when joining the cage to the ring, as the prongs are quite small and fairly sharp edged. Installing a cage with the insert is slightly more difficult, as care needs to be taken to avoid contaminating the tube.

Oxy Chastity Discovery Set - Locked in Steel -

Overall the quality of the Chastity Discovery Set is pretty good, with nice quality rings being of particular note. The cages do possibly look and feel a little cheaply made, and you can flex the metal without too much effort. I also wonder about the claim to it being made of stainless steel, as I noticed bits of chrome plating flaked off and onto the insert tube and within the packaging. This could cause anyone with a chrome allergy a problem, likewise, you wouldn't want flecks of metal being inserted into the urethra. One important part did seem to be of very low quality - the lock. The lock is meant to be quite an important aspect of a chastity device, especially if used with a keyholder. However, I found it a really simple task to open the lock without using the keys. Nail scissors, a tiny drill bit, anything long enough and thin could be inserted to open the lock. This, I feel, is a real shame, as I was otherwise quite impressed by the set and what it offers for the money.

Oxy Chastity Discovery Set - Locked in Steel - <

There are a large number of metal chastity devices available today. However, you normally only get one ring and one cage. With the Chastity Discovery Set you get so much more for your money. At the current offer price, I would say this represents good value for money, as you're effectively getting two devices, plus a range of accessories. For someone wanting to take a tentative first step into male chastity, this set would make a good purchase.

Oxy Chastity Discovery Set - Locked in Steel -

This section is somewhat awkward to rate. On the one hand, the set does provide a great way to try male chastity and also urethral insertion, should you so wish to try it. The cages are certainly capable of preventing those pesky erections from popping up willy-nilly, and will certainly chop down that morning wood. However, I have to go back to the issue with the lock and how easy it is to defeat. Granted, some would argue that you shouldn't try to defeat it, but, come on, when you're horny, desperate, and the keyholder is away, boys will be boys and mischievous deeds shall be performed, especially when there's no evidence to see, as you don't even need to break the security tag on the box containing the keys.

Oxy Chastity Discovery Set - Locked in Steel -

The Chastity Discovery Set is well packaged. The shipping box opens up to become part of the packaging, with bold, leather clad mistress flexing a crop. The inclusion of a storage bag is a nice touch, providing a discrete way to keep the set together and out of view from prying eyes. Included with the set is a handy instruction booklet and a card giving a code to get a discount on future purchases.

Oxy Chastity Discovery Set - Locked in Steel -

Assuming the set is made from stainless steel, it should be safe for use long-term. However, if there is indeed plating, it might cause problems for those who are sensitive to the materials used. Whilst the urethral insert appears to be a combination of stainless steel and plastic for the tube, so ought to be safe for use, any form of insertion carries with it the risk of infection and/or injury. Therefore, I would highly recommend proceeding with extreme caution if exploring this and being body aware to ensure any issues are addressed as soon as possible. The storage bag provides a nice option for keeping everything together and clean after washing. However, you should always sterilise the urethral insert immediately prior to use, unless you happen to have access to surgical packaging facilities.

Length1.38 and 1.8 inches
Insertable length4.38 inches
Diameter1.6, 1.8 and 2 inches
Diameter (internal)1.3 inches
FasteningKey operated lock
MaterialsStainless Steel
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Oxy Chastity Discovery Set - Locked in Steel -

The addition of the urethral insert is a bonus for those that might be a bit more experienced in chastity and want to try something with an insert, or to those simply curious about using an insert. The anti-slip ring was a big fail for me – it doesn’t sit in place snuggly and therefore creates too high a chance of getting pinched and injured, which is not good when locked in something that could make things warm and moist. Also, that locking system needs to be addressed. It shouldn’t be so easy to defeat the lock without any effort.

  • Good range of accessories
  • Comfortable
  • Discreet under clothing
  • Good value

  • May be a bit too tight for some
  • Pinching
  • Less refined than a custom-made device
  • Peeing could be awkward

If you are interested in trying male chastity, the Chastity Discovery Set provides a good way to experiment with different rings and cage sizes to find a combination that best suits you. The additional accessories provide scope for further experimentation and experiencing extra sensations beyond basic chastity play.

Video guides and resources for the Chastity Discovery Set – Locked in Steel can be found here on Oxy’s website.

Male chastity offers a unique power play dynamic. It can be exhilarating to have access to your genitals controlled by someone else, and allows for some excellent teasing opportunities to build desire and sexual tension.

Virtually anyone equipped with a cock and balls. You might struggle to fit inside the cages if very well endowed, but anyone average or less should have no trouble.

If new to chastity, take it easy at first, maybe a few hours at a time, building gradually to days. For those with more experience, aside release for a thorough cleaning, the cage could be worn for as long as your keyholder desires..

Use lube, or moisturiser, on the skin. This will help things slide into place and aid longer term comfort, especially for the scrotum.

Absolutely not! Many men use male chastity on their own, for various reasons. You can keep your keys secured in the supplied box and lock them with either a padlock, the security tabs, or a time release lock.