Oxy Extreme Anal Spreader — Test & Review

   Sierra Monet
Feb 23, 2024

Sierra Monet
: 44
: Intermediate
: Femme
: Bi

  • are into anal stretching/gaping
  • accommodating large objects
  • are working towards fisting
  • enjoy being able to view inside the body

  • are new to anal play
  • uncomfortable with being a little uncomfortable
  • are not into pushing your limits

While large, the toy is surprisingly light which makes it easy to manage if you're on the receiving end of the toy because you don't have to fight gravity to keep the toy in. The prongs are secured with rubber o-rings and wingnuts and when all prongs are centered, they form a rounded tip for a fairly easy insertion. The prongs are then adjusted and the diameter of the toy increased with a turn of the wingnuts. When playtime is over, the toy can be disassemble and cleaned very easily. The entire toy can then be stored in the velvet bag provided.

Oxy Extreme Anal Spreader -

Attempt 1

After getting completely cleaned up, I took a comfy position in the middle of the bed on my back, lubricated the toy and went straight to insertion. The metal prongs were wonderfully cold and made for an oddly satisfying first impression. I started turning the wingnuts working in pairs and turning the screws opposite each other. This made for a more even and comfortable spreading as I worked each pair of screws. This is where I ran into obstacle number one: The orientation of the toy made it difficult to access one of the wingnuts! I tried rotating the toy but it caused a fair bit of discomfort – perhaps because I was already spread open a fair bit or maybe because I didn’t use enough lube. Regardless, I needed to back off the width and reposition the toy. Note to self: be aware of where the wingnuts are positioned.

Attempt 2

After backing off the width, reapplying lube and repositioning the screw locations, I tried again. This time with a pillow under my hips to help give some clearance to the screws and for some room for my hands to work. Ahhhh! much better! I increased the diameter a little more than last time but now, obstacle 2: The little rubber O-rings that are meant to stop the wingnuts from getting loose were getting twisted up in each other and binding which made it very difficult to continue turning the screws. Ok, let’s try this again….

Attempt 3

Reduce, relube, reposition…This time I changed my position to ass-up thinking I could more easily feel the rubber o-rings with my fingers and attempt to keep them from binding. Once again, I got a little wider than last time but alas, ran into the o-ring binding problem. By this point, I had to accept that I needed a different strategy. In the meantime though, I used my phone camera to take a look at how well I had done and I admit, I was rather pleased! At this point, my only wish was that the prongs were longer to open up a little more inside me. C’est la vie..! On subsequent play sessions, I tried applying just a tiny bit of silicone lube to the o-rings to help stop that binding but had mixed results. It would be nice if there were a better way to secure those wingnuts and I’m sure with a little research, I can solve the problem.

Oxy Extreme Anal Spreader -

This toy appears to be very well built. It's simple design and easy assembly and clean up is a big plus. My only complaint is the rubber o-rings can get twisted on each other.

Oxy Extreme Anal Spreader -

In principle, this toy is very easy to use however in practice, not so much. As I've already belabored the point, the o-rings aren't ideal. Additionally, in a solo session, it can get a little tiring on the body to have your hands in an awkward position manipulating the toy while you're simultaneously trying to enjoy the sensation of being stretched. Perhaps with practice I'll get better at it but for now, not so easy to use by yourself.

Oxy Extreme Anal Spreader -

The quality looks like it wants to be a 90 but it feels more like a 60. It shines like polished steel but definitely doesn't have the weight that steel would. The screws, however, are solid and sturdy.

Oxy Extreme Anal Spreader - <

This toy is a little on the expensive side for what it is and how it operates. There's really nothing fancy about it and obviously very manual when it comes to operation. There are speculums on the market that offer much easier use in a similar price point (although perhaps don't offer quite the same spreading capacity...trade offs!)

Oxy Extreme Anal Spreader -

Performance wise, I would say this performed about as expected aside from the binding issue.

Oxy Extreme Anal Spreader -

The velvet bag packaging of this toy is minimal but functional. It offers a soft, clean place to store the toy when not in use and it's not at all flashy which doesn't draw attention to itself.

Oxy Extreme Anal Spreader -

The manufacturer advertises that this toy is solid stainless steel (although it doesn't really feel that way). I cleaned it as such using soap and water and took care to store it in the supplied bag. So far, the toy looks as it should: sparking and clean

MaterialsZinc Alloy
AllergiesContains nickel
DiameterUp to 4.33 inches

Oxy Extreme Anal Spreader -

  • offers a wide spreading diameter
  • excellent for training to take a fix
  • fun with a friend

  • more difficult to use in a solo session
  • rubber o-rings can bind up, preventing the wingnuts from turning
  • must be aware of the orientation of the ring and screws

You know how sometimes your eye wants more than your body might be able to handle? That could certainly be the case with this toy. This is in no way a beginner's toy! At it's maximum spread, this toy opens up to 3.75" and will easily accommodate most hand sizes through the spacious center. For experienced anal players, at fully closed, the toy is easily inserted and the cool metal makes for an deliciously interesting sensation. Beginners or those new to anal may have trouble with putting the toy in as the uneven texture/ridges could make it difficult. Once in place, you're free to open the prongs as quickly and as (un)evenly as you please! All of that said, this toy is probably best with a partner. While it is possible to use it solo (as was done for this testing), getting comfortable, relaxing and enjoying the stretch can be difficult while you're simultaneously trying to tighten the 6 different screws to open the toy wider. The rubber washers can also be a bit of a pain when engaging with solo play. I played with this toy on 3 separate occasions and each time the rubber washers would bind each other up and make turning the screws extremely difficult. With a partner monitoring the screws and rubber washers, I imagine this would be less of an issue. Despite this, it's still a fun toy and a different take at anal stretching/training.

There is no user manual available online for the anal spreader, but it’s quite simple to use.

As the toy is stainless steel, you can use any lube you prefer.

This toy is exceptionally easy to clean in warm water and a mild detergent. I would also recommend plugging the sink in the event any of the smaller parts jumps out of your hands while washing.

While either is possible, I would recommend this more for couples' play.

As with any toy, listen to your body! If it's painful (not in a good way!), stop. As always, lube and communication are key.