Oxy Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher — Test & Review

   Allen Wiltshire
Apr 12, 2024

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  • Like CBT.
  • Like metal toys.
  • Like shiny toys

  • Have a high and tight ball sack.
  • Are allergic to chrome.
  • Don't like heavy toys.

The Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher from Oxy Shop is an all metal ball stretcher that uses two metal rings on an adjustable track to allow one to stretch or pull on a ball sack hands free.

Oxy Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher -

Same Old Song and Dance.

I have a horrible track record with metal cock and balls torture toys. Each one I’ve tried has had the same issues with it, usually cheap chrome plated metal, poor tolerances in the machining and casting process, difficult to actually use or put on, and no easy way to avoid pinch points. So when I was told to do a review on a metal CBT ball stretcher, I was skeptical, but I thought that since the price point for Oxy Shops Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher was on the high side, along with the fact that the rings that actually hold the ball sack were wider than average, that this one might be different from all the rest. Boy was I wrong.


When it arrived the packaging was minimal, but the stretcher did come with its own carrying bag, which was a nice touch seeing as how the toy was all metal and could easily scratch/get scratched. The stretcher was starting out strong, but any hopes quickly faded on closer look of the toy. It became obvious on close inspection that the toy is actually chrome plated, and most likely not the 316L surgical grade stainless steel that is in the product description. While not surprising, this was a bit of a let down for the price point the toy is at.

Putting it to the Test

Once it was time to actually use the stretcher, things didn’t improve much. The stretcher disassembles the same as any other metal CBT ball stretcher, the two halves of the rings come apart by loosening  a screw, thankfully this one forgoes the need of a hex key to tighten and loosen the screws and instead just uses one thumb screw knob of each ring. While we’re on the subject, who was the genius who thought involving the need of a hex key for practicing kinky sex was a hot idea? I know nothing less sexy, even a regular screw driver would be hotter. As I digress, taking the stretcher apart was easy, putting it on and actually using it was not. Even though the rings of the Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher are bigger than average, I still had difficulty putting them on. The toy quickly fell into the same issue as all the ones that came before it, a tight fit and pinch points. It took a solid 10 minutes of fenagling with my sack and trying to get everything lined up just right to get things to work, and even then I couldn’t get either of the two rings closed. I got them screwed together, and nothing was going anywhere, but there was a gap where the other side of the rings were meant to meet. Not the end of the world, but it didn’t feel great.

Was the juice worth the squeeze?

After an exhausting 10 minutes of work to get the toy on, it was finally on, and it worked. I could in fact pull/stretch my sack. Now being a heavy masochist who’s into certain types of CBT, this was great, aside from the fact that the power screw (the main screw that moves the two rings) was firmly against my sack and I felt it turn on my sack each time I twisted it. The ridges of the screw weren’t sharp and it didn’t necessarily hurt, but it didn’t feel great. Once on and sufficiently stretched out to a point of painful bliss, I proceeded to do the dirty. Overall the orgasm I had was great and felt genuinely unique from other types of CBT related orgasms from the likes of Estim devices or elastrator bands. It felt good and different, but was all the work worth it…not really.

Oxy Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher -

A for effort F for execution. The Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher looks great at first glance, and the functionality of it is a nice change of pace. Up close however the design is a letdown. While the toy has a very pleasing mirror polish, it is in fact not polished stainless steel, and is actually chrome plated mystery metal. Along with that the machined (or more likely casted) tolerances of the toy are very lose. Granted this is a CBT sex toy, not a German made piece of machinery, so the tolerances don't need to be super tight, but on this ball stretcher, it's sloppy. On top of that the welds that hold the various parts of the stretcher together are just cheap tack welds, not full on welds.

Oxy Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher -

THIS IS NOT EASY TO USE. If you have any issues with fine motor skills or arthritis in your hands, this is not the toy for you.

Oxy Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher -

Again, at first glance the Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher looks great, but once you get up close the quality is very lacking. roughly cast chrome plated metal that still has dents that got covered by the plating, cheap quick tack welds, and screw holes that are difficult to line up while in use. On the other hand, the movement of the power screw on the stretcher is very smooth, it's not difficult to turn nor has the one ring gotten stuck anywhere on the length of the screw. So while the toy has one nice touch to it, it's littered with issues that kill the quality.

Oxy Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher - <

For $120, it is not worth the price. This is something that should be going for half the price.

Oxy Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher -

Short answer, yes the Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher does work as a ball stretcher IF you can manage to get it on.

Oxy Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher -

As usual with Oxy-shop, the packaging is very discrete and minimal. Zero instructions or info on the toy, just the toy in a plastic bag. It did come with it's own carrying bag though.

Oxy Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher -

Here's the problem. Oxy-shop claims that the Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher is made from surgical grade 316L stainless steel. That could very much be true for the two guide rods and the power screw of the stretcher as those are three obviously machined pieces of metal. The two rings that go around the balls are obviously chrome plated, and most likely cast instead of machined due to the various dents that are on the rings. This makes the product description from Oxy-shop dubious because there isn't much of a need to chrome plate surgical grade stainless steel, it can be polished to a mirror finish. Why is this an issue? False advertising is the biggest problem, if you're going to advertise surgical grade stainless, then it better be surgical grade stainless. The other issue is with the chrome. There is such a thing as being allergic to chrome and on top of that chrome plating can chip off if scratched or just over time if the shop it was done in wasn't great, and when that happens what ever metal is under the chrome plating will be exposed, and unless it is in fact surgical grade stainless steel, this could mean other metal related allergies. I don't think anyone wants their ball sack turning green.

Materialswebsite states 316L stainless, but that is not verified.
Diameter1.34 inches
Diameter2.55 inches
Length4.72 inches

Oxy Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher -

  • Once on, there's no chance of slipping out.
  • Gives a really good stretch.
  • Doesn't require an hex key.

  • Has a lot of pinch points.
  • Tight fit.
  • The over all length of the toy makes it cumbersome.
  • Requires two sets of hands.

For me the Extreme Double Ring CBT Ball Stretcher is right down the middle quagmired somewhere in average because its designers couldn't decide whether to make it a high end toy or a run of the mill beginner "toy". It does exactly what it says it will in a simplistic yet effective way. It's also one of the few metal based CBT/ball stretching toys that doesn't require a hex key to use it (sorry anyone who thinks assembling IKEA furniture is sexy). It also doesn't help that it's littered with pinch points just like every other low grade metal cbt toy, and while it's listed as being made of 316L stainless steel, it's glaringly obvious that it's chrome plated. In the end, if you're looking of a high end CBT toy, I would suggest you look elsewhere. If you're already a CBT enthusiast, you like the look of this and you don't mind spending the money, then go for it.

How to use: Step one: turn the power screw (the long screw in the center of the stretcher) until both of the rings are touching. Step two: unscrew the bolt on each of the two rings to allow the rings to come apart in two pieces. Step three: put the sack in question on the interior half of the two rings, make sure to have the long end of the toy pointing away from you. Step four: reattach the other halves of the rings with the sack in question still in the interior of the rings. Do this by lining up the ring halves and reinserting the bolts that hold the ring halves together. Step five: Turn the power screw in the opposite direction to stretch the sack in question.

Google defines chrome plating as, "a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object." Meaning a thin layer of chromium is adhered to a piece of metal, basically the metal version of the outer layer of an M&M. Stainless Steel on the other hand is its own type of metal, meaning if a object, say a sex toy for instance, is said to be stainless steel, then all of the toy is stainless steel, nothing else. What makes the two confusing is that both chrome plating and stainless steel can have a mirror polish that can look similar to the naked eye.

Technically yes, and by that I mean it can get wet and you can use it under water, but it would need to be thoroughly dried off after use to prevent rusting.

While Oxy-shop does not mention anything about it, it is good practice to always oil parts where mental is moving on metal. This will keep parts from galling, seizing up, and rusting.