Oxy Goth Nipple Clamps — Test & Review

   Paul Dockal
Feb 21, 2024

Paul Dockal
: 58
: experienced
: male
: straight

  • Have larger nipples
  • If love the feeling of pressure on your nipples
  • Want more ornate nipple clamps

  • Have smaller nipples
  • Don't enjoy a little pain
  • Prefer clamps that are easy to adjust

The Goth Nipple Clamps from Oxy are a set of ornate nipple grips, connected by a chain. There is an opening in the middle for your nipple to go through and 4 screw clamps to tighten around the nipple with a descent amount of travel. Plus, the chain is removable, so you can wear them with or without the chain.

Oxy Goth Nipple Clamps  -

I’m male & love nipple play. However I couldn’t get these nipple clamps to stay on my nipples & had a difficult time even tightening the device. I would not recommend using them on male or particularly small nipples. If another person was available to help they may have been able to successfully apply the clamps to my nipples. That being said, if you do have larger nipples, they look great, and I like the overall design.

Oxy Goth Nipple Clamps  -

The Goth Nipple clamps have unique, decorative design with an almost flower-like shape. There are four screws that are used to tighten the clamps and also add a more industrial look to the design. The clamps are attached by a nice looking silver chain that is completely detachable. Although I like the overall look, the design just doesn't work for me as they are designed for someone with bigger nipples.

Oxy Goth Nipple Clamps  -

I was unable to successfully apply the clamps to my nipples. I tried to get my nipples fully erect, but they still didn't work. When I used suction cups to elongate my nipples, I almost was successful but I still couldn't get them to stay in place. It's also quite tricky to hold the clamp in place and adjust the screws yourself.

Oxy Goth Nipple Clamps  -

The clamps them selves are substantial, but the chain feels a little cheap so might not stand up to a lot of tugging. The "screws" were also quite hard to adjust as they didn't seem to be cut into the clamp properly so couldn't turn smoothly.

Oxy Goth Nipple Clamps  - <

I would say the price is very reasonable for what you get. However, it's not worth the purchase if you have smaller nipples. I would only recommend these to people with bigger nipples and think they would work better for women.

Oxy Goth Nipple Clamps  -

Since I'm male I had zero expectations. I was hopeful that I would get some pleasure out of the device. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to work on myself. The clamps were difficult to tighten just when they were in my hands and not attempting to attach them to my nipples.

Oxy Goth Nipple Clamps  -

It was mailed in a discrete small envelope through USPS. The clamps and chain were in a small ziplock bag which was inside the pouch which was inside another plastic covering. I had to attach the chain to the clamps which was very easy. Just like putting a necklace on. I don't think all the plastic was necessary. I kept the the clamps and the black pouch and recycled the rest.

Oxy Goth Nipple Clamps  -

The clamps are metal which I will clean with baby wipes unless I do something to get them filthy. Then I'd wash them with warm water and dish detergent. I also like that they come with a storage bag so they don't get lost or damaged. They clamps feel substantial and of good quality.

Storage Bag IncludedYes
FasteningScrew type clamps
MaterialsStainless steel

Oxy Goth Nipple Clamps  -

  • Well made
  • Detachable chain
  • Unique design

  • Clamp screws are not so easy to tighten
  • Won't fit on male/smaller nipples
  • Chain isn't the strongest

Unfortunately, these clamps did not work for me, as I was unable to attach them to my nipples. If I wasn't a male I would have probably enjoyed the sensation created by clamping my nipples. Women should get enjoyment out of them once they get used to wearing them. Aside from that, they feel well made and I like the unique design.

There’s no user manual available but the Oxy Goth Nipple Clamps are very straightforward. Place your nipple in the center and tighten the screws until they are tightly clamped around the nipple.

Yes, they are fully adjustable, using the screws on.

No, they are a little tricky to use. I would recommend starting with a pair of tweezer or crocodile clamps.

Yes, it's easy to remove the chain if you don't want to use it.