Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set — Test & Review

   Dani Adams
Nov 2, 2023

Dani Adams
: 31
: Intermediate
: Trans Fem
: Bi-Sexual

  • Want to experiment with butt plugs
  • Are a beginner to anal play
  • Are not sure what size plug you like

  • Want to wear a butt plug under your clothes
  • Are experienced at anal play
  • Intend to move around a lot with the plug inside you

Give your tushy a gorgeous upgrade with these heart-shaped gem butt plugs. There are three sizes to ensure you can stretch with training and still enjoy the full feeling of the plug during your activities. This set is suitable for beginners in anal play and anyone who is curious what a butt plug feels like.

Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set -

Love Hate Relationship

The Red Heart Gem Anal Plugs were the first jewelled plugs I bought for my toy box. For that reason, I love this set, as it is cute and was a valuable learning experience. These butt plugs are a great way to bedazzle your bum with gems if you are a beginner at anal play. The downside to these plugs (and what I dislike about them) is that I cannot recommend them for long-term wear.

Using The Plugs

The best thing about these plugs is that the only thing you need to properly use them is a bottle of anal lube. Just put a generous amount on the point of the plug and slide it in slowly until you feel your butt close around the shaft, leaving only the red heart-shaped gem to be seen. This is why these butt plugs are excellent for beginners in anal play.

Experienced Anal Users

If you are like me and not new to the anal toy scene, these plugs can be a bit challenging to use. The smallest one has a tendency to slip all the way in (gem and all), even if there has been no previous anal play before using. The medium size is a little better, as it takes some pressure before it goes missing. If using the medium-sized one, I would not recommend sitting down, as that would be enough pressure to slide the gem inside the anus. That leaves the large size; this is the best if you want to wear it for longer periods of time. I still find it best to be used in foreplay and intercourse, as I still have problems with the gem wanting to slide up my butt when sitting.

Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set -

The Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set drops the ball with design. All three are made from an aluminum alloy that is incredibly smooth and durable. The reason for the low rating is that the base of the plug measures very close to the size of the bulb. This makes it very easy for the plug to go too far in. The heart has rounded edges, which keep it from being uncomfortable when it is resting in place. The downside is that this also contributes to the plug slipping too far into your butt.

Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set -

It is very easy to insert the plugs. Keeping it there is a different story all together. You can use less lube, which prolongs the slipping of the plug, but you could hurt yourself if you force it inside without proper lubrication. Putting pressure in the wrong place when the plug is inserted can cause the plug to be easily pushed too far inside you. The aluminum alloy makes it easy to clean after use; just use your favorite toy cleaner and hot water.

Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set -

You can't beat the price for three very durable and smooth anal plugs. The aluminum alloy makes these plugs great for temperature play. Throw one in the freezer before using it to chill you to the core. Or put one in some warm water and ignite your passion. The alloy material will make sure that the plugs stand up to whatever you do to them. The only reason they don't get a perfect score on quality is because mine came with dark glue spots under the gems that take away the shine of the gem.

Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set - <

Thirty dollars is a fair price for three training plugs. There are definitely some better single plugs at that price point, but this set is designed to be a starting point, so getting three for that price makes it easier to find a size you will enjoy. With how durable the material is, it makes up for not having any vibrating or extra features. Just a simple, durable set of plugs to train your bottom for the future.

Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set -

After several failures to keep it in place for daily wear under clothing, I have found where this product shines. When used in the bedroom for some foreplay or roleplay in a short burst, this product is amazing. The stretch of it sliding in is very pleasurable and exciting, with no rough edges. If the base was wider than the bulb, these would be a nearly perfect plug.

Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set -

I no longer have the package since I bought this product years ago. From what I see based on looking up packages, it comes in a red box that displays the product in the center. Online pictures of the package seem simplistic and show the product well. The package does not seem to give tips on using the product, however.

Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set -

The aluminum alloy material is great for anal play, specifically because it cleans up so easily. The plugs themselves are not light for their size. Since there are no batteries, you can use these plugs anywhere, wet or dry. I had to purchase a bag to hold the plugs, as it did not come with one. Clean up is as easy as hot water and toy cleaner there are no crevasses to worry about missing when cleaning.

Length2.8-3.6 inches
Insertable length2.4-3.1 inches
Diameter1-1.6 inches
MaterialsAluminum Alloy
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableMetallic with Red Gems

Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set -

  • Great for beginners
  • Smooth design for comfort
  • Easy to insert
  • Very easy to clean
  • Good price for three plugs

  • Hard to keep in place
  • Not recommended for long term wear
  • Better single plugs for that price

Overall, the Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set is designed for beginners in anal plugs to train their rumps. This product can be used by experienced anal enthusiasts with some caution due to the design flaws. It is a high-quality and adequately priced set of plugs when you consider everything. This product should be the first stop on anyone's journey into anal play in the bedroom. Just be very cautious when using this product for long periods of time and be aware that it can shift unexpectedly.

There is no user manual available online for the Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set, but it’s quite simple to use. Check out my How To guide above for ideas.

This product does not come with a warranty. It does have a 90 day return policy on some sites.

Hot soapy water followed by a disinfectant toy cleaner of your choice. It really is that easy to clean these plugs.

It should never hurt to insert an anal plug. If you are experiencing pain stop immediately and seek professional advise.

It is different for everybody. Listen to your body if it is uncomfortable or hurting take it out. If concerned of damage seek medical advise to see if they are safe for you.