Sportsheets Spreader Bar — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Nov 20, 2023

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Want to explore more intense restraint
  • Are looking for a versatile bondage tool
  • Prefer vegan leather
  • Prefer buckles to velcro

  • Are looking for real leather cuffs
  • Want an extendable/adjustable spreader bar
  • Prefer a lockable spreader bar

The Sportsheets Spreader Bar comes equipped with wrist and ankle cuffs attached to sturdy metal bar that can be used for restraint in multiple positions. The padded vegan leather cuffs come in the Saffron range's signature red and black design, and they are detachable giving you even more restraint options!

Sportsheets Spreader Bar -

I was surprised by just how sturdy the Sportsheets Saffron Spreader Bar feels and excited, if a little daunted to put it to the test! I love that you can detach all of the cuffs and each one has a carabiner so you can get quite creative with how you use them. The cuffs themselves are very thick and comfortable, and didn’t dig in at all even during more intense play. I love that you can use the spreader bar in different positions too! You can restrain your ankles, wrists, or both at the same time, depending on the level of restraint you want. Depending on which position you go for, it can be a pretty intense experience, both physically and psychologically, so I really recommend starting out slowly and making sure you feel comfortable with your partner! Being fully restrained really enhanced the power dynamics and my partner loved the access it gave him for all kinds of teasing!

Sportsheets Spreader Bar -

I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of the signature Saffron range red and black combo and would much prefer it it was all black, but that is a very small personal preference. Aside from that, I think the design of the Sportsheets Spreader Bar is great! The cuffs are thick and I like the faux leather finish.

Sportsheets Spreader Bar -

The Sportsheets Spreader Bar is incredibly easy to use! The cuffs fasten with a buckle and can be completely detached from the bar, so you can get into the cuffs before you get into position. It also makes it much easier to change positions as you can just unclip the cuffs from the bar. They also have a swivel attachment, which makes it much easier to use in a range of different positions.

Sportsheets Spreader Bar -

The Sportsheets Spreader Bar feels very well constructed, and I can see it standing up to a lot of use! The rings on the bar are welded on well so and the attachments are all made of strong metal. The cuffs are also very thick and sturdy, and I can't find any vulnerable points that I would be concerned about. The only small thing I noticed was the paint is starting to come off where the carabiner has been rubbing on the attachment point but this is only a superficial issue and you can hardly notice it.

Sportsheets Spreader Bar - <

I would say this is a very fair price for the quality of this Spreader Bar! There are some models out there that are cheaper but they don't look nearly as well made as this one! I also think there are so many ways to use this that it's worth the investment, especially if bondage is a regular in your repertoire!

Sportsheets Spreader Bar -

The Sportsheets Spreader Bar performed really well and was a lot of fun to use! It's a great restraint for all kinds of kinky play and teasing. I was also pleasantly surprised by how it intensified the sensations from partner's touches in certain positions due to being more exposed. There's a little noise from the metal parts clanking when you move but it wasn't distracting and kind of added to the experience, as it reminds you you are chained to a metal bar!

Sportsheets Spreader Bar -

The packaging was minimal which is totally fine with me! The spreader bar came inside a bubble wrap envelope to protect it and had a small label attached to it with the brand and very basic information on it. It would have been a nice addition to have a little card or booklet demonstrating some position ideas.

Sportsheets Spreader Bar -

The metal bar is made of nickel-free aluminum and the cuffs are made from faux leather, both of which can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The size and shape mean this isn't the easiest toy to store, but I like that I can detach the cuffs and store them in a drawer and then the bar is much easier to tuck away by itself.

LengthBar: 24.75, Cuffs: inches
MaterialsStainless Steel, Nickel-Free Metal, Polyurethane Foam

Sportsheets Spreader Bar -

  • Sturdy construction
  • Padded comfortable cuffs
  • Cuffs are detachable and can be used separately
  • Can be used in multiple restraint positions

  • Cuffs are a little stiff
  • Not a fan of the red and black
  • Won't fit all body sizes

The Sportsheets Spreader Bar is a fantastic bondage accessory that has a lot of potential for creative positioning and use! If you are ready to explore more intense restraint play, I would highly recommend this set! I think the overall quality and versatility make this a great investment!

There’s no manual available for the Sportsheets Spreader Bar but check out my how to use guide above for some spreader bar inspiration!

I would say this would make a great first spreader bar but it's best if you have some other restraint experience as this can be quite an intense form a restraint.

Yes! The cuffs are made with fake leather so the whole set it vegan-friendly!

The cuffs are adjustable up to