Tantaly Daisy Pro — Test & Review

   Rae Moss
Jun 17, 2024

Rae Moss
: 48
: Advanced
: Female
: Queer

  • want a high-end sex doll
  • a tactile person
  • love a wobbly bottom
  • want a realistic vulva
  • want much more than a flesh light

  • want a doll with breasts.
  • would struggle to lift something heavy.
  • don't want to buy "drying sticks".

Daisy is a high-end sex doll comprising a torso with posable legs, a fabulously-wobbly bottom, interchangeable vaginas and a fuckable arse. It goes from waist to thigh (no breasts, arms, head or legs) and it's made of soft material which warms up as you use it.

Tantaly Daisy Pro -

Testing the doll as a couple

We’re a couple; one female vagina-haver and one non-binary penis-haver. We played with this doll together and separately and we’ve written this review to give two different perspectives.


We were ridiculously excited to receive this delivery and, when the (extremely-heavy!) box arrived, we eagerly unpacked it. The box contained more than we’d realised; the doll itself, three vaginas, a storage bag, a “drying stick” and a magazine.

First impressions

The doll is… wow! Its skin is soft and realistic. Its bottom has a delightful wobble (we squish it every time we pass it in the bedroom!) and the colouring is better than the website photos suggest (the pics show bright red labia but they were a much more natural colour on the doll). The vulva is stunning! The outer labia are attached to the doll’s torso and the removable vagina (which has inner labia attached) sits behind the outer labia giving a really realistic, seamless, look. We were pleased that the doll’s inner labia protruded (like they do for many people who have vulvas but which often isn’t shown in porn). This big booty sex doll is heavy… heavier than you might think… no, it’s even heavier than that! It’s hard to carry but it’s really sturdy due to its weight.

Using the doll

We managed to contain ourselves just long enough to take the unboxing photos then we dashed upstairs and dived in! It’s cool to the touch, inside and out, but it warms up with use (and stays warm inside for a while). With lube applied, the vulva feels realistic (especially the hooded clitoris). The three interchangeable vaginas give you options for tightness. It can be used as a doggy style sex toy as the arse is also fuckable but not removable. All penetrable openings feel fantastic to fuck, and are wonderfully textured inside, giving very pleasant sensations whichever way you want to use it. The weight and bounciness make it perfect for those doggy-style cravings!

A toy for two?

We each got lots of fun from the doll. We had a “threesome”, with the doll as the third, and each of us played with it while the other watched. It was so much fun to enjoy together and we’ve enjoyed receiving photos of each other fucking the doll alone.

Tantaly Daisy Pro -

The doll is really well designed. The way the removable vagina sits inside the outer labia give a realistic look. The skin is soft and it warms up with use. The wobbly bum is an absolute joy! The vaginas can be a little bit tricky to slot into the torso but it's easier with talcum powder. The doll is very heavy. This makes it really sturdy for fucking (and we haven't been gentle with it) but it's hard to carry it around. The legs can be widened or pushed closer together but they only have a small range of movement. The doll can be laid on its back or it can be turned over onto its legs and tummy to be fuckable from behind.

Tantaly Daisy Pro -

The doll is easy to use and it arrives assembled (with a vagina in place). The doll is very heavy so it's not easy to carry around and even turning it over requires some strength (and it's harder if you have lube on your hands!). The vaginas can be tricky to take out and put back but talcum powder makes this much easier.

Tantaly Daisy Pro -

The doll is sturdy and high quality (way better than anything we've seen in a sex shop). The design has been thought-through and the vulva is realistic in terms of how it looks and how it feels. The legs can be posed a little bit. The skin is soft, realistic feeling, and warms up quickly with use. The weight of the doll means you can fuck it hard without it moving away from you.

Tantaly Daisy Pro - <

The doll is really high quality. We've seen and touched other dolls in sex shops and this is way, way better. It's expensive but it's so well-made. The three vaginas and the fuckable arse give lots of choice in terms of sensation. The body shapes are well sculpted and realistic. The storage bag was a great extra. This is definitely an expensive product and we can understand why someone might hesitate to spend this much without seeing the doll in person but it's such good quality and so much fun that we think it's well worth the price.

Tantaly Daisy Pro -

The doll is fantastic! It's a really high quality product and the choice of vaginas give plenty of options for different sensations. The vulva is realistic and we love the bottom!

Tantaly Daisy Pro -

The doll arrives in a sturdy box and with a storage bag which would allow discreet storage. It was well-packed and contained the doll, the additional vaginas, a magazine, instructions and a drying stick. The magazine has been translated into English and contains a few errors but it was fun to look through.

Tantaly Daisy Pro -

The doll's skin can be washed easily (we washed it in the shower each time). A couple of marks won't come off the skin; there are a couple of small places on the skin that feel very slightly rougher (as if they're slightly porous) and these are the places that have very slight marks on them. The vaginas are removable but the arse is not (so it's much harder to wash out). The doll is very heavy and it's extremely hard to hold it when it's wet. You will need to be really careful about what lube you use because some lubes aren't compatible with the doll. The inside of the vaginas and the arse are difficult to dry. It comes with one reusable "drying stick" which you insert and it soaks up water (inserting a drying stick into a sex doll is probably the least sexy thing you'll every experience in your life!). We did try using a tampon to dry the inside but the tightness of the vagina and texture of the doll meant the fibres of the tampon remained inside and we had to wash it again. The manufacturer's drying sticks are better. You'll need some powder (the manufacturer can supply some but talc seems to work too) to care for the skin and also to help reinsert the vagina into the torso after cleaning.

Storage Bag IncludedYes
AdjustableThree vaginas of different sizes are included
OpeningsVagina and butt

Tantaly Daisy Pro -

  • High quality
  • Feels great!
  • The perfect bum!
  • It's awesome!

  • Heavy
  • Arse is hard to clean
  • Very slight marks on the skin

We loved this doll! It was so much fun to play with, together and alone. Touching it is a sensual experience and fucking it felt fantastic. The design was clever and it's sturdy and well-made. You'll need to buy some powder and some drying sticks - though the doll does come with a single stick - to keep it in good condition. Highly recommend this doll!