Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II Variety Pack — Test & Review

   Tyler Adams
Jul 3, 2024

Tyler Adams
: 35
: Beginner
: Male
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  • Want to be quiet and discreet
  • Want to have a variety of different sensations with a single purchase
  • Are looking for an all-in-one, no-prep-needed, easy-to-use toy
  • Don't like a messy cleanup

  • Prefer mechanical or vibrating toys
  • Don't like the feeling of lubrication
  • Prefer a toy that stimulates other body parts
  • Plan on using each egg more than one time

This Hard Boiled variety pack from Tenga comes with a set of 6 egg-shaped strokers that are individually wrapped and show a detail of the texture on the wrapping. Each egg is made of white thermoplastic elastomer and is found inside the hard plastic shell. Inside each egg is found a small package of lubrication and small sheet of instructions. The eggs are very soft to the touch and are very stretchy. Cleanup is very simple. After use, the egg can be placed back in its shell and thrown away.

Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II Variety Pack -

First Impressions

I have used a similar product in the past and was curious how the Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II strokers would compare. I liked the fact that multiple textures were included for different sensations. Also, not having to worry about having lube for the first time with each egg was a positive aspect. Upon opening, each egg felt very soft. It looked a little small and I was curious how stretchy it was. The hardest part at first was deciding what sensation I wanted to try first.

Impressions During Use

To my surprise, the Tenga Hard Boiled II eggs were very stretchy. At first they appeared small but they were able to stretch enough to get the job done. They are very durable and did not stretch out or loose strength. The eggs themselves were soft and the textures were soft yet firm, living up to the Hard Boiled name. The different textures could be felt but they were not too rough to cause discomfort. Due to the stiffer designs of the textures, each one had its own focus and sensation. It is a very basic toy that does not need much explanation. It was easy to unpack and is very discreet. I liked how it is very portable and does not require any additional preparation for use such as charging or lubrication. Each egg only has 1 opening and is completely closed, which does not make a mess.

Impressions After Use

Once complete, cleanup is very easy. Each egg has one opening so everything is contained inside. Because each egg is disposable, it is very easy to clean. Just place the used product back into its hard shell and throw it away.

Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II Variety Pack -

With this product being very basic, I feel that it was designed very well. The different textures were very well thought out and gave a variety of different sensations. Some looked more aggressive than others but none of them hurt. The Tenga Eggs hard Boiled II Variety package was fun and inviting. Each egg was uniquely wrapped with the layout of its texture shown. The instructions were vary easy to understand. The material of the egg was designed well, each texture was firm, and they felt great during use. They were also designed well for cleanliness. They stay clean during use and are very easy to clean up after.

Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II Variety Pack -

This is a very basic product. It is very easy to use and understand. There are no mechanical components that need charging. There are no buttons. There are no gimmicks. It can be used straight out of the package with no preparation needed. It is also very easy to clean and take care of. If washed and dried well, I can see each of these eggs lasting quite a while without loss of quality, comfort or sensation.

Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II Variety Pack -

It is important to understand that each Tenga Egg is designed to be disposable. They are not built for multiple uses. With that being said, they are built very well. The textures are well thought out and are very intricate. The eggs may appear small at first but are very stretchy and do not lose their shape or strength during use. It is nice to be able to look at the wrapping of each egg and know what the texture you will enjoy before cracking it open.

Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II Variety Pack - <

This was a little difficult for me. On one hand the overall price of the product is not that expensive if compared to other toys. With a price range in the mid $30’s, you won’t break the bank with its purchase. The downside is that each egg is a single use item. It does include lubrication and a variety of different textures and experiences. If purchased and used according to the manufacturer's recommendation, each experience will cost you around $6. This would be a great deal if offered as a multi use item.

Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II Variety Pack -

The Tenga Eggs are a very basic concept. They do not require additional preparation materials, or planning ahead. No need to worry about buttons, battery life, lubrication or volume. Each egg is individually wrapped with everything that is needed for a good time. Each texture felt unique and different. It is as quiet as you are. The egg itself is stored in a small egg shaped package until use and can be discarded in the same container. All the mess is contained inside so cleanup is a breeze.

Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II Variety Pack -

The packing of The Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II Variety Pack is well thought out. It plays with the concept of an egg and has many aspects along that theme. The overall holder looks like an egg crate. Each egg is housed by a plastic egg shell that looks like a farm raised chicken egg. The toy itself looks like a hard boiled egg and oddly, feels like it too. That packaging of each egg includes a plastic wrap around the middle that has an image of its unique texture so you know what you are getting yourself into.

Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II Variety Pack -

The materials used for this product are perfect for what its intention is. The shell is strong and able to protect the inside from getting dirty. The Egg portion is made of TPE, which is soft to the touch, comfortable, stretchy and the textures are firm and unique. The lube appears to be of good quality and plenty is supplied to last the whole session. Aftercare is very easy. Because they are disposable, each used toy and wrappers can be stored inside the protective shell and thrown away.

LengthUnstretched: 2 inches
WidthUnstretched: 1.75 inches
TextureSpiral, Shiny II, Combo, Cone, Misty II, Gear
Openings1 Opening per Egg
MaterialsEgg: TPE, Shell: Polypropylene
Storage Bag IncludedEach Egg Comes with a Case
Colors AvailableWhite

Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II Variety Pack -

  • Simple
  • Discreet
  • Cleanup is very easy
  • Basic skills required

  • Outside package is clear, lacking privacy
  • Designed to be a single-use item
  • Egg shell can be bulky if trying to hide it in a small pocket.

The Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled II Variety Pack is a great, non-mechanical, ready-out-of-the-box set of toys. Each egg is wrapped individually and each has a small package of lube inside. Each egg has its own unique texture pattern offering a variety of different feelings and sensations. The eggs are made out of a material that is very soft. They are very durable and do not lose their shape or elasticity. It is a great product that is fun, does not make a mess, and with the different textures, it’s not the same every time.