Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator – Test & Review

   Josh Gill
Mar 19, 2024

Josh Gill
: 34
: Intermediate
: Male
: Heterosexual
: The Handy

  • Haven't found a cock ring you enjoy yet
  • Want vibrations you and your partner can enjoy
  • Or your partner like to grind

  • Prefer rumbly vibrations
  • Prefer cock rings over sleeves
  • Like flexible clit stimulators


The Edge Penis sleeve is perfect for those wanting a toy that stimulates both partners. If you've tried traditional cock rings and they've fallen a bit flat for you in the past, then this could be the perfect alternative as its a sort of a cross between a sleeve and a cock ring. The dual motors ensure that both partners can feel the vibrations while the rings provide a good amount of constriction. The clitoral massages does have a few ridges on it for extra stimulation, but they're nothing too special to be honest. It's not the easiest sleeve/cock ring to get on and it certainly takes a bit of practice the clitoral massager is also better for grinding as a thrusting motion tends to make it move around too much to get any proper, focused stimulation from it. The material feels high quality as it's super soft silicone which is not only great in terms of feeling good but makes the toy body safe too.

Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator -

First Impressions

The first impressions of the Edge Penis sleeve were good. Straight out of the box, it felt like a good quality toy. The rings seemed pretty stretchy and the remote seemed like it would be really useful. I liked that the penis sleeve and the remote could be charged together, however the remote is on a magnetic charger so it was easy to knock off. Overall both me and my partner were excited to get it charged up and give it a go!

Hard To Wear

The difficulty came in getting this on. While it is pretty stretchy it’s still not the easiest thing to position especially as it has two rings. One for your penis and one for your testicles. Slow and steady with plenty of lube is the only way to get this toy on. But unfortunately the difficulties didn’t end there. Once I’d got it on, it took a bit of figuring out what was the best way to use this. The clitoral massage is quite firm and my partner immediately noticed that thrusting motions just didn’t work. It moves around too much to get any focused vibrations and can become a little uncomfortable due to the firmness. We eventually discovered that grinding was the best option and we finally felt like we were on to a winner.

Finding Our Stride

Now we’d established what worked best it was time to play around with the vibration modes and see what the Edge Penis Sleeve had to offer. The remote definitely comes in useful for this rather than trying to cycle through the settings on the toy. It would have been nice to have a back button on the remote though. There are 3 vibrations speeds and 7 vibrations patterns on the Edge Penis Sleeve and both me and my partner agreed that that many patterns felt unnecessary. We both preferred the different speeds and we’d be unlikely to ever use the patterns if I’m honest. It might have taken a little time to get going but once we’d found our stride (or grind), we were both pretty impressed with the Edge Penis Sleeve.

Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator -

Design-wise there's really nothing that me and my partner disliked about the Edge Penis sleeve. It looks fairly basic but to be honest I don't think much more is needed in a toy like this so that's certainly not a negative point. As I've said there was some difficulty in getting this on and getting into the groove but my partner and I agreed that that's just the nature of this type of toy and nothing to do with it being badly designed. One of the big plus point of the design though is the inclusion of two motors. We found that this really elevated the sensations beyond a standard vibrating cock ring and meant we both got more from it. The design of the clit stimulator can be a little tricky to work with and it's definitely better used for grinding rather than thrusting as it is quite firm and my partner found thrusting to be too uncomfortable. This is definitely something to keep in mind if neither of you are the biggest fans of grinding.

Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator -

It was definitely a bit of a mixed bag when it came to how easy the Edge Penis Sleeve was to use. Getting the penis sleeve on and keeping it in place were definitely the most challenge aspects of the toy. It's certainly more suited to grinding rather than thrusting as its more comfortable to use that way and stays in place better. However, the remote control did make using the different vibration modes a breeze. The only thing that would have made it better was a back button so you don't have to scroll through all the settings again. I would say that if you have any grip issues or mobility issues in your hands then this wouldn't be the best toy for you just because of how tricky it can be to get on and get in the right place. The guidance leaflet for constriction rings that is included with this toy also recommends to use it if you have decreased hand strength as it could make removing the penis sleeve difficult. The remote is small and easy to operate though.

Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator -

The Edge Penis Sleeve looks and feels like a really good quality toy. The silicone is smooth and buttery soft which feels really nice against the skin. It feels like it's been made to last and with the correct care, I don't see any reason why this toy wouldn't be in your collection for many years. Considering it has two motors, it's not too loud which I was pretty impressed with. Though the vibrations are quite buzzy which I always think is a little more detectable than rumbly vibrations, however it is still pretty discreet and when it's in use, the noise is certainly dulled a little. Both rings on the sleeve are very stretchy yet quite thick so they don't have a cheap and flimsy feel to them. The charging cable is dual-ended so the penis sleeve and remote can be charged at the same time which I appreciated.

Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator - <

Given that this is a dual-motor penis sleeve with a clitoral massager, it is a little higher priced than your average cock ring but I'd say that price is totally justified by the fact that its stimulating two people at the same time. The quality of the toy makes it more than worth it as it really does feel like it will last a long time. I also think the fact that it was a remote makes this toy worth what you're paying, although it can be controlled with buttons on the clitoral massager, it not be difficult to do and using the remote is fair easier once you're in the swing of things. If this was battery operated then perhaps I'd think the price was a little on the high side but considering it's rechargeable and the penis sleeve and remote can be charged simultaneously then it's completely worth the money.

Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator -

Once we found our groove with the Edge Penis Sleeve then both my partner and I were pretty impressed with the performance. However, we did have some teething problems which meant it didn't quite live up to our expectations. The vibrations feel good for both partners however the clitoral massager is far better suited to grinding rather than thrusting as my partner said the vibrations weren't focused enough when thrusting and due to how firm the clitoral massager is, it did become uncomfortable. Also this isn't a toy that either of us would want to use for a long time, in fact the instructions even recommend that it shouldn't be used for longer than 20-30 minutes, and we'd both agree that this is more than enough time. The rings do act as constriction rings so I wouldn't want to keep it on too long and my partner mentioned that the buzzy vibrations did cause some numbness after a while. So short term performance is great but it does decline the longer you use it. That being said, the battery laugh does last will due to the short time you're using it and it doesn't take long to fully charge either.

Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator -

The packing of the Edge Penis Sleeve is fairly simple, design-wise it could like a little nicer but it's not the worst. There's a clear image on the front and back of the penis sleeve and the remote. One side of the box contains a small amount of information on the Edge line of toys and the opposite side has some information about the penis sleeve which highlight all the main points such as the fact it has twin motors, 10 vibration modes, a travel lock, a 50 minute battery life and that it's splash proof. It's quite bold in that it has a large image and large text telling you what the product is, but I suppose once it's out of the shipping box, that won't matter too much to most people. Inside the box the remote, penis sleeve and charger cable all came in their own plastic bags.

Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator -

The Edge Penis Sleeve is made from silicone meaning it's 100% body safe. It's also latex-free and phthalate-free so is a great choice for those with allergies or sensitivities. The silicone is super smooth and we were both really impressed with how high quality it felt. The penis sleeve is only splash proof so you do need to take care when cleaning it. It's best not to hold it under a running tap but I found it was easy to clean with some mild soap and a damp cloth. The charger port is on the side of the penis sleeve so just take extra care around this part. It doesn't come with a storage bag but it's not a huge deal given that it's a small toy and it doesn't seem to attract lint or hair so I wasn't overly fussed that there wasn't a bag. The remote has no waterproofing at all so this needs to be kept dry at all times.

Vibration modes10
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
Charging Time90 minutes
Battery Life50 minutes
Travel LockYes
Remote ControlsYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator -

When compared to other similar toys such a vibrating cock rings, what makes the Edge Penis Sleeve stand out are the twin motor to ensure that the vibrations can be felt strongly enough for both partners to get something from the toy. Once you get into the groove of using it the vibrations can be felt all along the toy, providing a great amount of stimulation for both partners. Most  vibrating cock rings only have one motor so the Edge Penis Sleeve goes that extra step to ensure it’s the perfect partner play toy.

  • Buttery soft silicone
  • Strong vibrations
  • Feels good very everyone

  • Difficult to put on
  • Can move around too much
  • Patterns not to everyone's liking

While it was refreshing to try out such a toy that had dual motors it wasn't without its limitations. In the right spot it felt great, it was just getting to the point that could be a struggle at times! It certainly wasn't the easiest toy to get on. However, if you can hit the right spot with this then it can be a real winner. The vibrations are decent, though the amount of vibrating patterns felt unnecessary, the silicone material is silky softy and the remote is extremely handy. A big bonus of this toy for both me and my partner is how travel friendly it is. Thanks to the dual motors it can stimulate both partners without the need for extra toys meaning you could just pack this for a sexy weekend getaway and it hardly takes up any room. Plus the travel lock prevents any embarrassing accidents. Overall I would say that if you've found cock rings to be a little underwhelming in the past, give Edge Penis sleeve a try.

There isn’t a user manual available online however it does come with  an instruction booklet in the box. Fit the sleeve over the penis with the silver logo facing your stomach, stretch the larger ring and pull the testicles through. Then position the clitoral massager and use a grinding motion. To remove, stretch and lift each ring separately. To use with the remote press the power button on the toy then press the power button on the remote then scroll through the different modes on the remote.  

As this is a sort of cock ring/sleeve hybrid, then part of the toy will be used internally on the partner being penetrated. The clitoral stimulator portion of the toy is for external use only and should only be used on the clitoris or other external erogenous zones.

The Edge Penis sleeve is a silicone toy so a good quality, water based lube should be used with it. Any other lube may degrade the material. It's recommended to use plenty of lube whilst putting the Edge Penis Sleeve on to ensure comfortable wearing.

The Edge Penis Sleeve is a couples toy designed to be worn by a penis owner and then used to stimulate the clit and other external pleasure zones. It has twin motors to ensure the the vibrations can be felt by both partners rather than just in the clitoral massager.

Yes! The Edge Penis Sleeve is made from silicone so it's 100% body safe. The non-porous material will not harbour bacteria and can be thoroughly disinfected. It is also Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free making it the perfect choice for those with sensitivities.

Due to it's size, the fact it stimulates both partners and it has a travel lock then the Edge Penis Sleeve makes the perfect travel companion for those romantic getaways! It's a fairly small toy so won't take up much room and the fact that it's a couples toy means you don't need to pack multiple toys. The travel lock ensures there's no embarrassing buzzing coming from your bags too!