WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set — Test & Review

   Edie Billhimer
Dec 4, 2023

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Own a life-size sex doll or torso
  • Find flushing your doll or torso tedious
  • Want to save time cleaning your doll
  • Dig electronic gadgets and appliances
  • Find cleaning and flushing physically difficult

  • Can't afford the investment
  • Only use smaller, handheld masturbators, dolls and torsos
  • Are not a sex doll owner

The WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set is a game changer for companion doll owners! In short, it's like going from handwashing your clothing to owning a washer and dryer. The electric machine cleans a sex doll's orifices automatically by flushing, cleaning, using ultrasonic vibration, drying, and using UV disinfection. Best of all, you can set up, place the wand inside the doll, and walk away, allowing the machine to do all of the hard work for you! The Intelligent Cleaning Set takes away the tedious flushing and drying of a sex doll, making doll ownership much easier.

WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set -

I received the WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set as a free promotional gift with my first WM doll. To say I was surprised and excited, is an understatement, as I have recommended these machines for years. But to get my hands on one to review, is a whole new level of excitement. And this, readers, is the reason I highly recommend shopping those WM Doll sales, as they add on thousands of dollars worth of freebies with their dolls.

A Washer and Dryer for Your Love Doll

I equate the WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set with getting a new washer and dryer. That’s because handwashing anything is a tedious, time-consuming chore. And that’s especially so with a sex doll. I mean, positioning the doll, grabbing a bucket of warm, soapy water and an irrigator and flushing 20 times, followed by emptying the bucket and refilling with clean water for rinsing is quite exhausting. Then, getting the doll’s vagina properly dry takes forever. However, with the Intelligent Cleaning Set, you fill 1 bucket with water (leaving a second dry), plug in the machine, put the hoses in the buckets, place the wand in your doll, press a button and walk away!

Looks Are Deceiving

When I first unboxed the unit, I thought it looked flimsy and cheap. For instance, the control box is lightweight, the buttons are plastic and well, it LOOKS poorly made. But looks are deceiving, in this case, as the control box contains the computerized brain that goes through several stages, including a UV step to sanitize a doll’s orifices. And it’s created to be lightweight and easy to handle and set up.

Fun to Use

The thing I love most about this unit is that using it is fun! I set up 2 buckets, 1 with water and 1 without. Then, I connected both the water inlet and outlet to the machine, attached the computer and electrical cord, and was ready to go. However, I wish the electrical cord was a bit longer, as I had to use an extension cord to reach near my bed. Additionally, I highly recommend using an electrical strip with a surge protector, just in case any water splashes on it. Now, I used relatively deep buckets to minimize splashing. I found them at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 each! (just in case you don’t already have a couple of buckets)

Manual vs Automatic

The WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set allows you to choose manual operation or automatic. For instance, if you see the cleaning process as an intimate, loving act with your doll, you can use the buttons and go through each step manually. Additionally, each manual step is longer, lasting a total of 2 and 1/2 hours, combined (deep cleaning, to be honest). So, since I only have a casual relationship with my dolls, I literally plugged everything in and walked away, opting for the shorter, lighter cleaning. And here’s how I did it….

Here We Go!

My next step was to place the wand inside the doll’s vagina, which took a little forcing. Then, I held the power button in for 4 seconds and the machine powered on. I then chose the automatic cleaning mode and watched the magic happen. Water was pulled from one bucket and sprayed into the doll, then pulled back out and drained into the empty bucket. Here is how each cycle went:
  • Washing – 10 minutes
  • Drying and ultrasonic vibration – 20 minutes
  • Drying and UV disinfection – 20 minutes
So, the entire process took nearly an hour, which is really time-saving compared to flushing manually. Finally, I placed the included drying stick inside the vagina to dry up any leftover drops of water that can pool in the textures within the vaginal canal. The stick is reusable, by the way!

Keep the Box

Once everything was finished, I dried off the wand, drained any water left in the tubing and packed everything into the foam holder inside the box. Yes, I recommend you keep that part! That way, you don’t lose any of the parts or pieces. Plus, it stores easily on a closet shelf or under the bed.

WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set -

The WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set is designed to flush and sanitize a love doll's orifices and is extremely easy to use. And even if you lose the instruction booklet, there is a legend on the underside of the machine so you know which buttons operate what. In addition, the wand and attached tube are created to flush the doll in all directions, getting it much cleaner than your typical irrigator. The WM company definitely did well designing this cleaner!

WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set -

Using the Intelligent Cleaning Set has a little bit of a learning curve as the instructions don't tell you which tubes do what, bucket set up. etc. I found a WM video that showed the process, step-by-step and a lightbulb went off in my head. Once you understand how it works and how to set up, the rest is cake.

WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set -

The WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set is an ingenious invention that works well, runs quietly and even uses UV light to kill germs. And while the wand, tubing and connectors are well-made, the electronic box and buttons look and feel cheap and flimsy. I don't know if this will affect the cleaner long term, but I certainly will be incredibly careful not to drop the box in any way.

WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set - <

The price of the Intelligent Cleaning Kit is a bit on the expensive side. However, considering everything it does, I feel it's worth the money. I mean, if you're spending upwards of $2,000 on a love doll, it only makes sense to use a top-of-the-line cleaning set to ensure the doll's longevity. Plus, it saves you a great deal of time, and that, is priceless.

WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set -

I have to admit, I had high hopes for the Intelligent Cleaning Set by WM Dolls. After all, it claims to wash, dry and use ultrasonic vibrations and UV light to clean and sanitize too. And WM didn't let me down! The machine worked as described and is a lot quieter that I thought it would be. Plus, the added drying feature cuts drying time from days, to mere hours without having to shove a washcloth into the doll's vagina!

WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set -

The WM Dolls Intelligent Cleaning Set comes in a cardboard outer box with a custom, foam interior that holds and protects the cleaning unit and all its parts. Plus, the exterior box has no photos or anything graphic or adult in nature. Therefore, this is definitely packaging you'll want to hang onto and use to store everything.

WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set -

The unit itself can be dusted off with a dry cloth. But the wand, tubing and connectors are pretty much self-cleaning. So, all you'll need to do is drain any excess water from the tubes and wand, then dry them before storing.

MaterialsPlastic, rubber, electronics
Weight3 lbs
Insertable length8 inches

WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set -

  • Cleans and disinfects
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Runs quietly
  • Will help your doll last longer
  • Less messy than hand flushing

  • May be expensive for some
  • Electrical cord is a bit short
  • The electronic box is a bit flimsy

I believe that anyone who owns a sex doll or life-size torso should have a WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set. It saves time as well as cleans and disinfects far better than manual flushing does. This is especially true as TPE is porous and absorbs oils, dirt and bacteria. So, this cleaning machine is a must-have! Sure, I believe the mechanical box itself looks and feels a little flimsy, but it doesn't affect the operational aspects whatsoever. It's a fine product that works well, in addition to being a pretty cool gadget!

I can’t find a copy of the use manual online, however WM has published Video One and Video Two to show how easy it is to use their cleaning machine. In fact, the videos are far more useful than the user’s manual.  

Yes, the WM Doll Intelligent Cleaning Set can be used on any life-size sex doll, large torso or masturbator. However, do not use on any torso that has a drainage hole on the back.

Yes and no. The machine can only be used on deep orifices like the vagina and anus. It is not meant to clean the mouth of sex dolls.

There are ways that the Intelligent Cleaning Set can be used on sex dolls with certain robotic features. However, before using on a doll with a body or vaginal heating element, rotating hips or sucking vagina, please check with the manufacturer first! This may break your doll, cause electric shock or affect your doll's warranty. This machine may be used on RealDolls, as all of the robotics are in the head of the doll.

No less than 5.5 liters, according to the manual.

No, you should NOT use soap or cleansers of any type with the Intelligent Cleaning Set. It uses high pressure, ultrasonic vibrations and Ultraviolet light to kill germs, therefore, no cleaning agents are necessary.