Bathmate Hydromax 8 — Test & Review

   Devon Scott
Jun 17, 2024

Devon Scott
: 53
: Experienced
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • Struggle with getting erections
  • Struggle with maintaining erections
  • Have reduced sensitivity
  • Had medical proceedures in the genital area
  • Want to gain girth and/or length

  • Are wanting immediate enormous size gains
  • Prefer an air pump
  • Are wanting a masturbation sleeve

The Bathmate Pump is made with tough durable materials. Using water and the compression sleeve, it creates a vacumm to help pull blood into the erectile tissue. Pulling blood in under a vacumm helps to enlarge, lengthen, and enhace function and sensitivity. The design also allows the user to order replacement parts and add accessories.

Bathmate Hydromax 8  -

The Hydromax is exactly what I needed. Ready to use right out of the box, no assembly required. I had been on the fence for months about getting a penis pump, and I am so very glad I got the Bathmate Hydromax 8.  As with any new device, I had a slight learning curve with achieving a good seal and figuring out my limits. This is a serious device for serious users and it can achieve more suction than may be comfortable. I highly suggest doing your own research for a proper training routine to acheive the best results. Lube and hair removal were the keys I needed to get the best seal for the best workout. Warning though, overdoing it can result in soreness.

Bathmate Hydromax 8  -

The Hydromax design looks like what it is designed to do, be a medical device for helping improve erections. I like that it looks like a profesional device and not some weird cheep junk. It is NOT intimidting sitting on the bathroom counter and didn’t give my wife the creeps to move it around while cleaning.

Bathmate Hydromax 8  -

Once I figured it out and got comfortable using it, got over the slight learning curve, it's a breeze to use. Because I use mine in the shower, I do wish I had got the shower strap. When in use, it can get a bit heavy from the water in the chamber and if you are using lube it can get slippery. I can use it one handed, but it's much easier to use both hands.

Bathmate Hydromax 8  -

I give the quality rating top scores. It looks, feels, and operates like I'd expect from a quality device. Most impressive are the availability of replacement parts and or accessories. I use mine a lot and it still works like new, but I just know some day I might wear out a valve or have an accident so it's awesome to know that I can fix it up rather than completely replacing it.

Bathmate Hydromax 8  - <

The Hydromax is not a pricey novelty toy, it is actually a medically approved and doctor recommended device. For me it works very well and I don't have to worry about continued expense and or side effects from pills. I also had major abdominal surgery and the Hydromax 8 has significantly helped me to recover erection functionality from the physical trauma.

Bathmate Hydromax 8  -

The Hydromax performs very well and lives up to the claims. When I get a really good seal to the body, it is very possible to exhert too much suction pressure, but that is easy to mitigate with the easy release valve. No batteries, no recharging, just fill with water and pump up the pressure- easy!

Bathmate Hydromax 8  -

Packaging for the Bathmate Hydromax is stylish and professional, it could easily be found at any therapists or doctors office and fit right in. The packaging protected it well enough for delivery through the mail without damage.

Bathmate Hydromax 8  -

The materials all appear to be non-porous and body safe. Very high quality plastics that are perfect for use in the shower or tub. Of course made for water use makes it easy for cleanup. When done, I usually set mine on the counter to air dry.

Quick-release valveYes
Length inches
Insertable length inches

Bathmate Hydromax 8  -

  • High quality
  • Repair parts and accessories available
  • Lives up to the claims
  • Easy to use
  • May be doctor prescribed
  • May aid in surgical recovery

  • Not a toy for pleasure- an aid to get you there
  • A bit pricey
  • No accessories included

If you want a Penis Pump that works great, the BATHMATE HYDROMAX 8 PENIS PUMP is an excellent choice. It's very well made, easy and comfortable to use. I am very impressed with the near immediate results that help me to regain sensitivity as well as harder and longer lasting erections. I'm in my 50's and due to medical issues I was having difficulty performing as I did in my 20's. With just one short week of use, I have the confidence that performance will no longer be a concern in the future. As for enlargement, my wife has already asked me to take it easy.

Instruction manual was included in multiple languages. It is easy enough to figure out by trial and error. Many ‘how to videos’ can be found through simple internet searching.

Yes, oh yes. I spent a week in the hospital and another at home without an erection. Just one session helped me to regain erections.

No - that is if you really work at it to apply too much suction and or for too much duration, yes you may cause yourself pain or temporary injury. It's just like going to the gym or out for a run- you can't just go all out from the start, work up in moderation.