Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy Test and Review

   Edie Billhimer
May 13, 2024

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Crave and love realistic oral sex.
  • Enjoy clitoral stimulation.
  • Want to try something new and exciting.
  • Don't want to pay a lot for a sex toy.
  • Are excited to try new toys.

  • Prefer toys for penetration.
  • Don't want to care for a TPE-Silicone mixed product.
  • Dislike oral sex.


The Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking toy is a brand new development in oral sex pleasure toys for people with vulvas. Plus, the Big Mouth can work on a penis too! The big, puffy, soft lips are made from body-safe TPE and silicone, so they feel so incredibly real against your body, and create the most insane suction. The tongue is also TPE and twirls and wiggles to flick the clitoris and labia like a human lover would. The bottom is made from ABS plastic and features single-button operation. With 3 power levels and 5 settings of suction, vibration and tongue action, the Big Mouth will pleasure you better than any clitoris stimulator on the market today. The Big Mouth 3 In 1 toy is the perfect partner for solo sessions and can be used for couples' play too!

Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy -

Holy $&^$! This Thing Is Amazing!

I was scrolling Reddit one day, and happened upon a post from a lady completely gushing about a new toy she was literally becoming addicted to. She said she uses it several times before bed, then the second she gets home from work, she uses it again. So, thinking there’s no way a sex toy could feel THAT good, I followed the link she posted. The toy I saw was unlike anything I had ever seen, with huge, overly-botoxed-looking lips and a tongue in the center that was soft and stretchy. I read about it and learned it created incredible suction while the tongue twirled and wiggled. I was MORE than intrigued because I LOVE oral sex and I had never seen a toy like this in my 30+ years in the business. Could THIS be the toy of my dreams? I HAD to find out! I ordered it with my own money.

The Big Mouth Arrives

I ordered the toy from one of our sex toy partners: Sohimi. I’ve always thoroughly disliked the NAMES of their products, and this one was no different as it’s listed as “Woman 3 in 1 Sucking and Tongue Licking Clitoral Vibrator Toy.” I don’t know WHY they don’t simply name the toys something easy, but it is what it is. Once the toy arrived, the box clearly stated the name “Big Mouth”, so I added that to the name as not to confuse my readers. Anyways, I was beyond excited, tore open the packaging, opened the box and felt like a child at Christmas. The lips are almost scary looking, but oh-so-soft and realistic feeling – because it’s made from silicone and body-safe TPE , like sex dolls are. And to my total and complete delight, the tongue was soft and squishy too, far different than ALL of the licking toys out there. I was blown away.

Pregaming With The Big Mouth 3-In-1 Sucking and Licking Toy

So, I turned on the Big Mouth and placed it against my hand and HOLY $%#&! It literally suctioned itself to my hand while the tongue licked me. I worked through the 8 settings and realized the suction could be intermittent or constant and the tongue moved faster as well. It was at that moment that I knew I couldn’t wait any longer, so, I went for the lube.

Am I Dreaming?

With a bit of water-based lube around the lips and tongue, the Big Mouth created suction all over and around my vulva, engulfing my clitoris and labia like an incredibly skilled lover. And that tongue FELT REAL TOO! And although the toy is somewhat noisy, occasionally it would make a sucking noise that sounded so real, it felt like I was with my BF and not using a sex toy. Wow! What a turn-on! So, instead of the usual air pulse that most clitoral stimulators use, the Big Mouth uses actual suction, in combination with a real-feel tongue to create the feel that’s unlike ANY toy on the market currently. Needless to say, this is now my go-to plaything – not toys costing a ton or with popular brand names!

The Next Viral Sex Toy?

I remember when the Rose Toys came onto the market and went viral right away. They looked pretty and featured air pulse just like the Womanizer and Satisfyer air pulse toys costing a great deal more. But the Big Mouth, although it looks bizarre, FEELS better than any air pulse toy and is FINALLY a product that creates a realistic oral sex feel. I mean, you can use the Big Mouth on the head, shaft and testicles too. I can see this thing going viral, the other brands picking it up, improving upon this design, and blowing the roof off of the sex toy market. No more stiff, hard tongues and puffs of air…just soft, sensual suction and a teasing tongue that’s so soft, you’ll think there’s a human between your legs.

Buy It!

I know I have said this before, and it’s a common thread when I review toys. But this one? If you love oral sex and want the most sensual, sexy and stimulating solo session you have EVER felt, you have GOT to go buy one of these Big Mouth toys! Just go….scroll up or down to visit one of our trusted affiliates and purchase yourself the best battery operated boyfriend (or girlfriend) you have ever had!  

Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy -

The Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy looks bizarre, other-worldly and kinda like a Poke'mon ball! Yes, it looks cheap too. However, the soft, squishy, skin-like feel of the lips are luxurious against your bits. The tongue is different from other licking toys in that it's also soft and squishy with a firm middle that feels insanely good too. Inside the mouth are holes that create suction, with holes on the outside to release the air. The easy-to-use single-button operation is a spark of genius, as you'll forget how to do basic human things while enjoying the delicious oral sex. Finally, the rounded ball fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, so you don't have to grip too hard, making it comfortable for those with grip issues.

Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy -

A single button makes the Big Mouth Toy simple to use, that is, if you can keep your wits about you while using it. The button is raised, a different color and clicks easily to scroll through the 8 speeds and patterns. Simply add some lube, press it against your body. click the button and go. And because of the ball shape, the Big Mouth is comfortable to hold and easy for those with arthritis and other grip issues. The only downside is that it may get a little slippery if the lube gets onto the plastic ball.

Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy -

Quality-wise, the Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy looks cheap. Additionally, it's a bit noisy, not well-made and is slightly heavy. HOWEVER, this thing is a mechanical wonder because it creates real suction while the tongue moves and flicks and wiggles to mimic the mouth of a real person. The lips and tongue are made from the same material high-quality sex dolls are molded from (body-safe TPE) and mixed with a little silicone, so they feel incredibly real. Therefore, cleaning and drying is a bit more extensive, just like a sex doll, as TPE is porous. But making this same toy from silicone, simply won't work or feel the same as TPE.

Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy - <

The Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy is well worth the price considering it's a cutting edge, robotic product. It comes with a storage bag and plastic container to keep it clean and dust-free, as well as a magnetic USB charging cord and instructions. And although it looks a bit cheap and cheesy, the Big Mouth is the next viral sex toy and well worth the affordable price. You've never felt oral sex from a toy quite like this before!

Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy -

Performance-wise, the Big Mouth absolutely blew my mind! I was expecting puffs of air and not real suction! Plus the tongue moves like a real tongue too! It's powerful and feels absolutely incredible! It is a bit noisy, but considering the robotic motion and suction, it's so worth making sure you're away from others and under the blankets. The texture of the lips and tongue are SO realistic, when combined with the suction, vibration and tongue action, it mimics a real person. It charges in about an hour and holds a charge for quite a while. Which is good, because you will want to orgasm over and over again. It does get a wee bit warm, but that's also expected because of the suction and robotic movement.

Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy -

The packaging isn't anything to write home about. The Big Mouth came in a middle-weight, cardboard box that has generic design, colors and words. However, no photos of the toy or adult content is printed anywhere on the package. Nor does it include any product details or instructions for use. In my opinion, it's pretty discreet, but probably not something that will last a long while. Still, it's a lot more sturdy than some of the expensive toys I have reviewed.

Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy -

The Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy is made from ABS plastic and silicone mixed with TPE (in a body-safe formula). Now, TPE is used in such toys as the Fleshlight and sex dolls costing thousands of dollars. And although the material is porous, it feels just like human skin. Therefore, when using this toy, you'll need to use a water-based lubricant and will need to clean it thoroughly after use. I used a mild, foam soap and warm water to make sure I scrubbed those microscopic pores and rinsed it well. Then, place the toy, mouth down, and let any water drip out. Once it is thoroughly dried, you can then place it in the enclosed bag and plastic storage tube to keep it dust and dirt free.

Vibration modes8
Clitoral suctionREAL suction modes
WaterproofGreat for cleaning.
MaterialsBody-safe TPE, Silicone and ABS plastic
RechargeableMagnetic USB
Charging Time90 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedPlastic tube
Colors AvailableRed and Black

Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy -

  • Affordable for most people.
  • Feels like a real mouth and tongue.
  • Uses suction and robotics to mimic real oral sex.
  • Easy to hold and operate.
  • Feels better than any clitoral stimulator!

  • TPE takes a lot of care.
  • It's a bit noisy.
  • Looks cheap.
  • You may become addicted to the Os it gives!

The Big Mouth 3 In 1 Sucking and Licking Toy is the closest thing to oral sex (on a vulva) that you will EVER receive from a sex toy! I literally could not believe how real this toy felt! So much so, that I literally craved the Big Mouth, as if it were a cunnilingus-skilled partner who didn't snore, mess up my kitchen, or leave socks on the floor. Plus, this toy is extremely affordable for most people... but if you can't, you will want to save your change to buy it. The Big Mouth uses its plush, soft lips to create suction that delights the clitoris and labia, all the while, the soft, realistic tongue flicks, twirls and teases your clit until you are dizzy with pleasure. Even the occasional sucking sounds the Big Mouth makes are a total turn-on! This is going to be more viral than the Rose, only the Big Mouth surpasses the pleasure and sensation by leaps and bounds! If you LOVE oral sex, you have to buy the Big Mouth!