The 10 Best Lay On Vibrators to Ride and Grind On!

   Lauren Gill
1 Test Winner

Pom Flexible Vibrator by Dame

 Pom Vibrator

  • Want a quiet but powerful vibrator
  • Struggle to grip vibrators
  • Like flexible toys

Pom Vibrator

  • Prefer rigid toys
  • Want a toy with a short charge time
  • Need a toy where the buttons won't get knocked

The Pom is a cute little lay on vibrator that is super beginner friendly. It’s small size makes sure that it snuggly fits into the palm of your hand and I think this would be a good choice for people that have struggled to grip other vibrators in the past. Don’t be fooled by its small size though. The Pom is still pretty powerful. It has 5 vibration patterns and 5 vibration intensities while staying super quiet. If rumbly vibrations are your thing then the Pom definitely delivers. I like that the simple yet luxurious design ensures that it feels super soft against your skin. Thanks to the flexibility of this lay on vibrator, you can get pretty close too! It bends and flexes with your body to ensure you can get the best control for both precise and broad stimulation.


  • Flexes with your body
  • Small, ergonomic design
  • Fits between bodies for partner play

  • Controls are very easy to knock and change
  • Takes a while to charge compared to usage time
Pom Vibrator
Vibration patterns5
Vibration speeds5
Length3.5 inches
Width4.4 inches
MaterialsMedical-grade silicone
Battery LifeAt least 60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailablePlum, Ice

If you’re wanting a small but powerful lay on vibrator then the Pom could be for you. It’s a beginner friendly design that’s easy to operate and looks nice. However I do think it’s on the pricier side compared to a couple of the other lay on vibrators on this list so it’s not necessarily a beginner friendly price point. A big selling point for me is the small and discreet design. Even on the highest setting, this vibrator is super quiet. The ergonomic design is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand so if you find other vibrators uncomfortable or difficult to grip then I think this could be a really good choice. However, as much as I love the Pom it does have some very slight drawbacks. The controls are very easily knocked when the toy is in use, this could be a tricky one for partner play. The toy is brilliantly designed to fit between bodies so I feel like more thought could have gone in to the buttons. The charge time is also relatively long as 2 hours compared to just 1 hour of usage time.

2 Cheapest

plusOne Mini Massager

 plusOne Massager

  • Want a lay on vibrator to use on all erogenous zones
  • Like one button controlled toys
  • Want a lay on vibrator with a long usage time

plusOne Massager

  • Desire strong vibrations
  • Prefer a flat design over a curved one
  • Prefer rumbly vibrations

The PlusOne Mini Massager has a beautifully curved design with the idea of being used for pinpoint clitoral stimulation at the tip as well as for use on other external erogenous zones. The broader base allows for up close use on your vulva. I like that this offers a more unique shape to some of the other more flat and broad designs on this list. Unlike some of the other lay on vibrators in this round-up, this does offer up more precise stimulation for those that prefer it. A positive design element for me is the one button design that sits flush against the toy. I like that there aren’t a lot of controls to get used to, just hold the button in to turn it on and off and do a short press to cycle through the 10 vibration settings.


  • Really cheap for a lay on vibrator
  • One button for all controls
  • Flashing light indicates when the battery is low

  • Vibrations may not be strong enough for some
  • Not flexible enough for some
plusOne Massager
Vibration modes10
Length3.74 inches
Width1.57 inches
MaterialsBody-safe silicone
Charging Time120-180 minutes
Travel LockNo
Remote ControlsNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableTeal or light blue

I appreciate that the PlusOne Mini Massager offers something different in terms of shape. The curved design allows for both precise and broad stimulation. I would say that if you do like real pinpoint stimulation though, the PlusOne won’t give you that. I think the one button design is super handy and makes using this lay on vibrator a breeze. It’s easy to turn on and off and cycle through the different settings but it doesn’t feel like your going to accidentally bump the button when using it. I like that the button also flashes when the battery is running low so you get a bit of warning without it cutting out at a crucial moment! While the shape of the PlusOne is different, it won’t be suitable for everyone, and the lack of flexibility when this lay-on vibrator could prove tricky for some.

3 Beginner

ROMP Wave Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

 ROMP Wave Vibrator

  • Want lighter vibrations
  • Want a toy for foreplay
  • Appreciate a unique design

ROMP Wave Vibrator

  • Desire strong vibrations
  • Need a toy to take you all the way to climax
  • Want focused vibrations

The ROMP Wave is a little dose of summery fun. It gives me holiday vibes with its unique surfboard shape and it’s delightful minty colour. I really enjoy the shape of this vibrator and the unique design. However the design does also hinder the vibrations slightly as they’re not very focused. Because of the buzzy, lighter vibrations you get from this lay on vibrator, I think it lends itself nicely to been a toy for foreplay rather than one that is going to take you all the way to climax. It’s very small and discreet in design and sound so would be perfect for travelling.


  • Good as a foreplay companion
  • Good for travelling
  • Fun design

  • Vibrations won't be strong enough for a lot of people
  • Shape can make it difficult to hit the right spot
ROMP Wave Vibrator
Vibration speeds6
Vibration patterns4
Length4.3 inches
Diameter1.9 inches
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo

The ROMP Wave is a fun little vibrator that would be great for foreplay. However I think it lends itself to been more pleasing on the eye than it is on the body. I love how beginner friendly it looks with its surfboard shape and pretty colour. However because it is quite a weak vibrator, I would go as far as to say that that lay on vibrator is perfect for those that are brand new to any kind of sex toy. The shape makes it a little tricky to hit the right spot and I think this makes the vibrations seem really unfocused. It’s good for getting warmed up but I wouldn’t expect the vibrator to take you all the way to climax without the use of manual stimulation or another toy. It’s cute and unique but for me, it falls short in the pleasure category. It certainly has it’s uses as a foreplay aide but I think there are much stronger but equally as beginner friendly lay on vibrators in this list that would be a better choice.

4 Dual Function

Fun Factory Laya III

 Fun Factory Laya III

  • like the idea of both vibrations and tapping motions
  • Want a lay on virbrator that's firm but textured
  • need something travel-friendly and waterproof
  • want a vibrator that sits perfectly against your body

Fun Factory Laya III

  • are on a budget
  • aren't interested in the tapping stimulation
  • need something that can also be used for anal play
  • want an insertable toy

The Fun Factory Laya III combines rumbly vibrations and unique tapping motions for a dual functioning lay on vibrator. It a lovely ergonomic design and the bean shape fits snuggly into your hand and sits nicely against your body while in use. The buttons are super easy to operate even when in use because of the placement. I think this is a great choice for anyone with grip or mobility issues in their hands. However you may have a problem changing the settings if you’re wanting a toy that works between bodies. Design wise, I love the slightly futuristic feel of this. It has a nice shape with some light texture in the form of ridges. I’m also a fan of the cute pastel colors it’s available in. The vibrations on this are quite rumbly, but much like the other lay on vibrators on this list, you’ll struggle to get anything too deep. I do like the added tapping motion though!

  • Rumbly vibrations and tapping motions
  • Easy to control when in use
  • Memory function that starts where you last left off
  • Waterproof
  • Travel lock
  • Ergonomic design

  • Extremely long charging time
  • May feel a bit too firm for some people
  • Speeds and patterns cannot be controlled independently
  • Not insertable
Fun Factory Laya III
Vibration speeds7
Vibration patterns3
Length4.3 inches
Width1.6 inches
Battery Life40 to 120 minutes
Charging TimeInitial charge: (6-7 hours) 360-420 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableSoft Violet, Sage Green

This is a fine example of a tapping lay on vibrator done right! Since the product we’ll be reviewing below also has a tapping feature, I think this one takes the cake! The vibrations and tapping motion are equally as pleasurable and fairly powerful in the Laya III. Considering the Laya III and the Palm have very similar price points, I’d definitely recommend this one over the Palm. Design wise, I’m a big fan of the more futuristic look of this. However it still maintains a beginner friendly status thanks to the small size and ease of use. I think the ergonomic design adds to the overall comfort since it lays nicely against the body in a lot of different positions. However, since it’s definitely more firm than squishy I have to mention that our tester found that in some positions, it may not fit the body’s contours on all body types. I also quite like the more pronounced buttons here. I’m normally a fan of more flush buttons but this design choice really lends itself to that more futuristic look. There’s some light texture with the ridges, but nothing too full on like you see on the Kushi. If you appreciate some textured stimulation then I think you’ll like this one. The big drawback to this toy though is the charging time. However that is the only negative I could find. This lay on vibrator has the longest charge time of any vibrator on this list with a whopping 6-7 hours! Forward planning is definitely required!

5 Tapping

Playboy Pleasure Palm Tapping Clitoral Vibrator

 Palm Tapping Vibrator

  • Enjoy tapping clitoral stimulation
  • Want a dual-ended toy
  • Don't require a lot of pressure from sex toys

Palm Tapping Vibrator

  • Struggle with your grip
  • Want a toy to grind on
  • Need strong motions to climax

The Playboy Pleasure Palm Tapping Clitoral Vibrator  (could they have come up with a longer name?) is a dual-functioning toy providing vibrations at one end and a tapping motion at the other. At the wider end you’ll find a small silicone protrusion that provides the tapping motion. The opposite, more tapered end provides vibrations so you can switch things up depending on which sensation you want. You’ll find 10 tapping functions and 10 vibration functions, however I think there’s more of a focus on patterns rather than varying speeds with these functions. Design wise, it looks really nice. The curved moon shape is pleasing to look at and the delicate ivory pink colour fits in with the sensual, feminine look they seem to have gone for. It’s designed to fit in the palm of your hand hence the name but I do think people with grip issues will struggle using the buttons on this and finding a comfortable way to hold it.


  • Tapping motion
  • Dual function
  • Pleasing design

  • Vibrations not strong enough
  • Tapping protrusion has the potential to nip
Palm Tapping Vibrator
Vibration modes10
Battery Life90-150 dependent on setting minutes
Charging Time100 minutes
MaterialsBody-Safe Silicone

On paper this looks like it could be an excellent choice for a lay on vibrator. However I don’t think Playboy have quite got it right. I’ll start with the weakest element of the toy and that’s the vibrations.  I think there’s much more of a focus on patterns rather than speeds here and the vibrations just felt a bit unnecessary because they weren’t that great. The tapping element has the potential to be really good, but again it has some shortcomings. Again the focus is on patterns rather than speeds and I personally would have liked more variety in speed. The tapping protrusion also has the potential to nip and leave the clitoris feeling a little tender. If you can get the right spot and not move the toy around, the tapping sensation is great but it does take some work. Personally I wish that Playboy would have focused on perfecting the tapping sensations rather then trying to include vibrations too as they could have had something good here.

6 Insertable

Ruby Glow Blush Ride On Vibrator & Wand Combination

 Ruby Glow Blush

  • Want a vibrator to lay on and insert
  • Appreciate a luxury toy
  • Want rumbly vibrations with G-spot stimulation
  • Like the idea of a dual function toy

Ruby Glow Blush

  • Don't want to spend a lot of money
  • Don't need an insertable vibrator
  • Need something with very quiet vibrations
  • Prefer a softer or more squishy kind of silicone

The Ruby Glow Blush is a two-in-one lay on vibrator that can also be used a G-spot stimulating wand and it’s nothing short of magical! When used as a lay on vibrator it sits comfortably nestled inside the docking station. The magnetic charging pins secure the toy to the base ensuring that even with the most enthusiastic grinding, this toy isn’t going anywhere! Remove the vibrator from the base to use it as a G-spot vibrator. The curved heads makes massaging your G-spot a breeze and I like that there’s the option of clitoral stimulation from the middle hump, though I acknowledge that this won’t work for all anatomies. There’s two motors, the tip has lighter vibrations while the middle hump has deep and rumbly vibrations. Both motors can be controlled by the remote or on the toy when used as a wand.

  • Can be used internally and externally
  • Has both light and rumbly vibrations
  • Has a secure base for grinding
  • Remote control has a really far range
  • The removable wand is waterproof

  • Too expensive for some
  • The vibrations can get quite rattly and loud in the cradle
  • May be not be suitable for different anatomies
  • Very firm for grinding
Ruby Glow Blush
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
Length7.4 inches
Insertable length5 inches
DiameterInsertable: 1.5 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
WaterproofWand: Yes, Stand & Remote: No
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Remote ControlsPhysical Remote
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBurgundy

In my opinion, the Ruby Glow Blush is a pretty impressive and versatile lay on vibrator! The dual functionality, the high quality design, the G-spot stimulation, the docking station. It ticks all the boxes. As both a lay on vibrator and a G-spot wand I think this vibrator performs wonderfully. There’s absolutely no compromise on pleasure or quality across both usages unlike other vibrators on this list such as the Playboy Palm. However, it does feel a bit more buzzy rather than rumbly on some settings. As a lay on vibrator the addition of the base is a great idea as it really secures the vibrator in place so you can grind away to your hearts content! As a G-spot massager I think it has the perfect angle and just the right amount of girth to feel great as an insertable toy, The addition of two motors that are controlled separately is always a winner for me and I really like that the remote control range is up to 49 ft! This also makes it ideal to use with a partner for some fun teasing or for surrendering control of your pleasure to someone else. The colour and materials feel really luxurious and the deep ruby colour with metallic accents adds a really sensual look to this toy. Although the feel of the silicone is a bit firm compared to some other more squishy lay on vibrators. This is, of course, a question of preference. If I really had to pick a negative, it would be the price as it’s the most expensive lay on vibrator on this list. However I do think the price tag is totally justified!

7 Soft

Tenga Iroha+ Kushi Vibrator

 Iroha+ Kushi

  • Prefer soft and squishy toys
  • Want both precise and broad stimulation
  • Appreciate a nice design

Iroha+ Kushi

  • Prefer deep vibrations
  • Don't like textured sex toys
  • Need a firm vibrator

I think the first thing you notice with this lay on vibrator is how nice it looks. Almost like you know how soft and squishy it’s going to be before you even touch it. I personally like the ridges on this though I know the highly textured nature of this toy won’t be to everyone’s liking. The good news for a toy this textured too is that it’s completely waterproof meaning you can get right it there with cleaning. It also has an anti-dust coating which I think is a nice addition and not one any of the other toys on this list (apart from the other Tenga Iroha+ toy) can promise. This lay on vibrator does allow for both broad and more precise stimulation and to be fair the vibrations in this one are pretty decent! Not as deep and rumbly as a traditional vibrator but not too bad at all for a broader toy.


  • Fairly powerful for a broader vibrator
  • Soft, textured body
  • Flexible tip for more precise stimulation
  • Has a charging case

  • Vibrations can be felt strongly through the hand
  • Not many vibration functions
Iroha+ Kushi
Vibration speeds5
Vibration patterns2
Length4 inches
Width2 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
Battery LifeAt least 60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedComes with Charging Case
Colors AvailableCream

From my diligent research it would appear people are very divided on what this lay on vibrator reminds them of. There’s team hedgehog and team shell. I’m definitely team shell as upon seeing the vibrator for the first time I was instantly reminded of a shell. I think it plays into the soft and serene feeling of the toy a bit more than a hedgehog too! There’s no denying that this is a lovely vibrator to look at and touch. It feels incredibly soft and squishy and I feel like that element comes through before you’ve even felt it. Due to the squishy nature, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the vibration on this would be quite light. Wrong! I was pleasantly surprised that this was a little more rumbly. Definitely not deep enough for some but certainly a commendable effort from a broader toy! I’m personally not a huge fan of the charging case. It’s a cute, small, delicate toy and the charging case just seems a little out of character and a bit bulky but it gets the job done and you can always put it away and buy a separate storage back for the vibrator if you want. It’s a great option for a more delicate level of stimulation but it won’t be suited to those that don’t like textured toys or that don’t like to feel the vibrations travelling through their whole body.


Satisfyer Purple Pleasure Clitoral Vibrator

 Purple Pleasure Vibrator

  • Enjoy simple toys
  • Want a lay on vibrator to use with a partner
  • Don't want to spend a lot of money

Purple Pleasure Vibrator

  • Can't climax with broad stimulation
  • Need a quiet vibrator
  • Don't like to feel vibrations through your hand

The Purple Pleasure makes a nice refreshing change in a world of bright pink vibrators! The deep purple hue is complimented by a metallic purple casing. It’s a nice flat shape which I think makes it an ideal choice for use during partner play as it should fit between bodies quite nicely. The lack of curves and contours makes it a good choice for use on other external erogenous zones too. For a cheap price, this lay on vibrator actually has a decent range of functions which I was quite pleased to see. It has 15 rumbly settings to work through which is more than some of the more expensive lay on vibrators have on this list! A really big selling point for me was the fact that you can actually cycle back and forth between the settings which is something that only one other vibrator – the Laya – offers. Considering the significant price difference between this toy and the Laya its definitely nice to see a cheaper toy offering that function.


  • Can cycle back and forth between functions without starting from scratch
  • Ideal for partner play
  • Lots of vibration settings

  • Vibrations tend to rattle through the plastic casing
  • Not the quietest
  • Very long charge time
Purple Pleasure Vibrator
Vibration modes15
Battery Life50 minutes
Charging Time210 minutes
MaterialsMedical-grade silicone, ABS plastic

For the price I think this is a great option for a lay on vibrator. There’s far more expensive vibrators on this list that don’t offer as many vibration functions as this does. The vibrations it does offer are fairly rumbly however it does have some faults here. The vibrations can be felt fairly strongly through the toy and therefore through your hand. As the casing is plastic it can get a little rattly the stronger the vibration you use. I think this could be off-putting for some people and it also doesn’t make for very discreet play. That been said I like that this is fairly flat offering. The lack of contours makes it perfect for use with a partner as I think it should fit quite snuggly between bodies. I also like that the shape allows for use on other erogenous zones. I did find the charging time on this to be particularly long. At 3.5 hours it definitely requires some forward planning!


Tenga Iroha+ Tori Vibrator

 Iroha+ Tori

  • Are keen to try the Iroha+ toys but don't like texture
  • Want a squishy toy that still allows for firm pressure
  • Enjoy softer vibrations

Iroha+ Tori

  • Don't like super squishy vibrators
  • Need deep, rumbly vibrations
  • Need a lay on vibrator that fits between bodies

Tenga Iroha+ have done it again with their wonderfully designed Tori vibrator. This time offering up a cute origami style bird. I’m quickly becoming a fan of the design of Tenga Iroha toys and you can see that origami influence in almost all of the Iroha line. It’s all well and good having a pretty lay on vibrator though but what really matters is how it performs. If you’ve been keen to try out the famous squish of Iroha toys but the Kushi was too textured for you then I think you’ll be pleased with the Tori. It has that ultra soft trademark squishy silicone that Tenga are most known for, it honestly feels so different to any of the other lay on vibrators on this list (aside from the Kushi, of course). The vibrations are quite strong but seem to have a more softer quality to them rather than been too deep, but I think that’s inline with the whole look and feel of the toy. If you need more pinpoint stimulation then I think the ‘beak’ part of this toy does a great job of providing that and despite the squish you can still apply some firm pressure.


  • Unique, squishy texture
  • Softer vibrations for a more sensual build-up
  • Allows for pinpoint stimulation

  • Not a lot of vibrations functions
  • Not intense enough for some
Iroha+ Tori
Vibration speeds5
Vibration patterns2
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes

Those of you with a keen eye will have noticed that this is the second Tenga Iroha+ toy on this list. Did we need to feature two? Yes absolutely! I am quickly becoming a big fan of Tenga’s Iroha+ line. They’ve managed to perfect the art of creating a lay on vibrator that looks amazing, has a unique squish and that actually performs well! That is no mean feat! I feel like the Tori vibrator has been designed with a slower, more sensual experience in mind. Everything from the super soft feel, the origami influence and the softer (yet still powerful) vibrations conveys the message of taking your time to really feel and be in touch with the pleasure this toy can provide. If you’ve been wanting to try out the famous squish for yourself but the Iroha+ Kushi was just too textured for you, then I highly recommend giving the Tori a go. The only thing that has stopped me from rating this a full 5.0 is the lack of vibration functions. At this price point I would have liked to have seen a better offering beyond 5 speeds and 2 patterns.


VeDO Izzy Vibrator

 VeDO Izzy

  • Like toys with a raised nub
  • Prefer shorter play sessions
  • Want a toy with one-button control

VeDO Izzy

  • Need a toy for long play sessions
  • Struggle with mobility
  • Want broad stimulation

The VeDO Izzy has a unique stimulating nub that you won’t find on any of the other lay on vibrators on this list. While most of the lay on vibrators here do offer some sort of more precise stimulation, I think this is the one that will really deliver. For a lay on vibrator on the cheaper end of the scale it offers 10 vibration functions which I think is pretty decent and rivals some of the more expensive vibrators on this list. The vibrations on offer are pretty strong and travel well through the precision nub. Due to the more bulbous shape of this toy it’s better suited to solo play or for use during foreplay as this won’t fit between bodies.


  • Precision nub
  • Simple design
  • Straight forward one button use

  • Buttons can be difficult to press during use
  • Charge doesn't last
VeDO Izzy
Vibration modes10
Battery Life60 minutes
Travel LockYes

The VeDO Izzy gets big plus points for having a unique precision nub that none of the other lay on vibrators on this list offer. If pinpoint stimulation is what you need then I think this is the lay on vibrator that will give you that. There’s 10 vibration modes which is a really good offering for a vibrator on the cheaper end of the scale. Those vibrations are quite strong and I think they travel well through the nub to really give you that powerful targeted stimulation. However, there are a couple of quite big drawbacks to this toy. Firstly although it does fit nicely in the palm of your hand the button becomes quite difficult to press when the toy is in use. Even though I do like a one button control, it’s not that great if it takes you out of the moment. Secondly a common complaint amongst users is how long the toy lasts. VeDO claim that you’ll get 1 hour of play from a full charge but many users have reported that the vibrator dies after just 30-40 minutes of use. On top of that it’s said that at around to 10 minute mark it becomes noticeable that the vibrations are weakening. I think this is a really big let down for a vibrator.

Other Vibrators You Might Enjoy Grinding On

If these lay on vibrators have got you in the mood to grind then check out these other vibrating toys that are perfect for grinding on.

VibePad Grinding Vibrator

VibePad Grinding Vibrator - Other Vibrators You Might Enjoy Grinding On
The VibePad Grinding Vibrator offers hands free grinding with this vibrating mat. This grinding vibrator has two motors, one in each hump to deliver powerful vibrations to the clitoris perineum and testicles so it can be used by anybody. There’s the option to control the vibrations either on the mat or with the remote control which is ideal if you like partner play with someone else controlling the mat.

VibePad 2 Grinding Vibro-Tongue Vibrator

VibePad 2 Grinding Vibro-Tongue Vibrator - Other Vibrators You Might Enjoy Grinding On
The VibePad 2 offers an oral sex simulation with a licking function. The mat also heats up for an added sensation. Much like the original VibePad you get two motors with one in each hump. However, in the smaller hump you get a warming function and in the larger hump a licking funtion. Both motors can be controlled separtely. The mat is controlled via a remote for a truly hands free grinding experience.

VeDO Yumi Clitoral Finger Vibrator

VeDO Yumi Clitoral Finger Vibrator - Other Vibrators You Might Enjoy Grinding On
The VeDO Yumi is a tiny finger vibrator with strong vibrations. It’s about as discreet as vibrators come! It’s been ergonomically designed to nestled inbetween your index and middle fingers and can provide broader stimulation or more pinpoint stimulation with the nub. It has 10 vibration modes that are pretty powerful for such a small toy and with it’s one button control, it’s super simple to use.

Non-Vibrating Silicone Grinders You May Also Like

For those times when you went a little manual stimulation rather than vibrations why not try out one of these non-vibrating grinders?

The Rosae Platinum Rose Grinder

The Rosae Platinum Rose Grinder - Non-Vibrating Silicone Grinders You May Also Like
A unique 3D rendered grinder that is handmade for a true one-of-a-kind finish. The Rosae is soft and squishy but thanks to it’s highly textured petals it feels fantastic for grinding on. Thanks to it’s soft texture, this grinder also doubles up as a sensory/stress relieving squishy toy.  

The Favo Honeycomb Platinum Grinder

The Favo Honeycomb Platinum Grinder - Non-Vibrating Silicone Grinders You May Also Like
This handcrafted, silicone grinder has each honeycomb filled in by hand so no two toys are the same. The ridges of each honeycomb are designed to stimulate the labia and clitoris for some soft and squishy grinding action.

Wave Soft and Squishy Masturbation Grinder

Wave Soft and Squishy Masturbation Grinder - Non-Vibrating Silicone Grinders You May Also Like
Another soft and squishy grinding option but this one looks like a cute little marshmallow! This grinder is designed to slowly build up pleasure and allow you to take your time, The Wave can be used on both sides depending on the level of intensity you want to feel.

Let's Compare the 11 Best Lay On Vibrators!

There’s so much more to lay on vibrators than just riding and grinding which can make it difficult to choose the right one to suit your needs.

Beginner Friendly

Personally I think all of the lay on vibrators in this list are relatively beginner friendly so if you’re totally new to these kinds of vibrators then I don’t think there’s really a bad choice. However if you’re a total sex toy novice I’d recommend trying out the Dame Pom, the ROMP Wave or the Purple Pleasure to ease you into the sex toy world. The least beginner friendly toy would probably be the Ruby Glow but that’s only because the insertable element may not be suitable for complete newbies.


In terms of price there’s a really something for all budgets with these lay on vibrators which I do really like. There’s nothing worse than not covering all bases when it comes to budgets as I strongly believe good quality toys should be accessible regards of how much money you have to spend. At the top end of the scale we have the Ruby Glow which I do think is worth the price tag considering the high quality, luxury toy that you’re getting and that you can use it as a grinding toy as well as an insertable toy. The only negative I could find was the high price tag so if it’s in your budget I’d say go for it! The cheapest lay on vibrator on this list is the plusOne Mini Massager. For such a low price tag I think it’s a great quality toy that’s definitely worth checking out.

Vibration Modes

Most of the lay on vibrators offer both varying vibration speeds and patterns. However a few notable mentions from this list have to be the Ruby Glow which provides both light and rumbly vibrations, the Purple Pleasure which has a whopping 15 vibration modes (the most of any vibrator on this list) and the Laya III which has vibrations and a tapping motion. There is a second tapping vibrator on this list, the Playboy Pleasure Palm but up against the Laya III I wouldn’t recommend the Palm.

Overall Score

There was some really good lay on vibrators on this list and there’s quite a few I’d happily recommend to people depending on what you’re looking for. The highest scorers with a 5.0 were the Pom by Dame and the Ruby Glow. They’re both quite different from each other so it just all depends on what kind of stimulation you prefer. Notable mentions have to go to the two Tengo Iroha+ toys on this list – the Kushi and the Tori – which scored 4.6 and 4.8 respectively but are well worth checking out for their unique squishiness. The lowest scoring lay on vibrator was the Playboy Pleasure Palm with 3.0. The tapping motion is a great idea but this vibrator just doesn’t execute it very well especially when the Laya III also has a tapping function that performs really well.  

The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Lay-On Vibrator

There’s a lot more to a lay on vibrator than just laying there and enjoying the pleasure, though using them that way is totally fine too! If you’ve been wondering about other ways to enjoy your lay on vibrator though then here are some ideas!


If you’re wanting a little time to yourself, a lay on vibrator can be a great choice for some slower, more sensual pleasure. Most of the lay on vibrators on this list offer broad and more precise vibrations so you can customise the usage a little.

With a Partner

Some of the lay on vibrators on this list are the perfect shape for use between bodies making that ideal. I think their smaller, flatter and discreet shape makes using a toy with a partner a little less scary, especially if you’re only just introducing toys into partner play. The lay on vibrators that don’t fit snuggly between bodies can still be used with a partner and make great companions for oral sex.

Use Lube

Whether you’re going for a solo ride or enjoying some fun with a partner I highly recommend using a good quality water-based lube to ensure a smooth and pleasurable experience, especially if you’re using your lay on vibrator to grind!

Body Massage

While lay on vibrators are predominately designed for broad clitoral vibrations, their shapes lend itself nicely to been a good body massager. I think their small design makes them ideal for teasing all external erogenous zones such as the nipples, neck and perineum.

With Other Toys

Lay on vibrators makes wonderful partners to other toys. Being smaller in design means you can comfortably use other toys. Being an external stimulator, it’s easy to pair your lay on vibrator with an internal toy such as a glass wand or a curved dildo for added G-spot (or P-spot) pleasure.

How to Use Lay On Vibrators

I think lay on vibrators are quite possibly one of the most beginner friendly sex toys out there. However it’s always good to get some tips on exactly how to use a toy so you can have the best experience with it. Here are some important things to keep in mind when using a lay on vibrator.

Riding and grinding

Riding and grinding

Lay on vibrators are the perfect choice for a bit of easy pleasure. Although there are many ways to enjoy them, which we have already looked at, simply sitting or laying on them is the easiest way.

Use lots of lube!

Use lots of lube!

Because these lay on vibrators have been made with grinding it mind you’re going to want to make sure both you and your toy are well lubricated. The last thing you want is friction burn down there! A high quality water-based lube is the best option as it won’t degrade your vibrator and it’s super easy to clean.

Solo or partnered fun

Solo or partnered fun

Lay on vibrators are a great choice for both solo and partner fun. They can be used alone when you want some simple and easy self love time or with a partner for added sensations during foreplay or penetrative or oral sex. However you choose to use your lay on vibrator remember to have fun and keep things safe!

How to Clean Lay On Vibrators

All the lay on vibrators on this list are made from non-porous materials meaning they won't harbour germs and bacteria. It's important that you clean your lay on vibrator after every use with fragrance free soap and warm water to keep them fresh and ready to use. With proper care, your lay on vibrator should last for years!


Anyone! You may be forgiven for thinking that they're purely designed for clitoral and vulva stimulation but you'd be wrong! Lay on vibrators can provide broad and targeted stimulation and therefore feel great for both vulva owners and penis owners. They're also great for using between bodies during partner play.

Any external erogenous zone you can think of, a lay on vibrator can be used there. Because of the small design they're super handy for massaging all external pleasure points such as the clit, testicles, nipples and perineum.

We have shop links for all the lay on vibrators featured in this list. We only work with the best of the best so when you buy through one of these links you have the piece of mind that you're buying from a reputable and well-loved company.

What are lay on vibrators?

A lay on vibrator tends to be a smaller, flatter vibrator that provides broader vibrations, ideal for grinding. They're fantastic for some hands free fun but can double up as palm vibrators to add some extra sensations to penetrative or oral sex. Some lay on vibrators come with added functions such as a tapping motion, heat or a textured surface so be sure to check out each review to see what each of the lay on vibrators on this list have to offer!

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