Fun Factory Laya III — Test & Review

   Sarah Baran
Dec 1, 2023

Sarah Baran
: 41
: Intermediate
: Female
: Bisexual

  • want a vibrator to travel with
  • are looking for something waterproof
  • want a well-made product with a 20 year history of pleasure
  • want a clitoral stimulator that you can lay and grind on

  • want to engage in anal play
  • want an insertable toy
  • are on a budget


Imagine, if you can, a compact personal massager made to be as beautiful and functional as your own body. Silky soft, ethically sourced, body-safe materials made to tap, vibrate, and stimulate for bigger, more intense orgasms. A beautiful piece of functional art that can be programed to start at your favorite setting and includes a travel lock, to avoid any potentially embarrassing TSA moments. Fun Factory has set the bar extremely high with the Laya III, this is the toy you will want to dream about, and then wake up and make your dreams come true.

Fun Factory Laya III -

Unboxing: WOWZA

From the get-go, it is obvious Fun Factory is confident in the Laya III, upgraded from their all-time bestselling Laya model. Opening the box was an absolute joy. The large box was filled with purple zig-zag paper, a bubbly calming hemp drink, a collagen firming face mask, lube, games, an instruction manual, and of course the toy and its charger.  Packaging was above and beyond, and really set the tone for the already high expectations for the Laya III.


As a consumer, I try to be mindful of the companies and products I use and support. Fun Factory is a German based company, pro-employee, pro-environment, with a focus on using local and ethically sourced materials, all while keeping their carbon footprint small.

Fun & Games

Fun Factory not only makes incredible toys, they are focused on the consumer from beginning to end.  The product packaging includes games: spicy “I’d like to try…” and “Flirt or Dare” games.  “Your Guide to Incredible Sex” provides all the basic use and care instructions as well as links for the manuals,  additional suggestions, and a reminder that Consent is always Sexy.

Wet & Wild

The Laya III exceeded my expectations, which is hard to do these days. Made with silky and textured silicone, it is fully waterproof, and thanks to the textured surface, it is easy to hang on to when things get really slick. I was fortunate enough to bring this beautiful sensation with me on my honeymoon, and although it may not replace your partner in the bedroom, it will definitely raise the heat in the boudoir. Because the Laya III has a built in travel lock, you can charge it and throw it into the suitcase without worrying it will end up buzzing away in the cargo hold. The Laya III fits so comfortably in the palm, making it easy to hug against any body part (except the butt — this is not for anal use). While I couldn’t differentiate between the tapping and vibrating, the smoothness verses the texture on the ends of the Laya III provided for some very enjoyable, yet different, sensations. Easily accessible buttons make it easy to change and customize your experience. It was enjoyable to use with my male partner, and by myself. One of the best features of the iconic shape is that the Laya III a “lay on” massager, meaning it is perfect to settle right up against the clit for direct stimulation, while laying or spooning however your little clit desires. Thanks to the way it hugs the body, the Laya III has the potential to stay in place during PIV sex better than most other clitoral stimulators on the market. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and it wasn’t super comfortable for me in some positions, as it did tend to dig into my body, but that could be due to the beautiful nuances of my body.

An Interesting Function

The Laya III is made with a “Micro-Adjust” feature to really customize usage. When first turned on, the Laya III starts on the 3rd lowest vibration setting. To cycle through the preset speeds and patterns press the (+) or (-) buttons. To increase or decrease intensity of each setting, hold the (+) or (-) until you reach the desired intensity setting. The Laya III can also be set to start at your favorite setting by pressing the (FUN) button for 2 seconds.

Fun Factory Laya III -

Fun Factory's Laya III Massager takes external stimulation to the next level with soft, super silky, body-safe materials. Ergonomically designed for comfort, Laya III is made to hug any body part while it vibrates and taps with 7 speeds and 3 patterns. Made with a perfect body hugging curve, the Laya III will feel like an extension of yourself, used to truly worship your body as it deserves to be worshiped. Made with your comfort in mind, the soft gliding materials, available in a soft purple or light greenish, Laya III feels as good as it looks. Exploring your body, or your partner's body, is meant to be an experience, and Fun Factory knows it.

Fun Factory Laya III -

The Laya III is made for your comfort- for the body and your hand. The gentle curve sits nicely in the palm for use with your male partner during oral, and can be used to explore the variety of sensations across your erogenous zones. The operation buttons are easily located by touch, and can be programmed to start each session with your favorite setting. Even charging has been carefully thought out with user ease in mind, utilizing a magnetic charging port, you will never have to worry about locating the charging port, unlike many of the other waterproof models on the market.

Fun Factory Laya III -

This beautiful item is made with luxury and quality in mind. German engineered, it functions with an exquisite and simple elegance. From the stylish and secure packaging, to the games and information materials, it is obvious the manufacturer had the consumer in mind from start to finish. A User Guide is included to provide support and suggestions before, during, and after use. Even the Fun Factory Website includes more suggestions for use for solo or partner play. The Laya III is a well made item that will leave you smiling every time you think about it.

Fun Factory Laya III - <

While the Laya III might be at the higher end when it comes to clitoral stimulators, the lay on design, with body hugging curves, makes it one of the best toys you will invest in. $109 at time of publication, this toy is an investment, and it is so worth it. The quality, the body-safe silky materials, the product support, and everything else about this product is worth it. You get what you pay for and the Laya III is worth every penny.

Fun Factory Laya III -

In one word: Amazing. Amazing for use in the shower (or pool), amazing for travel, amazing to use on yourself or your partner, simply amazing stimulation… Amazing! The motor is powerful enough to provide intense pinpoint arousal. The Laya III exceeded all the hype, hope, and promises for a "Lay On" toy. Quiet enough to be discrete, yet powerful enough you may not be able to keep quiet. Long lasting between 40 and 120 minutes of use depending on setting, it fully recharges in 6.5 hours. Overall the Laya III has exceeded my expectations and is likely to take the top spot in my collection.

Fun Factory Laya III -

The Laya III comes in a simple black box with a colorful descriptive sleeve. Sleeve does show the product and details, which, while beautiful and informative, isn't discreet. The exterior product sleeve includes an "I'd Like to Try..." game to get things rolling, as if you needed any help with that! Inside the product packaging, "Your Guide to Incredible Sex" provides all care and usage information, a QR code for the manual online, and another game "Flirt or Dare."

Fun Factory Laya III -

The Laya III is made with locally and ethically sourced materials, including body safe silicone. It fits well in the hand, with a nice weight that isn't too heavy, but isn't going to be too small or light to be easily lost in the passion of the moment. Although the product doesn't come with a storage container, the box seems sturdy enough for storage without taking up too much space, while keeping the materials and charger organized and accessible. A simple design makes it easy to clean, without having to worry about gunky buildup. As always clean toy with water and toy cleaner before and after use.

Vibration speeds7
Vibration patterns3
Length4.3 inches
Width1.6 inches
Battery Life40 to 120 minutes
Charging TimeInitial charge: (6-7 hours) 360-420 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableSoft Violet, Sage Green

Fun Factory Laya III -

  • Waterproof
  • Silky Textured Silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • Travel Lock
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easily Accessible Controls

  • May not be a comfortable fit for some positions depending on body type
  • Speeds and patterns are not independent controls
  • Not for internal use

I fell in love with the Laya III when I first pulled her out of the box. Little did I know, that was the tip of the... iceberg. The more I learned about the features of the Laya III, the more enticed I became, and that was after using it several times! The customizable features allow you to not only cycle through the preset patterns and vibrations, it also allows to you increase or decrease the intensity at each setting! Made to fit snugly against the body, the Laya III is now one of my top clitoral stimulating toys. The massaging feature is even useful for other things, such a massaging sore breasts, reaching into that little knot in the back of the neck, and of course., sending you into blissful ecstasy.

A user manual is included in packaging, but it’s also available here on Fun Factory’s website, in 15 languages!  

No. This product is not made to be used for anal stimulation.

As the name indicates, Laya on it! If you have a vulva, lay it against the pubic bone and enjoy the tapping vibrations. If you have a penis, glide the toy up and down the shaft or cup the balls.

When you turn on the Laya III it can start with your preset setting or will default to the third-lowest vibration. Cycle through settings with (+) and (-). To adjust the intensity of each setting press and hold the (+) or (-) to increase or decrease intensity.

Always! Water based lube helps increase the sensitivity and reception of the sensations. The Laya III is designed to fit in the hand, even when wet.

Yes! The Laya III can be used with a partner during oral, foreplay, and even for massages. It can also be used during a solo session to spice things up and get everything tingling.