Lovehoney mon ami Pleasure Air Suction Stimulator — Test & Review

   Jess Scott
Nov 16, 2023

Jess Scott

  • Are new to suction toys and would like to step into the world of air pulse technology
  • Enjoy a toy with one simple vibration setting that has multiple intensities
  • Like a small and light toy

  • Want a super quiet toy
  • Like different pulse settings
  • Want a real suction experience


This little lilac cutie is silky soft, uses suction technology to simulate oral pleasure and sits so perfectly in your hand while it sucks your stress away. It has 10 Pleasure Air intensity levels, from soft and gentle to powerful and intense. It uses a USB to charge and has a travel lock.

Lovehoney mon ami Pleasure Air Suction Stimulator -

When first using this clit sucker, I was so happy that it was a steady-speed-only toy, as I’m someone who appreciates the vibe setting and not the random patterns like a phones ringing. It has 10 intensity levels and for me only 7-10 were of interest. The first 6 are ok and would be great if you’re new to the world of suction toys. I’d say this sits in the middle of suction toy and vibrator, though they state it shares the same technology as Womanizer, I do feel it’s more vibration than suction. Lovehoney also state that this toy is whisper quiet and I would disagree. Before it meets your skin it’s not that loud, but as soon as it makes contact with your genitals it becomes significantly louder on settings above 5.

Lovehoney mon ami Pleasure Air Suction Stimulator -

The design is so lovely and feels so nice to hold, though I do feel that the suction spout could protrude out a little more. The addition of a reflective patch makes it look more interesting but is completely unnecessary. There are only two buttons, + and - which double as on/off and up/down through intensity levels. This works perfectly for me as it’s simple and straight to the point. No time is wasted faffing about trying to find the setting you like as it’s so easy to navigate.

Lovehoney mon ami Pleasure Air Suction Stimulator -

It is super easy to use which I loved. You simply hold the + button to turn it on and move up and down through the 10 intensity levels using the + - buttons. Due to how simple it is I think it would be good for someone with learning difficulties however as it’s quite small I wouldn’t recommend for someone with mobility issues as it could be a bit fiddly.

Lovehoney mon ami Pleasure Air Suction Stimulator -

This is a good quality product and feels more expensive than it is, though it definitely isn’t luxury. It’s made from a silky smooth silicone and does feel really nice.

Lovehoney mon ami Pleasure Air Suction Stimulator - <

For the price of this product I feel it’s definitely worth it. Having tried many suction toys I’d recommend this if you’re a beginner to the world of air pulse technology and are used to vibrators. This would be a good toy to bridge the gap as this is does sit in the middle of vibrations and suction. This should’ve had a storage bag included, as they’ve made an effort to make this look and feel like good quality, yet have nothing for you to put it in.

Lovehoney mon ami Pleasure Air Suction Stimulator -

This toy definitely lives up to the reviews! It is a great product overall and lasts as long as I need it to! It is nice to hold, but if you wanted to have a longer session, I feel there are better options in terms of ergonomic design. It has an hour and a half of battery life.

Lovehoney mon ami Pleasure Air Suction Stimulator -

I was pleased with the packaging when I opened my parcel as it’s pretty and felt like a present to myself. The gradients of pastel colours enticed me to look at the rest. To open the box you need to pull out an insert which I found quite fiddly to do. Once you get that out you’ll see your toy and the charger sitting pleasantly in the centre. They’ve matched the colour theme of the packaging with the toy which works really well. The back of this box it shows you 3 illustrations of ways to use this toy which is a nice touch.

Lovehoney mon ami Pleasure Air Suction Stimulator -

This is made from body-safe silicone and is quite light. It is 100% waterproof and charges with a pin-like end which pushes right in to the toy. This is very easy to clean, but unfortunately doesn’t come with a storage bag.

Clitoral suctionYes modes
Length7 inches
Width4 inches
DiameterMouth: 1 inches
Battery Life90 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableLilac

Lovehoney mon ami Pleasure Air Suction Stimulator -

  • Steady speeds only
  • 100% waterproof
  • Silky smooth silicone

  • Loud above setting 5
  • Feels more like vibrations than suction
  • No storage bag

Overall this is a great product and I highly recommend if you’d like to try a suction toy as a beginner. If you’re more advanced then I don’t think this would be a toy you’d reach for very often.

If you want to use this toy on the strongest 5 settings it is loud enough to hear right outside of a closed room. If used on the lower settings it isn’t as loud at all.

It doesn’t feel exactly like oral sex however it is pretty close and does use suction like a mouth would do.

Yes, the mon ami is a product of LoveHoney so when ordered directly from their store it comes in a standard brown box and no one would know who or where it’s from.

Before and after every use it’s important to clean your toy with warm water and antibacterial soap. As this is waterproof you are able to give it a proper clean in water.