Ruby Glow Blush — Test & Review

   Rachel Worthington
Nov 9, 2023

Rachel Worthington
: 26
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: We-Vibe Tango X

  • Are intrigued by the idea of a grinding pad but aren't sure if you'll like it
  • Enjoy both rumbly and buzzy vibrations
  • Like the idea of a hands-free vibrator

  • Are looking for a quiet vibrator
  • Want a grinding toy that's soft to sit on
  • Want to grind in the bath or shower


I've never seen another sex toy quite like the Ruby Glow Blush! This innovative product works as both a g-spot vibrator and a grinding toy, thanks to the removable stand (which doubles as a charger, by the way). Designed to deliver pleasure to the whole vulva and perineum, it has two independent motors for the front and back, and even comes with a remote control for totally hands-free fun.

Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush -

I really enjoy grinding with a good vibrator, but I’ve never experienced a purpose-made lay-on grinder — until now! When I first unboxed this burgundy beauty from Rocks Off, I was so surprised at just how small it was. The whole thing is about the same length as the span of my hand, and I was honestly wondering if I would fit on it.

A Bit on the Buzzy Side

Of course, before I got down and dirty with the Ruby Glow Blush, I had to test out how everything worked. I charged up the wand in its charging cradle and the remote control, using the two accompanying charging cords, and then cycled through the settings. There are two powerful motors that you control independently, one in the tip and one in the bottom by the buttons. The bottom motor is so buzzy that it tickles, but the one in the tip has a slightly lower-frequency rumble. I was impressed at how easy it was to get going and connect the remote control — something I’ve struggled with when using other remote-controlled toys. Interestingly, once I placed it in the cradle and turned on the vibes, there was a very loud rattling sound and it started shuffling around my desk on its own! It wasn’t so bad with only the bottom motor, but those rumblier vibes in the tip really cause a racket.

Variety is the Spice of Life

As a a Grinder

This toy’s biggest selling point is how versatile it is, so, of course, I had to try it out in as many ways as I could. A little intimidated by the buzziness, I first tried riding on it whilst wearing clothes. The vibes transmitted pretty well through my jeans, and I was grateful for the extra cushioning, because the Blush is hard! The three ‘humps’, though covered in smooth silicone, are rock solid, so it took a bit of adjusting to find a comfortable angle. The next time, I forwent the clothes, but lowered myself slowly down to avoid bruising. I liked how it hugged my anatomy, and while I focused mainly on the front curve by my clit, the little perineum stimulation offered by the back was also a pleasant surprise. The sound was dampened a little by riding it, but this is still not a quiet vibrator.

As a Wand

Finally, I took the wand off the cradle and tried it out as a g-spot vibrator. They call it a ‘wand’, but it is insertable, unlike a traditional massage wand. It was surprising how well it worked! The nice curve and bulbous tip make it easier to explore and find your g-spot, and when you insert it deeper, the middle ‘mound’ acts almost like a rabbit vibrator for a little extra clit stimulation. I didn’t bother with the remote control when using it this way, which is how I learned that the vibrations do travel down the handle of the Blush a lot. It was quite tingly, which got a bit uncomfortable after a while.

Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush -

Overall, I think the design of the Ruby Glow Blush is pretty cute. The wand itself has a nice deep burgundy color, and the cradle and remote have matching burgundy silicone with metallic accents. The shape of the wand is a little unusual, but the strong curve of the tip makes it great for finding the g-spot, while the 'hump' in the middle is mostly for grinding on. In my opinion, however, the whole thing is a little small.

Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush -

I think that how easy you find the Ruby Glow Blush to use will depend a lot on your anatomy. It won't flex to fit you, so you'll have to adjust yourself until you find a comfortable position. The other issue I noticed is that the vibrations do travel through the whole toy, which can be uncomfortable if you're holding it. However, the actual controls are very straightforward. You can use the buttons on the wand, or using the remote control — I've gone through the steps for both in the 'How to Use' section below. The buttons on the remote are a little harder to press than those on the wand.

Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush -

This is a fairly middle-of-the-road toy when it comes to quality. There was nothing broken or any other manufacturing issues, but it's not the most sturdy or luxurious feeling toy I've encountered. The charging cradle is a bit flimsy, and I feel like it could break with too much weight. However, the silicone is soft and seamless.

Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush - <

Ranging between $100 and $125, the Ruby Glow Blush is a solidly mid-priced vibe, especially when you consider what you get for your money. It's a great, multi-purpose toy with two independent motors, which also comes with a remote control. In the box, you'll get two charging cables, one magnetic and one micro USB, so you can charge the cradle, the wand and the remote. Plus, there are a set of instructions, but no storage bag.

Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush -

As I mentioned previously in this Ruby Glow Blush review, my expectations for this vibrator weren't super high, so when I tried it out, I didn't feel let down. The vibrations are definitely more buzzy than rumbly, but they do get pretty intense! As you might expect, then, it does also get loud, especially when using the motor in the tip while it's sat in the cradle. However, as a g-spot vibe in particular, I think it works great.

Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush -

The box that the Ruby Glow Blush comes does look quite luxurious, with it's dark colors and gold writing, but it feels a little flimsy. Since it doesn't come with a storage bag, you may want to keep it, but it does have an image of the toy on the front, so it's not so discreet. I always have some backup pouches on hand, so I recycled the box right away.

Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush -

This toy is made from 100% non-porous, body-safe materials. The wand, the cradle and the remote are all made from silicone and ABS plastic. The wand is completely waterproof, so it's very easy to clean with some mild, unscented soap and water. However, the cradle and the remote are not waterproof, or splashproof — to clean them, use a clean, damp cloth and a small amount of soap to wipe them clean before drying them off thoroughly.

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
Length7.4 inches
Insertable length5 inches
DiameterInsertable: 1.5 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
WaterproofWand: Yes, Stand & Remote: No
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Remote ControlsPhysical Remote
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBurgundy

Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush -

  • Multi-functional wand and grinding vibe
  • Intensely strong vibrations
  • Remote control with 49ft range
  • Wand is waterproof
  • Very easy to set up

  • Vibes get rattly and loud when in the cradle
  • Vibrations are quite buzzy
  • May be not fit everyone's anatomy
  • Very firm to sit on
  • Cradle and remote are not waterproof

I really do like the Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush. It's a very unique idea that's been executed pretty well, and while there are some things I would prefer to be a bit different (read: better), I think it's still an overall success! Whether you really enjoy grinding, or are intrigued by the idea but don't want to commit to a kind of toy you may not love, I would recommend trying it out. Plus, there aren't many other purpose-made grinding vibrators out there right now.

You can find instructions for how to use the Ruby Glow Blush on the manufacturer’s website here.

The Ruby Glow Dusk is specifically a grinding vibrator, and doesn't have a detachable wand like the Blush. It has more of a traditional saddle shape, with one textured side. It also does not come with a remote control.

It's super easy to connect the remote control to this toy. Simply press and hold either button on the remote until a light starts flashing to show you it's turned on. Make sure to do the same with the buttons on the wand, and now your remote is connected!

A ride-on sex machine is quite different than what the Ruby Glow Blush can offer, but they are significantly more expensive. Machines like the Cowgirl and the Motorbunny come with insertable attachments so that you can ride on them whilst also being penetrated, but they also come with grinding attachments. The Ruby Glow Blush can either be used as a grinder or a penetrative toy, but not both at the same time. It's also much smaller than regular saddle sex machines.

I highly recommend using lube when using this toy, unless you're grinding on it whilst wearing clothes (the vibrations do transmit through thin clothing). Stick to a water-based lube, as silicone- and oil-based formulas will damage the silicone material.