Colt Anal Douche Kit — Test & Review

   Allen Wiltshire
Jun 19, 2024

Allen Wiltshire
: 28
: Advanced
: Male
: Bi
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  • Want a cheap douche
  • Like the idea of a dildo attachment

  • Don't like cheaply made toys.
  • Are allergic to latex.
  • Want something that is easy to clean.

The Colt Anal Douche Kit is a good meaning toy. It is a plastic enema bulb with an secondary removable extra large ribbed nozzle. The enema bulb is meant to be used by anal novices and advanced players alike.

Colt Anal Douche Kit -

The Quest for Squeaky Clean

Where to begin? Starting out in my journey of anal discovery, I was very squeamish about poop. I hated the idea that my butthole might not be clean and there fore wind up with poop on an my toys or on me. I started feverishly looking for how to make sure my butthole was as they say in the industry, “pornstar clean”. That is when I came across enema bulbs and the Colt Anal Douche Kit. I was hoping that this would be a simple enough answer for my needs.

First Attempt

When I first tried out using the Colt Anal Douche, the very first thing I noticed was how difficult it was to actually fill it all the way. At the time I thought that all I had to do was hold it under a running tap and it would fill, but that wasn’t the case. Turns out you had to actually squeeze the bulb and slowly release it to create suction to draw the water in. Even doing it that way didn’t fill the bulb entirely. After that it was time to lube up and clean out. After lubing up the normal sized enema tip I gently inserted it in, and notice that even with lube, the tip still felt pokey for a lack of a better word. Not exactly the best feeling to have back there. After some adjusting I got the tip in and started squeezing. I instantly noticed just how hard it was to actually squeeze the bulb to get water out, this was when I made my first ever Anal Prep Rookie Mistake™. You see after I squeezed as much of the water out as I could, I let go of the bulb a little bit, well this meant that a portion of the water I just shot out into my rectum went back into the bulb, and of course being the genius that I am, I just squeezed the water back out again, but I couldn’t get a good grip on the bulb so this cycle of sucking water in and out of my rectum continued for a bit until I could get a good grip on the bulb and keep it squeezed shut. After that I went over to the toilet to expel the water from my booty, except there was none. Even though I had kept a death grip on the bulb there was still all the now poop filled water in the enema bulb.

Cleaning the Bulb

Now that I was possibly (?) cleaned out, it was time to clean out the enema bulb itself. This was not easy. Even though I could just hold it upside down in the sink and let the poop water drain out, I couldn’t get all of it, which meant I had to remove the tip. The main enema tip for the Colt Anal Douche does come off, it’s meant to, it just doesn’t come off easily. It got to the point where it felt like I was going to break the thing before actually removing it. That’s how much force I had to apply. After getting the tip off the only thing I could do was keep washing it out with warm soapy water, and eventually guess that it was clean enough. That was my first experience with the Colt Anal Douche Kit.

Round 2

My second experience went slightly better. This time I used the larger nozzle that uses a screw on cap to adjust the flow of water. It should be noted that if you screw the tip off too much there is a non-zero chance that it could come off in your rectum. Thankfully that never happened to me. My second attempt with the larger nozzle went ok and was largely uneventful, the only problem was after I was done, I still didn’t really feel clean back there, and that has been my take away after every time I’ve tried using it. It works and gets poop out, but I still don’t feel as clean as I want to.

Colt Anal Douche Kit -

The design is about as basic as you can get, the only real stand out to it is the secondary larger nozzle that you can use for it. Aside from that the design is as basic as white bread, which in this case isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's an enema bulb, it doesn't need to have a ton of bells and whistles, but being basic also isn't helping its lackluster performance.

Colt Anal Douche Kit -

The Colt Anal Douche Kit isn't the easiest thing in the world to use, especially if you have any sort of arthritis or hand issues. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to get the water out of the bulb and keep it out.

Colt Anal Douche Kit -

It feels cheap, very cheap.

Colt Anal Douche Kit - <

The Colt Anal Douche Kit is a cheap toy, no questions asked. But it's the type of cheap that makes you stop and ask if what you got was a good deal, or just a really cheap piece of plastic made in China. You're almost better off getting a set of Fleet enemas, refilling them with plain water and using those.

Colt Anal Douche Kit -

Does it do it's job as an anal douche or enema? Yes, but again, you're almost better off refilling a set of Fleet enemas and using those.

Colt Anal Douche Kit -

It has been forever since I've seen the packaging for the Colt douche bulb in person. From looking at it online the packaging screams sleezy adult book store with cheap toys. The whole front of the box is just a black and white picture of a muscular man in a shower flexing his glutes. CaliExotics was really trying to send the message home that this was for men, and it was for anal, and somehow doing it in the most unappealing way possible.

Colt Anal Douche Kit -

None of the materials listed in the construction of the Colt Anal Douche are considered "body safe", it's made up of a hard plastic tip, and a rubber bulb. The online description does mention an allergen warning saying it contains latex and phthalates. Cleaning the toy is a challenge in of itself. To actually remove the standard tip from the bulb you have to forcibly pull it off, almost to the point where it starts to feel like you'll break something. Then you have to keep rinsing it with soapy water until you feel it's clean. There is no way to really check to make sure the inside of the bulb is fully clean aside from grabbing a flashlight and looking inside the blub, so cleaning the toy guess work at best.

Length10 inches
Insertable length4.5 inches
Diameter0.875 inches
Materialslatex and plastic
Volume6.8 fl oz fl. oz

Colt Anal Douche Kit -

  • Simple.

  • Can be tricky to use.
  • Hard to clean
  • Hard plastic can feel "sharp" on rectum

If there was an alternate reality where John Waters collected cheap, slightly off-putting sex toys instead of banned children's toys, the Colt Anal Douche Kit would be in it. It's not that the Colt Anal Douche Kit is a bad toy, it's that it's a cheap toy that feels like it never caught up to ever other toy seller when it came time to make sex toys feel normal and accepted instead of pervy and sleezy. To be fair though, the Colt Anal Douche Kit does work as intended and you can get a clean rectum from using it, though your milage may vary. The question to ask yourself is are you comfortable using a toy that cheap?