Dame Dip — Test & Review

   Edie Billhimer
Apr 16, 2024

Dame Dip — Test & Review<

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Want an easy-to-use, uncomplicated vibrator.
  • Need a great little vibrator that is compact and travels well.
  • Love luxury toys, but don't want to spend a lot.
  • Have grip or small motor issues.
  • Are a sex toy beginner, or someone seeking a basic, but luxury vibe.

  • Desire a great deal of power and settings.
  • Are looking for deeper penetration.


The Dame Dip is a beautifully designed, simple vibrator. The ergonomic design and graceful lines make it easy to hold and use. The Dip is made from medical-grade silicone, features 5 speeds, and a travel lock. The shape allows for various types of clitoral stimulation by using the tip or the rounded, bulbous head. The Dip's ridge gives the labia broad stimulation that reverberates throughout the entire vulva. The Dip can also be dipped inside the vagina for shallow, g-spot stimulation. Finally, the Dip's shape makes it suitable for grinding as well as sharing with a partner.

Dame Dip -

My First Dame Product

A lot of my coworkers have had the opportunity to try out a Dame product, with glowing results. So, when I learned I was getting the opportunity to review a Dame product, I was over the moon! And the Dame Dip did not disappoint!

Packaging and Pregaming

Right out of the shipping box, I was thrilled with the Dame Dip! That’s because the packaging was bright, didn’t include any graphic photos and was made from thick, sturdy cardboard. Yes, this box is keep-worthy, for sure. Inside, the Dame Dip was nestled in a plastic cradle, with the easy-to-read manual and the charging cord underneath. I was enamored with the silky-smooth silicone and the beautiful, soft blue color. I tried turning it on, right out of the box, but got nothing. Therefore, I assumed it needed to be charged. So, I plugged it in, it flashed and started running. I then looked at the manual and realized that attaching the charger is what deactivates the travel lock! What a brilliant feature! Most travel locks require you to press the button a couple of times, meaning some travel locks can easily be unlocked during travel. The Dame Dip, on the other hand, won’t accidentally unlock! I went through the 5 simple speeds and realized that the Dip is the perfect vibrator for so many people!

The Dame Dip Gets The Job Done!

With all of the sex toys out there that whirl, suck, flick, thump and all those fancy things, the Dame Dip takes you back to simplicity. The vibrations are right in the middle, so not too buzzy, and the perfect amount of rumbly. It’s the perfect vibrator for a long, luxurious solo-session or a stress-relieving quickie. I LOVED the way the Dame Dip is the perfect length for reaching the g-spot, yet compact enough for the best exterior stimulation. It gets the job done, that’s for sure!

Perfect For Everyone!

The Dame Dip is an excellent first vibrator as it’s not too big, too thick or overly complicated. Plus the shape gives you so many options for stimulation. The Dip is also a wonderful vibrator for post-menopausal girlies, older folks and those with hand and wrist issues. Even those in transition will find the Dame Dip perfect for stimulation. Best of all, the Dame Dip is extremely affordable for the top-notch quality it presents.

Dame Dip -

I love the way the Dame Dip looks, it's sexy, and has the most graceful lines. It's light weight and so easy to hold. The Dame Dip's medical-grade silicone is so sensually soft, even though the base of the vibrator is firm. The button is in the perfect place, making it easy to operate. Plus you can FEEL the recessed button in the dark. I absolutely love everything about the Dame Dip's design.

Dame Dip -

The Dame Dip is incredibly simplistic! It features a single, recessed button that's easy to see and feel. A single press turns the Dip on, and you can easily click the button to go through the 5 speeds. And because of the Dip's design, it fits in the hand comfortably, and is absolutely perfect for people with grip issues. Plus, the Dip can be laid on for grinding or placed between two bodies.

Dame Dip -

I knew the Dame brand meant quality, but I am always thrilled when I find a toy that's truly luxury. The Dame Dip is made from the highest quality silicone, so it's like silk against the body. The firmness of the vibrator makes it great for g-spot stimulation as well. The Dip is quiet enough not to wake the kids or disturb room mates, and it doesn't overheat with use. The magnetic USB charger grips tight, making is incredibly easy to charge. Speaking of charging, this is the first toy I have received that includes a braided fabric charging cord. NICE! And although the Dame Dip looks, feels and operates like a luxury sex toy, the price is unbelievably affordable.

Dame Dip - <

At the time of this review, the Dame Dip was priced at $35 and up, depending on where you buy it. And that is one heck of a deal for such a nice vibrator! The box is thick, has no adult graphics, so it's fantastic to keep for storage. The Dip comes with a fabric, magnetic USB charging cord and an easy-to-read and understand user manual. For the design, material and the amazing quality, the Dame Dip is well worth the price.

Dame Dip -

Performance-wise, the Dame Dip runs like a dream! It's quiet enough not to share your naughty little secret, and it doesn't get warm when running it for long periods. The Dame Dip claims to run for an hour on a single charge, and so far, my first charge is still going! The Dip took about an hour to charge, even though the manual says 2-hours. I love that the magnetic charger stays put too!

Dame Dip -

The Dame Dip is packaged in a colorful, thick, 2-piece cardboard box that has no adult graphics. The bottom of the box does include the abbreviated instructions, as well as information on power, speed and how best to hold the Dip. On the interior is a plastic cradle that keeps the Dip securely in place. So, the packaging is suitable for keeping and using for storage. Underneath is where you'll find the manual and super-nice charging cord. To be honest, I am still blown away as to how nice the Dame Dip is for the price.

Dame Dip -

Medical-grade silicone is what makes the Dame Dip look and feel like a luxury vibrator costing well over $100, however, it's priced well under $40. The instructions are clear that the Dame Dip should only be used with a water-based lubricant. Additionally, the instructions say to wash with soap and water or the Dame brand sex toy cleanser. The Dip is waterproof, so washing is easy and convenient. Then, dry the toy well and store away from other toys. Again, since the box is so well made, it makes the perfect place to store the Dip for years to come.

Vibration modes5
Length5.3 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Width1.3 inches
MaterialsMedical-grade silicone
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Colors AvailablePeriwinkle and Plum

Dame Dip -

  • Beautiful, ergonomic design is comfortable to hold.
  • Medical-grade silicone makes the Dip body-safe and luxurious.
  • 5 settings of perfect vibration.
  • Shaped for vulva and shallow vaginal stimulation.
  • So easy to use!
  • Has a top-tier travel lock and braided fabric charging cord

  • Only has 5 speeds and no patterns
  • Isn't long enough for deep penetration.
  • May not be strong enough for some.

The Dame Dip is one of those vibrators that everyone needs to have in their collection. With so many complicated, fancy sex toys on the market today, we forget how important it is to have a basic, easy-to-use vibrator that's beautiful and versatile. And the Dame Dip is all that and more! It's made from medical-grade silicone that feels incredible against the body. The Dip's shape is well thought out, ergonomic, light weight and is created for multiple types of clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The Dame Dip features 5 mid-range speeds of vibration, as well as a travel lock. So, whether you're a beginner, someone who needs a vibrator that's comfortable to hold, or a sex toy collector, the Dame Dip is a must-have. Plus, the price is unbelievable for such a quality, luxury-level pleasure product.

The Dame Dip user manual is available on the official Dame website.  

Yes! It comes with a 3-year warranty.

The travel lock is simple to set. Just hold the button in for 10 seconds, until the light stops pulsating and turns red.

No. Since the Dip doesn't have a flared base, it shouldn't be used anally.

The Dame Dip says it's waterproof, not submersible. So you can use it in the shower, but not under water.

Although the Dip is designed for the vulva and vagina, yes, it can be used to stimulate a penis, testicles and nipples.