Fantasy For Her – Her Silicone Fun Tongue — Test & Review

   Cassie Mørch
Apr 2, 2024

Cassie Mørch
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo

  • need intense stimulation to orgasm
  • like the idea of a toy that simulates oral
  • want a heating toy for a lifelike touch
  • want a travel-friendly vibrator

  • your clitoris gets easily overstimulated
  • prefer indirect stimulation
  • want something that's also insertable


The Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue is a versatile flickering tongue vibrator with a delicious warming function. The textured silicone tongue slides up and down while sending subtle vibrations to your clitoris. You can use it with or without the removable silicone cup for more or less direct contact. Pamper any part of your body with this intensly stimulating flickering motion! Pop on the lid and you're ready to bring it with you on the go!

Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue -

Not Your Average Clit Vibrator

I’ve tested my fair share of clitoral vibrators in my day but I can never say that I’ve tried a flickering tongue vibrator. Something about them has always seemed a bit too silly to me. I’m also generally not a fan of sex toys that are too realistic in terms of design. But I was still intrigued by the idea of this vibrator. I was curious to see if that particular motion could do anything for me and picky clitoris.

I’d Prefer Less of a “Fun” Tongue

I’ll tell you one thing about the Fantasy For Her – Her Silicone Fun Tongue – it is intense! Yes, the flickering motion and the buzzy vibrations are powerful and intense as is. When you then consider the additional stimulation coming from the super textured tongue, it all becomes a little too much. This “fun” tonuge is a little too fun for me! The thing is, I’ve never considered myself to have a lot of clitoral sensitivity, and I always seem to opt for powerful clit suckers that will get the job done. Alas, I met my match in this product. I had to take many breaks and stimulate my clitoris indirectly to find a comfortable way to work towards an orgasm. I can’t tell if this is good or bad. It definitely depends on what you’re looking for in a sex toy. All I can say for sure is that the Fantasy For Her – Her Silicone Fun Tongue is a force to be reckoned with!

Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue -

I actually really like the design of the Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue. I'm not the biggest fan of the color, but it's not off-putting to me at all. I do like the size of it, the removable silicone cup, the easy-to-use buttons, and most of all the lid. Pop that on and you've got safe storage as well as a super protable vibrator! I do wish that the tongue was smooht instead of textured. I think it would feel a lot less intense to a lot more people if that were the case.

Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue -

The Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue is incredibly easy to use! You can operate the features with two simple buttons. Use one to turn on the warming function (perhaps a few minutes before you really get started), and the other to scroll through the different settings. You can use the silicone cup around the tongue for a more stabilized experience or remove it for more direct contact.

Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue -

I think this vibrator is a pretty good quality product. I wouldn't say it's a premium quality product because there still are some improvements that could be made. The motor is very loud once it's going! The motion also almost feels too mechanical instead of natural. I also think a higher quality product wuld be able to provide more rumbly vibrations and a wider range of stimulation intensity. That said, it's made of quality materials that are body-safe and waterproof.

Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue - <

I do think the Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue is on the pricier side compared to other similar products on the market. While it does have a lot of features and versatility, it also may prove to be too intense for most users in reality. Considering the quality, I do think it's a bit overpriced for what you're getting.

Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue -

The Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue performs well in terms of power and intensity. This will not underwhelm you or your clitoris, I can assure you of that. It's a really good choice for anyone who requires intense clitoral stimulation and loves texture and direct stimulation. For me, the texture on the tongue became a little uncomfortable after a while and I had to reposition it and take a few breaks. But I was positively surprised by the long battery life when considering how much power this thing is exerting.

Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue -

The packaging for the Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue is pretty subtle and informative. The most shocking thing on the packaging is just an image of the toy itself! I like that it's quite simple and discreet. There isn't much to say about the inside either. There isn't much else included other than the charger and the toy itself.

Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue -

The Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue is made of 100% body-safe non-porous materials, silicone and ABS plastic. This makes them safe to use and super easy to clean. Simply remove the silicone cup around the tongue and wash both parts with a mild, unscented soap. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Since it's waterproof you can easily rinse it under the running tap.

Vibration patterns7
Length5.5 inches
Width3 inches
WaterproofSilicone and ABS plastic
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedStorage case

Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue -

  • Intense stimulation
  • Silicone nozzle is removable
  • Convenient storage case
  • Warming function
  • Long battery life

  • Textured tongue can feel a bit too intense
  • Could be nice if the tongue rotated instead of just going up and down

Overall, I had a pretty good experience with the Fantasy For Her - Her Silicone Fun Tongue. I like that everything is made of high quality, body-safe materials. It's super easy to use and I love how the lid makes it perfect for travelling. I also think the warming function is a nice touch! I did find it difficult to use at first because it was so overstimulating. I must say that I'm not a huge fan of the overly textured tongue. It could also have been nice if it rotated or went in other direction than just up and down. Lastly, it's super loud. Not ideal for anyone who doesn't live alone!

There aren’t any instructions available online for the Fantasy For Her – Her Silicone Fun Tongue. Although, it is fairly simple to use! To turn it on and off, simply press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. Press this same button once to scroll through the different vibration modes. To activate the warming function, press the heating button unti it lights up. Wait a few minutes for it to heat up to body temperature and you’re ready to go!

No, it doesn't really. While it does a good job at simulating some sensations with the flickering tongue and the heating, the tongue is still too firm and textured to feel like the real deal.

No, these features can't be operated separately, since they're controlled by one singular button. Although, there are some of the patterns that provide a bit of variation between the two features.

Be sure to use generous amount of water-based lube when using this silicone tongue vibrator. Any other kind of lube may damage the material.