Fantasy For Her – Her Ultimate Pleasure — Test and Review

   Ellie Stevens
Feb 20, 2024

Fantasy For Her – Her Ultimate Pleasure — Test and Review<

Ellie Stevens
: 20
: Advanced
: female
: Bisexual
: Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3

  • Want a toy for multiple uses
  • Like a tongue-flicking sensation on the clitoris or nipples
  • Want an automatic pussy pump
  • Are open to explore new sensations

  • Want a simple toy
  • Get overstimulated easily
  • Are on a budget


If you're looking for a true multitool on category "all-round sex toy", you'll probably be very satisfied with the Her Ultimate Pleasure from Fantasy for Her. This sex toy is a 3-in-1 product, functioning as an automatic pussy pump, a flicking tongue with vibration and a G-Spot stimulator. Her Ultimate Pleasure provides many various vibration patterns, tongue flicking motions, paired with suction pressure reaching from gentle to strong — and everything is separately controllable. Pimp your tongue with the included sleeves for an even more intense feeling!

Fantasy For Her Her Ultimate Pleasure  -

At first,  I want to proclaim my love for (sometimes intense) suction, pussy pumps and everything for that category! Accordingly, my experience with the Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure was seriously my ultimate pleasure. Let’s have a closer look at all the features…

So Many Features

This toy comes with two different suction cups. The round shaped cup was a better fit for both my nipples and vulva, but it’s good to have multiple options. The little transparent tongue sleeve provided a more thrilling and tickling sensation, but they made the tongue larger, which can be a problem if you have a larger built body like mine.  The first suction setting is gentle, while the second one is way more intense and even hurt me a little since it got pretty tight in the cup. The other end of the vibrator, which can be used for G-Spot vibrations, is nothing special to me, it’s similar to any nice G-Spot vibrator. But to be fair, I also used it for pinpoint stimulation to get prepared for the intense suction. It’s a nice addition to the whole!

The Milking Machine

I decided to stick to the first suction setting. By adding the flicking tongue (which NEVER gets tired, by the way!), my whole experience changed and I entered my personal heaven. Yes, it’s true, at first I thought the tongue would make me overstimulated, but with a lot of lube, it was no problem. The only comparison I can give you, and it might sound silly, but it was a true milking experience of orgasms and good feelings.  The flicking tongue sensation gets even more intense because of the higher bloodflow! Not only was my clitoris was happy, but my nipples too. Because of the option to use every control separately, endless options are opened up!

Not Everything That Glitters is Gold

Sadly, I have to stick with this quote. At first glance, Her Ultimate Pleasure gave me some very exciting moments, but after some uses I noticed that the surface of this toy really lacks quality. Water could flow inside and damage the motors. Even though Fantasy For Her claims that Her Ultimate Pleasure is waterproof, but I personally don’t trust this and would rather be careful. Since there is no detailed instruction manual included in the packaging, it’s hard to take optimal care of the toy. This is really disappointing for me, if I take in consideration how expensive Her Ultimate Pleasure is. I’m now praying it will accompany me for many uses, because the sensations are so unique.

Fantasy For Her Her Ultimate Pleasure  -

We can be honest, Her Ultimate Pleasure looks a little like an alien invention, with its tongue and cup. All colors go together: matte and glossy purple, a touch of hot pink and a silver detail. The buttons are easy to spot and you can also leave Her Ultimate Pleasure standing on your nightstand when you are about to get ready. I'm honest, the little tongue got me, because I think it's looking pretty cute. You also have the option to buy Her Ultimate Pleasure in red!

Fantasy For Her Her Ultimate Pleasure  -

Using Her Ultimate Pleasure is not that easy, it takes some tries to really find the position where the tongue is matching directly over the clitoris. Once Her Ultimate Pleasure is placed, it's easy to hold, because of the suction function. The settings definitely need some time to get figured out. But, the buttons are easy to press and easy to understand, and after a few times it's no problem. People with mobility issues might need someone to help them for their ultimate pleasure!

Fantasy For Her Her Ultimate Pleasure  -

On the first glance, Her Ultimate Pleasure looks like a high-quality product, but taking a closer look, I could spot some inaccurate edges. When it arrived, on the base of the tongue was some leftover silicone, there were scratches on the cups and both sleeves for the tongue looked at bit cheap. The issues are only aesthetic though, as the vibrations are steady and flawless, and the same goes for the flicking tongue and pulsating suction. The pressure release valves are working fine too.

Fantasy For Her Her Ultimate Pleasure  - <

By purchasing the Her Ultimate Pleasure, you'll receive the main vibrator, 2 different suction cups, 2 identical TPE sleeves for the tongue and one charging cable. This is a wide variety to get started with Her Ultimate Pleasure, but I wish every toy above $100 came with a manual, simply to make sure I take a good care of the new toy! I think Her Ultimate Pleasure is overpriced for the actual quality, but the feeling Her Ultimate Pleasure provides is unique and definitely an experience to explore, so it's worth a try.

Fantasy For Her Her Ultimate Pleasure  -

There are so many promises made online and on the back of the packaging, but I can prove that, if the Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure is not damaged and all settings are working in harmony together, the performance is almost unbeatable. The suction reaches from gentle to intense, and the little flicking tongue never gets tired of moving back and forth, paired with buzzy vibration powers and patterns. Her Ultimate Pleasure is not really a quiet toy and it gets hot after a longer use, but the battery lasted pretty long for one session.

Fantasy For Her Her Ultimate Pleasure  -

The packaging of Her Ultimate Pleasure not really special, but all required information is written on all sides of the box. They've listed what is included and all the settings are explained. I think there could be some more design or fancy font to really do the toy justice and to make you feel like you actually bought something of high quality for the amount of money you've spent.

Fantasy For Her Her Ultimate Pleasure  -

The Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure is mostly made of silicone, ABS and TPE. Even though it's waterproof, I personally don't trust this and make sure to avoid running water or waterbaths for cleanup. First, remove everything you attached and put these into soapy water. I take a soft sponge for the main part and wet it into warm soapy water to wipe all residues off. To make sure no water is running inside the valves, I take care to dry them thoroughly. After everything is clean, a toy cleaner is needed to make sure everything is safe and you should be good to go for you next adventure.

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns10/7
Clitoral suction3 modes
Length10 inches
Insertable length5.1 inches
Diameter1.3 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic, TPE
Weight0.7 lbs
Charging Time90 minutes
Battery Life60 minutes
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors Availablepurple

Fantasy For Her Her Ultimate Pleasure  -

  • Multiple attachments
  • Varied patterns
  • Multiple options to use
  • All features are separately controllable

  • Too strong suction on higher settings
  • Tricky to clean
  • No user manual included

In my opinion, the quality of the Her Ultimate Pleasure could be much higher for the amount of money you spend. It would definitely make you feel better about your purchase when unpacking it! However, this toy provides a sensation I never experienced so far: the mixture of a flicking tongue, pulsating suction and almost endless settings — it truly feels amazing. If you're into intense clitoral stimulation and suction, Her Ultimate Pleasure will not disappoint you.

I couldn’t find any instructions provided by Fantasy for her, but by purchasing the product, the details are written on the packaging.

Yes, you can use all settings or features simultaneously or independently from each other. This allows you to get used to Her Ultimate Pleasure individually and with your own pace.

Because there are no instructions available, there is no recommended time for the use of Her Ultimate Pleasure. Technically you can use it for up to 60 mins, without a break. I would recommend from my experience, to take some breaks in between your use, to allow the battery to cool down and avoid any pain of the suction function (which can be very strong!).

Generally, only use Her Ultimate Pleasure with water-based lube to not damage the materials and to give you the ultimate experience.