The 7 Best Female Chastity Belts for Sublime Submission

   Isabelle Uren
We’re taking a deep dive into 7 of the absolute best female chastity belts out there, looking at the pros, cons, benefits, and drawbacks of each. We even throw in some hints, tips, and pointers on how to use female chastity panties along the way! No matter whether you are a complete beginner or are looking for something more advanced, we’ve got something for all levels of experience! This review will hopefully become your one-stop resource when it comes to female chastity belts! Today’s test winner is a luxurious leather locking chastity belt from The Stockroom that I’m sure you’ll love! Here is a list of the best chastity cages for men.
1 Test Winner

Stockroom Deluxe Locking Leather Chastity Belt

 Stockroom Deluxe Locking Chastity Belt

  • Love the look and feel of leather
  • Want a lockable chastity belt
  • Need a comfortable chastity belt

Stockroom Deluxe Locking Chastity Belt

  • Are vegan or avoid leather
  • Want a belt that comes with locks
  • Are on a budget

This luxury leather belt will deliver sublime submission, keeping your sweet spots strictly off limits! Made from quality leather, The Stockroom Deluxe Chastity Belt looks sexy and sultry while also being incredibly durable. The crotch strap features an hourglass shape that narrows between the legs for a more comfortable fit, making it suitable to wear under clothes or for longer periods of time. Both waist band is adjustable from  23″ to 40” and the crotch from 25” to 38½” and the belt can be locked using 4 padlocks (sold separately).

  • Quality leather chastity panties
  • Crotch strap shaped for comfort
  • Lockable
  • Can be worn under clothes

  • Padlocks not included
  • No options for larger sizes
  • Not suitable for vegans
  • Difficult to clean and maintain
Stockroom Deluxe Locking Chastity Belt
FasteningBuckle and 4 Locks (not included)
Harness SizeWaist: 23 to 40 inches

If you love leather accessories, this is absolutely the best female chastity belt for you! The craftsmanship is fantastic and it looks amazing on! Plus, The leather makes these chastity panties more forgiving and comfortable to wear underclothes. You should keep in mind, that leather is a little more difficult to clean and maintain, so you need to be willing to take care of it! I also really like the attention to detail with the shape of the crotch strap as the narrow section means it won’t dig into your inner thighs. The main downside of this beautiful chastity belt is that it doesn’t come with the necessary padlocks, so you will need to purchase them separately.

2 Cheapest

Dominix Deluxe Lockable Female Chastity Belt

 Dominix Deluxe Lockable Chastity Belt

  • Are on a budget
  • Enjoy leather accessories
  • Love the cute design
  • Are looking for a lockable chastity panty

Dominix Deluxe Lockable Chastity Belt

  • Are not comfortable wearing leather
  • Have a nickel allergy
  • Want something easier to maintain

Cute and kinky the Dominix Deluxe chastity panties are the perfect way to put your sub’s pleasure on lockdown. The heart cut out gives you both a peek of the forbidden fruit and allows for some teasing stroking. This leather chastity belt has a padded gusset for comfort and locks at the back of the waist belt for total security! The buckle fastenings mean it can be used with or without padlocks, making it a great option for both beginners and advanced bondage play.

  • Affordable
  • Simple, cute and flattering aesthetic
  • Leather
  • Comes with locks

  • Thong-style back strap may be uncomfortable
  • Leather can feel stiff at first
  • Requires more maintenance
Dominix Deluxe Lockable Chastity Belt
Harness SizeWaist: 31.5 to 47 inches
FasteningBuckle and padlock
AllergiesLatex-free, contains Nickel

The Dominix Deluxe Leather Chastity belt is by far one of best female chastity belts for those on a budget, especially considering it’s made of leather! The design is both cute and comfy, although some users found the leather a little stiff at first, so be prepared to wear it in a little. This is also a more size-inclusive option as the waist goes up to 47 inches, making it great for a broader range of bodies.

3 Beginner

Stockroom Strap-in Female Chastity Harness

 Stockroom Strap-In Chastity Harness

  • Enjoy simple designs
  • Want a leather chastity belt
  • Need a lockable belt

Stockroom Strap-In Chastity Harness

  • Avoid using leather products
  • Prefer buckle fastenings
  • Don't want to use padlocks

Simple, sexy, and effective! This leather chastity belt from The Stockroom will keep your sub from sneaking any pleasure until they get your say so. The waist belt locks at the front and back for maximum security, while the thick crotch strap prevents them from pleasuring themselves. It’s available in three different sizes, with larger sizes available on request (with an additional charge).

  • Small — 26″ – 30″ waist
  • Medium — 27½” – 32″ waist
  • Large — 31″ – 36½” waist

  • Simple design and easy to use
  • Made from quality leather
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Lockable

  • Padlocks not included
  • Cannot be used without locks
  • Leather is tricky to maintain
Stockroom Strap-In Chastity Harness
Fastening2 Locks (not included)
Harness SizeS: 26" - 30", M: 27½" - 32", L: 31" - 36½" inches

This is another great quality chastity belt from Stockroom! They make some of the best leather BDSM accessories and this chastity belt is no exception. While this one has a simpler design than the test winner, it still looks incredible when on and does a great job of preventing access. It’s a shame that it doesn’t come with padlocks, as these are necessary to keep the belt fastened, so be sure to grab a couple of small padlocks if you want to be able to use this belt straight away. It’s also a reasonable price considering it’s made from leather by Stockroom’s in-house leather team in Los Angeles!

4 With Plugs

Oxy-Shop Canopus Female Chastity Belt

 Oxy-Shop Canopus

  • Want to be plugged while in chastity
  • Don't mind buying the plugs separately
  • Love the metal design
  • Want a lockable chastity belt

Oxy-Shop Canopus

  • Don't want to buy the plugs separately
  • Are looking for a beginner-friendly chastity belt
  • Prefer thicker straps
  • Are on a budget

Ensure complete control with the Canopus Chastity Belt from Oxy-Shop. This locking chastity belt is made from silicone coated steel wire for an industrial look and features an opening for a vaginal or anal plug for the ultimate raunchy restriction. Alternatively, use it without the plug for some easy access to tease your sub. Your sub will go crazy feeling the subtle movements of the plug but not being able to scratch that itch without your permission!  

  • Space for plugs
  • Unique, industrial design
  • Holes make urination possible
  • Lockable

  • Plugs must be bought separately
  • Doesn't flex to your body as much as leather
  • Too bulky to wear under clothes
Oxy-Shop Canopus
MaterialsSilicone, steel cable, metal
Harness Size5 sizes from 23.6" to 43.3 inches

This a really unique looking female chastity belt and I love the metal accents! I’m a bit disappointed that it doesn’t come with the plugs and you have to buy them separately, especially considering the chastity belt itself is already quite pricy. However, if it’s something you know you are going to get a lot of use from, I think it’s worth the investment! This is definitely better suited to those who already have some experience of female chastity belts and are looking for a more intense experience.

5 Clear

Stockroom Clear CTRL Deluxe Locking Female Chastity Belt

 Stockroom Clear CTRL Deluxe Female Chastity Belt

  • Love the visual turn-on
  • Prefer non-leather chastity belts
  • Looking to explore futuristic roleplay

Stockroom Clear CTRL Deluxe Female Chastity Belt

  • Prefer a softer material
  • Don't want to buy the locks separately
  • Want a chastity belt to wear under clothes

Love the tease of look but don’t touch, the Clear CTRL female chastity belt puts everything on display while keeping it securely off limits! Imagine seeing how your sub gets wet while you tease and arouse her while she is completely unable to do anything about it. This clear vinyl belt is shaped to match the curves of your body with a narrow crotch strap that flares out for more coverage. Plus it locks closed with four padlocks (sold separately) for maximum security.

  • Clear and see-through design
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Locks in four places
  • Great for roleplay

  • Can get quite sweaty
  • No options for larger sizes
  • Plastic can press into skin
Stockroom Clear CTRL Deluxe Female Chastity Belt
Harness Size23 to 40 inches
Fastening4 locks (sold separately)

I love the futuristic design of the Clear CTRL female chastity belt — being able to look but not touch really adds to the anticipation and frustration! This would be the best chastity belt for exploring and space or futuristic fantasy play. Being made from vinyl and not being breathable does mean it might get sweaty faster than other options so this belt is best suited to short term wear than extended wear. It’s a bit disappointing it doesn’t come with the four padlocks needed to fasten it, so don’t forget to add some to your order if you want to get playing right away!

6 Steel

Stockroom Female Hybrid Stainless Steel Chastity Belt

 Stockroom Female Hybrid Chastity Belt

  • Want a premium chastity belt
  • Love the look and feel of metal
  • Need a high security chastity belt

Stockroom Female Hybrid Chastity Belt

  • Prefer a more wearable chastity belt
  • Are on a budget
  • Are new to chastity play

Marvel at this ultimate high security lock up system for your sub! This premium, stainless steel chastity belt will stop even the naughtiest of subs! The front provides complete coverage and locks into the BioThane-coated webbing for extreme submission — there really is no escaping this pussy prison. The back has a silicone covered steel cable thong that sits neatly between your cheeks and is adjustable to get a snug fit. It’s available in XS/S or M/L and there is some adjustability within the sizes.

  • Highly secure
  • Discreet to wear under clothes
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Beautiful and sexy design

  • It is expensive
  • Stainless steel may dig into the skin
  • Not suitable for beginners
Stockroom Female Hybrid Chastity Belt
MaterialsStainless Steel
Fastening2 Locks
Harness Size40-50 mm inches

This is definitely one of the most luxurious and secure chastity belts I’ve come across! The steel plates really keep everything under lock and key, allowing you to dive deeper into submission. The cold, rigid metal plates also add to the intensity of the experience, so this is definitely one for those looking for more extreme chastity play. It’s also one of the most expensive chastity belts I’ve seen, which again makes it better suited to those who engage in chastity play often and want a device to take things up a notch!

7 Premium

Virgo Stainless Steel Female Chastity Belt

 Virgo Female Chastity Belt

  • Want a belt with space for plugs
  • Love the look and feel of metal
  • Want a heavy duty chastity belt

Virgo Female Chastity Belt

  • Prefer a softer material like leather
  • Aren't interested in using/buying plugs
  • Are new to chastity play
  • Want a cheaper option

The Virgo Female Chastity Belt from Oxy-Shop is an an intoxicating combination of intimidating and exciting! The harsh, industrial design is complemented by the cute heart accent at the front and the strong straps are enough to stop any sub! Plus, it comes with space to add in a vaginal or anal plug, allowing the wearer to submit fully. It will keep them in a torturous state of constant arousal only their key holder can soothe.  

  • Has slots to insert plugs
  • Rubber trim for comfort
  • Highly secure
  • Adjustable straps

  • Plugs are sold separately
  • Quite expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners
Virgo Female Chastity Belt
MaterialsStainless steel
Harness SizeS: 23.6"- 33.5", L: 33.5"- 45.5 inches

This chastity belt is designed for some serious submission! Not only are getting locked up but there’s space to add in vaginal and anal plugs as well! This puts your partner in complete control of your internal and external pleasure, leaving you totally at their mercy! Plus, the sensation of the plugs moving inside is a torturous reminder of what you are being denied! Both the intensity and the price of this chastity belt mean it’s best suited to those who already love being in chastity and are looking for a more extreme chastity experience. I also wouldn’t recommend it unless you are interested in using it with plugs and are willing to purchase them separately as they do not come with the belt.  

How to Measure Yourself for a Chastity Belt

Measuring yourself accurately is extremely important when shopping for a chastity belt. If it’s too tight, you won’t be able to move comfortably in it and it will dig in, but if it’s too loose, you won’t be locked in securely and might be able to slide a finger or two inside, defeating the purpose of wearing a chastity belt! Here’s how to measure yourelf:

Measure your hips or waist

Measure your hips or waist - How to Measure Yourself for a Chastity Belt
The top strap on most chastity belts will sit around your waist, although some are designed to sit lower down on your hips. Read the description to figure out which measurement you need. Then, take a soft measuring tape around your waist or hips. You want it to be snug to your body but not too tight.

Measure your crotch

Measure your crotch - How to Measure Yourself for a Chastity Belt
You will also need to measure from the waist band, between your legs and back up to the back of the waist band to check the crotch measurement.


Which material you choose for your chastity belt depends on how you want the belt to feel among other things. Most chastity belts for women and vulva owners are made of with leather or metal, usually stainless steel, with some silicone. Lets look at the pros and cons of each:

Stainless steel

Stainless steel - Materials
  • Non-porous
  • Easy to clean or sterilize
  • Often has silicone covered thong-style back with is also easy to clean.
  • Has a more harsh, industrial look and feel to it.
  • Doesn’t flex with your body
  • More chance of it digging in
  • Not as discreet under clothing


Leather - Materials
  • Much more flexible
  • Easier to wear under clothes
  • Doesn’t dig in as much
  • More difficult to clean
  • Cannot be sterilized
  • Needs regular maintenance to prevent the leather from drying out

Why Use a Female Chastity Belt

While chastity belts might look a lot like torture devices, they can add a lot of excitement to all kinds of play! And the torture they do provide, is a thrilling mix of frustration, submission and pleasure!


Submission  - Why Use a Female Chastity Belt
One of the main reasons people use chastity panties is to explore submission. Wearing a chastity belt gives the dominant partner control over their partner’s genitals, especially when using a lockable female chastity device. Doms might also ask their sub to wear one as a symbol of their loyalty to them.


Punishment  - Why Use a Female Chastity Belt
Wearing a chastity belt can also be used a form of punishment from a dom to a sub, taking away their ability to pleasure themselves for a certain amount of time.

Orgasm control

Orgasm control - Why Use a Female Chastity Belt
This is another aspect of power play between a dom and sub with the dom either taking away their subs ability to orgasm or using a vibrator inside the belt for forced orgasm play.

Increasing sexual arousal

Increasing sexual arousal - Why Use a Female Chastity Belt
The denial involved in wearing a female chastity belt can lead to high levels of arousal that can be drawn out for long time. Many find that this leads to more powerful orgasms when they are finally set free! If you want to make this even more intense, enjoy a lot of teasing while wearing the belt!


Self-denial - Why Use a Female Chastity Belt
Some people also uses chastity devices solo for self-denial. Choosing to stay locked up and deny themselves self-pleasure can be thrilling and lead to more intense pleasure when the belt is removed.

Chastity belt safety

As always, safety is your number one priority when using a female chastity belt! And when we talk about safety, we mean both emotional and physical safety! Here are some guidelines to keep you safe while you’re locked up!  

Consent and boundaries

Consent and boundaries - Chastity belt safety
Consent should always be freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic, and specific to the activity. You should also discuss how long you want to be locked up for, what activities are allowed while you are locked up, and what language you are comfortable with.


Safeword - Chastity belt safety
Agree on a safeword that gets you out of the chastity belt immediately. You can use this word at any time for instant release.

Always have a spare key

Always have a spare key - Chastity belt safety
No matter who you are giving the key to, you should always have a spare key nearby in case you need to get out quickly.

Take it off daily

Take it off daily - Chastity belt safety
Although people may choose to wear their belts long-term, this should also include taking it off regularly for cleaning and to make sure their’s no sign of injury. This can be done under the watchful eye of your dom if you need to make sure no pleasure takes place!

Start with short times in the belt

Start with short times in the belt - Chastity belt safety
Give yourself time to adjust to wearing the belt by starting of with shorter times. You can then gradually build up the time as you desire.

Listen to your body

Listen to your body - Chastity belt safety
If at any time you feel pain or distress, you should remove your chastity belt and evaluate the situation and whether you want to put the device back on or take a break.


Aftercare - Chastity belt safety
When you remove the belt and have enjoyed the increased arousal and are done playing, it’s important to enjoy some aftercare to help you come out of this intense experience. This could involve taking a warm bath or shower, moisturising the skin around the belt, hugging, talking or having something to eat or drink.

How to use a Female Chastity Belt

Here are some different ways you can explore chastity play with your new chastity belt!

Give your partner control

Give your partner control

Let your partner take control by handing them the key to your belt. Only they can decide when you are allowed out and what you are allowed to do!

Play some chastity games

Play some chastity games

Add a little more excitement to your time in chastity with games meant to test and tease! Check out this post on chastity games for plenty of inspiration.



Enjoy the thrill of denial by locking yourself up! You can use a special key keeping device if you want to prevent any temptation.

Long-term chastity

Long-term chastity

Some people also choose to wear their chastity belt long-term, making it more a lifestyle choice. This could be part of a full-time dom/sub relationship or for other reasons.

How to Clean a Female Chastity Belt

Good hygiene practice is essential when wearing a chastity belt to prevent any infections. You should remove your chastity belt for daily cleaning of yourself and the belt. You should also check for any signs of skin damage. This can be done with your Dom watching to stop any sneaky self-pleasure! You should also check your belt regularly for any signs of damage as this can increase the risk of injury or infection. Different materials will have different cleaning instructions, and you should always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions. Waterproof materials can be cleaned using a fragrance free soap and warm water. Leather can be cleaned with a small amount of mild soap and a damp cloth. Make sure to remove all the soap residue as this can dry out the leather. You should also let the leather air dry completely before putting your chastity belt on again. To maintain the softness of the leather, you can moisturise it using something like saddle soap.


Yes female chastity belts are safe to use, although there is some risk of infection or skin damage if not used correctly. Always but a belt made from safe materials, make sure it fits correctly, and follow good hygiene practices.

Chastity belts are often a part of submission, with the wearer being deprived of genital stimulation by their Dom.

So chastity belts are designed to prevent the person from touching their genitals or anus, however it is possible to climax while wearing a female chastity belt, as there are many ways for vulva owners to reach orgasm, including nipplegasms or even mindgasms! Some chastity belts also allow for plugs to be worn or for stimulation through the belt.

A chastity belt is suitable for wear during sex play, or in a short period of time as well as a long-term agreement. However, proper hygiene precautions should be carried out in the wear duration to prevent infection.

Chastity belts are largely available in sex toys outlets and online stores. It is important to purchase from reputable shops ensuring you get a high quality item, which is why we only work with shops we trust!

This all comes down to preference as some people experience chafing when wearing leather belts while others find stainless steel belts to be very rigid . The level of chastity plays a factor too as some people want casual chastity and some leather and plastic belts come in handy while others need to keep the sweet spots under tight lock and key and this is more attainable with stainless steel belts.

Depending on your strictness level and the belt design, this varies from removing it in advance or peeing and defecating through the small holes, wiping off and hopping in the shower to clean up. However, taking your belt off or at least, undoing the crotch strap is the most hygienic way to manage using the bathroom.

Female chastity belts shouldn’t hurt or cause discomfort when worn. When purchasing this harness, make sure the adjustable range is within your size and also choose a material that you are most comfortable with. If your belt causes you pain or discomfort, take it off and adjust it accordingly.

This depends on personal preference and which period products you use during your period, but you will need to take the belt off to change your menstrual protection regularly and clean yourself and your belt more often.

What is a female chastity belt

Female chastity belts, or chastity panties, are a devices that prevent the wearer from engaging in self-pleasure by restricting access to their genitals. They are commonly used in BDSM play for orgasm denial, with the dominant partner being in control of when their partner is release from the belt and for how long. Chasity belts for women come in different forms, including chastity belt with a dildo or anal plug.

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