Femme Funn Bougie Wand — Test & Review

   Daphne Vey
Jun 24, 2024

Daphne Vey
: 32
: Intermediate
: Cis Woman
: Bisexual

  • Enjoy intense external stimulation
  • Are looking for powerful, rumbly vibrations
  • Prefer smaller sex toys
  • Need a waterproof vibe

  • Are looking for full internal stimulation
  • Desire a super flexible toy
  • Don't enjoy intense vibration strengths
  • Need a bag included to store your toys


The Femme Funn Bougie Wand is a mini wand vibrator with massively powerful vibrations. It has ten different vibration patterns and strengths, is waterproof, and comes with a boost button. And don’t let the size fool you, it can take you all the way from start to finish!

Femme Funn Bougie Wand -

First Meetings

My relationship with the Femme Funn Bougie Wand was lust at first sight. I love the sleek, sexy design, the seductive colors, and the solid weight. I was excited to try out a wand that wasn’t the size of my leg but promised powerful vibrations nonetheless. And that promise delivered!

Expectations Met

This is a tiny wand and it packs some majorly rumbly vibrations. I’m a gal who needs a toy to vibrate me into the next room and this baddie hits the spot. I was hesitant when finding the head was flexible, as I wanted fixed pressure, but I ended up loving it anyway, as it doesn’t immediately bend. Nor does it lose vibrational strength when pressed against your body, which is a huge plus. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on how well the boost button performs, as it simply didn’t work on mine. This toy also didn’t come with a bag. And yet, I love this toy. Seriously, it’s in my top three, even with a faulty button and no storage pouch.

Femme Funn Bougie Wand -

The Femme Funn Bougie Wand is a fantasy come true. It looks expensive, feels high quality, and performs like its life depends on it. The design is simple, with two buttons and a magnetic charger on the bottom. The head is on a flexible neck, and the wand is easy to navigate in slippery situations.

Femme Funn Bougie Wand -

This wand is straightforward and simple. Easy to hold, it isn’t too heavy or too light. It fits perfectly in your hand. The buttons are raised and textured, making them super easy to locate and use. But be warned, this wand does start to get warmer in your hand after you use it for a half hour or so.

Femme Funn Bougie Wand -

The Femme Funn Bougie Wand isn’t silent but it won’t alert your neighbors like a typical wand might. Under the covers, the person in the next room won’t hear it. I really enjoy the feel of this vibe, as I’m not concerned with breaking it or being too rough. It’s easy to maneuver and still packs the same punch, weeks later. It’s a solid toy that will most likely last a long time. Made of body safe silicone and aluminum, the metallic design is unique and exciting.

Femme Funn Bougie Wand - <

At $120, this Femme wand is lacking in the extras category. Am I a little salty because the boost function doesn’t work? Yes. But for this price you’d think it would come with a storage pouch, regardless. That being said, would I still buy it? Also, yes. The amount of power it puts out is worth it, to me. You can get wands this small for much cheaper, think $50 or so, but I have never held a wand that vibrates this hard or long, for its size.

Femme Funn Bougie Wand -

Let me be real, the Femme Funn Bougie Wand takes forever and a day to charge. But it also lasts for hours on end, so I don’t mind. The vibrations feel great and the toy holds up to all the hype. However, the boost button, a large selling point for the toy, never worked for me. Super disappointing, because did I mention I want a lot of stimulation? The boost button was a major selling point for me.

Femme Funn Bougie Wand -

The Femme Funn Bougie Wand comes in a cute, sturdy box with a magnetic USB charger, small instruction pamphlet, and the wand itself. It’s a nice box that could be used for storage with a bold and simple design.

Femme Funn Bougie Wand -

The Femme Funn Bougie Wand has some weight to it but considering the size, that was always a plus for me. I don’t want to accidentally drop it or worry about it being easily breakable. It’s waterproof and incredibly easy to wash. The charger is magnetic and incredibly simple to use. To clean, simply use warm water and soap or your favorite sex toy cleaner, and pat dry, before storing. But find your own storage because this Bougie Wand doesn’t come with any storage bags.

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
Length5.6 inches
Width1.4 inches
FlexibilityFlexible neck
MaterialsSilicone, Anodized Aluminum
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableGreen, Rose Gold

Femme Funn Bougie Wand -

  • Super easy-to-use buttons
  • Powerful, rumbly vibrations
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Gorgeous design!

  • Gets warm with consistent use
  • Long recharge time
  • No storage pouch included

The Femme Funn Bougie Wand is a small toy that gives intense stimulation while looking and feeling fabulous. It definitely has a new place at the top of my naughty drawer. If you’re looking for a powerful vibe with a bendy neck and battery power for days, this is the wand for you.