Fun Factory Duke — Test & Review

   Matt Jenkins
Mar 27, 2024

Matt Jenkins
: 30
: Beginner
: Cis Male
: Heterosexual
: Einseo 6.2lb Vibrating Sex Doll

  • are looking for a body form shaped massager.
  • like unique shapes for anal toys.
  • want a simple and minimal parts toy.

  • are inexperienced with large girth items.
  • want something easy to manuever.
  • want a toy that is rigid.
  • Have mobility or grip concerns.


The Duke is a simple to operate prostate massager that makes its use and cleaning easy. Made from body-safe silicone, this toy can be used in water and get this; it's safe for internal use. Definitely a relief since, you know, that's what it is meant for. The vibrator separates from the rest of the unit and is made of a hard plastic. Also, very easy to clean.

Fun Factory Duke -

Initial Impression

The box was just… well, in a way, it set the mood for what the Duke was all about. It wasn’t flashy, bright or anything like that. Modest and colorful, and with a very neat display as it was opened. I was surprised that the insert had a game for couples to play; not something I had seen before. The charging cable has a very nice little braided wrap that contrasts the color of the Duke itself. The further I went, the more curious I was. After tossing it on the charger for a bit, I was ready to go.

First Use

Okay, full disclosure, this was my first anal toy. So perhaps that led to a few of my initial complications. First was figuring out how much lube it needed and what worked best. Water based is ideal with it’s silicone nature, so I tried that. However, no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t seem to get it to slide in. Turns out, position, and expectations were all wrong. After relaxing a bit, I tried a few other positions and that did a lot more for getting it in there. Turning it on definitely made the whole gig worth it. Again, position testing was needed to find just the right sweet spots for maximum sensation. It was almost like the difference between cruising as twenty miles an hour and then hitting the freeway and getting to really move along. Fun Factory really did design it to conform to the body’s natural shape, but it’s important to know what that is in the first place. Can’t really go on without mentioning whether it held it’s ground or if victory was going to be short lived. Look, I learned a valuable lesson. Position is crucial. Some bends and movement encouraged it to begin trying to slip out the longer I used it while others held it exactly where it belonged. You really do need to spend a little time getting to know yourself and this toy before I can say things would be super awesome.

Fun Factory Duke -

The design of the Fun Factory Duke, well, the word ergonomic comes to mind and not exactly sure why. Anyways, I believe the intended design is likely something some people would appreciate. The way it should curve to fit the body seems to work fairly well and definitely finds spots you may not expect to feel otherwise. However, there is no rigidity and that makes it a bit difficult to use. The toy itself looks sleek, yet sorta fun with the colors. It's meant to do a job but not look terrible while it's at it.

Fun Factory Duke -

How easy was it to use? When you consider the design and ease of use, there is something left wanting in the Duke. See, as I mentioned, there is no rigidity throughout the entire toy. On the hook side of the toy there is a bit stronger and tougher flex there. However, the hole where the vibrator goes causes a weakness in that flex and it bends. The problem with this is that this is the portion of the toy you are gripping to insert it. Nothing easy to push with makes for a difficult insertion.

Fun Factory Duke -

I wouldn't ever say the main portion of the Duke looks or feels cheap. In fact the opposite. But when you remove the vibrator it's light. VERY light. Made of a hard plastic, it seems odd that something so light puts out a decent vibration, and no lie, it does. So far the use I have put it through doesn't seem to have made it change in any way so it seems to be holding up.

Fun Factory Duke - <

The price of the duke feels fairly steep for the unit. In fact when I checked some other similar units, it sits on the higher end of the scale. Now, is it worth it? I think there is some design components that play into the total cost of the item. I don't see many others following the same shape and contour and that singles the Fun Factory Duke out a bit giving flexibility to that higher price point. The additional fact that the materials are body safe and hypoallergenic lends a bit more to approve of the cost as well. For anyone coming from.. say Amazon and the enormous amount of cheap items there, yeah, it's QUITE expensive. In reality you are paying for quality and an experience a bit different than some others. Take note, the box comes with a pamphlet and the box cover has a printed game inside so, you are getting some stuff with it as well.

Fun Factory Duke -

Performance. How did the Duke do here? Let's hit the battery. I believe it comes out to about 20 minutes of battery life, but frankly I had it set to the max speed and pattern. So of course that will shorten it a bit. Good for a session and then need to charge. It was not silent by any means. It's not a stealth toy. Don't even try. However, it was not like the sound of a rattling trunk passing by as the bass is pushed all the way up and the volume is maxed out.

Fun Factory Duke -

Man, that packaging. It wasn't wild like some I have seen, but if I came up with a few single word descriptors? Spunky, intriguing, sleek; all words I would use. The outer cover was easy to slide off and had a good amount of details about the product and things to expect. On the inside of that cover is a game you can play with a partner. The box, when opened, is plain, but in a colorful and fun way. Easy to use compartments splitting chargers and items up. Overall, a pretty lovely visual.

Fun Factory Duke -

Other than stating that it's made of silicone, I haven't found too many details of its composition. Everywhere I looked stated it's body safe and submersible; hypoallergenic as well. Cleaning it was technically pretty simple, but something I wasn't expecting was smell. It's a thing. After reading up on some similar issues with different sex toy materials, I found instructions for cleaning that uses high percentage rubbing alcohol. Wash with warm, soapy water, use the rubbing alcohol as if washing again, and then give it a bit of unused air time. Seemed to do the trick. I'm not sure that using a scrubber of any kind would have assisted to do anything other than damage the materials.

Vibration modes3
Vibration speeds3
Length7 inches
Insertable length4.82 inches
Diameter1.4 inches
Battery Life45-90 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableDeep Sea Blue, Black

Fun Factory Duke -

  • Easy button operation.
  • Can be used in and out of water.
  • Simple magnetic charging.

  • Difficult to position and insert.
  • Battery lasted less half an hour.
  • Retained a smell.

The Fun Factory Duke is, well, quite an experience. It's packaging is fun and even includes a little game to play with a partner! Inside you will find a booklet and a fashionable little magnetic charger. The Duke itself is a two piece unit consisting of the body and an insertable vibrator. For an anal toy, it most certainly has an odd shape, but per the makers, that's to provide a more natural shape that aligns with the body. So I was a little more than curious to see how it worked when I opened it up and got my hands on it. However... I quickly learned that this toy was probably meant for someone with a bit more experience than I have — which is practically none. Since it's not a rigid item, you have to find the right position for both the initial insertion and then maneuvering the remain portion that has a slightly odd shape. I'll say here as well, if you are looking for something to push against, this isn't it. Think of this as a sit and stay item. Overall though, it was a toy that left an impression and once working as desired, had a nice little punch to it.

It’s use is very straightforward. Use a considerable amount of lubrication, and insert. The vibrator function is easy to activate with a simple push of the red button to turn it on. You can cycle through the patterns and speeds by pressing the button to move to each option. To turn it off, hold the button until it powers down.

Well, depends on your body frankly. Certain positions did not lend well to an easy beginning of the experience. I would also consider your familiarity with anal toys in general and if your body is ready to accept this particular size and shape. Be sure to take it slow, and use a lot of lubrication.

My personal experience showed somewhere around 20-25 minutes on the highest settings.

Of course! The biggest tip? Experiment. I found that moving into different positions let it touch and affect new areas. Some I could feel more than others, so take a bit to get to know it and your body.

During it's use it stayed exactly where I left it for the most part. Towards the end of the session I had to guide it back a few times. You may also find that some positions lend better to it staying in place.

For a full battery, about two hours per the manufacturers website.