ID Millennium Silicone Lube – Test & Review

   Katie Moroney
Feb 12, 2024

Katie Moroney
: 21
: Intermidiate
: Female
: Heterosexual

  • Like a thick, coating lube
  • Want a lube that doesn't need re-application
  • Appreciate an easy-to-use bottle

  • Prefer a thinner, silicone lubes
  • Want to use it with a silicone toy
  • Don't like tacky lubes

The ID Millenium Silicone lube is a thick and tacky lube that is sure to last a 'millenium'! This lube is long-lasting and leaves a thick coating on whatever it is placed on; perfect for both PIV sex or anal. It has an easy-squeeze bottle with a click-close lid, perfect for taking it with you, anywhere. The design and packaging looks simple but sleek - I thought the darker colours made it look higher quality. This lube is compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms, as well as glass and metal sex toys.

ID Millennium Silicone -

This table shows the results of the tests I carried out on this lube. If you want a more detailed description of the tests then continue reading.

Type of Test Results
Did I like the design? Yes
How easily does it wash off the skin?  Difficult to wash off 
Lid functionality/bottle functionality Easy to use 
pH level 6 – acidic (good) 
FDA approved Yes 
How expensive is it? Low price
Longevity test Long
Viscosity  Average speed pour
Thickness Thick
Smell  Weak chemical smell
Taste  N/A
Warming Intensity  N/A
How tacky is it? High tackiness
Condoms  Latex and Polyurethane
Sex toys  Metal and Glass 
Did it stain the sheets? Slightly

ID Millennium Silicone -

I think the design of this bottle is slick and appealing to the eye - its' simplistic black and green colouring makes it look high quality and trust-worthy. My partner liked the way it looked more gender-neutral and not female aimed. The embossed logo on the top of the lid made the bottle feel and look more expensive and not some cheap bottle that hadn't been thought through. It also came sealed which is reassuring for hygiene reasons. I loved the design!

ID Millennium Silicone -

It was very easy to use - the bottle has a great click-close lid which I could easily squeeze out the correct amount of lube each time. I don't like twist off lids, as I find them hard to use when my hands are slippery! This lube was quite hard to wash off the skin after use, as it was so thick and tacky. I usually prefer a thinner lube that doesn't remain on the skin after washing off, so that was a con for me. Yet, this means that it would be good to use in the shower, as it doesn't wash off very fast!

ID Millennium Silicone -

This lube is FDA approved, showing that it has been through proper government testing, and that it is trust-worthy and safe. It has a pH level of 6, meaning that it is slightly acidic - this reading is great for a lube as it has a similar pH level to a vagina, meaning that the vagina's natural pH level wont be affected and thrown off balance.

ID Millennium Silicone - <

For such a high quality lube, I thought it had a very attractive price-tag! It came in a reasonably large bottle, that I think would last me more than 20 uses! I didn't have to use a lot for it to go a long way and I didn't have to re-apply more either. I think the price is very reasonable for such a great silicone lube.

ID Millennium Silicone -

If you're worried about this lube not lasting as long as you, then stop worrying now! The name is very fitting, it really will last a millenium! Even though it has a high viscosity, it wasn't uncomfortable and didn't become sticky - I was worried that it would create friction due to its initial tackiness, but it didn't! During the 'Drip Off A Spoon' test, it fell as a medium to slow speed, showing that it is a slightly thicker lube. It had no taste but a very slight chemical smell when in the bottle, but I couldn't smell it when using it. This is a pretty tacky lube, but not in a sticky way, in a thicker way.

ID Millennium Silicone -

The ID Millenium lube is a silicone lube that is not compatible with silicone sex toys - try using it with either a metal or glass toy instead. This lube is body-safe, as well as latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene condom compatible.

ID Millennium Silicone -

When I used the lube, it created a light stain on the fabric sheets, of which was still lightly noticeable when it had dried. After washing the sheet, it had completely disappeared. When using it with a glass toy, it was hard to wash off, and took a couple of attempts, as it has created a seal that didn't want to budge!

TextureThick and tacky
MaterialsPlastic bottle
OpeningsEasy click-close lid
Volume130ml/4.4 fl oz fl. oz
Condom safePolyurethane and latex condoms
IngredientsCyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol

ID Millennium Silicone -

  • Felt high quality
  • Packaging was easy to use
  • Long lasting - didn't have to reapply

  • Didn't wash off skin easily
  • Not compatible with silicone toys
  • Very tacky

For someone who is traditionally a water-based lube lover, this silicone lube really made me change my opinion. It was high quality and smooth when on my skin, as well as long-lasting and viscous. If you're wanting a lube that you wont have to re-apply, then this is the one for you. If you're on a low budget but don't want a low quality product, then this lube is probably your perfect match! Its only downfall is that I couldn't use it with my silicone toy; you should be using a water-based lube if you wanted to do this, like the Sliquid Sassy lube.

This lube is simple to use, and directions of use are on the bottle, like most lubes.

Glass and metal sex toys can be used with a silicone lube. Do not use a silicone toy, as the lube could damage the toy and affect its use.

During solo masturbation or partnered masturbation. It is a thicker lube, meaning that it can be used for both PIV/DIV sex or anal.