Kiiroo Feel Butt Sleeve Stroker Review (Feelstars)

   Benjamin Jorgensen
Jun 26, 2024

Benjamin Jorgensen
: 29
: Beginner
: Male
: Heterosexual
: Fleshlight test

  • like anal
  • want to save money (compared to buying an anal Fleshlight)
  • don't like to intense textures

  • prefer a very tight anal stroker
  • don't like a loose opening chamber

In my review, I use a detailed method to rate the design and feel of the product. For the outside look, I score from 1 to 100 based on how it matches up to both its photos online and how realistic it was made in general. The inside I rated on both texture intensity and tightness. Both on a 1-100 scale. On the texture intensity I used my subjective opinion on how it felt, held up against all the other strokers and textures of those I've tried. For the tightness I measured it by weighing the volume of space inside the tunnel of the sleeve. I did this by filling the sleeve with water and weighing how much water fit inside.

Feel Butt Sleeve -

Feelstar only really has two options when it comes to anal strokers, and none of them are molded after an adult star. The looser one is this one, where as the Extra Tight Butt Sleeve is twice as tight as this one. Not that you won’t feel the tightness of this one, but it does have a very big and spacious chamber in the first inch or so of the sleeve. This spacious chamber works really well in combination with the very tight slit opening, as it highlights how tight that narrow opening is. It also helps push air around the inner canal during use which increases the overall sensation while using it. After the first inch or so a similar tornado-type texture to the Extra Tight version begins, which feels like someone is twisting the masturbator even when you’re simply thrusting it up and down. Due to this bigger chamber in the beginning the sleeve actually measures as one of the looser sleeves in the Feel stroker product line.

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Feel Butt Sleeve -

Overall I find the Feel Butt Sleeve, and the Extra Tight version, to be great-looking anal molds. They have included some fantastic details that make them look very lifelike, but also makes penetrating the first section seem very natural and close to real anal sex. The reason I "only" rated it 90 out of 100 on the 'Design' is that I think the coloring is a bit off, and there are visible differences on the packaging between the two anal orifices (the tight and not so tight version) that are not visible when comparing the strokers side by side.

Feel Butt Sleeve -

One thing that is a bit of a let down for me about the Butt Sleeve is the low variety of the texture. Although I'm a massive fan of the simplicity in the Extra tight sleeve, I feel the looser version here just makes the textures become boring. At least not very intense or stimulating. It doesn't have any specific sections that stimulates you in a way that makes you remember the texture and lusting for more. Overall this made me rate the texture intensity a 70/100 (can be found as 'Ease of Use' in the rating-card).

Feel Butt Sleeve -

I measured the tightness of the Butt Sleeve by plugging the bottom of it, filling it with water, and measuring the weight of the water. That came out to 2.2 ounces (twice the weight of the Extra tight version that came out at 1.1 ounces). This is actually one of the lowest ratings, calculated as the inverse score of the weight - so a higher score meant a tighter sleeve as a higher weight meant more space inside the canal: 100 - (25 x 2.2) + (25 x 1.1) = 73. This is actually one of the overall loosest sleeve I've measured. The loosest weighing in at 2.5 ounces, and a score of 65/100. But, for the first time I feel like this objective way of measuring overall tightness doesn't accurately reflect just how tight it actually feels, at least if you're thrusting deeper into it. Especially the last half of the stroker is very tight, and the reason I measured it as very loose it due to the big spacious chamber in the beginning of the sleeve.

Feel Butt Sleeve - <

One advantage of the Butt Sleeve not being based on a porn star is that it’s $10 cheaper than the Feel strokers. This likely stems from Kiiroo saving on licensing fees. While it might be appealing to have the butt sleeve modeled after a star, I'm not sure it justifies an extra $10. However, if you’re just in the market for a simple stroker and want to keep costs down, the Feel Original Stroker offers an even more affordable option.

Feel Butt Sleeve -

I used the FeelStroker Butt, by first applying a generous amount of water-based lubricant to my member, the sheath opening, and a bit inside. This set the stage for a variety of stimulating options - I had hoped. Using the Keon I could adjust the speed, depth, and angle of penetration for some varied sensations. Additionally, by unscrewing the small cap a the very top I let air escape from the sheath, which created a suction effect that enhanced my experience.

Feel Butt Sleeve -

The Feel Extra Tight Butt Sleeve is quite plain, featuring a basic black design. Its main feature is the representation of the anal orifice and a 2D graphic showing the internal texture, which is pretty accurate according to the internal probe camera video I took. However, the depiction of the orifice doesn't match up well. Comparing the normal version to the extra tight version, they're so alike that it's hard to spot any differences, even when I hold them side by side and try to match them with the images on the boxes or online.

Feel Butt Sleeve -

The materials of the Butt Sleeve are soft yet feel surprisingly firm and responsive when used. Although it's made from the same material as all Feel strokers, it somehow feels tougher and more responsive in this particular model. Typically, tighter sleeves pose challenges in cleaning and drying, but this one proves easier to manage, probably because its texture lacks intricate chambers or small crevices that trap moisture. On top of that, it's really only the last one third of the sleeve that is so tight it normally proves a challenge. If you let it dry horizontally you need to be aware of a big pool of water gathering in the first big chamber. One major drawback of the material is its tendency to attract dust and lint like glue, which is frustratingly difficult to clean off.

Weight28.2 lbs
Length8.6 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches
DiameterWidest spot: 1.14 inches, Tightest spot: 0.2 inches
WidthOpening slit: 0.91 inches

Feel Butt Sleeve -

  • Lifelike replica of an anus
  • Pretty tight when thrusting deep
  • Cheap compared to other Feelstars
  • Feels great when playing with vacuum

  • Not molded after an adult actress
  • Not very intense textures
  • Not very tight in the first 3"

As a seasoned reviewer of masturbators, I had high hopes for this new Butt Stroker from Kiiroo. Personally, I was looking for a challenge - a tighter, and more intense experience. At least, that was my expactation. Unfortunately, The butt stroker from Kiiroo didn't meet those expectations. It looked great when I took it out the packaging, which is also why I rated it 90/100 on 'Design'. But, the texture was dull and didn't feel intense at all which gave it a rating of 70/100 (on 'Ease of Use' as I used this rating to indicate texture intensity). Lastly, I measured the tightness of the sleeve, and it measured to be one of the loosest sleeves among all the ones I've tested, scoring just 73/100. It's not that the FeelStroker Butt is inherently flawed; for those aiming to prolong endurance and practice edging, it might even prove fine. And, I will say that it feels a bit tighter, than it scores because there is a very big chamber just in the beginning. So, if you're a short guy and looking for tight sensations, don't buy it. But, if you're longer, and can thrust to the tighter sections this is a great option. I'll go into more detail on how I gave the different ratings later on.